Rachael Ray Cat Food Summary

What is Rachael Ray Cat Food?

Rachael Ray Nutrish is a pet food company founded by Rachael Ray and is owned by J.M. Smucker. It makes high-quality cat food and dog food and donates a portion of its sales to the Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps provide medical supplies, treatment, and more to animals in need.

Where is Rachael Ray Cat Food Made?

Their dry food is made in Ainsworth Pet Foods’ manufacturing facilities in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and Frontenac, Kansas, while their wet foods are made in Thailand. Their ingredients are sourced from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

How is Rachael Ray Cat Food Made?

The manufacturing process is difficult to find, although the process of obtaining ingredients is easily found online. The only information available about the production process is the location of their facilities, which as we said before, are in the United States and Thailand.

Is Rachael Ray Cat Food Good for Cats?

Yes, Rachael Ray is good for cats.

It offers complete and high-quality protein sources from US farm-raised animals and uses healthy sources of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). However, ingredients are often followed up with a chicken meal and corn gluten, both of which are controversial additives in cat foods.

Rachael Ray Cat Food Formulas Reviewed

There are different Rachael Ray formulas for cats. Before clicking checkout, read our reviews and find the best option for your cat.

rachael ray cat food

Summary: This dry kibble comes in two flavors and three different sizes. It is made with real meat and brown rice recipe for a balance of protein and carbs. Fortified with vitamins and amino acids, this is made into small kibble to be easy to eat for cats of any age. The ingredients in this food include no corn wheat, or soy and no added poultry by-product.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Adult cats

Price: $3.50/lb

  • Real salmon as the first ingredient
  • With beets, veggies, and brown rice
  • No added poultry fat, by-product meal, or fillers
  • Made with zero artificial flavors or colors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Corn gluten meal is the third ingredient
  • Caramel is added for color, even though the description says there is no added colors

Ingredient Analysis: This food starts with whole meats like salmon and chicken, which is fantastic. The inclusion of brown and brewers rice for a balance of carbs to protein is a good choice and dried plain beet pulp is included for a prebiotic, a great choice for healthy digestion. However, corn gluten is used and is high on the ingredients list, which may put off some potential buyers.

Review: Of the over 14,000 reviews on Amazon, nearly 80% rated this product 5-stars. Most of the 4 and 5-star reviews mention how happy their cats are with this food and that it has helped their digestive issues and sensitive stomachs. Many one and two-star reviews note the use of corn as the reason they were disappointed in this food. Others suggest the food had given their cats bladder stones, although this could be a result of the low moisture content in dry cat food.

rachael ray cat food

Summary: This food line offers several formulas for various stages of cat life. It is designed for indoor cats and comes in three sizes: 3, 6, and 14-pound bags. This is a highly rated food on Amazon and is formulated to be lower in calories to suit your indoor cat’s activity level. It is a natural cat food offering prebiotics and probiotics as well as a rich profile of antioxidants for immune support.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Indoor cats

Price: $1.70/lb

  • Turkey with chickpeas & salmon recipe
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Enriched with probiotics for digestion
  • Comes in a variety of flavors and package sizes
  • Supports easy cat litter cleanup
  • Made with ground corn
  • High carbohydrates content

Ingredient Analysis: Real chicken is the first ingredient in the chicken recipes and real salmon is the first in the salmon recipe. This is a good sign of high-protein, high-quality cat food. A mix of brewers rice, berries, and pumpkin offer the fiber and carb content while vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, and taurine help to provide complete nutrition.

Review: There are over 17,000 reviews on Amazon, and 80% of them are rated 5-stars. Many 5-star reviews claim it helped their senior cats eat more, their overweight cats eat less, and their healthy cats remain healthy. While fewer in number, the one and two-star reviews mostly hit on the topic of inconsistent quality from one bag to the next.

rachael ray cat food

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Summary: This grain-free food is made with real fish or chicken as the first ingredient. It comes in a wide variety of flavors and even in variety packs. No meat by-products or fillers were used in this formula which includes added vitamins, minerals, and taurine. The sauce used in this food provides minerals and hydration when eating.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $11.30/lb

  • Real meat is the #1 ingredient
  • Grain-free, delicious recipe
  • Added vitamins and taurine
  • No poultry by-product meal or fillers
  • Available in a variety pack
  • Cans are small compared to other brands
  • Several flavors are often sold out

Ingredient Analysis: Real chicken or fish is the first ingredient but is immediately followed by vegetable oil. Taurine is high on the list but is quickly followed by carrageenan, a controversial ingredient in the cat community. Potassium chloride, niacin, and choline chloride are toward the bottom of the list to finish off the micronutrient profile of this food.

Review: 67% of the 9,000+ reviews rate this product with 5 stars. The reviews are pretty similar with one another stating their cat loves the food and seems healthy eating it. However, a slew of critical reviews notes, with photo evidence, bones in the food that was not thoroughly ground in the production process.

rachael ray cat food

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Summary: This wet cat food uses real chicken, tuna, or salmon as its primary ingredient for a natural flavor. It is made with no grain, gluten, or fillers. It comes in a case of 24 cans and is offered in a variety pack. The micronutrients are added in taurine and vitamin supplements to make this a more balanced food.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $11.00/lb

  • Real chicken, tuna, or salmon is the #1 protein
  • A wide selection of flavors and comes in two variety packs
  • No poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors, or preservatives
  • Free from grain, gluten, or filler ingredients
  • Great source of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Comes in 2-ounce cans
  • Vegetable oil is high on the ingredient list

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken broth is the first ingredient, immediately followed by chicken and pumpkin, indicating this food is higher in protein and fiber. L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate is used as a source of vitamin C, and taurine is then added to complete the amino acid profile of this food. Overall, this food is a good source of nutrients, although the use of vegetable oil is questionable in food meant for carnivores.

Review: There are nearly 3,000 reviews, and around two-thirds of them are 5-stars. In those high ratings, people often note how much their cat enjoys the food. Critical reviews point out several things from the cans being difficult to open to the food being “mostly gravy” to their cat just not eating the food. Few negative reviews pointed to the quality of the food as the reason for the low rating.

Rachel Ray Purrfect Broths

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Summary: This food topper doubles as a cat treat. It comes in 1.4-ounce pouches and is made without the use of grain, corn, wheat, or soy. Ingredients like fish broth, tuna, carrots, and tomatoes make this a food made with natural ingredients for natural flavor and a healthy nutrient profile. The broth in this food offers high moisture content for hydration when eating.

Type: Wet food topper/cat treats

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $.75/pouch

  • Made with limited ingredients
  • High in moisture content
  • Low in calories
  • Packed in easy-to-open pouches
  • A large variety of flavors
  • Low protein content
  • Once opened, the contents are only good for three days

Ingredient Analysis: There are few ingredients in this and each one seems to have an obvious purpose. Broth and real meat for the taste and protein, tomatoes and carrots for vitamins, and xanthan gum for a thickening agent, this is a well-rounded cat food topper.

Review: This has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and over 1,400 five-star ratings. The reason nearly all of the high-rated reviews give the five stars is that their cat loves the stuff. Critical reviews are centered around the small portion size and the food being made in Thailand, which came as a surprise to some people.

What Cat Food Formulas does Rachael Ray Make?

There are different Rachael Ray Cat Food options – product lines and specific recipes. Here is a complete list of the Rachael Ray Cat Food formulas:

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrees
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Tuscan Chicken Dinner
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Mariner’s Feast
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Pawesome Paella
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Fin-Tastic Primavera
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Sea-Sational Florentine
    • Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entrées Cravin’ Chicken Dinner
Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Cat Food
  • Natural dry cat food recipe made with real salmon as the ingredient
  • Includes wholesome brown rice, vegetables, and essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Small kibble is easy to chew and swallow, keeping the crisp, crunchy texture and big flavor

Has Rachael Ray Cat Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Rachael Ray Nutrish has been recalled in the past. It was recalled once in 2015 when several varieties of their food were pulled from the shelves due to high vitamin D levels.

Is Rachael Ray Cat Food Worth it?

Yes, Rachael Ray Cat Food is worth it.

The ingredients are responsibly sourced and provide the proper nutrition for your pet. Rachael Ray Cat Food sells its products at reasonable prices, and they donate some of the proceeds from each sale to pets in need. It is often compared to Purina One and Blue Buffalo for its quality but comes at a lower price point.