Dog Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta

With lots of green space, lively walkable districts, and more, Atlanta is a major city welcoming all pets and their owners. Spend the day playing in the grassy fields of Piedmont Park or Centennial Olympic Park that allow on-leash fun for pets. Keep your pet cool from the Atlanta heat with pet-friendly tubing on the Chattahoochee River. Or go on a dog walk around Midtown or glitzy Buckhead districts.

You and your pet will indeed work up an appetite after checking off items from your Atlanta bucket list. Thankfully, there are several places around town to find delicious food and a pet-friendly setting to avoid having to drop off your pet back at the hotel.

Check out these top dog-friendly restaurants that will make you wag your tail.

TWO Urban Licks

Sunny days are the best time to dine at TWO Urban Licks. It rolls up its wall-to-wall garage to welcome a flood of natural light into the restaurant and makes its outdoor seating flow seamlessly with the interior. Now, your pet can be a part of the weekly excitement at one of Atlanta’s hottest restaurants.

Make reservations because TWO Urban Licks gets busy, especially on the weekends. Pet parents and their furry kids can dine fine American cuisine while serenaded by live music.

Your mouth will salivate like a dog when you see the menu of surf and turf specialties prepared with wood-fire. For your seafood cravings, order a plate full of Salmon Chips, try the filleted Smoked Salmon, or grab the Tuna tartare for a healthier seafood option. Pair your select with turf dishes like the juicy Bistro Steak, bronzed Rotisserie Chicken, and tender lamb lollipops.

Amenities and More: Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Live Music, Vegan Options, Happy Hour Specials,

Address:820 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Whiskey Bird

If you’re looking for a casual setting to enjoy cocktails and a tasty meal with your pet, Whiskey Bird in Morningside Village will be excitedly awaiting you. Get ready to experience flavor combinations unfamiliar to your taste buds with the unique Asian fusion creations.

Since 2017, foodies with pets have added another top Atlanta restaurant to their list of local eateries. Whiskey Bird’s artful food has the perfect visual aesthetics for your curated Instagram feed and the ideal covered seating in the outdoor patio where even your pet can make cameos in your food photos before you eat.

Breakfast time and brunch are always buzzing at Whiskey Bird. Experiment with contemporary breakfast dishes like the Bay Benedict or the Crispy Brussels topped with a sunny side egg. The finger-licking fried chicken sliders paired with avocado toast are the perfect combination for brunch. Order the Pork Belly Yakitori, and all that will be left on your plate are empty skewers.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Provides Reusable Tableware, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials, Heated Outdoor Seating

Address:1409 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

Sa-wad-dee-ka! You and your pet will get an authentic Thai greeting upon arriving at 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar. It’s one of Atlanta’s best pet-friendly restaurants with Thai food that even native Thai will vouch for its authenticity.

There’s always a pleasant buzz in 26 Thai Kitchen, thanks to the open seating design. Chatter reverberates in the loft-style dining hall as savory scents can be smelled from the next table over. The outdoor patio seating allows pet owners to enjoy a beautiful day in Hotlanta, and your waiter will bring out a meal that will satisfy your Thai food cravings.

Accent the rich flavors of the spring rolls with a selection of tasty dipping sauces. You’ll fall over for the Drunken Noodle that bites back with spices. Master the art of using chopsticks as you devour a plate of Pad Thai. Slurp up the remainder of the Massaman broth flavored by the meat and veggies tossed into this traditional stew. Scoop up a piece of the sweet-tasting Pineapple Boat chicken with your sticky rice for a wave of flavor.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Good for Groups, Full Bar, Women-Owned, Happy Hour Specials, Offers Delivery

Address: 541 Main St. NE Ste F170, Atlanta, GA 30324

Little Rey

Every day is Taco Tuesday at Little Rey. Famous for its wide range of taco options, it’s a weekly tradition to which even your pet is invited.

The large windows and the brightly-colored décor give Little Rey a fun contemporary setting to enjoy with your pet. It’s a modern space with everything from a salsa bar to an outdoor covered patio where you’re sure to meet other hip pet owners en route to your table.

Hope you came hungry because it’s hard to pick only taco flavor to try. You’ll get a genuine taste of Mexican street food. You’ll be served a plate of three corn tortillas topped with your choice of meat—popular options like Chicken Al Carbon, Steak Al Carbon, and Carne Asada—and toppings like cilantro, beans, jalapenos, and smoked onions. There are even vegan and vegetarian-style tacos available.

You can enjoy chips and salsa while sipping on a cold margarita while waiting to sink your teeth in the flavorful tacos.

Amenities and More:Offers Delivery, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating, Compostable Containers, Full Bar, Good for Groups

Address:1878 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Brown Bag Seafood

No, Atlanta isn’t located on a waterfront. However, Brown Bag Seafood might convince you otherwise. You’ll find this pet-friendly restaurant in Midtown’s Colony Square—although one can argue that it fits better on a pier. However, no one will complain about having easy access to flavors of the ocean while enjoying the company of your pet while dining.

Grab one of the wooden tables in the outdoor patio area while contemplating the menu to place your order at the counter. See what the latest ‘Catch of the Day” scribbled on the board when you arrive at the restaurant. Garlic bread enriches the flavor of the Lobster Rolls. Crispy Cod tacos, Chowdah, Served with a side of fresh vegetables. Curry Fish Cakes served on top of a bowl of greens. Or stick with the traditional fish and chips.

Brown Bag Seafood achieves its rich tastes with seafood sourced from sustainable farms and fishers. And its sustainable practice doesn’t even stop there, as it provides reusable tableware.

Amenities and More: Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Women-Owned

Address:1201 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30361

Hippie Hibachi

Remember the time when eating vegetables was a punishment? Well, now, it’s like threatening someone with a good time because you’ll love each plant-based dish at Hippie Hibachi. Atlanta’s Chattahoochee Food Works has always been a pet-friendly food hall for unique eats. But, Hippie Hibachi stands out from the other 30+ food stalls as the first vegan hibachi grill.

Hippie Hibachi is a place where health-conscious eaters and pet-owner foodies meet. From its trendy videos on Tik-Tok, Hippie Hibachi has blown up on the Atlanta food scene with delicious vegan food. Order food inside and enjoy the outdoor seating area with your pet beside you.

The Hippie Plate is the signature meal, a starry platter with rice, impossible meat, and cooked vegetables. You’ll be stuffed after one of the hibachi bowls—try the tofu or Chick’n bowl made with plant-based meat that actually tastes like chicken. And don’t be shy about putting a generous amount of Yum Yum sauce over everything!

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Full Bar, Covered Outdoor Seating, Good for Groups

Address:1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Ste. 130, Atlanta, GA 30318

Wikikie Hawaiian BBQ

The nearly 10-hour flight from Atlanta to Hawaii can be a hassle for pets. Thankfully, Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ brings the Ohana spirit to you. So now, you and your pet are just a car ride away from experiencing the exotic flavors of the Aloha State.

It’s not every day you see a tropical beach shack in Atlanta. Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ looks like an out-of-place shack when driving down Briarcliff Road, but it falls perfectly into the theme of its Hawaiian-inspired menu. It’s a casual place that welcomes sandals and paws in its outside dining space, that’s the next best thing to oceanfront dining in Hawaii.

The kitchen will be happy to prepare its favorite Hawaiian BBQ Beef served with scoops of steamed rice, sautéed veggies, and covered in teriyaki sauce. Pick up the bite-sized Spam Musubi wrapped in seaweed. Debate whether the curry or pineapple sauce is best to dip the Chicken Katsu. If you close your eyes, tasting the Waikikie Combo makes you imagine relaxing on the paradise Waikiki Beach. The Loco Moco is instantly recognizable with its egg-topped hamburger patties.

Amenities and More: Offer Delivery, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating

Address:2160 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

SriThai Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar

Atlantic Station is a modern pet-friendly shopping center where pets and their humans can enjoy the grassy lawns and outdoor dining venues together. The irresistible smell of Asian seasonings makes SriThai Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar one of the must-try restaurants in the complex.

There’s always a pet or two enjoying the restaurant vibes from the outdoor seating area at SriThai Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar, where you’ll have a front-row seat to people-watching in the Atlantic Station. Friendly waiters gladly take your order at your table and make recommendations of its popular food items.

Heat things up with a large plate of spicy basil noodles, best enjoyed with a glass of Thai Iced Tea. Reel in the flavors of the Cowboy sushi that feels like a rodeo of flavors in your mouth. And there’s always room for an order of the crab Rangoons and chicken Satay skewers.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Outdoor Seating, Good for Groups, Full Bar

Address:1540 Avenue PL Unit B2-280, Atlanta, GA 30329

Nowak’sAs of 2018, the restaurant success of the Nowak family continues to the next generation. The steakhouse tradition that started with Hal’s Steakhouse now takes shape with Nowak’s steakhouse, created by his son. The menu was developed by Blaiss Nowak, the executive chef and restaurant founder who brings his stomach-filling meals to the Morningside District.

Inside, Nowak’s has a mixed setting ideal for a casual meal or romantic outing. However, invite your pet to a steakhouse dining experience in Nowak’s outdoor dining area. Whether you’re stopping by for lunch or dinner, you’ll have plenty of steaks, seafood, and other steakhouse staples to choose from.

Perfect charlines criss-cross the Ribeye cooked to your preferences. Splurge on the hearty filet mignon whose juices gush out every time you cut off a new piece to eat. And an entree wedge salad large enough to share between two people. A kid-sized Pasta Bolognese even lets your young ones eat good.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Vegan Options, Full Bar, Outdoor Seating

Address:1397 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306

Forza Storico

Dine al fresco with your pet at Forza Storico, one of Atlanta’s best Italian restaurants. Atlanta’s Westside transforms into the Italian countryside as Forza Storico creates an authentic European dining experience for you and your pet—from the outdoor patio seating to classic Italian cuisine.

Your patio table will be waited on so that you can spend time quality time with your pet while awaiting your meal. Twirl a forkful of the Cacio E Pepe with its parmesan and ground pepper toppings. Bite into the think noodles of the classic carbonara or taste the creamy sauce and prosciutto cotto of the Papalina. Ordering traditional dishes like the Chitarra Arribiata and Cappelletti Spinaci minimize substitutions to maintain the authenticity of each dish. Don’t forget to leave room for a scoop or two of gelato dessert.

It’s hard to ignore the full bar set as the centerpiece inside Forza Storico. It offers more anth 80 different wines served by the glass, or visit on Tuesdays to take advantage of half-priced bottle specials.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Happy Hour Specials, Full Bar

Address:1198 Howell Mill Road Ste 020, Atlanta, GA 30318