We looked at Boxdog subscription boxes and found that they are a good value for pet owners. They are similar to the Barkbox brand, which offers a similar service. Not only are Boxdog’s handmade dog treats delicious and healthy—they also offer a host of unique products, which include:

  • Skincare Items
  • Toys
  • Giant Boxes
  • Wearable Pet Clothes
Boxdog Subscription Box
  • Enjoy handmade treats and high-quality products in every box
  • Each BoxDog treat is baked, rolled, sprinkled, and frosted by hand
  • A vegan skincare or gear item is featured in every box
  • We have original toys and gear to choose from in every box

Boxdog: What is It?

Boxdog is a subscription service where you buy a monthly box for dogs or cats. This monthly subscription comprises a box full of gadgets, gear, toys, and handmade dog treats. During your monthly subscription, they will deliver 6-8 premium dog products per box that are 100% handmade.

You can sign up for either a quarterly or monthly subscription and choose what you will be getting in each box. One time you get an assembly kit for making some handmade cookies, and another time you might get a high-quality microfiber toy or gear item. Each quarterly box contains three bags of handmade treats, and each monthly box contains two bags.

Who Owns Boxdog?

Boxdog is a privately owned company that does not disclose its ownership.

Where are Boxdog Products Made?

Boxdog products are made in US-based kitchens by Boxdog chefs. These products are sourced from domestic and foreign sources. They have headquarters in Florida. Boxdog products are also made from natural ingredients and are grain-free. They use cruelty-free methods to manufacture and test their products.

Boxdog: What do they Sell?

There are many things you can find at Boxdog. Not only do they sell things for dogs, but they also have a separate Boxcat section for felines. Some of the things they offer include the following:

Boxdog: Dog Products

Boxdog cookie box

While Boxdog offers products for both dogs and cats, its primary focus is on dogs. For this reason, they have a few extra products available for dogs, including:

Boxdog: Dog Toys

A dog toy is an excellent way to promote healthy habits in your dog. These habits can be built through tough chewer toys that work with any dog size. These pet supplies for dogs will improve your dog’s quality of life and wellness. Some of the options available for choosing are listed below:

  • Durable Toys: Tuffy Spider, Large Football, Watermelon, Indestructible Rubber Carrot, Tuffy Penguin, Light-up Rubber Ball
  • Pull Toys: Microfiber Bull, Monster Rabbit, Monster Pull Toy, Lil Hydra Monster, Giant Trex Dinosaur, Love Monkey, Rubber Pull Toy

Boxdog: Dog Treats

Each of Boxdog’s treats is 100% handmade and is rolled and frosted by hand. Boxdog chefs take great care to ensure the end product is artisanal and unique. Some of the dog treats available include:

  • Cookie Boxes: Birthday Boy Frosted, Birthday Girl Frosted, Gourmet Cookies, Love My Dog, Christmas Cookie Gift Box
  • Donuts: These are called the Bite Me Frosted Donuts. They are made with flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, and yogurt frosting. Honey has been found to yield medicinal effects on dogs.
  • Paparillos: A cigar-shaped treat that contains six different long cookies.

Boxdog: Cat Products

Boxdog cat hammock

One advantage of Boxdog over competitors is that it offers cat products as well. The list of available cat product categories are listed below:

Boxdog: Cat Toys

Cats are at their most lively when they are in play with a fun, interactive toy. Some of the toy options you may choose to receive include:

  • Green Cat House: A house that crinkles when your cat is inside it and makes for a fun hiding place.
  • Own Monster Foraging Mat: A place for your cat to hide treats for your cat to find.
  • Leashes: These leash toys are handmade ropes that are 4.5 feet long. They are perfect for energizing lively cats.
  • Cat Hammock: This fun hammock can be hung anywhere to give your cat a place to play or lounge around.
  • Monster Sisal Scratcher: A themed mat shaped like a scary monster that contains a scratching surface for your cat to relieve stress and excess energy.
  • Cardboard Scratcher: An irresistible scratching surface for cats that might save you some furniture problems.
  • Laser Toy: A small wand that projects a laser that is adorned with a tassel.
  • Catnip Toys: These toys contain a catnip mixture that is irresistible to cats.

Boxdog: Cat Treats

While they don’t offer as many treats for cats, there are still a few options you will have to choose from: These options include:

  • Cat Birthday Cake: A made-to-order cake that you freeze until your cat’s birthday party. It comes in black cat and white cat colors. You can also choose whether the birthday cake cat is holding a mouse or not.
  • Chews: These delicious baked and slow-rolled chews are high in protein. They come in a few different flavors, one of which includes Surf ‘N Turf.

Is Boxdog a Good Brand?

Yes, Boxdog is a good brand for a pet owner who wants to add some more excitement to their pet’s life. By getting a box coming to you every month, you will always be thinking about your pet and looking forward to spending time together. Boxdog is a good brand because it includes high-quality handmade treats paired with fun toys.

Where can I Buy Products from Boxdog?

Owner hugging husky

You can buy Boxdog products from a few places. They have an official website at boxdog.com. Here, they offer coupons that you can use at checkout, as well as a choice of subscription boxes. They usually have a deal running on your first box, which makes it cost less. They ship to anywhere in the continental US. On their Amazon page, you will find some of their products sold separately from the subscription boxes.

Do Vets Recommend Boxdog Products?

Yes, vets recommend Boxdog products. Vets will often recommend the kinds of toys that Boxdog puts in their boxes because they keep your pet active and help them control their weight. A happy pet is also less likely to suffer from anxiety issues and will have better overall health.

Boxdog : Why not Give Them a Try?

If you like the fun of opening a surprise box, why not give Boxdog a try? You can share the experience of opening gifts with your pets for any occasion. Boxdog is a good product for pet birthdays, and you will be sure you are getting a quality product that your pet will enjoy. Another great thing about Boxdog is that they also offer cat products, so you don’t have to spoil your dogs at the expense of your cats.