Dog Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix

Do you like hot dogs? With the desert heat warming up Phoenix, it’s hard to tell if the locals are referring to the food or the local pets enjoying a day out in the sun!

Get those paws moving with local activities like the Pinnacle Dog Park, walking trails ascending to the summit of Camelback Mountain, or even checking out an MLB Diamondbacks game on the PetSmart Patio.

Since your pet will hardly leave your side in Phoenix, check out some of the best pet-friendly restaurants with outdoor patios for cooling your paws and stuffing your jaws with delicious food.

Little Miss BBQ

After gaining confidence in regional barbecue competitions, Little Miss BBQ was ready to open and bring a new style to Phoenix. The flavors and cooking techniques of Central Texas arrive in the valley to turn you and your pet into the new BBQ judges. And Little Miss BBQ is sure to check off all the boxes for pet-friendly dining in Phoenix.

The enormous black smoker is an eye-catcher in front of the restaurant. But it’s more than just decoration because it’s the secret behind the prize meats. It uses Arizona Wild Oak firewood and mesquite to add a subtle taste to anything cooking inside it. You can smell the smoky flavor while eating on the covered back patio. It’s a pet-friendly patio with long picnic tables ready to accommodate you and your furry companion.

Experience the meat market line style of ordering at Little Miss BBQ! You’re in control of how much meat you get, so pile it on high or get a cut of each to sample the varieties. It uses top-quality meat, and the smoker helps the natural flavors emerge when you sink your canines into the tender, juicy meat.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Accepts Android Pay, Accepts Apple Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 4301 E University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034

Koi Poke

It’s not a mirage! You can actually get fresh seafood in the middle of the desert when you eat at Koi Poke! Established in 2017, this pet-friendly has already been voted the ‘Best in the Valley’ by Phoenix Magazine and other well-deserved accolades.

The Spanish-style architecture makes dining at Koi Poke a unique experience. Sit beneath the arches on the casual outdoor patio featuring bar-side seats and round tables suitable for all the pets in your circle. The flat-screen TV makes it the perfect place to watch the Phoenix Suns game and bark with your pet at every basket.

You’ll have your poke bowl ready before the end of a one-minute timeout. The build-your-bowl is a popular option—pick a protein, top it off with fresh veggies, sauce it up with spicy, sweet, or citrusy flavors, then make it colorful with a dash of final toppings. However, if you’re feeling less creative, signature bowls are also available.

So, Snap apart those chopsticks and dig into your bowl!

Amenities and More: Women-owned, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Accepts Android Pay, Accepts Apple Pay, Many Vegetarian Options

Address: 18221 N Pima Rd. Ste 100 & 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Simon’s Hot Dogs

Who let the dogs out? You’re guaranteed to smile bigger than the logo at Simon’s Hot Dog after tasting its Colombian-style hot dogs. It’s taken a popular Colombian street food from a brewery pop-up to a brick-and-mortar location that now lets your pet bask in the restaurant’s Latin flair.

Simon’s Hot Dogs is a family-owned operation that welcomes pets as part of the family. On sunny days (and there are plenty), it opens up the shade to keep humans, and pets cool on the back patio. Enjoy a refreshing breeze while sipping craft beer before indulging in the uniquely loaded hot dogs.

Forget everything you know about hot dog toppings because Simon’s Hot Dogs serves creative combinations. From usual toppings like pineapple and refried beans to international-style hot dogs from Germany, Tokyo, and California, its menu is as diverse as the species relaxing on the patio on a busy day.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 4280 Drinkwater Blvd. Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Crust Brothers Pizza

The crust is the best part of the pizza for many people—for others, it’s the part they give to their pets! Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, Crust Brothers Pizza lets you decide. It’s one of the rare pizza shops that’s more famous for its crust.

Crust Brothers is on a mission to provide you with fun and happy times, which always means bringing your pet along. The outdoor patio is pet-friendly for friendly pets who will always have other four-legged pals to socialize with during dinner. It’s a sit-yourself restaurant, so let your pet sniff out the best table while you sniff the patio air to decide on the best pizza to order.

The signature thin and crispy crust is everyone’s favorite! Cooks are heavy-handed with the toppings tossed on from the center to the edge of the pie. It has pies for meat lovers, ranch, or classic Margherita style. Vegetarians can also join on pizza night with options like caesar or wedge salads.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Accepts Credit Cards, Offers Military Discount, Women-owned, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating

Address: 7342 E Shea Blvd Unit 111, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Zuki’s Pita

You and your pet will be greeted with friendly smiles before even getting your paws through the front door of Zuki’s Pita. The family-run establishment sets its own rules, and pets get to dine inside like everybody else! So, cool off from the Phoenix heat and warm up your insides with authentic flavors of the Mediterranean.

The pet-friendly indoor dining space is filled with bright color accents, from the order chairs to the blue-roofed buildings on the Greece wall art. the modern setting displays its extensive menu on digital displays, and the sleek wood floors are clean enough for your pet to lick.

Zuki’s Pita specializes in Greek and Mediterranean dishes. It treats its traditional recipes with homemade care that makes you feel at home. Peel back the foil to take bites of the chicken shawarma or use your teeth to slide off a chunk of meat on the shish kabob. It offers Veggie plates, and all of its meats are halal-certified.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Waiter Service

Address: 4522 N 19th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85015

Cocina Madrigal

Direct from Chef Leo’s kitchen, Cocina Madrigal has cooked its way into the best Mexican food spot in town—and it’s pet-friendly! In just a few years after opening in 2018, it has amassed more than 3,000 positive Yelp reviews and was honored with a Top 100 Places to Eat on Yelp recognition. But since you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, leash up your pet and taste for yourself.

Cocina Madrigal serves authentic Mexican food inspired by traditional dishes from Chef Leo’s birthplace in Oaxaca, Mexico. After more than 30 years in the restaurant business, he’s finally found a location and type of food that everybody loves, even pets.

Skip out on the crowded inside and pick a seat on the outdoor patio where you can dine in with your pet. A large window opens up to the covered patio area letting the colorful aroma of Mexican food fill the outside air.

You’ll be thanking the cook because Chef Leo’s recipes will surpass your expectations. Dig into homemade chicken enchiladas, dip your tortilla chips into a bowl of Oaxaca Fundido, or eat light with a salad made from scratch.

Amenities and More: Latinx-owned, Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Waiter Service, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 4044 S 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Cook & Craft

These days, it’s never enough just to eat your food, but also have an impromptu photoshoot of your plate once it arrives. You’ll quickly fill up your camera roll with the crafty plates at Cook & Craft and your pet enjoying the modern outdoor patio.

Cook & Craft has one of the most stylish outdoor patio spaces. Pick a seat at the tables if you have a few guests, or jump into one of the bar-side seats if it’s just you and your pet. The desert sun peeks through the slotted patio covering, and there are plenty of plants lining the fenced-in space. It’s a casual setting great for a mid-day lunch with your pet.

Discover the art of cooking with a menu featuring everything from contemporary to traditional American food. Meat eaters can enjoy juicy bison sliders and grilled meatloaf. Vegetarians have options like the Southwest Cobb salad and cauliflower wings. Or experiment with unique items like chocolate-covered bacon and grilled watermelon.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 7306 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Zookz Sandwiches

Zookz has reimagined how we eat sandwiches. Instead of having all the delicious ingredients fall out for your pet to steal a bite, it keeps the rich flavors tucked inside for you to enjoy every bite. The handheld creations are something you’ll want to get your paws on.

The bright yellow patio at Zookz is open daily for breakfast and lunch with your pet. Leap into the high chairs with your pet at your feet.

The food traditions of North Africa inspire the sandwiches at Zookz. The toasted bread is hollowed and filled with different ingredients. Order by the number for breakfast and lunch sandwich specials. The number 30 is the roast beef and bacon lunch sandwich, and the number 66 is an egg and cheese-stuffed breakfast sandwich. Be sure to try the Zookz special sauce for dipping or pouring on your sandwich. You can also substitute the bread for gluten-free bread on any sandwich.

Amenities and More: Women-owned, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Offers Military Discount, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 100 E Camelback Rd. Ste 192, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Bobby Q

True barbecue aficionados can identify barbecue by region. However, after learning from the best cooks, Bobby Q takes the best practices of each region to create its signature barbecue dishes. A dinner date with your pet at this restaurant feels like a national barbecue taste test with flavors and cooking techniques from the nation’s barbecue capitals all under one roof.

Snap a picture with your pet in front of the restaurant’s iconic longhorn truck before stepping into the outdoor dining patio. The shaded space is pet-friendly to dine on cushion-padded chairs while surrounded by a rustic setting.

Get ready for a geography lesson at Bobby Q’s! Flavors from Tennessee hickory wood seep into the meat during the slow cooking process. Sample St. Louis-style ribs and a Texas-sized whole hog heaven plate that deserves an award for anyone hungry enough to finish it all. However, the signature Q rolls are a dish it can call its own.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Accepts Android Pay, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount, Happy Hour Specials

Address: 8501 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Rott n’Grapes

Thanks to Rott n’Grapes, Phoenix pet owners now have something exciting to look for every Friday. It’s #ThankDogItsFriday is one of the many weekly events this pet-friendly restaurant hosts to bring together the local pet-owner community.

Who would’ve thought dogs and wine go together? Rott n’Grapes is a culmination of the owners’ love for adopting Rottweilers over the past two decades and discovering the best wine from around the world. However, all species, large and small, are welcome at the restaurant, and there is always something tasty cooking in the kitchen to pair with your wine.

The pet-friendly patio at Rott n’Grapes sits in the shadows of the Landmark Tower Condos in Uptown Phoenix. Whether sitting at the outdoor bayside seats of the picnic-style tables, you can expect excellent service from the friendly servers that always enjoy seeing pets dining in.

Check out the chalkboard for daily specials. Start your meal with a wine flight and charcuterie board of meat and cheese. It has popular specials like beer and pizza or bruschetta and wine.

Amenities and More: Women-owned, Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount

Address: 4750 N Central Ave. Ste 140, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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