Dog Friendly Restaurants in Cincinnati

Cross the Ohio River from Kentucky, and you’ll arrive in Cincinnati—one of Ohio’s largest and most popular cities to visit. There’s lots to love about Cincinnati, including the scenic riverfront, enthusiastic sports fans full of hometown pride, and, best of all, pet-friendliness.

Wander the hills of Cincinnati to explore districts full of things to do for you and your pet. Let them run around the Mount Airy forest Dog Park or explore more than 1,000 acres of the Cincinnati Nature Center. During the summer, mingle with other pets at the Northside Farmer’s Market or enjoy the evening at one of the dog-friendly breweries.

You and your pet will find plenty of options to stop and get a bite to eat while visiting Cincinnati. These are some of the local hotspots that are always welcoming to pets dining in.


‘Come hungry, leave happy’ is a slogan you’ve heard numerous times, but Delwood is a restaurant that embodies the philosophy. Pet owners already start the dine-in experience overjoyed with their pets by their sides, so anything else is like the icing on a dog cake.

From noon to nine, get your hands saucy at this gastropub that serves specialty burgers, sides, and drinks. The private outdoor patio feels like dining in a long-time friend’s backyard, thanks to the friendly atmosphere. Complimentary chips and guacamole tithe you over while your waiter provides details about Delwood’s signature dishes.

The modest bun can barely hold the meat and flavor of the spicy chicken sandwich that sets your mouth ablaze. Make an executive decision and go with smothered El Jefe Burger to satisfy a boss-sized appetite. The sides will be your favorite part of your meal when you order a few to sample, like the fried tostones, shishito peppers, and crispy Brussels.

Amenities and More:Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible, Happy Hour Specials, Vegan Options, Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Outdoor Seating

Address:3204 Linwood Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226

Bridges Nepali Cuisine

Reading the Buddhist-inspired quote posters decorating Bridges Nepali Cuisine makes you feel a sense of Zen. So, inhale the savory scents of Himalayan and Nepalese cuisines, and exhale a sigh of relief that you’ve found a place with excellent food and a pet-friendly dining setting.

If your taste buds are adventurous enough, Bridges Nepali Cuisine connects you to tastes from the other side of the world. It brings Asian dishes to Cincinnati’s Northside, served as unique fusion dishes.

Rice is one of the staples of Asian cuisine, and Bridges Nepali Cuisine has several bowl options, including a pork chili rice bowl and Hakka Chuala rice bowl. Sharing is caring, and a plate of Momo steamed dumplings is enough to go around—but not so much the sauce that will be gone on the first go around the table.

Bridges Nepali Cuisine has a few craft beers on tap. However, the healthier kombucha often tastes better with the Asian fusion dishes

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Covered outdoor seating, Accepts Apple Pay, Vegan Options, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout

Address:4165 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223

Eli’s BBQ

Ohio knows its barbecue, and Eli’s BBQ is ready to take on any southern establishment. Drawings of famous figures hang on the wall, like Yoda and music icons. However, outside, you’ll find picnic-style dining tables where you may get lucky and sit next to another friendly dog. Be careful, the pets will be plotting how they’ll get a sample of the tasty barbecue.

Use your canine teeth to rip through the rib meat and suck the remaining barbecue sauce off the bone. Wipe the barbecue sauce from the corners of your mouth while chewing the tender pulled pork sandwich. Your pet won’t be the only ‘dog’ at the table as the loaded hot dogs are one of the top things to order at Eli’s BBQ. Meals come with sides such as mac and cheese, beans, or cole slaw.

The signature house barbecue sauce is one you won’t forget. If napkins aren’t enough to clean your hands after the meal, your pet will gladly lick them clean.

Amenities and More: Offers Delivery, Limited Vegetarian Options, Outdoor seating, Offers Military Discount, Offers Takeout

Address:3313 Riverside Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45226

Carl’s Deli

Visit Carl’s Deli enough times, and you and your pet will become two of the many familiar faces that come here to eat. Open daily from 10 AM – 8 PM, it’s a restaurant you can count on for any meal and have the same great-tasting sandwiches.

Browse the handwritten chalkboard for the available sandwiches–popular options include Carl’s Country Club, roast beef, and hot pastrami. Watch the chef cut the meat in front of you to ensure its quality before set gently on bread options like rye and baguettes.

Desserts in the display case fight for your attention, hoping to get chosen before you reach the cashier.

Carl’s Deli has alternatives to sandwiches like the ranch pasta salad and broccoli salad made-to-order or pick from the refrigerated ready-made deli salads.

Dine in with your pet in the outdoor seating space. The streetside patio keeps your pet occupied during your meal with cars driving past and other pets stalling the sidewalk.

Be sure to check for any daily specials when you arrive—noted on the front board when you arrive.

Amenities and More:LGBTQ-owned, Covered outdoor seating, Women-owned, Offers Takeout

Address:2836 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208

Café Mediterranean

Listen close, and you’ll hear the sounds of the sea at Cafe Mediterranean. You’re just an order away from Greek and Turkish cuisine with a menu lined with dishes imported from the Mediterranean region.

Located in Hyde Park, Café Mediterranean is a pet-friendly restaurant with patio seating in the front. You’ll enjoy chatting with the friendly staff, especially if you share common roots in the Mediterranean.

A full bar prepares the beverages for the evening. Date night with your pet as the third wheel works great with a bottle of wine. Or cheers with a round of draft beer for a group outing.

Everything at Café Mediterranean is made in the kitchen from scratch. Small plate dishes are perfect for a group outing. Try the Sigara Borek or the stuffed grape leaves. Chunks of the chicken or lamb kebab are grilled and seasoned traditionally for an authentic flavor. Seeing dishes like Moussaka, a Greek cuisine specialty, lets you know that the food is legit.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address:3520 Erie Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208

Covington Yard

Vibrant colors in every direction, from the wooden outdoor tables, topped with tropical color drinks to the lush grassy lawn covering the patio set beneath string lights.

The indoor and outdoor areas merge when the garage doors are open on nice weather days. It’s a bright and fun dining setting that your pet will gladly be a part of. You’ll hear cheers from patrons watching the game, shouts from a competitive game of cornhole in the yard, and dogs barking their approval at any meal arriving at their tables.

There’s never a debate about settling on just one kind of food. Covington Yard is a dining concept inviting local food vendors to introduce their menu favorites to Cincinnati’s pet owner community. Grab Korean BBQ from Mr. Bulgogi for a burst of flavor in a handheld cup. Bite-sized sliders from Hangry Omars will instantly settle your hunger pains. The classic sweet glazed buttermilk fried chicken from Yard Bird Chicken is always a go-to dish.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Offers Deliver, Covered outdoor seating, Full Bar, Live Music, Happy Hour Specials, Wheelchair Accessible

Address:401 Greenup St., Covington, KY 41011

Sichuan Palace

You can always tell a good Chinese food restaurant by its menu, and Sichuan Palace has it all! From classic meals like General Tso’s to spicier flavors to other authentic Sichuan dishes, it’s a place where Chinese Takeout should be your second option.

The first choice is always dining in the pet-friendly restaurant. It’s a spacious venue with plenty of room to accommodate pets of all sizes that accompany their owners for dinner. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the excellent menu options, don’t be shy about trying a few that catch your eye.

The color of the orange chicken matches that of the Cincinnati Bengals. When even “spicy” isn’t hot enough for you, the red dry chili chicken calls your bluff with fiery red peppers. Dip your fried dumplings in chili oil. Use a pair of chopsticks to scoop up the thick Sichuan mung bean noodles in hopes they don’t fall back into the bowl of flavorful oil sauce.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout, Asian-owned, Wheelchair Accessible, Waiter Service

Address:343 Calhoun St., Cincinnati, OH 45219

The Littlefield

Sunny Cincinnati days mean you and your pet can take advantage of the outdoor patio seating at The Littlefield. Servers run orders and food between the kitchen and the outdoor patio, so you never have to leave your pet unattended.

The Littlefield is a pet-friendly gastropub restaurant on the Northside. It will quickly become your favorite when you’re hungry for American-style cuisine. Luckily, it’s open as late as midnight on select nights, so you have lots of time to make it there with your pet.

Stopping by with your pet for brunch? Enjoy craft cocktails from the bar while eating timely menu items like pigs in a blanket and French toast.

Dinner is another popular time to eat at The Littlefield. Unlike your typical homemade pot pie, the Littlefield adds a bit of TLC to the recipe by serving six ounces of the best part. The glistening skin of the smoked chicken thigh exhibits the flavors to come when you take the first bite. Finally, don’t forget about dessert! Everyone’s favorite is the bourbon pecan pie.

Amenities and More: Full Bar, Covered Outdoor Seating, Happy Hour Specials, Vegan Options, Offers Takeout, Waiter Service

Address:3934 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223

Fireside Pizza

After working up an appetite with your pet while playing in Green Man Park, head across the street to Fireside Pizza for a delicious lunch. Once a firehouse, the exposed brick walls hold more than 150 years of history and heroic tales. The irony is that Fireside Pizza keeps things ablaze with its wood-fired oven.

Smell the Ohio oak wood burning from the oven fire, giving each pizza the perfect crisp. Each pizza gets prepped by hand-tossing the dough before creating its signature pizzas to tossing the oven only after you’re ordered it.

A large pizza is more than enough to share. However, ordering a few small pizzas will give you a variety of all the best pizza selections at Fireside Pizza. Carnivores meet their match with The Meats Pizza, taste the freshness of the seasonal pizza, the veggie-topped Greek Pizza, or the decadent Margherita pizza.

The sidewalk patio seating makes your pet feel welcome. Pick one of the board games from the shelf and partner up with your pet to see who wins.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Offers Takeout, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible, Outdoor Seating

Address:773 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, OH 45206

Sleepy Bee Café

Sleepy Bee Cafe is open daily for breakfast at 7:30 AM for those pets and pet owners eager to get the day started in a delicious way. Join the hive of pet owners making all the buzz about this pet-friendly restaurant.

Bees are always at work and play their role in helping the environment. Sleepy Bee Café celebrates these insect workers with proper farm-to-table meals and ingredients sourced locally.

Many of the menu items at Sleepy Bee Cafe are bee-inspired. Specialty breakfast sandwiches like the Queen City Bee include goetta, fried eggs, and apple slices. The Worker Bee gives you a plate of goetta, eggs, potatoes, and sourdough bread to fuel you for a day of work. Take control with the Beekeeper sandwich. And thanks to bees, you can taste the sweet nectar sauce drizzled over the Bee Cakes.

You’ll have all your cafe favorites, like locally-sourced coffee for a morning kick, chai lattes, or even the specialty bee pollen smoothies.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Offers Takeout, Vegan Options, Covered outdoor seating, Women-owned, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address:3098 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45209

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