Diamond Naturals Dog Food Summary

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Dry Dog Food
  • All Life Stages Dog Chicken & Rice Formula supplies the energy and muscle building blocks your dog needs to stay active and strong.
  • Assured levels of selenium and vitamin E ensure your dog is receiving optimum antioxidant nutrition, and crunchy kibble helps clean teeth and reduce plaque.
  • Balanced Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat

What is Diamond Naturals Dog Food?

Diamond Naturals Dog Food is a product line from Diamond Pet Food, the parent company of Taste of the Wild and Kirkland dog foods.

Diamond Naturals Dog Food incorporates superfoods and whole-food ingredients into dry and wet food formulas to provide complete nutrition derived from natural, holistic sources.

Where is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Made?

Diamond Naturals Dog Food is made in the USA.

The brand has four manufacturing facilities located in Gaston, SC; Lathrop, CA; Ripon, CA; and Meta, MO.

How is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Made?

Diamond Naturals Dog Food sources its ingredients from local and nationwide farmers across the United States. They build long-lasting relationships with these farmers so they can better monitor the quality of the ingredients from start to finish.

Diamond Naturals Dog Food performs thousands of tests each week on their product throughout the manufacturing process to make sure by the time the product hits the shelves, it is as safe and nutritious as possible.

The manufacturing process will likely be a standard cook operation where the ingredients are cooked, ground, then formed into kibble. Still, it is unclear because the specific practices used to make the food are not explained.

Is Diamond Naturals Food Good for Dogs?

Yes, Diamond Naturals Dog Food is good.

The nutrient-dense formulas feature superfoods like blueberries, cranberries, and kale and whole food sources of protein such as chicken and salmon.

No fillers are used in this product line, so you know all the nutrition comes from real, sustainable sources.

Diamond Naturals Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

As a product line, Diamond Naturals Dog Food offers a range of products. Before clicking checkout, please take a look at our in-depth review of some of the line’s best-selling recipes.

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Summary: This dry food is made using chicken as the primary ingredient for a high-quality source of protein. Superfoods are then used to make the kibble a complete nutrition source by providing vitamins and minerals a dog needs to be healthy and happy. It also features probiotics for digestive support and superfoods for immune system-boosting antioxidants.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken & rice formula

Price: $1.35/lb

  • Cage-free chicken is the first ingredient
  • Enriched with superfoods
  • Antioxidants for immune system support
  • Made with probiotics for digestive health
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Ingredient Analysis: Real chicken is the first ingredient followed by a chicken meal. Both of these are good sources of protein, and chicken meal is a good source of minerals as the meal is made of ground bone and organs. Salmon oil, chia seed, and flaxseed are included for omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid content. At the same time, foods like blueberries, pumpkin, and dried chicory root are used for their antioxidants and fiber. A rich vitamin supplement and mineral profile finish this food and make it a complete source of nutrition.

Review: With over 5,000 reviews, this is a very highly rated product. Over 90% rate this product 4 or 5 stars giving reasons like the food is “healthy, affordable, and safe” and their dogs do not have digestive issues while on this food. Negative reviews tell stories about their dogs having diarrhea or gaining weight quickly on this food.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy

Summary: This dry food is made for large breed puppies using whole foods as the primary source of nutrition, so your puppy is receiving its nutrients from real foods rather than synthetic fillers. The ingredients are sustainably sourced and humanely raised from limited suppliers, so the food is as nutrient-dense as possible for growing puppies.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Puppies

Flavor Options: Lamb; Chicken; Puppy Lamb

Price: $1.20/lb

  • Pasture-raised lamb is the first ingredient
  • Probiotic microorganisms for gut health
  • Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains DHA for brain and eye development
  • Antioxidant formulation for immune system health
  • Contains meat meals

Ingredient Analysis: Real lamb is used as the first ingredient to provide high-quality protein for growing dogs. Whole grain brown rice, pearled barley, and grain sorghum are added for complex carbs, while chicken fat is included for optimal animal fat content. Lactobacillus probiotics, flaxseed, and kale offer digestive support, while a rich vitamin and mineral supplement profile make this a complete and balanced nutrition source.

Review: Most of the over 9,000 reviews on Amazon and Chewy rate this product highly. The most common reason is simply that their dogs enjoy the food and the food seems to agree with them and not irritate their digestive system. Critical reviews pointed out an inconsistency in quality when ordering it online, with one reviewer telling a story about their vet testing the food and discovering the food was, in fact, counterfeit and not from Diamond Pet Food.

Diamond Naturals Senior Natural Dry Dog Food

Summary: This dry dog food is made for senior dogs using a proprietary blend of probiotics and superfoods for digestive and immune support. The easy-to-digest formula is ideal for older dogs whose bodies may need more bioavailable nutrition, and it is available in 6, 18, and 35-pound bags rather than 40-pound bags like the rest of the Naturals lineup.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Senior dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken

Price: $1.11/lb

  • Real chicken is the first ingredient
  • Includes probiotics for digestive support
  • Optimal crude protein and crude fat levels
  • Healthy source of vitamins & minerals
  • Affordable price tag
  • Contains unspecified natural flavor

Ingredient Analysis: Real chicken is the first ingredient, a great source of protein. Ground white rice is paired with whole grain brown rice for carb sources that are easy to digest, while chicken fat preserved with tocopherols and dried beet pulp are used for fat and fiber. Taurine, papaya, and potassium chloride are then added for amino acids and dietary fiber. Overall, though, this is a great ingredient list.

Review: Over 90% of the 2,900+ reviews on Amazon give this product 4 and 5-star reviews noting things like its affordability, quality, and their dog’s satisfaction as reasons for the high ratings. For the most part, one and two-star reviews were the same, claiming their dog became sick after eating. It is important to note, however, that the majority of reviews on Amazon are several years old, and things may have changed since.

Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Summary: This grain-free dry dog food is made for dogs at all life stages. The grain-free formula is good for dogs with food sensitivities and provides all of the necessary nutrients a dog needs to be active and healthy without using rice, wheat, or corn.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Dogs at all life stages

Flavor Options: Chicken & Sweet Potato; Beef & Sweet Potato; Whitefish & Sweet Potato

Price: $1.63/lb

  • Pasture-raised beef is the first ingredient
  • Includes probiotics for digestive support
  • Very high in dietary fiber
  • Superfoods for high nutritional value
  • Dry kibble cleans teeth as they chew
  • Slightly higher in calories

Ingredient Analysis: This recipe’s first ingredient is real beef, lamb, and chicken. All of these are excellent sources of protein, with lamb and beef being great sources of minerals. Sweet potatoes, peas, and lentils are added for their carbohydrate and fiber content, while DL-methionine is added for bladder health. Salmon oil is an excellent source of DHA, and it is all rounded out with a rich profile of vitamin and mineral supplements to provide complete nutrition.

Review: The vast majority of consumers give this product a 4 or 5-star rating noting their dogs seem to love the food, and it helps with the digestive issues they had with grain products. Some dog owners even mentioned it helped their dog’s itching and dry skin, but those who were critical of the product were less impressed. The most common complaint was a lack of quality control, while a few noted the kibble was too hard for their dogs to chew.

Diamond Naturals Adult Dogs and Puppies Canned Food

Summary: This wet food is formulated for puppies and adult dogs with highly digestible ingredients and a texture that allows you to see the vegetables in the recipe. All of the nutrients in this food come from natural and holistic sources without using corn or wheat fillers. It is sold in a pack of twelve 13-ounce cans.

Type: Wet dog food

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Chicken; Lamb

Price: $3.33/ounce

  • Includes probiotics for digestive support
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • No corn or wheat fillers
  • Delicious and easy-to-chew pate form
  • High moisture content hydrates while eating
  • Relatively low in crude fiber

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver are the first three ingredients making this a food rich in animal sources of nutrition. Carrots, dried egg product, and flaxseed oil help add vitamins and omega fatty acids while being supplemented with vitamin E, choline chloride, and folic acid to provide a more balanced nutritional profile.

Review: The majority of consumers who rated this product gave it 4 or 5 stars. They said their picky eaters enjoyed eating the food, their health improved, and after eating this food for a period of time, they can no longer stomach junk food. They took this as a sign that the food is healthy for their canines, but critical reviewers were disappointed to have received damaged cans or products that seemed expired.

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Dog Food

Summary: Made to be easy to eat and digest for small breed dogs, this food uses real meat as the first ingredient and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals to provide small dogs with everything they need to be healthy. It comes in a puppy formula that is easier for small breed puppies to enjoy and digest while still providing them with all of the nutrients they need to grow into healthy and active dogs.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Small breed dogs

Flavor Options: Lamb & Rice; Chicken & Rice; Puppy Chicken & Rice

Price: $1.67/lb

  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Small kibble size
  • Includes probiotics for digestive support
  • Rich in omega fatty acids
  • Available in a puppy formula
  • Often out of stock

Ingredient Analysis: Pasture-raised lamb or chicken is used as the primary ingredient ensuring this is a food made with high-quality protein. Dried beet pulp, blueberries, and pumpkin help to provide antioxidants and fiber for immune and digestive system support, while probiotics help make the gut biome more diverse. It is finally supplemented with vitamins and minerals to be balanced and provide small dogs with the nutrition they need.

Review: Over 90% of reviewers give this food a 4 or 5-star rating, with one reviewer even stating it is the “holy grail of dog food.” They were pleased with the value and claimed it was perfect for their puppy and small breed adult dogs as it didn’t upset their stomach, and they seemed to enjoy eating the food. Although 1 and 2-star reviews only make up 3% of total reviews, they all essentially said the same thing: do not buy on Amazon. The common theme among Amazon reviews is that the vendor is unreliable, and they suspect selling counterfeit food on the site.

Diamond Skin & Coat Recipe Dry Dog Food

Summary: This dry food is formulated for adult dogs with skin sensitivities using ingredients that are not known to cause irritations. It’s made with highly digestible ingredients, so the nutrients are easily extracted and include probiotics for digestive tract health. It is made without the use of corn or wheat fillers or artificial preservatives or colors and is available in two sizes and one flavor on Amazon.

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Salmon and Potato

Price: $1.83/lb

  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Includes probiotics for digestive wellness
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin & coat health
  • Rich in antioxidants for immune system support
  • No corn, wheat, fillers & artificial preservatives
  • Only one flavor available on Amazon

Ingredient Analysis: Real salmon is the first ingredient making this food rich in high-quality protein and fatty acids. It is fortified with choline chloride, taurine, and minerals such as manganese sulfate and zinc proteinate. Vitamin supplements are included to round out this formula to make it a complete source of nutrition.

Review: Over 90% of the 9,800+ reviews give this product a 4 or 5-star rating. Many of the reviewers state they wish they had found this food years ago and that their dogs do well while on this food, even clearing up some skin issues in some reports. Critical reviews are a little sporadic in their reasoning. The reasons they give for negative reviews range from receiving moldy food to the food giving the dogs diarrhea and from the smell of the food being off-putting to the food causing skin issues.

What Dog Food Formulas does Diamond Naturals Make?

Diamond Naturals Dog Food offers several recipes. Here are the different formulas within the line:

Has Diamond Naturals Dog Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Diamond Naturals Dog Food has been recalled. The recall was in 2012 due to Salmonella contamination in the brand’s lamb meal and rice recipe.

Is Diamond Naturals Dog Food Worth it?

Yes, Diamond Naturals Dog Food is worth it.

Diamond Naturals sources its ingredients from US-based farmers and makes its products in the United States.

Beyond that, they make this product line with natural and holistic ingredients free of fillers and artificial preservatives that provide high-quality ingredients and nutrition for dogs at any life stage, and it all comes at an affordable mid-tier price.