Whether your pet is ready to take a bite out of the ‘Big Apple,’ sniff its way to the upstate natural attractions, or tail-wag their way to the beach, New York State has a lot in store for dogs. It’s a real treat to visit NY with your pet, and there are many ways to experience the big city and beyond.

New York City is undoubtedly the most visited city in the state, with more than a quarter of the 265.5 million visitors traveling here. And while the city lights, hustle, and non-stop action can be fun, there’s nothing like relaxing on the beach with your pet.

Luckily, New York has 127 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and several lakes and rivers to find the ideal spot of sand for you and your furry travel companion.

And remember, whenever your dog is participating in a water activity, be sure to keep them safe with a dog life jacket or other flotation device.

Prospect Park Dog Beach

dog friendly Prospect Park Dog Beach

With its fur dripping wet from the water and panting from running on the beach, your dog will be the happiest pet on Earth when visiting Prospect Park Dog Beach. It feels like the ‘Twilight Zone’ since this beach actually prohibits humans instead of pets! Pets finally have a place to call their own.

Save time from wandering Prospect Park’s 585 acres and enter via 95 Prospect Park West to arrive at the dog beach. Although it’s an artificial lake, the natural scenery of lush trees surrounds the coastline. Also, unlike other beaches, it’s designed with paved ground to stand on instead of sand.

Dogs at Prospect Park Dog Beach intermingle while exploring the shallow water or sniffing around the shore. The dog beach is fenced in to let them safely enjoy the beach without a leash.

Prospect Park has several other pet-friendly activities to check out after the beach. Dogs can be off-leash at designated areas of Prospect Park like the Kensington Dog Run and Long Meadow from 6-9 AM and between 9 PM – 1 AM.

Address: 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

Lake George Dog Beach

dog friendly Lake George Dog Beach

Adjacent to the famous Million Dollar Beach, the Lake George Dog Beach still gives your pet a taste of the sweet life. Golden sand continues on the lakefront and water as blue as hundred-dollar bills will give your pet a priceless experience on the beach.

Lake George Dog Beach is a free beach found on the roadside of Beach Road. However, your dog’s excited barks will drown out the sound of the few cars passing by. The rules are relaxed at Lake George Dog Beach since there are no lifeguards. You can take your pet off its leash and swim in the water.

The narrow strip of sand is bordered by a grassy bluff extending the length of the beach. They’ll have ample room to run around on land between the two or jump in the water for splashing fun. Then, have options for the coziest spot to lay down when it’s ready to sunbathe.

A trip to Lake George with your pet doesn’t stop there. Make the most of your visit to the Upstate New York region with the pet-friendly hikes, or stop by the nearby Lake George Village to shop for your pet at the Dog Cabin.

Address: 57 Beach Rd, Lake George, NY 12845

East Hampton Main Beach

dog friendly East Hampton Main Beach

Lavish vacations to the Hamptons no longer must exclude your pet! East Hampton Main Beach is a go-to beach spot for humans and pets that want a place to escape the big city.

The Hamptons is a place for the who’s-who in New York. Dog walks on the beach take you past waterfront mansions, and you might even pass a discreet celebrity sunbathing. East Hampton Main Beach is open year-round for pets, but they are restricted on the beach from 9 AM – 6 PM during the busy season when it’s more crowded and hosts events like beachfront music concerts.

Dunes back the sandy Long Island coast with sand rolling down onto the beach. Soft sand feels like powder under your pet’s paws. So they can run confidently and won’t step on any pebbles while dashing for the ball during a game of fetch. Cool down on a hot day with a dip in the water.

Pets are permitted to be off-leash in the off-season.

Address: 104 Ocean Avenue East Hampton, NY 11937

Port Jefferson Public Beach and Dog Park

dog friendly Port Jefferson Public Beach and Dog Park

Inhale the scents of the salty air while enjoying the setting at Port Jefferson Public Beach. ‘Port Jeff,’ as the locals call their pet-friendly community, has plenty of things to do with your dog. Plan an itinerary centered around visiting the beach accompanied by exploring the pet-friendly restaurants and accommodations in Port Jefferson Village.

Port Jefferson Public Beach and Dog Park sit on the same harborfront, helping to establish Long Iss maritime heritage. Take your walks slowly on the beach because it’s sprinkled with pebbles and seashells.

Locals flock to the Port Jefferson Public Beach for dog walks while vacationers enjoy beach fun like a refreshing swim in the harbor. Although a small beach, your pet will always sniff out the perfect spot on the beach.

Port Jefferson is accessible via driving to Long Island’s northern shore region or taking a ferry that even welcomes pets on board.

Address: Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Larchmont Dog Beach

dog friendly Larchmont Dog Beach

Stroll the scenic coastal paths on the Long Island Sound until views of the rugged striated rocks become beige sand hugging the coast. Larchmont Dog Beach is one of the few waterfronts on the sound open to the public, and pets are always the guests of honor.

Larchmont Dog Beach is part of Larchmont Manor Park, a 13-acre space preserved in Westchester for outdoor recreation and leisure. Plan your visit to the beach during low tide to take advantage of every inch of this 5,000-ft-long beach. More of the sand reveals itself, giving you more room to play fetch with your pet or dig in the sand.

Shallow water quickly becomes deep waters in the Long Island Sound, so keep an eye on your pet if they go swimming. But with a leash policy, they’ll never get too far offshore. You’ll see boats cruising in the sound from Larchmont Harbor, causing ripples in the water that you and your pet can take turns leaping over.

Be sure to arrive early to get one of the limited parking spots nearby to save you and your pet the long walk to the beach.

Address: 118 Park Ave, Larchmont, NY, US, 10538

Montauk Beach

dog friendly Montauk Beach

“The End” will be the beginning of an exciting beach day with your pet. The city of Montauk earns its nickname for its location on the tip of Long Island and is home to Montauk Beach. Watch water enthusiasts kayaking and paddle boarding through the sound while playing on the pleasant beach.

During the busy beach season between May 15th and the end of September, pets can only come to the beach in the morning before 9 AM or catch the sunset at 6 PM. Any other times of the year, they are permitted.

It’s time to unhook those leashes because dogs can run freely at Montauk Beach. The beach extends for miles, and pets will surely tire themselves out while running between the water and the grassy bluff rising 70-ft tall behind the beach. Step your paws into the water to experience where two bodies of water meet—Block Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean!

Montauk Beach is a nearby pet-friendly beach to New York City and a vacation hotspot for city-dwelling pet parents looking for a change of scenery.

Address: 629 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY, US, 11954

Mirror Lake

dog friendly Mirror Lake

You’ll smile watching your pet stare curiously at its reflection in Mirror Lake. The lakeside pet-friendly beach offers one of the best views of the forested coastline surrounding Mirror Lake, with its reflection shown perfectly on the surface—until your pet jumps in the water to blur the image!

Mirror Lake site high in the Adirondack Mountains and a bucket list destination in Upstate New York. When the popular Ironman triathlon competition isn’t happening, your pet can show off its own athletic prowess on the beach.

Let your pet test its agility by running along the sandy shore or completing a 3-mile lap around the lake’s perimeter. Swimming is the next event of the competition, so see how well your pet kicks its doggy legs in the calm lake waters. Resting is always a fun activity for pets, and the beach sand makes the perfect spot to lay down.

Your pet will deserve a gold medal for their performance at Mirror Lake—or better yet, just a few dog treats as you leave the beach.

Address: 801 Mirror Lake Dr., Lake Placid, NY 12946

Coney Island Beach

dog friendly Coney Island Beach

When referring to dogs at Coney Island Beach, some may be referring to the famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs served on the boardwalk, while others reference the numerous canines playing on the pet-friendly shore. Coney Island is one of the most iconic beaches in New York, and pets get to experience its legacy.

Soft tan sand extends for 2.5-miles along the coast, lined with a boardwalk. Take a walk down the boardwalk past Luna Park’s Cyclone roller coaster speeding 60 MPH, and the amphitheater. Your feet and paws will feel refreshed, stepping from the hard wooden boardwalk onto the soft sand.

Coney Island Beach is wide for trotting through the sand or tossing around a ball with your pet. It’s best during the off-season from October 1st to May 1st, when it’s not packed with tourist crowds and the only time pets can go on the beach (the boardwalk is open year-round). It leaves more room for you and your pet to beachcomb the shore or go swimming if a lifeguard is present.

Pets must stay on a leash while visiting Coney Island Beach.

Address: 37, Riegelmann Boardwalk, NY 11224

Manhattan Beach

dog friendly Manhattan Beach

Contrary to its name, Manhattan Beach is actually located in Brooklyn. However, you’ll realize you’re going in the right direction as you leave the NYC skyline behind and venture to Brooklyn’s southernmost tip for this pet-friendly beach.

Beachgoers crowd the shore of Manhattan Beach during the peak summer months. Therefore, pets are prohibited on the beach until the off-season arrives from October 1st to May 1st. For the time being, leashed dogs are always welcome on the boardwalk.

The vast Atlantic Ocean awaits you and your pet to arrive at the beach and get ready for fun in the water. Waves rush into the shore to splash on your pet. Take advantage of one of the nice off-season days by swimming in the cool water or lounging on the beach sand.

Manhattan Beach attracts people (and pets) who want to stretch their legs. You’ll get some exercise on a dog walk along the beach past available restrooms for humans only and people playing handball on the courts.

Hope you packed their favorite dog treats because the beachfront picnic tables give you a place to sit down and enjoy a snack.

Address: Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Little Stony Point Park

dog friendly Little Stony Point Park

The Hudson River winds its way through New York, unknowingly eroding sandy beaches on its riverbanks. The beach at Little Stony Point Park is one such beach that’s become a favorite for local dog owners and visitors arriving to see if it’s worth the barking excitement.

Cold Spring is a New York community welcoming pets and recently introduced a local dog park. Pets will get plenty of fresh air during their day at the beach. Leafy trees shade the golden sand beach as it runs along the shore. Feet and paw tracks running side-by-side confirm that pets should be on their leash at the beach. However, it won’t take away from the fun.

Little Stony Point Park beach is spacious for even large dogs to have room to run while dodging the driftwood washed on shore. The hot summer months are excellent for a cool dip in the cool waters as your pet gets a workout trying to paddle against the steady current.

Address: 3011 Route 9D, Cold Spring, NY 10516

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