Dog Friendly Restaurants in Nashville

Believe it or not, Nashville has more pets than kids! A few years ago, Downtown Nashville Partnership released a survey showing that the local pet popularity is skyrocketing. To keep up with a growing number of four-legged residents strolling ‘Music City,’ it has plenty of pet-friendly establishments around town.

Stop by one of the pet-friendly restaurants in Nashville when looking forward to a fun outing with your pet. Whether you’re craving barbecue, international cuisine, or healthy food, there’s a local restaurant that will gladly seat and serve you and your pet.

Semper Sliders

Semper Sliders isn’t a one-hit wonder for the owner Zac. Before starting his own venture, he made appearances on the Food Network and learned the business through working at other food trucks. He sets his sliders apart from others on the market thanks to quality ingredients used in the handmade creations.

Located near Cooter’s Dukes of Hazzard Museum, Semper Sliders is established in a converted bright green storage container that’s impossible to miss. The war tent adjacent to the container is a nod to the owner’s Marine Corps background. But at this restaurant, it serves as a covered outdoor dining space that happily welcomes war dogs and house breeds.

Sliders are a few bucks each, so grab a few! The Le Paquet Slider is one of the chef-recommended burgers that can also be substituted with plant-based meat. The Farm Hand Slider is a popular morning burger with a fried egg on it. One bite of the hippy tripster slider sends free spirit vibes down your belly.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Accepts Credit Cards, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:2416 Music Valley Dr., Nashville, TN 37214

Peachtree Grill

The 2020 pandemic was not enough to stop Peachtree Grill from opening for the first time in August of that year. The times helped the restaurant adapt to the ‘New Normal’ with tons of outdoor seating open all year round. During the summer, sit with your pet beneath the large Elm tree at onsite picnic tables. During the cooler winter weather, the enclosed porch area will keep you and your pet cozy during your meal.

Dining at Peachtree Grill takes you off-the-beaten foodie path. This rustic roadside shack has a professional kitchen cooking up five-star dishes. And the laidback dining space always has pets enjoying the atmosphere.

Peachtree Grill specializes in American and Middle Eastern food. The menu features classic American sandwiches like the Reuben or a pimento cheeseburger. Get the seasoned tastes of the Mediterranean with grilled lamb chops or kabob plates served in large portions.

Amenities and More:Women-owned, Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Offers Military Discount, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating

Address:329 Peachtree St., Nashville, TN 37210


You’ll stuff your face with plenty of burgers and bbq in Nashville. Take a break from the city’s most popular dishes with health-conscious eating at one of the city’s trendiest pet-friendly restaurants. Vegelicious proves that Vegans eat good, too, and even meat lovers say the food is delicious.

Vegelicious reminds you that you’re in the south. Its menu was created by the head chef with more than two decades of experience preparing Vegan dishes. His culinary ingenuity has turned bland Vegan food into flavorful soul food that surprisingly doesn’t contain meat. Enjoy outdoor dining with your pet. Waiters run back and forth between the quaint Vegan-green restaurant and the bright red picnic tables.

The house favorite, the soul food plate, gives you a tray of vegan versions of your favorite soul food, including vegan fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and collard greens. Add some sauce to your meal with the BBQ Tofu Burger. The crunch from the Not Bacon Cheese Burger is just as satisfying.

Amenities and More:Women-owned, Offers Takeout, Heated Outdoor Seating, Waiter Service

Address:513B Fisk St., Nashville, TN 37203

Red Perch

Fish and chips are an Aussie staple. Save yourself a trip Down Under and experience authentic flavors from the Outback at Red Perch. The specialty seafood dishes are inspired by the Oceania region, thanks to the owner’s origins.

Red Perch is located in the Sylvan Supply retail/commercial complex. Perch yourself on the restaurant’s elevated porch with outdoor tables for those dining with their pets. Ask about the daily specials written on the chalkboard menu. You order inside before dining in the casual setting open from 11 AM – 8 PM from Tuesday-Saturday.

The popular cod and chips meal gives you two big pieces of fried cod with the perfect batter skin dipped in tangy tartar sauce. Dishes like the ahi poke bowl and the shrimp banh mi sandwich showcase the Asian inspiration on the menu. Great side items include creamy clam chowder and lumpia rolls.

Amenities and More:Asian-owned, Women-owned, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials

Address:4101 Charlotte Ave G120, Nashville, TN 37209

Tutti Da Gio

Chef Giovanna hails from Milazzo, Sicily, and brings traditional recipes from her homeland to the Tutti Da Gio kitchen. The regional Italian dishes incorporate cooking traditions like wood-fired cooking and homemade pasta to create a menu rich in taste.

The decorative outdoor dining space is more than accommodating for your dog to eat with you. You’ll sit on cozy lawn chairs atop a floor of faux turf for pets to lay comfortably at your feet.

Feel the heat from the wood-fired grill when you step inside Tutti Da Gio. The roaring flames toast pizzas made from scratch to the perfect crispy to enjoy every slice. Discover new topping combinations with artichoke and mushrooms on the capricciosa pizza or the four-cheese blend of the gnocchi al Quattro formaggi. You won’t regret trying the stuffed arancini rice balls, a traditional Italian dish.

Tutti Da Gio only uses handmade pasta for popular dishes like the pasta al Hugo con polpette and pasta ai gamberi e rucola.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Women-owned, Covered Outdoor Seating,

Address:5851 Old Hickory Blvd Unit J, Hermitage, TN 37076

Mofongo Café

Experience the dog-friendly island vibes inside Mofongo Cafe. This one-of-a-kind restaurant is the only place you’ll find authentic Dominican food and other specialties from the Caribbean islands.

Mofongo Cafe was established in 2017 by owner and Dominican Republic native Dee. She’s no stranger to her hometown cuisines and also prepares original recipes from Puerto Rico and Cuba to incorporate into the menu.

Dogs are allowed on the outdoor deck. The turquoise blue walls make you feel like you’re looking out into the Caribbean Sea, and the shaded deck provides the perfect refreshing breeze.

Diners can order food prepared in the kitchen or take a walk down the buffet to fill their plate with anything and everything that looks tasty. Mofongo—fried plantains cooked with coconut shrimp or chicken, is a traditional dish with origins in Puerto Rico. You’ll enjoy the first half of your Cuban sandwich so much that the second half feels like an encore performance in your mouth. The Rope Viejo meal is a plate full of goodness, including tender meat and sweet plantains.

Amenities and More:Women-owned, Latinx-owned, Takes Reservations, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible, Vegan Options

Address:654 W Iris Dr., Nashville, TN 37204

Red’s 615 Kitchen

Locals from Nashville rep the area code 615. So, it’s no surprise that Red’s 615 Kitchen is a local favorite in midtown, famous for its hot chicken.

The first time Red’s 615 Kitchen rolled on the Nashville food scene was in 2017 as a food truck. Chef Red brought expertise learned in other local restaurants to create one of the city’s best spots for hot chicken. The restaurant opened its brick-and-mortar location designed with pets in mind! The rustic covered deck is a pet-friendly area that puts you both in the chicken coop while eating chicken.

Red’s 615 Kitchen specializes in chicken. It prepares chicken meals, sandwiches, and even unique combos like the hot chicken Mac and cheese bowl.

Spicy flavor is no longer an excuse not to try Nashville-style hot chicken. Red’s has different levels of spices to suit everyone’s limits. Order your chicken mild for a subtle taste. Upgrade to medium for a happy balance of spice and chicken flavor. And true spicy food lovers will get their money’s worth with the spicy chicken.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Accepts Credit Cards

Address:115 27th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

Grillshack Fries and Burgers

A rare phenomenon happens at Grillshack Fries and Burgers. The fries are so good that the burgers feel like the side dish instead! You may remember the Uber-Tuber French Fry Food Truck from 2013. But these mobile beginnings have driven the restaurant’s success to now opening a location in East Nashville.

Grillshack is a fitting name—a small roadside shack hides a sizzling grill lined with juicy burgers and baskets of home-cut fries. Order right at the window and eat at the adjacent patio with several picnic tables, ironically called a “luxurious” patio. But the real luxury is being able to have your pet with you while eating.

Fries are the main course at the Grillshack. It makes its signature fries in-house and always takes up most of your plate. For your side, try the original Grillshack Burger topped with melted mozzarella cheese, a sausage breakfast sandwich made with fried egg, or unwrap the foil to reveal a handful of old bay wings.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Many Vegetarian Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Credit Cards

Address:1000 Riverside Dr, Nashville, TN 37206

King Tuts

Let your dog sniff out the treasured flavors coming from King Tuts food truck. You’re about to embark on a culinary trip to the enchanting lands of Egypt, where you’ll see the pyramids, meet the friendly owner affectionately referred to as the ‘Son of the Nile,’ and eat food that will be the highlight of your adventure.

Get ready to dine like a King. Your wish is their command with made-to-order meals. Unravel the mysteries inside the delicious shawarma, which reveals chicken and vegetables buried inside the warm pita wrap. The lamb shawarma plate feels like discovering treasure with these same great flavors served on a bed of yellow rice. But perhaps the true mystery is what makes the special white sauce so delicious.

King Tut converted a fire truck into Nashville’s hottest dog-friendly food truck. Admire the Egyptian-themed artwork on the truck while waiting in line to order. The food truck has a wooden deck decorated with scenes of the Pyramid and Sphinx that make you and your pet feel like you’re actually in Egypt.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards

Address:3716 Nolensville Pk, Nashville, TN 37211

The Ridge Nashville

The chefs behind The Ridge Nashville are naturals when it comes to barbecue. The chef duo has earned two World BBQ champ titles and other accolades, solidifying them as the best. Taste what makes their award-winning barbecue so good when dining at this pet-friendly restaurant.

The Ridge has a casual indoor dining space that welcomes pets. Ribbons and trophies are displayed, and there are TVs showing the latest sports game.

At The Ridge, you’ll “Eat Like a Champion.” Tasty barbecue sauce brings out the best flavors of the brisket with every bite of the burger. You’ll get homestyle cooking, but the Not Yo Mammys BBQ sandwich shows that there’s a new head of the kitchen. Aside from barbecue, it also has fried chicken, seafood, and more available for a variety of menu options.

Pair your barbecue with homemade sides like Mac and cheese, street corn, and a pickle that comes with every sandwich.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Many Vegetarian Options, Full Bar, Accepts Credit Cards

Address:333 54th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209