Smalls is a retailer of human-grade pet food that primarily provides fresh wet cat food, and freeze-dried raw food to cats of different breeds and ages. The main attraction of Smalls is a subscription service customized with animal protein which is tailored by experts for your cat.s.

At, we like Smalls because they provide cat food that is made of high quality products. Smalls cat food is considered human-grade, which is considered the standard these days.

  • Smalls is a company that primarily focuses on human-grade pet food
  • You can buy Smalls products on
  • They provide fresh cat food as well as wet food, and kibble to cats
  • Smalls cat products satisfy vet recommendations to improve your cat’s health
  • At Smalls, they use human-grade ingredients in all of their products
Smalls Fresh Ground Bird (5oz)
  • Smalls Human-Grade Fresh is protein-rich and picky cat-friendly. Now available in 4 proteins and multiple textures, for even the most finicky felines.
  • This product is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All-Life Stages.

What is Smalls?

Smalls is a human-grade pet food retail company that primarily focuses on providing fresh wet cat food, and freeze-dried raw food to cats of all breeds and life stages.. Their main attraction is a subscription service that is customized with animal protein and tailored for your cat by nutritionist’s recommendations.

The co-founder, Matt Michaelson, grew up as a cat owner and a dog owner who was always concerned of the low quality of  commercially available pet meals at that time. Since starting Smalls, Matt has pushed to make the company focus on  cat health over the cost, convenience, marketing fads, and dog diets.

Cat food typically gets cast as second fiddle to dog food because it has a smaller market share. Smalls, as a food company, set aside big profit margins to serve cats in a specialized way that few cat food brands will.

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Who Owns Smalls?

Matt Michaelson owns Smalls. He co-founded the company along with his high school friend Calvin Bohn. Smalls is a privately held for-profit company founded in 2017. It was funded through seven different rounds of funding, where $9 million was raised. The lead investor of Smalls is Left Lane Capital, a venture capital firm based out of New York.

Where are Smalls Products Made?

All of Smalls’s recipes are prepared within the United States. Smalls has a headquarters in New York and outsources its high-quality ingredients mainly from United States or Canada. Using human-grade ingredients, Smalls prepares wet food recipes in Chicago, Illinois. Smalls has a kitchen in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which prepares the freeze-dried recipes, and the niblets is made in Brainerd, Minnesota. Currently, Smalls only ships to the United States and is unable to fulfill orders to Canada.

What does Smalls Sell?

Smalls Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

Smalls sells many pet-related products. Every cat will have their own individual needs, and luckily Smalls offers a myriad of products that can satisfy even the pickiest eater. Smalls offers a sampler form of some of these products. The products that Smalls sells include the following:

  • Pet Food: Different types of human-grade cat food, including fresh wet cat food, and dehydrated or freeze-dried raw cat food. Options of proteins for fresh wet cat food includes bird (chicken) and other bird (turkey) recipes that come in ground, smooth, or pulled texture. They also offer other smooth options made of beef or fish.  Whereas for dehydrated or freeze-dried raw food, options are chicken, turkey and duck.
  • Pet Treats: Smalls offers a Giblet Niblet treat made of freeze-fried chicken giblets.
  • Pet Toppers or Broth: A chicken broth for cats..
  • Pet Litter: Silica-based litter is available for purchase that can be used in any litter box.
  • Pet Toys: Smalls offers a small cotton catnip toy.

Does Smalls Sell Dog Products?

No, Smalls does not sell dog products. They focus on delivering fresh or frozen meals to cats with a very different healthy diet than dogs. Cats require higher amounts of protein, amino acids, and antioxidants in their diet than dogs do. Dogs need higher levels of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals compared to cats.

Cat food is not a good substitute for  dog food because dogs would not be satiated by cat food. Dogs who eat cat food risk having gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, or pancreatitis. That’s why dogs prefer to eat dog food specially made for them.

Smalls: Cat Products

Cats are obligate carnivores and should stick with an animal-based diet. Smalls recognizes how unique cats are and offers a cat food subscription that introduces new food that will help any cat person feed their feline friend better. The cat products that Smalls sells include the following:

  • Wet Food: Human-grade fresh wet food.
  • Dehydrated Food: Freeze-dried raw food.
  • Cat Treats: Chicken Niblets.
  • Cat Toppers & Broths: Bird broth.
  • Cat Litter: Smalls silica litter.
  • Cat Toys: Handmade cotton catnip toys that have a hambone shape. They also have the same weight and size as a mouse to entice cats to play with them. The bright colors they come in are also appealing to cats.

Smalls: Cat Food

Smalls Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food

Smalls puts a lot of work into making the healthiest and best cat food that they can. They offer many food options for cat owners to choose from. Some of the options that Smalls offers are listed below:

  • Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Wet Food: Protein-rich options are available in four different options. You can pick between fish, bird, cow, and other bird meats and two different texture options. These human-grade meals contain all-natural protein and no artificial by-products. Cats will get a gently cooked meal that is free from harmful preservatives like sodium nitrite. You will find a good mix of vegetables like green beans, peas, and kale for about 10% only to imitate what cats eat in the wild.
  • Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food: Smalls freeze-dried (not kibble!) recipes use a minimal cooking process to keep bird recipes, turkey recipes, and water bird recipes healthy. The cooking method Smalls uses retains more nutritional benefits compared to other commercially available kibble brands. One option you have is the freeze-dried raw chicken thigh which contains a minimum of 45% raw protein. Small’s recipes use AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles to provide cats with a balanced diet.

Smalls: Cat Treats

Every cat loves a spontaneous treat. Smalls provides a diverse catalog of products that includes a few treats to make your cat feel special. The cat treats that Smalls sells include the ones listed below:

  • Giblet Niblets: A raw chicken treat containing chewy, bite-sized chicken giblets. These freeze-dried chicken giblets are grain-free and made from chicken hearts, breasts, and thighs.
  • Cat Nip Treats: The Crochet Prey, to Play catnip toys are handmade cotton toys that activate your cat’s instincts.

Smalls: Cat Food Toppers and Broths

Smalls has a small offering of cat food toppers or broths for your cat. Being a cat person, you will find that Smalls recipes for toppers and broths add many extra nutrients to your furry friend’s meal. You will find one cat food toppers or broths in the Smalls website which is mentioned below:

  • Bird Broth: An enticing fresh bird broth containing chicken. It is a great way to amplify the flavor of a meal, or you can serve it by itself as a little treat. It can be added to dehydrated food or human-grade fresh food for extra flavor.

Is Smalls a Good Brand?

Yes, Smalls is a good brand that puts so much importance to cat health because they offer vet-recommended cat food recipes. These recipes are low in carbs and high in protein. They act as a cat concierge that delivers meals cooked in USDA-certified kitchens.

Smalls offers a money-back guarantee for your orders through the website. It is also an excellent brand to do business with because they offer samplers of its products so you can get the supplements and food that your cat needs at low risk.

They offer fresh bird ingredients like chicken liver, chicken heart, and chicken thigh. Their starter fresh plan includes natural ingredients that don’t contain harmful fillers that commercial cat feed often has. They offer more digestible nutrients, so you won’t see as many hairballs floating around. Your cat will experience less shedding and have a silkier and shinier coat.

Where can I Buy Smalls Products?

You can buy Smalls products on and their Amazon store. When you shop on the Smalls website, you get to fill out a questionnaire that allows you to get a calorie- optimized meal plan that is typically worth it. They also offer 10% off your first order for the delivery service. You can also find their products at a grocery store like Walmart or pet supply stores like PetSmart and Petco.

Do Vets Recommend Smalls Products?

Yes, Vets recommend Smalls products. Smalls products were developed with Veterinary scientists’ recommendations in mind. Vets recommend that cats have diets that are high in protein and low in carbs. Smalls cat products can satisfy these vet recommendations to improve the quality of your cat’s health.

Smalls: Why Not Give Them a Try?

There are many reasons a cat owner will want to choose Smalls for their cat’s needs. One reason is that Smalls uses human-grade ingredients in all of its products. This means the chicken in Smalls products are the same as the chicken you buy at the grocery store.

All of their wet food and dehydrated food share the same high quality, which sets them above many other commercial brands. Another reason to choose this brand is that their meal plans start at only $1.93 per meal. The fact that you can get high-quality meals at low cost is a massive advantage to choosing Smalls over other high-quality brands. Smalls puts cats first over profits as a part of its mission statement.

The evidence for this is the money-back guarantee they offer to make sure there are no unsatisfied cats on their watch. Many reviewers of Smalls products complement the brand for its convenience, flexibility, and rich flavor. Smalls meals have won over many picky-eating cats in the reviews showing that it is worth the try.

“Cats are obligate carnivores and should stick with an animal-based diet.

Smalls offer gently-cooked meals, these are slow-cooked meals that do not involve protein denaturation and are non-destructive to other nutrients in food. Gently cooked pet food is a subset of fresh pet food that applies only the minimum amount of heat needed to kill any pathogens and bacteria present in the food. This results in pet food that preserves the optimal level of nutrition without putting your cat at risk of food poisoning or other diseases.

Nonetheless, every batch of Smalls food is thoroughly tested for common food pathogens under Enterobacteriaceae family such as E.coli and Salmonella. They are also tested for Listeria and mold before shipping. Because cats have specific nutrient needs, it is also important to note that Smalls have taurine and they regularly perform regular spot checks on the nutritional content of the cat food they make. “

– Athena Gaffud, DVM

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