The Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches on Florida’s Atlantic Coast

Nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State,’ Florida’s tropical weather makes it a bucket list beach destination. But this ‘tail’ of two coasts means deciding between the warm water beaches along the Gulf coast or the picturesque white sand beaches of Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Traveling with pets, you’ll have several beach options when visiting the Atlantic Coast.

Stretching 3,341 miles, you’ll discover popular pet-friendly beaches from the north to the south. Popular destinations like Miami, Boca Raton, and Orlando welcome millions of tourists every year and include pet-friendly activities and accommodations for traveling pets.

Give your pet the dream beach vacation on the pet-friendly Atlantic Coast of Florida.

And remember, whenever your dog is participating in a water activity, be sure to keep them safe with a dog life jacket or other flotation device.

Atlantic Beach

Idyllic white sand beach backed by a rolling grass bluff sets the scene for you and your pet’s day at Atlantic Beach. Located just outside Jacksonville, this beach has twice the fun with a pristine coastline and a beachfront dog park.

All year long, dog owners spend time with their pets at this beach. Arrive early during the busy summer season to get the best spot on the beach with space for a plethora of fun dog beach games like playing fetch with their favorite tennis ball. Then, as mid-day approaches, the Florida sun will warm up the sandy shore, motivating you to head into the Atlantic Ocean with your pet to swim. The white water rushes towards you from the gentle waves as your pet dog paddles its way to you.

Wet fur and sandy paws don’t belong in a car, so stop by the Atlantic Beach Dog Park before leaving. This beachfront park is enclosed for off-leash dog playing and even offers sections specified for small or large dogs.

Although you’ll need a dog pass before using the dog park, Atlantic Beach is free and open to all canines.

Address: 268 Aquatic Drive Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

Cocoa Beach

dog friendly Cocoa Beach

Only an hour away from the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ Cocoa Beach is an out-of-this-world beach for pets sitting on the Space Coast. Pets are permitted in the morning hours of 6-10 AM or the evening between 5-7 PM to experience one of Florida’s top pet-friendly beaches.

Stroll the soon-to-be-packed shoreline on a sunrise walk with your pet. The dozen-block stretch of beach bordered by Murkshe Park and 4th Street South has soft sand, plush with each step, and refreshing ocean water if they’re up for a morning swim.

Mid-day prohibits pets, but the evening time welcomes pets back to the shores. Claim spots once occupied by beachgoers to get ready for the picturesque sunset. Golden hour means the scorching temperatures have subsided, and you’re likely to catch a cool ocean breeze coming in from the sea. Watch as the setting sun peeks through the pillars of the landmark Cocoa Beach Pier extending 800 feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

Take advantage of the waste disposal stations at the beach entrance to clean up after your pet. Also, avoid disturbing the sea turtles found on the beach.

Address: 401 Meade Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach

dog friendly Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach

Spare your pet from the buzzing shores of Miami’s South Beach and head north to the Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach. Now, your pet can enjoy the beach in a paradise explicitly marked off for them.

Only when the weekend comes around can you and your pet enjoy one of the top dog beaches in Florida. Sink their dog paws into the soft sand dotted with shimmering speckles and slope gently into the glistening water surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pets of all personalities will have something to do at the beach. Energetic dogs can join alongside their owners on the stretch of the football field-sized beach or venture into the ocean to go swimming. Lazy dogs are welcome to be beach bums with an afternoon nap in the sun or relaxing beside you on your beach blanket to watch the sunset.

Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach includes facilities for dogs, including water for parched pets and showers to rinse the sand from their fur and paws when it’s time to leave. Its strict hours for pets are from April to October from 3-9 PM and November to March from 3-7 PM.

Address: 1269 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US, 33304

Ponce Inlet Dog Beach

dog friendly Ponce Inlet Dog Beach

The natural charm of Ponce Inlet Dog Beach is a far cry from the developed resort-lined beaches found along Florida’s Atlantic Coast in Lighthouse Point Park. However, this serene environment sits at the tip of a 5.5-mile-long barrier island where pets are free to roam the sandy shores.

Views of the slender red Ponce Inlet Lighthouse—the tallest lighthouse in Florida at 175 feet—stands erect in the distance as you explore the sandy shore with your pet. Hold on tight to their lease as they string you along, led by the curiosity of their nose. They’ll sniff their way around the beach grass, light sand, until the saltwater scents lead them to the Atlantic Ocean. Let them dig in the sand before jumping into the ocean for splashing fun.

Don’t be surprised to see pet photoshoots happening at this scenic beach. It’s recommended to get in all of your photos before their groomed fur coats get a nice layer of beach sand on them. However, clean-up is a cinch, thanks to the on-site waste stations.

Address: 5000 S Atlantic Ave, Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

Walton Rocks Dog Beach

The golden sand Atlantic coastline at Walton Rocks Dog Beach is a gem along Florida’s Treasure Coast. So, whether your pet wants to dig in the sand as if searching for buried treasure or gazing at priceless views of the ocean, visiting Walton Rocks Dog Beach will be worth the trip.

Walton Rocks Dog Beach is the exception to the St. Lucie County leash policy since you’ll get to unclip their leash as soon as you arrive at the beach. But with 24 total acreages, your dog will likely cover more ground with their newfound off-leash freedom. But don’t venture too far north, or you’ll find yourself at the Blind Creek nude beach.

Since it’s the only dog beach in the county, your pet will surely encounter other friendly dogs. Pets always enjoy swimming at Walton Rocks Dog Beach. However, watch their paws since the ground transforms from fine sand to large rocks beneath the water surface—which is how the beach got its name. When they’re finished in the water, reward their excellent swimming skills with dog treats during lunch at the beachfront picnic tables.

Address: 6700 S Ocean Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Hobie Island Beach Park

dog friendly Hobie Island Beach Park

The photogenic Miami skyline has never looked better than sitting as the backdrop to Hobie Island Beach Park. So, as you’re crossing the Rickenbacker Causeway en route to Key Biscayne, take a detour to the dog-friendly shores of this artificial beach.

You can gauge your pet’s excitement by the speed of their tail wagging as you reach down to unclip their leash. Hobie Island Beach Park is an off-leash beach providing approximately a half-mile of sandy shoreline to run around. The warm sand feels great beneath their paws as they dent the beach with pawprints. You can sit beneath the tree shade to escape the sun while watching them play.

Gentle waves from the teal blue waters of the Atlantic beckon your pet to go swimming. Splash around the shallow water near the coast while watching windsurfers and stand-up paddle boarders cruising offshore.

Hobie Island Beach Park is open daily from dawn until sunset. However, the best time to visit the beach is earlier in the day because every hour brings more dogs and their owners to the beach.

Address: Old Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149

New Smyrna Beach Dog Park

dog friendly New Smyrna Beach Dog Park

Long stretches of sand hugging Florida’s Atlantic Coast at New Smyrna Beach Dog Park are the perfect grounds for your pet to enjoy one of the region’s favorite pastimes. Dogs of all sizes can have fun on the beach with their own kind.

New Smyrna Beach Dog Park sits on 1.2-acres of coastline in the larger Smyrna Dunes Park. Stroll the elevated pathways in the park to reach the beach. Large boulders decorate the beach as play structures for your pet to leap onto or for you to sit on. Take a dog walk down the shoreline and climb across the rocky jetty, jutting out into the ocean.

Pet-friendly facilities at New Smyrna Beach Dog Park cater to the pet visitor experience. Big and small dogs have their own specified sections on the beach. Be sure to keep the beach clean with bags from the dog waste station and keep your pet clean with dog wash stations. Also, drinking from the dog water fountain quenches the thirst of any pet after a couple of hours in the Florida sun.

Address: 2995 N Peninsula Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL, 32169

Canova Beach Park

dog friendly Canova Beach Park

Enjoy unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean while walking the entire 100-yard length of Canova Beach Park. Although a small beach, it still brings packs of dogs and their owners out on Florida’s countless days of sun.

Why waste the day indoors? Pet owners living and traveling in Brevard County have a sole beach nearby. Still, Canova Beach Park gives you everything you can bark for: soft, blonde sand ideal for digging, walking, or laying in and refreshing ocean waters for cooling off in the mid-day heat.

Hope your dog is the social kind because it’s rare they’ll be the only canine on the beach. Spend enough time on the beach from sun up to sun down, and you’ll likely see the diversity of pets visiting the beach, from small to large dogs.

After dog-paddling in waters off the Space coast, get your pet cleaned up at the dog rinse stations. Then, treat you and your pet to a picnic by the beach in the park’s pavilion, with grills and tables to keep the dog treats out of reach until it’s time to eat.

Address: 3299 N Hwy A1A. Indialantic, FL 32903

Bark Beach

dog friendly Bark Beach

Vacationing in Downtown Boca Raton with your pet means you’re just a short drive away from the city’s favorite dog beach: Bark Beach. Located in the Spanish River Park, it gives dogs a well-kept sand shoreline to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

Dogs are already in the know about Boca Raton. It’s no barking secret that it’s a pet-friendly destination with activities such as the Mizner Bark dog park. Dog prints mark the golden sand beach, showing that the shore is just as fun for pets as playing in the water. They’ll have hours of excitement busying their heads nose-first into the sand or shaking their fur dry after each ocean wave rolling onto the shore.

Pet owners can find Bark Park Dog Beach between Lifeguard Tower 18 and Tower 20 in Spanish River Park. Stop by the Spanish River Gatehouse to pick up passes and permits for beach access.

Address: 001 N Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL, US, 33431

Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach

Jupiter, Florida, has attracted traveling dog owners to its pet-friendly coast along the Atlantic for more than three decades. Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach is where well-behaved pets get rewarded with a fun day of sand and surf.

If it’s your pet’s first time visiting the beach, arriving at Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach feels like another planet. It’s a place where they’ll see their own kind running with no leashes and a wide sandy shore extending to the Atlantic Ocean. The warm, calm waters are great for dog swimmers of all levels, even if they want to stay safe in the shallow area and only get their paws wet. And the spacious beach has room for letting your pet practice its signature aerial catch during beach frisbee.

The dog-friendly beach is designated by beach markers #26-57 and even provides complimentary dog bags to help keep the beach clean.

Address: 48 Ocean Blvd, Jupiter, FL 33477

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