Honest Paws is a top-of-the range supplier of pet products and pet supplies. They provide CBD products, supplements, cannabinoids, hemp oil, and other products that can help to improve your pet’s health.

At onevet.ai, we liked that Honest Paws was created as a result of a personal experience. We also enjoyed the fact that they provide a quality product to each pet owner. 

  • Honest Paws is a premium pet product and pet supplies retailer 
  • They provide CBD products, supplements, cannabinoids, hemp oil, and other products
  • Honest Paws products are available from honestpaws.com
  • They mainly focus on CBD dog treats and calm CBD chews
  • Their mission is to leave no disappointed pets

What is Honest Paws?

Honest Paws is a premium pet product and pet supplies retailer that provides CBD products, supplements, cannabinoids, hemp oil, and other products that improve your pet’s overall health.

Chelsea Hunt-River decided to fund the company after an experience with her dog. She had taken her dog to the vet and didn’t like the prescriptions she was given, and her condition wasn’t improving. After doing some internet research, she was able to procure human-grade CBD oil for her dog, and after a month of taking it, her ill condition disappeared. Her furry friend regained her mobility and lived a healthier life.

After this experience, Chelsea decided to create Honest Paws, a company that offers CBD products to pets in need. These include products like Honest Paws CBD oil, the Honest Paws calm line and many more.

Their CBD products and supplements are tested in a lab and range from oil to treats to peanut butter. They aim to provide safe and effective products that can treat a medley of pet health conditions. This passion for treating pets with CBD products has made them one of the leading voices in the pet-CBD industry. All of their products are FDA approved and free from toxins.

Honest Paws Well Pre+ Probiotics

Pre+ Probiotics are recommended for:

  • Supporting healthy digestion
  • Helping support the immune system
  • Helping maintain proper gut flora

Who Owns Honest Paws?

Chelsea Hunt-Rivera and Erik Rivera are the owners and co-founders of Honest Paws. It is a privately owned company that was created in 2018. Honest Paws is a limited liability corporation (LLC) based in League City, Texas.

Where is Honest Paws Made?

Honest Paws products are made in the United States. All of the CBD products Honest Paws makes are soy-free, non-GMO, and free from additives. The CBD for dogs product line contains full-spectrum hemp that can have many different medicinal benefits for pet wellness. Your furry friend can look forward to a better immune system, better joint health, and a rest from chronic joint pain. The benefits of CBD and full-spectrum CBD oil are innumerable.

What does Honest Paws Sell?

Honest Paws sells many pet-related products but mainly focuses on CBD dog treats and calm CBD chews. The list of categories of products that Honest Paws sells includes the following:

  • CBD Dog Treats: These treats include chews and bites that have various effects on your dog.
  • CBD Cat Treats: Honest Paws sells CBD soft chews for cats that help with behavioral problems and promote healthy brain function.
  • Topicals: There are two different types of topicals offered that each focus on relieving the dog’s skin, snout, or paws.
  • Grooming Products: There are several types of grooming products that include things like brushes, dry shampoo, and dog washing.
  • CBD Oil: CBD oil for dogs can help dogs with nightmares, panting, and barking episodes by easing the anxiety and soothing your furry friend.
  • Probiotics: The probiotics can apply to both dogs and cats and will help support your furry friend’s healthy digestive system.
Honest Paws Probiotics

What Dog Products does Honest Paws Sell?

Honest paws sells many lab-tested products that your dog will love. The products that dogs can use include the ones listed below:

  • Honest Paws CBD Dog Bites: These bites come in several flavors focusing on calming, pain relief, and wellness. These bites are third-party tested and contain no artificial flavors. They are also guaranteed to be made in the USA, organic, and non-GMO. The calm bites are a popular choice because they can be used anytime to deliver a dose of relaxation to your dog.
  • Honest Paws CBD Dog Chews: The CBD dog chews focus on mobility and calming states for dogs. The mobility soft chews are an excellent way to transform a dog afflicted with joint pain into an active runner again.
  • Honest Paws CBD Oil: This CBD oil for dogs comes in several different sizes that are verified safe & free from toxins. These oils maintain calmness and can be used to fix behavioral issues. They also boost cognitive support thanks to the fact that they contain chamomile extract.
  • Honest Paws Dog Grooming Products: Honest Paws has several grooming products available for purchase. Their Wag N’ Rinse product is a suction cup that attaches to any bathroom surface that can be coated with peanut butter. This will help you give your dog a bath if the dog often tries to escape or fight to be clean. They also offer scrub brushes and a 5-in-1 dog wash formula. This formula cleans skin and conditions as well as detangles your dog’s fur coat.
  • Honest Paws Probiotics: The probiotics that Honest Paws sells are fit for both cats and dogs. These probiotics allow your dog’s gut bacteria to flourish with health. When more healthy gut bacteria appear, it aids your furry friend’s digestion and their immune response.
  • Honest Paws Dog Topical Creams: These cream varieties come with several terpenes that help your dog gain relief. They include camphene, which can help with discomfort, and terpinolene, which allows your dog to remain calm and reduce stiffness.

What Dog Supplements does Honest Paws Sell?

Honest Paws only has one type of supplement available for purchase. This supplement is mentioned below:

  • Probiotics: These probiotics increase the gut health of your pet through an orally administered one-stick pack for your dog. You may also want to talk to your veterinarian about a dose recommendation if you aren’t seeing an improvement in your pet’s digestion. They are also great for seasonal allergy relief in your dog.

Does Honest Paws Sell CBD Dog Products?

Yes, Honest Paws sells many CBD dog products. Some of these CBD products include the following:

  • Honest Paws CBD Calm Oil: This is one of the best CBD products that Honest Paws offers. It can be used in many different situations, from traveling, to averting loud noises, to separation anxiety. It is made with full-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD that is safe to use and healthy for your dog’s brain.
  • Honest Paws CBD Well Oil: A CBD oil made from good terpenes. These terpenes promote long-term health and fight free radicals that can cause your dog’s cells to break down. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory that can cure occasional discomfort in your dog’s joints. Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs gives both you and your dog peace of mind.
  • Honest Paws CBD Calm Chews: These peanut butter chews melt in your dog’s mouth and use different terpenes depending on the variety. These chews come in calm and mobility varieties.
  • Honest Paws CBD Mobility Chews: The mobility chews contain mobility terpenes like beta-caryophyllene that support a healthy inflammatory response. This allows your dog to move faster and easier with a better range of motion.
  • Honest Paws CBD Well Bites: The Honest Paws well bites promote a healthy immune system with the help of terpenes like linalool which reduces the stress response of your dog.
  • Honest Paws CBD Relief Bites: These CBD products support connective tissue so that they can relieve the discomfort caused by aging joints.
  • Honest Paws CBD Calm Bites: Calm bites are great for managing behavioral problems and keeping your dog calm in a stressful situation.
  • Honest Paws CBD Relief Topicals: The relief topicals that Honest Paws offers can relieve constant scratching and rubbing. It does this by adding moisture to dry patches of skin to make them less scratchy. It will also protect the snout and paws of your dog with a citrus fragrance.

Does Honest Paws Sell CBD Dog Treats?

Yes, Honest Paws does sell CBD Dog Treats. Some of these treats are listed below:

  • CBD Bites: Reviewers deemed these bites a hot item because they can calm down their dogs when people come to their houses. Many breeds of dogs respond well to calm bites in particular.
  • CBD Chews: Many of the chew varieties contain glucosamine which gives dogs the ability to enjoy jogs again. Sometimes active dogs lose their ability to go on long walks as they age, and these chews can help them recover quicker.

What Skin & Coat Dog Products does Honest Paws Sell?

Every pet owner loves their dog’s shiny coat and smooth skin. Dogs love it too! The skin & coat products that Honest Paws sells include the following:

  • Honest Paws Skin & Coat Dog Wash: This safe and effective formula cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moistures, and detangles your dog’s skin and hair all at the same time.
  • Honest Paws Skin & Coat Dry Shampoo: The dry shampoo can neutralize foul odors and cleanse your dog with the power of oatmeal and lavender. It also nourishes skin & coats with no water required.

What Calm Dog Products does Honest Paws Sell?

If your dog often becomes overexcited in certain situations, you may want to try calm CBD dog products. Honest Paws calm CBD products include the following:

What Dog Mobility Products does Honest Paws Sell?

Their mobility products are an excellent way to restore your inactive dog back to its former glory. Some of the mobility products Honest Paws sells include:

What Dog Products are in the Honest Paws Relief Line?

Honest Paws has several products in the relief line. These products are listed below:

  • Honest Paws Relief Bites: These turmeric-flavored flavored bites contain 5 mg of CBD per bite, which relieve joint discomfort.
  • Honest Paws Relief Pet Balm: The pet palm is a general-use palm that relieves itching, scratching, irritation, and pain from minor cuts.
  • Honest Paws Relief Paw Balm: The palm balm is the perfect solution for cracked, itchy paw pads. These natural ingredients can also fix a dry nose when applied.
    Honest Paws CBD Oil

What Cat Products does Honest Paws Sell?

If you are a cat lover, fear not because Honest Paws has a few products for you. These products include:

What Cat Supplements does Honest Paws Sell?

Honest Paws sells one supplement that cats can enjoy as well. This supplement is mentioned below:

Does Honest Paws Sell CBD Cat Products?

Yes, Honest Paws sells CBD products for cats, but the selection is more limited compared to CBD for dogs. These products include the following:

Does Honest Paws Sell CBD Cat Treats?

Yes, Honest Paws sells CBD Cat Treats. The variety of cat treats they offer is listed below:

Is Honest Paws a Good Brand?

Yes, Honest Paws is a good brand for anyone who has tried everything to help their pets with stress or anxiety. Their CBD products are some of the leading products on the market, with many glowing testimonials to show for it.

Where Can I Buy Honest Paws?

You can buy Honest Paws products like their CBD oil products or the interesting peanut butter flavored products they make on honestpaws.com and Amazon.

Do Vets Recommend Honest Paws Products?

Vets recommend Honest Paws CBD products. Some studies on cannabidiol treatments show that they are helpful in older dogs with Osteoarthritic conditions. However, not every condition will have the same success. Various other studies have concluded that CBD oil for dogs and other CBD pet products can have major benefits for your furry friend.

Why Choose Honest Paws?

There are many reasons to choose Honest Paws. One good reason is their honest promise. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to anyone unsatisfied with their products. Their mission is to leave no disappointed pets, so there is no risk in trying it out. The product itself is top-quality and is a no-brainer if you have been to the vet and tried anything else to help your furry friend get rid of their joint pain and make them forget about their anxiety.

“Terpenes are volatile chemicals that are naturally found in plants giving them distinct beneficial fragrances. It can attract pollinator insects and at the same time ward off insects and animals that might harm them. Being part of the plant’s immune system, they can help plants heal from damage by fighting potential infectious microorganisms. Terpenes are naturally present in live plants and become terpenoids when oxidized. When mixed with cannabinoids, the two have synergistic effects potentiating the CBD product.” 

“Because differences in individual response have been recorded in the use of CBD, it is safe to go a little bit above or below the recommended dose until you see the desired effect. However, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian first especially if sensitivity to the other declared ingredients in a particular product has been recorded. While it is true that all the products are natural and generally safe, bear in mind when experimenting that anything in excess is a poison.” – Athena Angela Gaffud, DVM