The everlasting sunny days in Scottsdale make it the perfect place to enjoy dining on outdoor patios with your pet—and this city is full of them! The Scottsdale food scene has dog-friendly restaurants for all occasions—a day out sightseeing in Old Town or enjoying the city’s dog parks; getting a taste of the Old West or new American eats.

Give yourself a self-guided food tour to experience the range of cuisines served at Scottsdale’s dog friendly restaurants.

Red Canyon Café

Crepes, coffee, and cooling down in the hot desert sun—Red Canyon Cafe satisfies you with all three and more! Next time you’re perusing the storied streets in Old Town with your pet, this restaurant will be a pleasant treat that lets you rest your paws for a moment.

Established in 2015, Red Canyon Cafe has created quite the buzz, featured on Good Morning Arizona, and ranking in the top 50 restaurants in Greater Phoenix on Yelp. And the moment you get a taste of it, you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

Red Canyon Cafe lets you dine Old Western style with your dog. The pet-friendly shaded patio treats diners with views of surrounding antique buildings of ‘Frontier Town’ repurposed as gift shops, saloons, and more. But the real treat is the flavorful menu filled with breakfast, lunch, and dessert options.

Wake up your taste buds with flavor-filled breakfast crepes, like the smoked salmon crepe or an oven-roasted turkey melt bacon crepe. Or tease your sweet tooth with a Nutella and banana crepe. Finally, end your meal with a few scoops of frozen gelato. It has healthy sweets like sugar-free gelato, alternative milk options, and gluten-free cuisine.

Amenities and More: Women-Owned, Offers Military Discount, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 7240 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Simon’s Hot Dogs

Simon’s Hot Dogs is a family-owned restaurant sharing its Colombian culture with the pet community in Scottsdale. The menu takes you from the edge of Old Town to the vibrant streets of Colombia, where these delicious hot dogs originated.

There are always smiling faces when you eat at Simoon’s Hot Dogs—whether on the faces of the friendly servers and cooks or your own face after tasting what they prepared for you in the kitchen. It’s a setting filled with authenticity where you’ll hear Spanish conversations and even get a chance to practice the language for yourself while ordering.

Colombian-style hot dogs start with a fluffy bun and weiner, but the true flavor comes from the myriad of toppings used in its themed hot dogs. For example, the ‘Hola Amigo’ hot dog greets your taste buds with friendly flavors of jalapeno and guacamole. Or the Sonoran cousin hot dog that uses chorizo, refried beans, and is topped with the signature Simon’s sauce. Other Colombian dishes featured on the menu include salchipapas, fried empanadas, and maicitos.

Simon’s Hot Dogs also serves vegan hot dogs and vegan burgers.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Accepts Android Pay, Accepts Apple Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 4280 Drinkwater Blvd Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Crisp Premium Pizza

It’s a bit cliche to assume all New Yorkers know pizza. But the Brooklynites who own the Crisp Premium Pizza happily accept the role. It’s why so many pet owners have turned to them since opening in 2017 for Scottsdale’s best pizza.

The cooks at Crisp Premium Pizza are true pizza connoisseurs who take pride in making the best pizza. It’s taken this humble pie and transformed it into a gourmet dish made with only the most premium of ingredients. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the 50 pizzas that make each slice feel even more special.

Thin paper plates get weighed down supporting the hefty pizzas. It specializes in square slices, finished with crispy edges and lots of toppings. Popular flavors include classic pepperoni, white pizza, or premium pizzas like the Meat or Veggie D-lux. Order just a slice or an entire pie that you can personalize with additional toppings.

It won’t be long after ordering before finding yourself sinking your teeth into the delicious slices. Crisp Premium Pizza has a dog-friendly outdoor patio set in the shade.

Amenities and More: Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards

Address: 7111 E 5th Ave Ste F, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Craft 64

For more internationally-inspired pizza, visit Craft 64, recognized by Trip Advisor as the Best Scottsdale Pizzeria. It’s an award-winning pizza shop that will have you licking your lips after each bite.

Craft 64 invites pets to accompany their humans on the outdoor patio to enjoy good weather, better drinks, and the best pizza. Afternoon happy hour is always popular for Craft 64, which lets its diners get a taste of Scottsdale’s craft beer scene while waiting for their food. It has more than 30 brews on tap, including its own in-house beer. But don’t get too full from the sudsy spirits because your pizza will be out before you know it.

Fresh out of their wood-fired oven, Craft 64 serves pizzas piping hot so that only sips from an ice-cold beer cool down. The Italian-style pizzas use locally-sourced ingredients for their signature flavors—carne, fico, margarita, and more!

 Craft 64 is open daily 11 AM – 10 PM, but the kitchen closes at 9 PM during the week.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Waiter Service, Happy Hour Specials, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating

Address: 6922 E Main St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Zu Izakaya

There’s nothing fishy about finding a sushi restaurant in the middle of the desert. Just down the road, in Tempe, is Zu Izakaya, a Japanese-style restaurant bringing a Japanese style of dining to Paradise Valley.

Zu Izakaya immerses Scottsdale’s dog owners into a culinary experience direct from the Land of the Rising Sun. Groups dining at Zu Izakaya can opt for sitting on the outdoor patio to bring their pets along for the Japanese culinary journey. It has a modern design with shade from the sun and string lights illuminating the patio until closing time, as late as midnight on select nights!

No prior experience is needed to enjoy a proper izakaya meal the right way—only bring your appetite. The kitchen prepared small plates of sushi and other Japanese cuisines to enjoy in between sips of house sake. You’ll quickly fill up the table with plates so that everyone can reach their paws in to sample a bite. A few of its top sushi include garlic spicy tuna rolls, Las Vegas rolls, and California rolls. Other Asian-inspired dishes include Korean cuisine, fresh poke bowls, and vegan-friendly options.

Amenities and More: Asian-Owned, Waiter Service, Happy Hour Specials, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible, Heated Outdoor Seating

Address: 2210 N. Scottsdale Rd., Tempe, AZ 85281


Since 2018, Chispa’s has made a tasty addition to casual dining in Scottsdale. It specializes in Mexican food but also offers options for health-conscious eaters. But whether you go for beans or greens, you can look forward to fresh ingredients and excellent taste.

Chispa’s is a local family-owned restaurant with an outdoor seating area for the dogs in the community that wish to dine with their owners. From 8 AM, you’ll find people lining up to grab breakfast burritos before work until night for those craving a late dinner.

While the restaurant ambiance is simple, its menu is full of Mexican cuisine delivering complex flavors into your mouth. Of course, tacos are everyone’s favorite, enjoying favorites like Pollo Asado, shrimp, and pastor tacos. Each order includes three street-style tacos topped with meat, cilantro, onions, and a side of salsa to lather on top of it all.

Non-meat eaters don’t have to miss out on the dining experience at Chispa’s. It offers salads and other vegetarian-friendly meals.

Amenities and More: Latina-Owned, Women-Owned, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount, Many Vegetarian Options

Address: 8046 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Postino Highland

Postinos combines an Italian-inspired menu with beer and wine that enriches the flavor. And with one of the best happy hour specials in Scottsdale, you’ll leave plenty stuffed!

One evening at Postinos, and it will become your favorite dog-friendly restaurant in Scottsdale. From the mid-day buzz at its popular happy hour to the dinner crowd squeezing in before the kitchen closes, there’s always commotion on this restaurant’s outdoor patio.

The modern space features tables in the shade or enjoying the weather on a beautiful sunny day. Heaters warm the outdoor patio at night to keep you and your pet cozy during dinner time.

The European-inspired menu lets you craft the perfect meal. Warm up to your entree with a bruschetta board—served with various flavors such as tomato and mozzarella, and smoked salmon. Entree specials let diners split their meal in half—half a grilled panini sandwich and a salad for the other. The locally-sourced ingredients keep flavors fresh for any day of the week you and your pet stop by for a bite.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Wheelchair Accessible, Covered Outdoor Seating, Happy Hour Specials, Waiter Service

Address: 4821 N Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Saigon Bowl

Vista Del Camino is a pup-ular place for dogs to enjoy off-leash fun in Scottsdale. After chasing your dog around the grassy lawns along McKellips Lake, snap on their leash and walk a few blocks east to the Saigon Bowl restaurant. This Vietnamese restaurant has served many pet owners winding down from a day at the park, so it knows exactly how to accommodate you.

You’ve already spent plenty of time in the sun, so thankfully, Saigon Bowl has a covered outdoor patio providing much-needed shade. It’s a gated space to keep dogs still while you enjoy your meal uninterrupted—except for the tail wags when your food arrives and barking for a bite.

A spoon and chopsticks are the tools of choice for savoring each bowl of pho to the last drop. Use chopsticks to scoop up noodles and your spoon to finish the flavored broth. Traditional Vietnamese rolls stuff ingredients of grilled pork sausage or shrimp into clear wraps to showcase the rich flavors awaiting inside.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Apple Pay, Wheelchair Accessible, Waiter Service

Address: 8123 E Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Dilla Libre

Earning user-voted titles for the best quesadilla and margaritas in an area with such significant Mexican culture is no easy feat, but well-deserved by Dilla Libre. The food truck started its engines in 2011 and finally found a place to park when it opened its storefront in Scottsdale a few years later.

Dilla Libre still makes appearances at local events to serve food and also will gladly cater food for the owners invited to your dog’s next birthday. But, no need to wait for the next doggy years to roll around because the food served at the restaurant is just as good.

Dillas,’ short for ‘quesadillas,’ are the highlight of the menu. Each dilla is made-to-order with local ingredients. It has classics like the chicken quesadilla, unique creations, such as the dank herb shrimp dilla, and also alternatives like the vegan California dilla. The large portions are cut into pieces for sharing or taking home the last bites to eat later.

The outdoor patio has several seats, so there’s never a Lucha libre fight for a table.

Amenities and More: Many Vegetarian Options, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible, Offers Military Discount, Happy Hour Specials

Address: 8018 E Thomas Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Prep & Pastry

Enjoy a leisure walk with your dog down the Scottsdale Waterfront. On the other side of the Arizona Canal, Prep & Pastry (P&P) gives pets a place to relax while you dig into contemporary American eats.

The Scottsdale brunch crowd gathers daily at P&P for a sophisticated atmosphere and a delicious menu that keeps you full until dinner. It sits on a street corner with patio seating lining each street side. The Spanish-style roof keeps the area cool, even as the mid-day heat rolls in. But no worries, a craft cocktail will surely keep you cool.

P&P designed its menu for all appetites. For light eats, it bakes homemade pastries, and your dog ready to catch any flakes that fall to the ground. If you skipped out on breakfast, popular plates like the signature Prep’s breakfast sammie, Monte Cristo French toast, or a simple breakfast consisting of toast, eggs, and potatoes will make up for it.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Full Bar, Waiter Service, Covered Outdoor Seating

Address: 7025 E Via Soleri Dr. Ste 175, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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