Dog Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Pets get treated like A-List Celebrities in Los Angeles. Designated outdoor patio dining feels like VIP seating. Even menu items exclusively reserved for diners with four paws.

Los Angeles is a pet-friendly city with lots to do. Splash around in the refreshing waters of the Pacific at Rosie’s Dog Beach. Snap pet selfies in front of the Hollywood Sign at Runyon Canyon Park. You can even let your pet experience the glamorous Beverly Hills lifestyle riding on a trolly around the Grove.

Dog walks around the unique LA neighborhoods will help you discover some of the city’s favorite pet-friendly restaurants and some tasty hidden gems worth barking to your friends about.

Broken Mouth

Open wide! Broken Mouth sets out to give your mouth a workout by chewing on delectable Korean- and Hawaiian-inspired dishes. Affectionately known as Lee’s Homestyle, Tim Lee established the restaurant in 2017 to bring his heritage recipes to Downtown LA.

Whether you have a pet that prefers indoors or one who enjoys outside, the choice is yours at Broken Mouth. Escape the heat in the industrial-style restaurant or let your pet relax in the sun at the outdoor tables—don’t worry, you’ll have shade!

Ever tasted, yet alone, seen purple rice? You’ll accomplish both with signature plate meals. The buttery shrimp plate comes with a large spoonful of the oddly colored rice and a generous portion of macaroni salad. If you’re still craving purple rice, order the Spam Musubi a la carte for it served wrapped in seaweed and seasoned with furikake.

Stop by the restaurant’s gift shop before leaving to shop its Hawaiian-inspired merchandise.

Amenities and More:Asian-owned, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:718 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA 90014

Wild Carvery

The sign for Wild Carvery sits high over N. San Fernando Blvd, so you won’t miss it during your dog walk. The contemporary restaurant gives a trendy atmosphere with black and white decor and a dining space inviting for LA’s countless pet parents.

Bring your furry dining pal and sit on the outdoor patio space. The only time you’ll be interrupted during people-watching on the sidewalk is when your waiter comes over to serve the burgers that have made this restaurant famous.

The jaw-dropping burgers at Wild Carvery are so large that they’re served with a knife stuck in them to hold them together. Remove before eating, and the task becomes your hands and mouth trying to contain all the flavors.

Bite into the surf and turf burger topped with a juicy wagyu beef patty and shrimp. Uncover the mystery of the secret sauce used on the BBQ burger. The King Pastrami Burger takes the crown on the menu for a royal upgrade to a deli classic.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Waiter Service, Many Vegetarian Options

Address:130 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502


Su-Beoreg & Monta Factory

Claiming that their food is “better than your grandma’s” is a big statement for anybody. However, it’s something that the Monta Factory has proven time again. Its excellent food and laid-back setting make it a popular pet-friendly restaurant.

Monta Factory is in a quiet neighborhood, so it’s a relaxing place to eat with your pet near Los Angeles. It’s a quaint restaurant with just a couple of tables outdoors. So, consider yourself when you get to experience the entire dining experience. Because the friendly atmosphere from the local owners is all part of experiencing Middle Eastern food.

Indulge yourself in food specialties from the Middle East. Seafood is a staple in the cuisine, and the marinated salmon sandwich makes you an instant fan. Order a couple of slices of the Su-Beoreg, a layered pastry dish. Each bite-sized dumpling of the Sini Monta was made with care every morning. And the warm tomato soup will knock away the evening chill.

Amenities and More: Covered Outdoor Seating, Vegan Options, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:1531 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91104


Three Borders Brunch & Grill

Ahh! The fresh tastes of a strawberry-flavored agua fresca make you appreciate the special moments like being about to dine at Three Borders Brunch & Grill with your pet. Its owner, Jania, is always around to check on you and your pet to ensure it surpasses your expectations of tasty Latin American cuisine.

It’s always a festive setting when dining at Three Borders. You and your pet instantly become part of the excitement in the outdoor dining space. The restaurant decorates the space during holidays and hosts tent events.

The friendly servers will help guide you through the menu if you don’t speak Spanish. Pupusas are the house favorite—it’s a flat pastry grilled and stuffed with warm cheese—perfect for any meal of the day. You’re in luck because the breakfast tronquito—a burrito-like wrap filled with ham and cheese—is served all day. Your taste buds will go wild over the spicy mayo drizzled over the crazy Mananero Bowl.

Amenities and More: Latinx-owned, Women-owned, Offers Takeout, Many Vegetarian Options, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:5269 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036


Craft by Smoke & Fire

What to experience Texas-style barbecue without leaving the golden state? Save you are your pet the road trip and head to Craft by Smoke & Fire in Pasadena for a pet-friendly barbecue eatery,

It takes smoke and fire to create the barbecue sensations served by Craft. Enjoy the pure meat flavors—prime steak, short ribs, or a rack of lambs—or see what masterpieces these meats can create, like the BBQ Mac Rib sandwich and the brisket quesadilla.

Craft has large family plate meals to feed everyone at your table. And since we all know you won’t resist giving your pet a bite, the menu has a special doggy patty so they can indulge guilt-free.

There are plenty of shaded tables on the outdoor patio if it’s just you and your pet. Alternatively, dine at the extended wooden table with capacity for large groups—a paired mural of Ron Burgundy, the Anchorman, sits at the head of the table, reminding you to ‘Stay classy Pasadena.’

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Heated Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials, Waiter Service, Vegan Options

Address:30 W. Green St., Pasadena, CA 91105

NoHo Café

Even pets agree that food is a surefire way to make anyone smile. NoHo Cafe will have you grinning from cheek to cheek with its Middle Eastern food menu. Voted as one of Yelp’s ‘Top Places to Eat,’ NoHo Cafe has received over 1,000 reviews raving about its food. Even your pet will give it two paws up.

NoHo is a pet-friendly restaurant with a dining patio for eating with your pet, regardless of the sun or a rare rainy day in LA. The enclosed area is like a hotbox for the rich aromas from the Middle East to tease you while waiting for your food to finish.

The chicken comes in all shapes and sizes at NoHo cafe. The chicken shawarma plate overflows with small tender pieces of meat, grilled and seasoned with rich Mediterranean spices. Step it up with large chucks fed via a kabob stick. Go big or go home with the chicken breast plate where even the rice is hidden beneath it.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 5964 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91607

LOVE Organic Café

Cue up your heart eyes emoji because you’ll be enamored with the food at LOVE. Plan a night for Thai food, and you’ll have all your favorite Thai dishes enjoyed in a pet-friendly setting. No more staying in when you’re craving Thai food—and there are even delicious options for vegetarians.

Pull into the shopping plaza and park for free in front of the cafe. Your pet can nearly leap from the car to the outdoor patio with plenty of space, even four-legged diners. It stays open until 9:45, so you might run into other pet parents who like dining after dark.

Share a plate of the crispy rice rolls for your appetizer. For your main course, bring on the heat with the sriracha noodles. Vegetarians can start with the veggie dumplings dipped in a bowl of green curry and eat the beefless drunken noodles for the main dish.

Amenities and More: Women-owned, Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 8205 Santa Monica Blvd. Unit 5,6, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Humble Bird

The spicy sauces at Humble Bird are hot enough to humble even the most seasoned spicy food eaters. There are levels of spicy food. If you’re feeling daring, see if you can stand the heat of the ‘Not So Humble’ sauce. Sorry vegans, because only real meat is used on the menu.

It’s always exciting to join the buzz on the black and yellow-themed outdoor patio at Humble Bird. There are a few tables for pets stopping by with the owners for a meal. It’s open daily except for Mondays and as late as 10 PM.

There’s no green screen magic behind the authentic southern-style food served at Humble Bird. The food looks as good as it tastes, so your eyes and mouth are in for a treat. A hearty piece of southern fried chicken smashed between toasted bread forms the humble melt. The Comeback sauce will revive you after taking your taste buds to food heaven with the Nashville Sando.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Plastic-free Packaging

Address:10719 Burbank Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91601


Blue Bird Burgers

Walking into Blue Bird Burgers feels like entering your ordinary corner market. However, its burgers are on par with some of the best in LA. So, trust when a little birdie tweets you to stop by with your pet.

Blue Bird Burgers is an unassuming restaurant whose reputation for fantastic food is more familiar than its location. Hang out in Koreatown with your pet and visit for a grab-and-go meal. It ignites the grill at noon every day and slaps on patties until 11 PM on some nights.

Try signature burgers made with patties prepared same-day. The locally inspired California burger is layered with melted cheese and crispy bacon. Blend tastes from south of the border with the Tex-Mex burger. Even add a bit of crunch with unique creations like the Hot Cheeto Burger. Make it a meal with a side of fries cut fresh daily.

Amenities and More: Black-owned, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:3601 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90020



OSTE brings light to the pinsa, often overshadowed by its more famous food relative, pizza. But LA’s healthy eating trend has sparked new interest in this healthier alternative because pizza is one thing that’s nearly impossible to give up! Bring your pet down to OSTE to see how you can still enjoy ‘pizza’ while eating healthy.

So, how do they do it? Pinsa is a Roman-style pizza made using a healthier dough. The wood-fired cooking technique adds the perfect crunch to each slice. It comes with classic toppings like the Extra Pepperoni Lovers or more Italian-inspired specialties like the Marinara E Boquerones Pinsa topped with anchovies and olives.

In addition to the pinsa, OSTE also has other Italian cuisines, like various pasta dishes. Make it a special evening with a glass of wine with your meal.

The temperature-controlled patio space gives the ideal climate to accommodate your pet. The covered space feels like you’re eating inside but with natural lighting coming from all directions.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating, Waiter Service

Address:8142 W. Third St., West Hollywood, CA 90048