Honest Paws CBD Oils is a natural, high-quality cannabis supplement made exclusively for pets. Honest Paws produces CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils is formulated with organic, full-spectrum hemp and enriched with ingredients specific to the condition the supplement is supporting. The oil is responsibly sourced, made in the USA, and third-party laboratory-tested for purity and safety.  

Honest Paws CBD Oils for dogs and cats help reduce pain, fortify immunity, promote joint health, support relaxation, relieve allergies, and boost cognition. The oil is safe for daily use and fit for pets of all ages. 

What is Honest Paws CBD Oil?

Honest Paws CBD Oil is a premium pet CBD product containing full-spectrum hemp oil. The oil is sourced from organically grown hemp and enriched with condition-specific ingredients. Honest Paws Calm CBD Oils features added chamomile to support tranquility in dogs and cats, and Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil contains turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties.  Honest Paws CBD Oils 

Pet owners considering Honest Paws CBD oil ask, “What is CBD?” CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the over 100 naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and health-boosting for animals and humans. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils is rich in several cannabinoids, hemp seed oil, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and omega fatty acids and is safe to use daily and in pets of all ages and sizes. 

What Type of Pets Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Support?

The types of pets Honest Paws CBD Oil supports are listed below. 

  • Dogs: The brand offers three condition-specific CBD oils for safe and efficient supplementation in dogs. The three products are Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil for Dogs, Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil for Dogs, and Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Dogs. 
  • Cats: The brand offers one CBD oil for cats with a wide specter of uses and one potency. The product’s name is Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Cats. 

Honest Paws provides additional products from the CBD for animals collection, such as bites and soft chews for dogs and cats, and has a line of non-CBD products, including probiotics and grooming products. 

What Spectrum is Honest Paws CBD Oil Made of?

Honest Paws CBD Oil is made of full-spectrum CBD oil. There are three CBD extracts, including  full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. Full-spectrum is the optimum CBD option because it contains various cannabinoids and other compounds like flavonoids, which are rich in antioxidants,  terpenes, which control the taste and smell, and essential oils with an entourage effect. 

Honest Paws CBD Oil Spectrum

Honest Paws CBD Oils interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex cell signaling system that manages essential body functions such as pain, mood, sleep, reproduction, and memory. Cannabinoids or CBD replace the endocannabinoid, bind with the receptors, and mimic and enhance the function of the ECS. 

The entourage effect means that the presence of the other compounds boosts the efficacy of the cannabinoids and potentiates the beneficial properties of the CBD oil. Full-spectrum cannabis oil contains THC, but in the case of pet products, its presence is limited to less than 0.3%.  

How Is Honest Paws CBD Oil Processed?

Honest Paws CBD Oil is processed in a good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified facility located in the USA. The oil’s main ingredient, hemp, is organic and sourced from a single, family-owned farm in Colorado. 

The hemp used to make Honest Paws CBD Oils is treated with supercritical CO2, carbon dioxide to extract pure and full-spectrum CBD oil. The oil is mixed with organic, human-grade medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil sourced from South Africa and processed in the USA. 

The final product, Honest Paws CBD Oils, is tested by third-party laboratories to double-check safety, purity, and efficacy. The results of the analysis are provided on the website in a document called a Certificate of Analysis (COA).  

What is the Best Selling Variant of Honest Paws CBD Oil?

The best-selling variant of Honest Paws CBD Oil is Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil for Dogs. The oil is formulated to improve mobility, help with stiff joints, support joint health and relieve discomfort. 

Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oils for Dogs contains full-spectrum CBD extract, organic turmeric extract, and organic MCT oil. The product is all-natural, USDA organic, and free from soy, gluten, sugar, and (GMO) genetically modified organism ingredients. 

Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oils for Dogs is packed in a user-friendly dropper bottle, unflavored, and available in four potency options for dogs of different sizes. One bottle of Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil for dogs provides a 30-day supply of CBD. 

Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Have an Award?

Yes, Honest Paws CBD Oil has been awarded the quality seal by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

Bill Bookout, the President of NASC, explains that “The NASC Quality Seal is awarded to companies that have successfully passed a facility audit and comply with rigorous quality standards, including strict labeling requirements and random product testing by an independent lab.”

Honest Paws CBD Oils is an NASC-certified product, meaning pet owners rest assured the supplement is of the utmost quality, efficacy, and safety. 

Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Have THC?

No, Honest Paws CBD oil does not have THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a psychoactive compound that makes people “high” and is found in the marijuana version of the hemp plant. 

CBD products for pets, including Honest Paws CBD oils and treats, are made from hemp, which does not contain THC. Pet CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC because the compound is toxic to animals. 

How Much Volume Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Contain?

The volume of Honest Paws CBD Oil is 30 milliliters per bottle. The Honest Paws CBD Oils contain the same volume per bottle but differ in potency or milligrams of CBD per milliliter. 

The volume of Honest Paws CBD Oils is average and similar to CBD oils offered by other CBD pet brands. The availability of various potencies allows for the practical and cost-efficient use of Honest Paws CBD Oils. 

Honest Paws CBD Oil Volume

What are Other Variants of Honest Paws CBD Oil?

The other variants of Honest Paws CBD Oil are listed below. 

  • Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Dogs: The Well CBD oil is formulated to support wellness and is fit for use in dogs with a range of conditions, from allergies to seizures to cognitive decline. 
  • Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil for Dogs: The Calm oil is enriched with chamomile and specifically formulated to promote calmness, thus being perfect for dogs suffering from habitual and situational anxiety. 
  • Honest Paws Well CBD Oil for Cats: The Well oil is formulated to help cats stay healthy and relieve issues such as acute and chronic pain, allergies, inflammation, seizures, kidney problems, and anxiety. 

What is the Formulation of Honest Paws CBD Oil?

The formulation of Honest Paws CBD Oil is organic full-spectrum hemp oil and organic human-grade MCT oil. The ingredients are third-party laboratory-tested for safety and potency. 

The hemp used in Honest Paws CBD Oils is USA-grown, non-GMO, and free from corn, soy, and other contaminants. The MCT oil is one of the best carrier oil choices because it enhances the hemp oil’s absorption and bioavailability. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils are highly concentrated. The oil is extracted using the supercritical CO2 method, meaning the product is of the utmost purity. The oil is verified as safe and free from toxins through Certificates of Analysis. 

How Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Affect Animals?

Honest Paws CBD Oil affects animals by relieving pain, improving mobility, reducing anxiety, decreasing allergies, increasing appetite, boosting immunity, and sharpening memory. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils for pets work by interacting with the ECS and promoting natural health and balance. The endocannabinoid system is a regulatory system managing vital body functions such as pain, inflammation, mood, appetite, sleep, and memory. 

The endocannabinoid system is built from endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes. CBD replaces the body’s endocannabinoids, binds with the receptors, and supports health. 

What are the Benefits of Honest Paws CBD Oil?

The benefits of Honest Paws CBD Oil are listed below. 

  • Pain Relief: Honest Paws CBD Oils help relieve pain because of their anti-pain features. The oil works on several levels in the body to manage pain, including acute and chronic episodes. 
  • Reduced Inflammation: Honest Paws CBD Oils have anti-inflammatory features and inhibit inflammation triggers and mediators. The oil is helpful to pets with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and allergies. 
  • Natural Calmness: Honest Paws CBD Oil has calming properties and supports natural relaxation in hyperactive and anxious pets. The oil promotes quality and restful sleep. 
  • Improved Appetite: Honest Paws CBD Oils suppresses vomiting and nausea while supporting digestive health. The combination of effects results in an improved appetite. 
  • Seizure Management: Honest Paws CBD Oils benefit pets with idiopathic epilepsy and seizure episodes. The oil helps decrease seizure frequency, intensity, and duration. 
  • Boosted Immunity: Honest Paws CBD Oil boosts the immune system and supports a more potent immune response against threats and pathogens, thus promoting health. 
  • Allergy Control: Honest Paws CBD Oils modulate the immune system and reduce itchiness, which is beneficial to pets suffering from environmental allergies and atopic dermatitis. 
  • Cancer Support: Honest Paws CBD Oil has antitumor features and enhances the effects of mainstream cancer treatment. Cancer support is one of the main benefits of CBD to animals

What are the Side Effects of Honest Paws CBD Oil?

The side effects of Honest Paws CBD Oil are listed below. 

  • Lethargy: Reduced energy and increased tendency to sleep occur when starting with Honest Paws CBD Oils. Start with a lower dosage of CBD per pound of body weight to minimize the side effects of CBD to animals
  • Dizziness: Loss of balance and incoordination occur with high Honest Paws CBD Oil doses. 
  • Dry Mouth: Cannabinoids in Honest Paws CBD Oils inhibit saliva production, resulting in dry mouth or xerostomia, which is uncomfortable for pets. 
Honest Paws CBD Oil Side Effects
  • Vomiting: Honest Paws CBD Oil, such as all new food and supplements, triggers vomiting, especially in pets with sensitive stomachs. 
  • Diarrhea: Sudden introduction of Honest Paws CBD Oil results in diarrhea in some pets due to the CBD content or the carrier’s oil presence. 
  • Upset Stomach: Vomiting and diarrhea are signs of a digestive upset and are temporary adverse events of Honest Paws CBD Oils.
  • Altered Liver Enzymes: The cannabinoids in Honest Paws CBD Oils inhibit the production of certain liver enzymes, altering the metabolism of other medications.
  • Increased Tremors: The use of Honest Paws CBD Oils causes increased tremors in some pets and, in sporadic cases 
  • Itchiness: The cannabinoids in Honest Paws CBD Oil increase the sensation of itchiness and make pets scratch in rare cases. 
  • Low Blood Pressure: Honest Paws CBD Oils temporarily lowers the pet’s blood pressure or hypotension if given in higher amounts. 

How Much Honest Paws CBD Oil Can I Give to My Pet?

You can give one full dropper of Honest Paws CBD Oil to your pet daily. The Honest Paws CBD Oils are available in various strengths for simple dosing in cats and dogs of different sizes and body weights.  

Use the small strength, 125 mg of CBD per bottle, for cats and dogs weighing less than 25 pounds. The medium strength, 250 mg of CBD per bottle, contains doses for dogs weighing between 25 and 50 pounds. The large-strength Honest Paws CBD Oils, 500 mg of CBD, contains doses for dogs weighing between 50 and 70 pounds. Use the extra strength, 1000 mg of CBD per bottle for dogs weighing over 75 pounds. 

The starting dosage of CBD is 1 to 5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight for dogs and 1 to 2.5 mg per 10 pounds for cats. The standard dosage is 5 to 10 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight for dogs, and 2.5 to 5 mg per 10 pounds. The strong dosage is 10 to 20 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight for dogs and 5 to 10 mg per 10 pounds for cats.

The simplest way of determining the right CBD amount for a pet is to consult a CBD dosage calculator. The CBD calculator is a practical estimation tool that gives the correct CBD doses based on parameters such as the pet’s body weight and age and the oil’s concentration.  

How Much Does Honest Paws CBD Oil Cost?

Honest Paws CBD Oil costs between $39.95 and $99.95. The price range applies to one-time purchases, but the Honest Paws brand offers a 15% discount on subscriptions, allowing for lower prices ranging from $33.96 to $84.96. 

The pricing of Honest Paws CBD Oils depends on the potency or the amount of cannabinoids in the product. Honest Paws CBD Oil comes in four potencies, including small, medium, large, and extra large strength.  

The small-strength Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs with 125 mg of cannabinoids and Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats cost $39.95 regularly or $33.96 with a subscription. 

The medium-strength Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs with 250 mg of cannabinoids costs $49.95 per bottle regularly or $42.66 with a subscription. 

The large-strength Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs with 500 mg of cannabinoids costs $79.95 per bottle regularly or $67.96 with a subscription. 

The extra-strength Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs 1000 mg of cannabinoids costs $99.95 per bottle regularly or $84.96 with a subscription. 

Purchasers have the option to choose a non-profit organization on checkout, and the Honest Paws brand donates 1% of the purchase price to the nominated organization. 

Where to Buy Honest Paws CBD Oil?

Buy Honest Paws CBD Oil online or from pet stores. The oil is available on the brand’s official website and other online retailers. 

Honest Paws website features a store locator that helps find the nearest store stocking and selling Honest Paws CBD Oils and other products. The locator is searchable by address or zip code and allows setting a desired perimeter in miles.  

Honest Paws CBD Oil is sold in stores located in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Iceland. 

What is the Review About Honest Paws CBD Oil?

Honest Paws CBD Oil is an excellent product trusted by pet parents everywhere. The Honest Paws CBD Oils are of high quality and naturally effective. 

“I’ve been using the Mobility Tincture and Relief Bites for my dog for over a year and I’m very happy with the results. Taking her off the pain meds prescribed by my vet has made her more alert and active and the cbd treatment manages her pain very well. I would definitely recommend Honest Paws cbd for your pet.”

“Great for keeping my dog calm while he recovers from ACL surgery. I like the fact that it’s concentrated as well! The convenient dropper gets all the oil where it needs to go. Great product!”

Honest Paws CBD Oil Reviews

“These drops allow my sweet 18 year old pup some restful sleep. She seems much more comfortable. These drops have no taste, so I put the drops over some peanut butter and she licks it all up! She is a super picky eater and has refused other brands due to awful smell/ taste but these have been great!!”

“Works like a charm! I squirt the oil in my kitty’s mouth, and he seems to like the taste. He’s observably more calm which is great for a high anxiety cat!”

Customers are genuinely happy with Honest Paws CBD products for animals and recommend the brand to other buyers. 

Who Founded Honest Paws CBD Oil?

Honest Paws was founded by Chelsea Hunt Rivera and her brother, Erik Rivera, in 2017. The business idea was born when Chelsea’s dog, Baby Rose, was diagnosed with epilepsy, and Chelsea discovered that CBD supplementation provided relief without causing side effects.  

The Honest Paws co-founders believe that humans and pets share a special bond, and Chelsea and Erik are committed to researching and developing safe and effective pet products. The brand uses the finest ingredients collected from trusted sources and is diligent about complying with the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy when manufacturing its CBD products. 

Is Honest Paws CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Yes, Honest Paws CBD Oil is safe for cats. The brand offers a specific CBD oil made exclusively for cats. The oil is full-spectrum, CO2 extracted, and fit for daily use.

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats enhances bone and joint health, assists the immune system, helps maintain calmness and combat stress, helps with sensitive skin and allergies, and supports cognitive health. The oil contains 125 mg of cannabinoids per bottle and is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes.  

The Honest Paws CBD Oils brand is number one on the list of the best X CBD oils for cats.

Is Honest Paws CBD Oil Good for Dogs with Anxiety?

Yes, Honest Paws CBD Oil is good for dogs with anxiety. Dog CBD reduces anxiety in dogs and supports natural calmness and relaxation. 

CBD for dogs is shown to be beneficial for dogs with situational and habitual anxiety, such as separation anxiety, noise phobias, and car ride-related stress. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils is formulated with organic chamomile as an additional anti-stress ingredient to ensure a more potent calming effect for anxious dogs. 

Honest Paws ranks as number one among the best 7 CBD oils for dog anxiety.

Can Honest Paws CBD Oil Help Relieve Dogs in Pain?

Yes, Honest Paws CBD Oil helps relieve dogs in pain. CBD oil for dogs is excellent at alleviating pain, especially chronic episodes associated with arthritis. 

CBD for dogs with arthritis reduces inflammation, which indirectly helps with pain and reducing the pain itself. 

Honest Paws CBD Oils are safe to combine with mainstream painkillers in dogs with arthritis. The dog CBD oil allows for the use of lower doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as the most popular anti-pain medication in arthritic dogs.  

Honest Paws is the number one supplement among the best 8 CBD oils for dogs with arthritis

Is Honest Paws CBD Oil Extracted Using Standard CO2 Method?

Yes, Honest Paws CBD Oil is extracted using the standard CO2 method. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the benchmark standard across the CBD industry. Honest Paws CBD Oils is committed to the highest quality methods of extraction.

The method uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from hemp and results in a pure dog CBD extract free from common contaminants and residues. 

CBD is extractable from hemp using other methods involving ethanol, such as alcohol solvent extractions. The final product is of lower purity and quality. 

Does Honest Paws have Other Non-CBD Oil Products for Pets?

Yes, Honest Paws has other non-CBD products for pets. Honest Paws brand offers grooming products, such as 5-in-1 Dog Wash, Dry Shampoo for Pets, Wag N’ Brush and Pre + Probiotic Supplement for Dogs and Cats, and Honest Paws CBD Oils. 

The CBD assortment of Honest Paws products includes a special oil made with CBD and salmon oil, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and CBD and a topical CBD balm called Relief Pet Balm. 

Honest Paws offers a line with one of the best CBD dog treats and CBD cat treats, bites and soft chews specifically formulated to help with calmness, wellness, mobility, and pain issues in pets.