Many dog owners struggle with how much their furry friends bark. It’s a big issue, especially for those who live in apartment complexes. Thankfully, there’s a solution to help you train Fido not to bark excessively. The MODUS anti-barking devices have been around for a couple of years. So far, they’ve helped thousands of dog owners find a healthy balance with their four-legged pals. It could be a good product for you to try out.

The Top MODUS Products of 2019

For many dog lovers, MODUS products are a solution to their problems. Not everyone is comfortable with using a controversial dog bark collar on their furry friend. But these training devices are humane, safe, and recommended by behavioral experts. If you use them correctly, training Fido not to bark for no reason will be much easier and pleasant for both of you.

Today, we’re showing you our three favorite MODUS technology devices. They all work in similar ways. It’s a matter of you choosing the one that gives you the support you need. And remember you should never use one of these collars without expert help!

Gold MODUS Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Device

We love the Gold MODUS Ultrasonic Device. It’s stylish but most importantly super effective. When you press the button, a green light will turn on. At the same time, it’ll emit a high-pitched sound only dogs can hear. It’ll stop Fido from doing whatever bad thing they’re doing.

This device is incredibly easy to use. Since it only has one button, you won’t have to fumble with it. It helps train even the most stubborn pups. Keep an eye out for a special offer, as this device is often on sale for a great price.

Futuristic MODUS No-Bark Device

Another great product is the Futuristic MODUS Bark Deterrent Device. Above all, it’s very user-friendly. It fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a wrist strap. To use it, simply press the button when Fido does something they shouldn’t. It’ll send an ultrasonic message to your pup telling them to stop.

You can use this handheld device pretty much anywhere. It has a range of 16.3 feet. Plus, you can use it outdoors as well as indoors. It already comes with four AAA batteries, which you can replace when they’re worn out.

Premium Anti-Barking MODUS Training Device

This is a little different from the types of devices we’ve just reviewed. The MODUS Adjustable Anti-Barking Remoteis more advanced and customizable. On the back of the handheld device, you’ll find a knob. By rotating it, you can regulate the ultrasonic sound that’s emitted. For small breeds, you should keep it on the “low” setting. Larger breeds can handle the “high” setting quite well.

On top of all that, you can use this device outdoors and indoors. It has a reach of 50 feet, so you could even use it when you take Fido to a dog park. Be consistent and your persistence will pay off!

What Is an Ultrasonic Dog Barking Device?

Ultrasonic dog barking devices are training devices. As a general rule, they fit in the palm of your hand and are easy to use. They’ve been on the market for years and have thousands of sales to back them.

We recommend only dog owners with significant experience in training pups use this device. They’re incredibly useful, but only if you know how to use them correctly!

How Does This Bark Deterrent Work?

The MODUS device works by emitting an ultrasonic sound. Dogs can hear this high-pitched sound, although humans can’t. That’s because dogs have better hearing than we do. Our canine friends don’t particularly like this noise. It grabs their attention and takes their mind off of what they’re doing right then.

We particularly like this brand because of its unique design. Their handheld devices are small and user-friendly. Plus, many of them offer different functions to regulate the sound that’s emitted.

How to Use a Modus Anti-Barking Device?

Despite all the sales, getting a MODUS anti-barking device should never be a spontaneous decision. Training your dog using these products involves knowing what to do next. You can’t just press a button and expect Fido to know what you mean by it. There’s a whole teaching process involved.

Only use ultrasonic anti-barking devices when your pup is behaving badly. If they’re digging through the trash, destroying your garden, or chewing furniture, go ahead. When you have their attention, firmly tell them “no”. Eventually, they’ll make the connection between the bad behavior, the ultrasonic sound, and your disapproving tone. When you get the hang of it, it proves to be a really good investment.

Never Use It Without a Professional’s Guidance!

As we’ve mentioned, a newby dog owner shouldn’t jump the gun and get this device. They can be easy to misuse and abuse. You need some experience with dog behavior to use it correctly and effectively.

If your dog is a real rebel, we suggest starting with positive reinforcement. Keep in mind that disciplining a dog should never involve punishments. Another thing to try is dog clicker training. If all else fails and you can afford it, there’s no going wrong with a professional dog trainer! They’re experts for a reason.

How NOT to Use a Bark Collar or Bark Device

Misusing and abusing bark collars and bark devices is a big no-no. It’ll do more harm than good. For starters, bark collars usually work using electric shocks. You can probably see why using it too often can hurt your pup in the long run, right?

On the other hand, using a bark device incorrectly will confuse your dog. Not every doggo understands what their owners mean when they emit that high-pitched sound. When you emit the sound when you’re not supposed to, you’ll send the wrong message to Fido. Your furry partner won’t learn anything, and may even “unlearn” good behaviors! Not to mention, it can cause some serious anxiety in your pup.

Positive Reinforcement Is the Best Way to Go!

There’s no better way to train your dog than using positive reinforcement. In a nutshell, you should reward your doggo when they do a good thing. Did they sit and stay still when you asked them to? Throw your pup a yummy treat as a reward! This style of training is the most effective and is fun for everyone.

Common Questions on Modus Collars

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