Ellevet Sciences is a research and science-focused CBD brand that provides health and wellness proprietary CBD and CBDA products to dogs and cats. 

At onevet.ai, we liked that they offer a good selection of CBD products that allows pet owners to gain some control over their pet’s well-being. 

  • Ellevet is a CBD-focused pet company that delivers new CBD products
  • Ellevet products are made and manufactured at the Ellevet Sciences headquarters
  • Their pet products are good for pet owners looking for something to help alleviate their pet’s struggles
  • Ellevet sells products for dogs and cats
ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Chews
  • Chews are peanut butter flavored and contain our proprietary oil formulation, as well as added glucosamine.
  • Dogs love them and they are highly effective for joint discomfort, itching, stress, senior dog issues and cognitive issues.
  • Each large dog soft chew contains 19.2mg of cannabinoids and each small dog soft chew contains 12.8mg of cannabinoids.

Ellevet: What is It?

Ellevet is a CBD-focused pet company that delivers new products proven to work in clinical trials. These CBD and CBDA products are designed for small dogs, cats, and breeds of any size. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the co-founders started the ElleVet Project to reach neglected portions of the street pet population with free veterinary care. They have programs operating in different places in Los Angeles, California. Ellevet uses foundational research to create a unique product for pet owners with the input of biochemists, physicians, CBD experts, and hemp oil growers. They sell a variety of products that are the result of over 30 R&D projects with original discoveries.

Who Owns Ellevet?

Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer are the co-founders and owners of Ellevet. They also control the ElleVet-only CBD and CBDA proprietary products. The company is privately owned. Their advisory board consists of many qualified vets and doctors, including Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, who owns and practices in multiple New York clinics of veterinary medicine. Dr. Joesph Wakshlag, a professor at Cornell University, was responsible for the first-ever clinical trial using dogs and ElleVet CBD.

Where are Products of Ellevet Made?

Ellevet products are all made and manufactured in-house at the Ellvet Sciences headquarters. The company has a headquarters in South Portland, Maine.

Dog receiving CBD oil

Ellevet: What do they Sell?

Ellevet sells a few different products, including:

Ellevet: Dog Products

The Ellevet products between dogs and cats will sometimes differ. The categories of Ellevet’s CBD for dogs products that are available are listed below:

Ellevet: Dog Treats

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Treats are an excellent way to get your dog excited about taking its medicine. Some of the dog treat offerings are mentioned below:

  • CBD Chews for Dogs: These chews are a trending pick with their customers. These chews are peanut butter flavored, which makes them loved by dogs. They contain a proprietary oil formulation with glucosamine that helps with stress, joint pain, neuro support, itching and senior dog overall wellness. Each bag contains 62 soft chews with 19.2mg cannabinoids for large dogs and 12.8mg cannabinoids for small dogs. They also offer trial sizes.
  • Calm and Comfort Chews for Dogs: These chews look like bones with 46 mg CBD + CBDA and offer a maximum strength solution for acute stressful situations. They help dogs remain calm and relaxed during thunderstorms, car trips, separation, and vet visits for 1.5 to 2 hours,best results observed when given to dogs about 1.5 hours before the trigger event.

Ellevet: Dog Supplements

Here are some Ellevet dog supplement products listed below: 

  • CBD Oil for Dogs: A hemp oil extract that can be put in a dog’s food or injected directly into a dog’s mouth with a syringe for precise dosing. This hemp oil comes in three sizes and has been tested in clinical trials. Each size oil has 70 mg/ml CBD + CBDA and it helps reduce joint discomfort, stress, cognitive issues and skin irritation.
  • CBD Soft Gels for Dogs: Ellevet soft gels are odorless and tasteless pills filled with our proprietary CBD + CBDA oil formulation that are easy to sneak into your dog’s meal. They offer benefits to dogs suffering from anxiety, stress, and nervousness. These softgels are recommended to dogs with sensitive stomachs. They come in three sizes with 3.8mg to 37 mg of cannabinoids.

Ellevet: Cat Products

Ellevet offers some cat products, but their cat offering is somewhat smaller than their dog offering. The Cat products Ellevet sells include the following:

Ellevet: Cat Treats

The cat treats that Ellevet offers is mentioned below:

  • CBD Feline Paste: This paste has a chicken liver flavor that cats find irresistible. In addition to being a treat, it has also been shown to help with decreasing stress levels and joint discomfort asa well as an excellent neuro support in your cat as the only feline CBD + CBDA product that has been proven safe in a long-term safety study It comes in an easy dial-a-dose syringe containing 10mg of cannabinoids.

Ellevet: Cat Supplements

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Cat supplements are easy to get your cat feeling healthy and well again. They are generally just applied to food for the cat to get the benefits. The cat supplements that Ellevet sells is discussed in more detail below: 

  • CBD Oil for Cats: This oil is the result of long-term safety clinical studies that produced a formula with a higher dosage than the dog formula. The product includes capsules to hide the oil in treats or food. Some cats are put off by the smell of the oil, making the capsule necessary for use. This feline oil has 70 mg/ml CBD + CBDA with cat-specific dosing as a result of their metabolic testing.

Is Ellevet a Good Brand?

Yes, Ellevet is a good brand. They offer a nice selection of CBD products that allows pet owners to get some control over their pet’s well-being, which is challenging to come by. They use clinically tested products that have been proven to be effective in the lab. This ensures that each product you buy is formulated with a research-based approach.

Where can I Buy Products from Ellevet?

You can buy Ellevet products from their official website at www.ellevetsciences.com. Ellevet also owns a line of products called Ellepet, which are made to be sold in pet retailers. You can also find the Ellepet line of products on Amazon. These products are similar to the regular versions of Ellevet products that you can find on the official website.

Do Vets Recommend Ellevet Products?

Yes, some vets recommend Ellevet products. However, it is, unfortunately, currently against the law for a vet to prescribe a CBD product. In the vet industry, CBD products are still controversial because some vets do not find the research conclusive yet. While some vets will recommend hemp oil products for pets, there are some who will not make those products their first choice. CBD products are sometimes an overlooked treatment option by vets. Another issue that holds up vet recommendations is that CBD products as a whole have not been approved by the FDA for widespread use yet. This means that some vets aren’t even allowed to recommend them as treatment options in some areas. Still, many vets see the potential in cannabis and hemp oil products like Ellevet, and in some places, there are exceptions that allow some types of CBD products to be recommended. For example, in California, a law allows vets to discuss CBD products with patients but not go so far as prescribing them.

Ellevet: Why not Give Them a Try?

Ellevet pet products are an excellent choice for any pet owner who has pets that struggle with anxiety and joint pain. They have clinical trial data and research evidence behind their effectiveness and could make a difference in your pet’s life. If you have tried everything to treat an unhappy or depressed pet, then Ellevet products might just be what you need. If your dog or cat is struggling with mobility or crippling anxiety during routine life events, you should look into trying these CBD products.

“Ellevet presents a massive scientific evidence of the efficacy of their health and wellness proprietary CBD and CBDA products to dogs and cats. However, just like any medicine under exploration, there are risks and benefits. Having a solid scientific back-up is a big deal. Nonetheless, anecdotal reference and testimonials also make sense especially in desperate situations.  When it comes to dealing with severe and/or chronic clinical conditions especially with poor or grave prognosis, the mixture of western and eastern medicine has many advantages. To maximize the healing power of substances in medicinal plants such as CBD, correct dosage and regulation is the key. As discussed by their Ellevet experts, their CBD and CBDA products can also be given to cats and dogs taking prescription medications. However, with the individual differences observed in clinical trials, it is always best to discuss the option to use alternative medicine with your veterinarian.” – Athena Gaffud, DVM