What is the Best Cat Carrier with Litter Box?

Pet Fit For Life Extra Large Portable Litter Box

Pet Fit For Life Extra Large Portable Litter Box

Comes with a portable litter box, collapsible bowl, and cat wand for your cat's entertainment.

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Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

With safety features like seatbelt straps and loops, locking zippers, and safety straps.

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Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cage Carrier

Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cage Carrier

Sturdy travel carrier with enough room and a removable, waterproof fleece mat cat bed for extra comfort.

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CHEERING PET Portable Cat Condo

CHEERING PET Portable Cat Condo

Foldable cat cage with a collapsible litter box, water bowl, and cat toys for entertainment during car travel.

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Why Buy a Cat Carrier with a Litter Box?

You should purchase a cat carrier with litter box because it makes the cat travel hygienic. Here are some of the benefits of getting a travel crate with a cat litter box:

  • Practicality. If traveling long distances, chances are your cat will have to pee or poop at some point. Having a litter box set on hand provides a place for that and prevents you from making stops during the road trip.
  • Ease-of-Cleaning. Obviously, it is much easier to clean the litter tray than to wash the entire cat travel cage after your cat soiled it.
  • Comfort. Finally, if your cat pees on a fleece cat bed or pet mat, the urine smell will make the travel uncomfortable for everyone. On the other hand, the cat litter will absorb the urine and prevent smells.

The Best Cat Carriers with Litter Boxes Reviewed

If you are looking for the best cat carrier that comes with a travel litter box, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some of the best cat carriers with litter boxes, along with their reviews to help you make an informed decision

Pet Fit For Life Extra Large Portable Litter Box with Collapsible Bowl

Summary: The extra-large portable and soft-sided carrier is specially designed to house large cats and has plenty of room to accommodate two full-grown cats. It includes a collapsible litter box and a collapsible bowl for cat food or water. It also comes with a reversible floor par that is removable and washable and a cat wand to keep your feline friend entertained during travel.

Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 5.7 inches (L × W × H)

Material: Nylon, steel

Weight Limit: Up to 50 Pounds

  • Lightweight material with a strong steel frame
  • Has an extremely soft velour-like cat bed pad
  • Integrated seat belt straps for securing the carrier
  • Two windows for ventilation and airflow
  • Comes with a bonus cat wand and a collapsible bowl
  • Not an airline-approved model

Review: The general consensus from reviews on Amazon is that this cat carrier with litter box is a near-perfect joy to use. Cats love the spacious and soft carrier, and cat owners like the extra gear such as the litter box, food bowl, and cat wand. The overall rating for this cat carrier is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Prutapet Large Cat Carrier with Collapsible Litter Box and Bowl

Summary: This is a large safety-oriented portable cat carrier that comes with extra features such as safety straps, locking zippers, and seatbelt loops. With pet safety covered, the kennel comes with a portable litter box and a collapsible travel bowl. The carrier has very large side pockets that work as storage bags. It has mesh windows on all four sides. Plus, when not in use, the cat carrier is easy to store due to its foldable design.

Dimensions: 24.5 x 18.5 x 4 inches (L × W × H)

Material: Plastic

Weight Limit: 55 Pounds

  • Extra-large carrier that fits multiple cats
  • Portable cat travel carrier designed for safety
  • Foldable design for a space-friendly storage
  • Upholstered bottom with a washable lamb fluff
  • Collapsible litter box and food/water bowl
  • Has a strong chemical smell when new

Review: Most cat owners who purchased this cat carrier with litter box loved it. According to the aggregate of Amazon reviews, this is a safe pet carrier and has plenty of room for multiple or large cats. The overall rating of this cat carrier is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cage Carrier and Litter Box

Summary: With the stress-free Necoichi portable cat carrier, your cat has its own private room. The carrier serves as a traveling booth, a nap space, an emergency room, or simply a space where your cat can enjoy its privacy during road trips. It has a foldable litter box and rollable flaps on the mesh windows. The cat travel carrier is collapsible for easy storing. Plus, it comes with a durable storage bag.

Dimensions: 31.5 x 20.08 x 20.08 inches (L × W × H)

Material: Mesh, nylon, synthetic fabric

Weight Limit: 30 Pounds

  • The litter box folds down for storage and portability
  • Roll-up mesh panels for ventilation and privacy
  • Removable, waterproof fleece mat for extra comfort
  • Large enough to fit two fully grown cats conveniently
  • The set comes with a durable storage bag
  • Aggressive cats can rip through the mesh

Review: This is a great roomy cat carrier with litter box for large cats during road trips. It is especially great for cats that like to travel and enjoy having everything they need at their own convenience. Cat owners are pleased with the carrier and give it a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

CHEERING PET Portable Cat Condo with Collapsible Litter Box

Summary: The CHEERING cat carrier is great for hyperactive cats that love to play. Because of its size, the kennel classifies as a cat condo. It comes with built-in features like a zippered front door and two windows with screens, and a velvet-lined floor pad. Plus, the condo includes a collapsible and washable litterbox. The carrier comes with two bonus cat toys. The carrier fits perfectly on the back seat of all cars, where it conforms with the car seat belt.

Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 19 inches (L × W × H)

Material: Plush

Weight Limit: 30 Pounds

  • Extra-large cat condo with a portable pop-up design
  • Collapsible litter box and foldable food/water bowl
  • Soft and velvet-lined removable floor padding
  • Comes with two cat toys - a cat teaser and a rattle
  • Conforms with the vehicle’s car seat belt for safety
  • Complaints about the floor being leaky

Review: Owners of playful cats will love this cat carrier with litter box. It is a wonderful carrier for cats during road trips. They are also happy with the included stakes for securing the carrier outdoor in the yard. Cat owners give this condo an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

What Should I Look for in a Cat Carrier with Litter Box?

There are several factors that cat owners should look out for when considering a cat carrier with litter box. Highlighted below are a few things to watch out for:

  • Safety. The safety of your cat comes first when picking a cat carrier with litter box. The cat travel carrier should have a stable construction and must close properly to prevent escapism efforts. The zippers should be self-locking and material claw-resistant.
  • Size. The portable cat carrier with litter box should be spacious and allow plenty of room for your cat to feel comfortable. Cat owners should consider getting expandable carriers, which are quite roomy once they are set down.
  • Ventilation. The cat carrier with litter box should be well-ventilated with proper airflow. For this, pet kennels usually have small openings or large mesh windows. In addition to supporting proper ventilation, they allow the cat to look around and make it feel less anxious.
  • Durability. The material of the cat carrier with litter box should be able to endure the movements of your cat without getting damaged, while the portable cat litter box should be able to withstand the cat litter without leakage or collapsing and making a mess in the carrier.
  • Purpose. Finally, consider the purpose of the cat carrier. For everyday use, get a carrying bag carrier with a shoulder strap. If planning an airplane trip, look for airline-approved models. Or, if going on a road trip, make sure the cat crate fits on the back seat and has seatbelt straps for securing it to the car seat.
Pet Fit For Life Extra Large Portable Litter Box with Collapsible Bowl
  • Spacious and comfortable with a large exterior and interior, this cat condo/cat bed will quickly become your kitties "Safe Space". 
  • Made from super durable, nylon fabric (selected A grade above the other brands) with a flexible steel frame.
  • Bonus cat wand and collapsible bowl.

Can You Put a Litter Box in a Cat Carrier?

Yes, you can put a litter box in a cat carrier.

During long travel, your cat will need to relieve itself, and it helps to have a litter box in the carrier so you do not have to keep stopping.

There are several cat car carriers with inbuilt or detachable litter boxes, but there are also other cat carriers that have enough space for you to get a separate litter tray and place it inside the carrier.

However, for the cat carrier with litter box to work, the cat needs to be litter box trained.

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