Purina Cat Food Summary

What is Purina Cat Food?

Purina is a premium pet food brand that prioritizes your cat’s needs and nutritional requirements and specializes in high-quality pet nutrition. Becuase of its innovative and professional concept, it is called the “pet care leader.”

The beginnings of Purina date back to 1894 when three American entrepreneurs began a business of feeding farm animals. This business was named Purina in 1902, and its legacy is still alive as they provide sustainably sourced and mindfully prepared daily meals and cat treats worldwide.

Where is Purina Cat Food Made?

98% of Purina’s cat food is made in the United States. Purina has 21 factories all across the United States, with the newest facility being recently opened at Fairburn, Georgia, 130 miles southwest of Hartwell.

How is Purina Cat Food Made?

Purina cat foods are widely popular for their one-of-a-kind quality ingredients sourced worldwide, such as fish for the cat treats, sourced from Thailand, and venison and lamb for their select recipes are sourced from New Zealand and Australia for the best quality.

Wheat and corn used in their products are curated straight from the “breadbasket” of the United States – the Midwest. Their ingredients are generally sourced from USDA-approved facilities in the United States and are thoroughly checked for quality.

You can head over to their site, which is a “pet food traceability map,” and find out where exactly each of their ingredients has been sourced from.

Is Purina Cat Food Good for Cats?

Yes, Purina Cat Food is good. Purina is loved by cats worldwide, mostly for its taste and variety of recipes and treats. However, there have been many reports of artificial ingredients in the products and unhealthy animal fats that lower the quality and the nutritional gain from these foods.

Purina Cat Food Formulas Reviewed

Purina has a wide range of cat food formulas: dry cat food, wet cat food, cat treats, and more. We have reviewed a select number of their most popular recipes for you here:

Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Adult Cat Food

Summary: A kibble formula made with chicken and rice. Chicken is the primary protein source for this formula, with shredded pieces throughout for crunch and texture. This formula also has chicory root, a natural prebiotic fiber that improves gut health and live probiotics to enhance digestion and boost immunity in the long term.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Cats of all life stages 

Price: $4/pound

  • Delicious chicken & rice formula
  • High-protein recipe
  • Chicory root for gut health
  • With live probiotics 
  • Supports the immune system
  • Contains allergens and preservatives

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Chicken, rice, vitamin A supplement, omega-6 fatty acids, taurine, biotin
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Corn gluten, wheat flour, added flavors, beef fat

Review: 5,333 global ratings have given this product an average of 4.8/5 stars. Customers claim that this is an effective nutritious meal, even for picky eaters.

Purina Cat Chow Dry Cat Food

Summary: A dry kibble formula with wholesome farm-raised chicken, healthy carbs, and omega 6- fatty acids. This Purina cat chow naturals formula especially targets cats’ skin and coat health while providing them with ample protein for their nutritional requirements. This Purina Cat Chow Complete formula is boosted with 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Cats of all life stages 

Price: $1.5/pound

  • With farm-raised chicken 
  • Contains healthy carbohydrates
  • Rich in omega fatty acids 
  • Has 25 vitamins and minerals
  • Tasty and crunchy kibble
  • Contains added animal fat and flavors

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: vitamin E supplement, chicken, folic acid
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Liver flavor, phosphoric acid, beef fat

Review: 2,780 customers have rated this cat chow indoor food a 4.8/5 on average. Customers claim that their cats love the kitten chow flavor, which is a value for money product.

Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food

Summary: One indoor dry cat food that helps with overall immunity support in cats. Comes in a chicken flavor and is veterinarian recommended. This formula is specially made with a low pH level and low magnesium content to often help cats who suffer from urinary tract infections. An antioxidant blend boosts their immunity in the long run and helps keep infections at bay.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: ACats of all life stages 

Price: $2.4/pound

  • High-protein, vet-recommended recipe
  • Supports urinary tract health 
  • Antioxidant-rich for immunity boost 
  • Promotes high energy levels
  • Enhances skin & coat quality
  • Contains added animal fat and flavors

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Chicken, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium supplements
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: animal digest, animal fat

Review: 12,129 global ratings have given this product an average of 4.6/5. Customers claim that it is one of the most commonly prescribed foods for improved tract health recommended by their veterinarians, and it is effective.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Natural Dry Cat Food

Summary: A balanced meal for healthy weight management for your cat. Each serving consists of 38% protein content derived from real, farm-raised turkey. This kitten formula is boosted with an antioxidant blend that improves immunity while promoting a healthy weight and improving the coat’s shine and quality.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $2.4/pound

  • With real turkey as the first ingredients
  • Balanced meal with high protein levels 
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight 
  • Reduces the formation of hairballs
  • Antioxidant blend for immunity support
  • Contains added animal fat and flavors

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Vitamins, taurine, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, selenium
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Beef fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, added flavor

Review: 16,594 customers have rated this 4.8/5 stars on an average. Customers claim that it is great for cats with sensitive stomachs and weight control.

Purina ONE Ideal Weight Dry Cat Food

Summary: A balanced meal for maintaining the healthy weight of your healthy kitten. With 42% protein per serving, this protein-rich formula is derived from high-quality turkey. This recipe is specially formulated for stronger muscles and the heart. Elements like L-carnitine help burn extra fat and maintain the optimum metabolism of your cat.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Cats of all life stages 

Price: $2.2/pound

  • Real turkey as main ingredient
  • Helps with weight maintenance
  • 100% nutrition and 0% fillers 
  • Boosts the cat's metabolism
  • Free from by-product meals
  • Contains artificial flavors

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Turkey, zinc, vitamin supplements, taurine, folic acid. L-Carnitine
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Beef fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, added flavor

Review: 2,724 customers worldwide have tried and tested this product and love its nutritional value. Highly recommended for the weight management of your cat.

What Cat Food Formulas does Purina Make?

Purina cat food has several food categories classified by food type (dry/wet), grain friendly or grain-free options, and special blends with health benefits.

Here are the major cat food formulas by Purina:

  • Purina Dry Cat Food: a variety of dry, crunchy Kibble, available in multiple flavors and protein options like salmon, turkey, real chicken, and more.
  • Purina Wet Cat Food: a variety of gravy-based meals made with beef, tuna, rice, carrots, and more.
  • Purina Natural Cat Food: a selection of their dry and wet food formulas specially prepared with naturally sourced ingredients such as tuna, real salmon, and turkey.
  • Purina Grain-Free Cat Food: grain-free cat food with high protein and low carbohydrate contents, available in wet and dry formulations.
  • Purina Pro Plan Cat Food: a special cat food category that tackles specific health issues like urinary tract infections, gut health, optimum metabolism, sensitive skin, hairball control, and healthy weight. Comes in both wet and dry food types.
  • Purina ONE Cat Food: these food formulas come with a diet plan of 28 days, within which your cat is guaranteed to have improved health. Available in both dry and wet formulas
  • Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food: savory flavors for picky eaters. A selection of fancy gourmet food for a delicious meal that keeps your cat happy and healthy.
  • Purina Friskies Cat Food: tasty cats food recipes made with high-quality ingredients available at an affordable price for cat owners on a budget.
Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Adult Cat Food
  • High protein formula with real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Fortified with live probiotics to support digestive and immune health
  • Used to be known as SAVOR Chicken and Rice Formula

Has Purina Cat Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Purina Cat Food has quite a history of recalls.

The latest recall was in July 2021. Cans of the Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée in Sauce Wet Cat Food were recalled due to the presence of plastic pieces.

Prior to this, in March 2019, Purina’s Muse Natural Chicken Recipe in Gravy was recalled for having rubber pieces in the food.

Earlier in the summer of 2013, Purina themselves recalled a batch of their Purina ONE dog food for salmonella contamination.

In 2011, Purina was recalled twice due to Salmonella contamination in their products.

Is Purina Cat Food Worth it?

Yes, Purina cat food is worth it.

Most of the products are value for money and delicious, which your cat will surely enjoy. However, as the parent, it is your responsibility to choose the right formula for your cat’s needs and ensure it is free from harmful additives and does not have too many animal fats. We recommend thoroughly going through the ingredient list before your purchase.

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