Dog Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

Dallas is the fourth largest city in Texas by size, so don’t expect to take a dog walk across town to get to the local attractions and restaurants. Instead, hop on the trolley, which allows four-legged riders, and arrive at stations in many of the local districts.

Go for a walk around the 20-acre Dallas Heritage Village to experience the local history. Unhook their leash to run around Central Dog Park or Ellum Dog Park. Or plan a day to Dinosaur Valley to see if your dog can discover buried bones during the hike.

However, the best part will be exploring the local dining scene with your pet and one of the numerous pet-friendly restaurants in Dallas.

Bowl Mami

Contrary to popular belief, dining in Texas isn’t always about big meat and barbecue. Instead, bowl Mami brings new flavors to the Lone Star State with its healthy food options. From bowls to fresh fruit smoothies, this restaurant is popular for a sit-down lunch with your pet or grabbing it to-go while on your dog walk.

Light fills up the inside of the restaurant through large floor-to-ceiling windows to give the plant decorations plenty of sun. And it’s plenty bright to see the vibrant colors of the artwork hanging on the walls. Select one of the table games—Jenga, Uno, or a Rubik’s Cube—to keep you and your pet entertained before becoming occupied with chowing down on food that enriches the body with nutrition.

Order a bowl filled with flavor, nutrition, and vibrant colors. Acai Bowls exhibit juicy green kiwi slices, plump blueberries, and crunchy oats. Fiery red slices of dragon fruit get tamed by bananas, raspberries, and almond butter in the Pitaya Bowl. The fruit-topped Avocado Toast is always an excellent choice for brunching with your pet.

Amenities and More:Women-owned, Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount, Vegan Options

Address:2701 Old Denton Rd. Ste. 160, Carrollton, TX 75007

TJ’s Dawg House

TJ’s Dawg House is one doghouse you’ll be happy to be in. Look for the bright yellow banners waving outside the local Lowe’s hardware store to find the food truck parked and ready to serve pet owners casually strolling by.

Every day at lunchtime, TJ’s Dawg House is a hot spot for locals to test if it really does have the ‘best grilled dogs in the world,’ But your pet is safe from the kitchen because these dogs come from around the country and even as far as Italy.

The Chicago-style hot dog will blow you away with its signature toppings like tomatoes, pickles, relish, and condiments served just like you’d get in the Windy City. The West Virginia Slaw Dog gives your mouth an adventure as you uncover a tasty dog hidden beneath a mountain of Cole slaw. The bun can barely hold the Italian sausage and giardiniera toppings, but your dog will be happy if even a sliver of meat falls to the ground.

Kids that eat at TJ’s Dawg House get a paper hot dog hat. However, ask, and you could get one for your fur baby.

Amenities and More:Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Accepts Android Pay, Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:501 S. Plano Rd., Richardson, TX 75081


The delicious specialty burgers and chicken sandwiches from Invasion are ready to invade your mouth. But it will be more than welcome once you take the first bite of food that’s out of this world. Order your food inside and sit on the wooden outdoor patio that allows pets.

The star-studded menu at Invasion will have you singing your order at the counter. You’ll sing “I like it like that” when you taste the famous Cardi B sandwich. As fast as you finish the Notorious burger, it will feel like ‘it was all a dream.’ And you’ll be bouncing ‘from the window to the wall’ after re-energizing with the healthy Ying Yang Bowl.

Be sure to save some of your appetite for the unique desserts at Invasion. Unlike typical rice crispy treats, this gooey delight is made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. And there’s an Oreo surprise waiting for you inside the Stuffed Cookie.

Amenities and More:Heated Outdoor Seating, Happy Hour Specials, Vegan Options, Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery

Address:4029 Crutcher St., Dallas, TX, 75246

Dock Local

Dallas is a far cry from the ocean—the nearest coast is 5 hours away at the Bolivar Peninsula. But Dock Local is always up to the challenge to treat local pet owners with the freshest seafood in town. Its menu contains fish, crab, and lobster dishes that come straight from the sea onto your plate.

Since 2016, Dallas pet owners have let down their anchors at the tables outside of Dock Local. Don’t forget to ask about its seasonal menu, and there’s even a hidden menu for pet parents in the know.

The hot crab queso will be the first dish to arrive at your table to dip the homestyle chips into. A bowl of New England Clam Chowder is the perfect appetizer to warm you up for the main course. The Lobster grinder is the Texas version of the lobster roll, or order the seafood tacos topped with garlic shrimp or smoking salmon.

Amenities and More:Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating, Women-Owned, Full Bar, Offers Military Discount, Happy Hour Specials

Address:3839 Mckinney Ave. Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75204

Lito’s Kitchen

All your favorite American deli-style sandwiches get a Texas-sized upgrade with meat-filled sensations on anything you order at Lito’s Kitchen. It’s open from Monday to Friday with outdoor seating space for hungry diners arriving with their pets.

A handwritten chalkboard menu hangs over the counter, providing you with the latest sandwiches, soups, and salads to choose from.

Lito’s Kitchen is famous for its Cuban sandwich, but watch out for the spicy jalapeños that always give your taste buds a kick. The tuna melt is a clash of textures as you bite into toasted bread to reach the creamy tuna inside. The classic Reuben sandwich has the perfect balance of meat and sauerkraut. Its sides include everything from Mac and cheese to Brussel sprouts.

The menu also features soups served hotter than a Texas Summer and refreshing smoothies to cool you down again.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay

Address:2714 W. Kingsley Rd. Ste A1, Garland, TX 75041

Terry Black’s Barbecue

The neon ‘smoked meat’ is the sign you’ve been waiting for the best barbecue in Dallas. Not only is it popular for its food but also for allowing pets in its outdoor patio area. The scent of grilled meal fills the air, making everything on the menu a candidate for dinner tonight!

Sit beneath the outdoor string lights, providing just enough lighting not to bite your fingers while devouring the Texas-style barbecue. It’s open daily as late as 10 PM, and your pet is welcome anytime.

Whether you opt for the beef or pork ribs, you’ll get a pound of tender meat that slides right off the bone—your dog will appreciate biting the bone while you finish your meal. Taste the spices in the jalapeño cheddar sausage, cut into bite-sized pieces to share (or not). If you dine with a group, the family pack will have six pounds of meat to share with your table.

Dessert always pairs well with tasty barbecue, and Terry Black’s serves up a mean pecan pie and banana pudding.

Amenities and More:Offers Military Discount, Full Bar, Accepts Apple Pay, Heated Outdoor Seating, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout

Address:3025 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226

The Market at Bonton Farms

From a humble plot of farmland bought in 2012 to expanding into a 40-acre operation just a couple of years later, Bonton Farms has inspired the South Dallas community for years. This urban farm opened a restaurant to deliver a farm-to-table taste. All of the ingredients are grown and raised locally, so you and your pet have a chance to support the local farmers.

You’ll dine alongside the community while dining on the outdoor patio. Long tables can seat multiple groups, eating and chatting with the locals. Of course, your pet will steal all the attention as they become the main conversation at the table.

Thick rolls of butcher paper showcase the menu. Choose fresh breakfast options like the signature Bonton Egg Pie, sweet potato hash served with smoked sausage, or the Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich topped with white cheddar, pork sausage, and farm-raised eggs. For lunch, order the Hoppin John, fish and greens meal, or the house salad. End your meal with the house-made ice cream flavor of the week.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Vegan Options, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:6907 Bexar St., Dallas, TX 75215

Latin Deli

Nobody does sandwiches better than Latin Deli. Let your pet choose its preferred seat on the outdoor covered front porch. You’ll have a waiter bringing your food and drinks, so sit back and relax with your pet. Sip on a refreshing Colombiana soda, imported from Colombia, or heat things up with a cappuccino caramello. All while the kitchen makes its homemade sandwiches from scratch.

Specialty sandwiches from Latin Deli are made on ciabatta bread. The Lomo Saltado sandwich brings a Peruvian favorite to Dallas. Top your classic Mexican torta sandwich with habanero sauce for extra flavor. One bite of Oscar’s Favorite Sandwich, and you’ll be claiming it as your own personal favorite from the restaurant. Pair your sandwiches with seasoned home-cut fries.

Latin Deli opens at 9 AM every day to taste a sweet breakfast of Nutella and banana crepes.

Amenities and More:Vegan Options, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Waiter Service

Address:5844 Abrams Rd., Dallas, TX 75214

Fusion Mediterranean Grill & Bar

The authentic flavors from Fusion Mediterranean Grill & Bar take you and your pet on a trip to the Mediterranean. Its building stands out in the North Dallas neighborhood, but the food is just as noteworthy.

Chefs prepare your choice of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine while you enjoy the outdoor patio with your pet. It’s open daily until 10 PM, so there’s always time to dig into the hearty meals around the clock.

Kebabs give you chunks of chicken, salmon, or lamb cooked and slid on skewers along with cooked vegetables. You’ll get an entire meal’s worth with the braised lamb shoulder or lamb shank plater, which comes with meat, rice, and salad. Fusion Mediterranean Grill serves brunch on the weekends with traditional dishes like the shakshuka and sucuklu Yumurta.

Keep in mind that Fusion Mediterranean Grill & Bar closes between 3-5 PM every day before reopening for the dinner crowd or hungry pet parents.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Covered Outdoor Seating, EV Charging Station Available, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:12835 Preston Rd. Ste. 220, Dallas, TX 75230

El Taxqueño Taquería

Mexico is just a fence hop away from Texas, but El Taxqueño Taquería makes it easier to taste authentic Mexican food. It’s one of the best pet-friendly restaurants that know how to set the atmosphere while dining in. You’ll find the restaurant in the Oak Cliff district with an outdoor seating space accommodating pets.

Outdoor speakers play traditional Mexican music on the patio, where you might catch your pet wagging its tail to the beat. El Taxqueño Taquería keeps its food authentic with tacos prepared with white corn tortillas and served with a lime.

It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy the selection of tacos offered on the menu. Choose between chicken, bistec, fajitas, or go with a mixed basket of all three flavors. There are even breakfast tacos! A large cup of Menudo is served simmering hot, so take your time before gobbling it down.

Amenities and More:Latinx-owned, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Accepts Apple Pay, Covered Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Waiter Service

Address:207 W. Suffolk Ave., Dallas, TX 75208