Canidae Dog Food Summary

Canidae All Life Stages Premium Dry Dog Food
  • Highly nutritious kibble with chicken, turkey, lamb, and wholesome grains, free from corn, wheat, or soy.
  • One bag provides complete and balanced nutrition for all ages, breeds, and sizes, perfect for multi-dog homes.
  • Loaded with antioxidants, probiotics, and essential nutrients for robust digestion, immunity, and overall joint, skin, and coat health.

What is Canidae Dog Food?

Canidae Dog Food is a family-owned pet food company that makes dog and cat food and invests in regenerative agriculture, responsibly sourced proteins, and sustainable packaging.

Canidae is an eco-friendly dog food brand intent on setting the bar higher for its competitors in the sustainability aspects of manufacturing.

Where is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Canidae Dog Food is made in the plants in Brownwood, Texas. The company’s headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut.

How is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Canidae Dog Food uses only sustainably transported and ethically sourced ingredients.

The protein sources include cage-free chicken and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, their plant-based proteins include upcycled brewer’s yeast, and their packaging is made with 40% post-consumer-recycled materials.

Every step of the production process is geared toward leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Canidae is a relatively small company that cooks its products in small batches that can quickly be changed for a new batch.

This allows them to keep up with quality and consistency throughout each batch as there is less to monitor at any given time.

Is Canidae Food Good for Dogs?

Yes, Canidae Dog Food is good.

Their wholesome ingredients are sourced responsibly and from sustainable suppliers with long-standing relationships with the pet food brand. This helps Canidae monitor the safety and quality of each ingredient all throughout the process.

Canidae Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

With so many Canidae pet food products, it can be hard to find the right fit. To make a choice easier, take a look at our Canidae dog food reviews.

Canidae All Life Stages Premium Dry Dog Food

Summary: This dry kibble is nutrient-dense with a formula crafted with chicken, turkey, and lamb. It contains no soy, wheat, or corn products and is completely balanced to provide dogs with the best nutrition possible. It is sold in three flavors and is available in 5, 15, 30, and 44-pound bags.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Chicken, Turkey, & Lamb Meals

Price: $1.62/lb

  • Premium quality multi-protein formula
  • Formulated without corn, soy, or wheat
  • Support healthy heart, skin, coat, joints & gut
  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages
  • Available in several different flavors
  • Meat meals are the main protein sources

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken meal and turkey meal are the first two ingredients. While this is not bad, it can be off-putting to some dog owners. Brown rice, peas, oatmeal, barley, whole grain sorghum, lentils, and alfalfa are the following ingredients. All are good sources of minerals, omega fatty acids, and fiber. It is supplemented with vitamins and minerals, which help make this a complete nutrition source.

Review: Nearly 90% of the 6,300+ reviews on Amazon and Chewy rate this food 4 or 5 stars. Satisfied customers were happy about the quality of the food, the price, and the transparency of the ingredients that go into this product. Critical reviews, however, make up nearly 10% of ratings, and most of the complaints cautioned potential buyers on Amazon about counterfeit food being sold from one of the vendors.

Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Premium Adult Dry Dog Food

Summary: Crafted with real meat and poultry like real salmon, lamb, and chicken to provide the best sources of animal protein. It offers complete and balanced nutrition with vitamin supplements to ensure the best possible nutrition. It is made in various flavors and sold in 4, 12, and 24-pound bags as well as in dry and wet food bundles.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe; Bison, Lentil and Carrot Recipe; Chicken, Lentil and Pea Recipe; Lamb and Pea Recipe; Lamb, Goat and Venison Meals Recipe; Wild Boar and Garbanzo Bean Recipe

Price: $2.71/lb

  • Real salmon is the first ingredient
  • Very high in protein
  • Support healthy joints, skin and coat
  • Wide variety of flavors and sizes
  • Available in dry and wet food bundles
  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Ingredient Analysis: Real meat and poultry is the primary ingredient, which is great for making this a high-protein food. Lentils, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, and canola oil are added for fats and fiber, while mixed tocopherols are used as a natural preservative. Vitamin E and vitamin A supplements are included with minerals like zinc, proteinate, and calcium to make this a complete source of nutrition for adult dogs.

Review: Nearly 4,000 reviews have been written about this food on Amazon. Most are positive, with people telling stories about how their dogs are healthier and happier since having switched to this food. Negative reviews were critical of the quality of the food, with one person who shared a story about receiving the moldy product and another saying it irritates her dog’s allergies. Some, however, have noted when they buy the food at the store, they do not have these problems and suspect it may be counterfeiters on Amazon selling lousy products.

Canidae PURE Healthy Weight Premium Dry Dog Food

Summary: The high levels of fiber and protein in this kibble are meant to be more filling than other product lines from Canidae. The grain-free dog food recipe uses animal proteins and lentils for the base of the formula while being supplemented with vitamins and minerals to give dogs all of the essential nutrients they need to be active and healthy.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Adult overweight dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken and Pea Recipe

Price: $1.70/lb

  • Grain-free, high-protein formula
  • Dietary fiber content prevents overeating
  • Real meat or poultry is the first ingredient
  • Easily digestible grain-free formula
  • Support healthy weight management
  • High protein may cause upset stomachs

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal are the first three ingredients providing this formula with a solid protein base. Sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and alfalfa add carbs, fiber, and omega-6 fatty acids, while vitamins E and A are supplemented to round off the nutrient profile of this dog food.

Review: Most reviews are positive, with some buyers calling this food “superb” in its ability to prevent their dog from eating too while still being excited for meal time. While they stated this product has helped their dog maintain a healthy weight, even five-star reviews complained about the product when it was ordered from Amazon, citing quality concerns as the primary reason for negative remarks.

Canidae PURE Petite Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Summary: Coated in freeze-dried raw chicken for better taste and made with real chicken for better nutrients, this food delivers small dogs the necessary nutrients they need to be active and healthy. It uses eight or fewer key ingredients to be suitable for dogs on a limited ingredient diet. It is formulated with antioxidants and probiotics for immune system support and digestive health. It is available in three flavors and sold in 4 and 10- pound bags.

Type: Raw coated dry dog food

Best for: Small breed adult dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken; Lamb; Salmon

Price: $3.70/lb

  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Antioxidants for immune support
  • Made with probiotics for digestive health
  • Limited and clean ingredients
  • Raw coating gives this food a unique taste
  • More expensive than other products on this list

Ingredient Analysis: Fresh chicken, chicken meal, and chicken fat provide the protein and most of the crude fat content in this formula. Chickpeas, tapioca, and lentils make up the bulk of the fiber content, while peas offer carbs and vitamins. Probiotics and antioxidants are guaranteed in every kibble to promote a healthy immune system and digestive tract. Overall, this is a great ingredients list.

Review: Nearly 90% of the over 1,000 reviews rate this food 4 or 5 stars. Happy customers are satisfied with the kibble size, and the raw coating keeps their dogs enjoying meal time. Negative reviews, for the most part, said they liked the food, but they will not buy on Amazon again due to quality control issues such as moldy food, rodents in food, and bugs in the food, and the seller won’t accept returns.

Canidae Premium Dry Dog Food For Puppies

Summary: Canidae Under the Sun grain-free puppy food contains only one animal protein source and is made without fillers. It offers the benefits of nutrient-rich fruits and garden-grown vegetables while being priced to be accessible. It is suitable for dogs of all life stages but formulated for puppies and is sold in three flavors and five sizes.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Puppies

Flavor Options: Chicken; Lamb; Whitefish

Price: $1.54

  • With a single source animal protein
  • Made with whole food ingredients
  • Rich in healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Formulated with antioxidants and probiotics
  • Grain-free and fit for sensitive stomachs
  • Buyers on Amazon complain of counterfeit dog food

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken or lamb meal is the single source of animal protein in this food which is great at helping to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions. Chickpeas and canola oil offer crude fats, while yellow peas and flaxseed introduce fiber to the recipe. It is all rounded off with vitamin and mineral supplements to give puppies all the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Review: Positive reviews are common here, but the reviews are primarily mixed, with even five-star reviews noting inconsistent quality when ordering from Amazon. Negative reviews hit the point that dog food on Amazon is essentially counterfeit, with some buyers saying they buy the product at the store and the quality is fine. Still, when they order it on Amazon, they never receive what they order, and the seller will not accept returns.

Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient Premium Wet Dog Food

Summary: Made with salmon and sweet potatoes and almost nothing else aside from supplements, this is a wet food crafted to taste like the real thing. It offers balanced nutrition using six or fewer ingredients and is formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. It includes antioxidants and probiotics and is sold in a twelve pack of 13-ounce cans.

Type: Wet dog food

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe

Price: $2.91/can

  • Limited ingredient formula
  • Suitable for dogs prone to food allergies
  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • The high moisture content for hydration
  • With antioxidants and probiotics
  • Only available in one flavor on Amazon and Chewy

Ingredient Analysis: Salmon is the first ingredient making this a food rich in protein and healthy fats. Fish broth and vegetable broth add moisture and flavor, while peas and pea protein help bring the protein and crude fiber content up. Vitamins A, D, and E supplements are combined with mineral supplements to offer a balanced source of nutrients to small-breed canines.

Review: Reviews were few and mixed. While most ratings were positive, they weren’t all glowing. Those who were happy with the product were happy their dog enjoyed the food, which seemed to help with their dog’s skin allergies. Critical reviews, however, complained about the lack of quality control, with numerous reviewers outright saying “something is wrong with this food.”

CANIDAE PURE Petite Grain Free Wet Dog Food

Summary: Coming in two varieties, pate and morsels, this wet dog food is formulated to suit the needs of small dogs. It uses animal protein as the primary ingredient supplemented by vitamins and minerals to offer a balanced source of nutrition. The small single-serve cans are perfect for quick and easy feeding of your small dog, and it is sold in a pack of twelve 3.5-ounce cans in various flavors.

Type: Wet dog food

Best for: Smell breed adult dogs

Flavor Options: Minced Beef and Carrots; Minced Duck and Pumpkin; Salmon and Shrimp Pâté; Lamb and Carrots Morsels; Chicken and Peas Pâté; Turkey and Green Beans Morsels

Price: $1.59/can

  • Animal protein is the primary component
  • Made using limited ingredients
  • With antioxidants and probiotics
  • High moisture content for hydration
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Relatively low fiber content

Ingredient Analysis: Duck broth, chicken, and chicken liver are examples of what each of the first three ingredients would be in each of the flavors. These recipes are made to be high in protein for wet food, and using a single source of animal protein is a great way to do that. Dried peas and pumpkin help to add fiber, while xanthan gum and guar gum are there to give it the texture wet food is known for.

Review: While most reviewers rate this product positively, the reviews are largely mixed, with over 10% giving it a 1-star review. Five-star reviews raved about how their old or sensitive dogs loved this food, and it didn’t upset their stomach or cause allergic reactions. One-star reviews claimed the food gave their dogs diarrhea or made them vomit, with one saying it had enlarged her dog’s heart, which she went to the vet for immediately.

What Dog Food Formulas does Canidae Make?

Canidae Dog Food offers several lines of products and formulas. Here is a closer look at the different recipes:

Has Canidae Dog Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Canidae Dog Food has a recall history.

The brand had one voluntary recall in 2012. The recall affected specific dry dog foods made at the Diamond Pet Food plant in South Carolina due to possible Salmonella contamination. The recall involved the formulas sold in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Is Canidae Dog Food Worth it?

Yes, Canidae Dog Food is worth it.

Canidae Dog Food offers a wide selection of flavors, textures, and sizes to fit any dog’s needs. It is a small and privately-owned brand.

So, when you buy Canidae pet food products, you know you support domestic businesses while offering your dog a high-quality source of complete nutrition.

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