The brainchild of TV vet Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, Denver’s Planned Pethood is known around the country for its low-cost spay-neuter mobile vans, its training programs for vets, and its state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Learn all about Dr. Jeff’s amazing vision here.

What is Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood Plus?

Not to be confused with Planned Parenthood, Planned Pethood is a Denver veterinary clinic with a difference. Established in 1990 by Dr. Jeff Young, better known as Animal Planet’s Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, this clinic has lofty aims: “To significantly reduce pet overpopulation and suffering of companion animals by offering affordable common sense veterinary medicine to everyone.”

All The Way From Animal Planet Shows: Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet aka Jeff Young

During his veterinary training, Dr. Young worked as an animal control officer, during which time he witnessed terrible animal cruelty, including a man beating a dog with a baseball bat.

These harrowing experiences as a dog warden inspired Dr. Young to work to improve animal welfare around the world by focusing on low-cost spay-neuter operations to reduce animal overpopulation. He has also served on numerous Humane Society boards.

Nowadays, Planned Pethood has gone from strength to strength. In addition to the Denver clinic, which offers a full range of affordable veterinary services, they also have low-cost spay and neuter clinics throughout the United States, veterinary training, a rescue boutique called Planet Pet that stocks high-quality food and supplies in addition to adoptable dogs and cats, and a non-profit organization called Planned Pethood International that works to end animal suffering abroad.

Dr Jeff Vet Services Offered in the Clinics

Planned Pethood offers a full range of services for cats and dogs, including vaccinations, preventative parasite medications, lab testing (both in-house and externally), most common surgical procedures, and dental services. For a full list of the services that Planned Pethood offers, including prices, check out their website.

Emergency Veterinarian or Not?

Planned Pethood Plus hosts Denver Pet Urgent Care (DPUC), an after-hours veterinary practice that provides general, urgent and emergency veterinary care. Contact DPUC on (303) 433-3291 to learn more about their emergency care.

What Does it Mean to be an AAHA Veterinary Hospital?

The American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA, is a body that works to sets high standards for veterinary clinics and acts as a mark of high quality. Check the AAHA website to find an AAHA-accredited, full-service veterinary hospital near you.

Can an AHAA Vet Benefit You?

Although veterinary surgeries are not required to be accredited by the AAHA, choosing an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice guarantees that you will get the highest standards for you and your pet.

Does Planned Pethood Have an Online Pet Pharmacy?

Planned Pethood does not have an online pet pharmacy.

Pet Insurance: Here’s What Vets Have to Say!

Even at a low-cost clinic like Planned Pethood that is focused on affordable animal care, veterinary bills can be crippling, especially when they come out of the blue.

Pet insurance can be a way to afford large medical bills: most policies involve a monthly payment but will cover veterinary bills when needed.

When shopping for pet insurance, make sure to read the fine print to ensure that your pet is covered, that your monthly payments are affordable, and that the premium payable by you is not too high. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian for advice on the best pet insurance policies.

4 Vet Facts You Need to Know!

  1. It is thought that the word veterinarian comes from the Latin word veterinae, referring to cows, working animals or beasts of burden.
  2. It takes veterinarians a full 4 years of study after completing their undergraduate degrees to qualify, and they must then pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) before they can practice.
  3. Not all qualified veterinarians will go on to practice veterinary medicine. Some will go into research or teaching instead.
  4. Before they practice, all veterinarians must take an oath, They promise to use their skills to benefit animal health and to practice conscientiously and with dignity, among other things.

Where to Find a Suitable Veterinarian Near Me

Follow these tips to find the right veterinarian near you.

  1. Think about the type of animal that you want to be treated. Different veterinary clinics usually focus on different types of animals. Some veterinarians only cover more common pets, like dogs, cats, and small animals. Other focus on exotic animals like reptiles and birds, or on farm animals like horses and cows. For the best veterinary care, make sure the veterinarian you choose has the right expertise for your pet.
  2. Ask other people for recommendations, especially people with the same kind of pet as you. Family, friends, people in pet stores and dog parks, and even online forums are all good places to try. Make sure you ask about prices, waiting times, service quality, and anything else that’s important to you.
  3. Ask yourself what your priorities are in a veterinary clinic. Are you after affordability? Good service? Flexible opening hours? Proximity to your home? Your ideal vet might not meet all of your criteria, but it should meet at least the most important.
  4. Finally, make sure to visit your shortlist of options. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to help you make an informed choice. After all, this is an important decision, and you don’t want to be making it in a hurry when your pet gets sick.

Ask A Vet! 6 Reasons your Pet Needs to See A Vet

  1. Sickness or Disease: This one is pretty obvious. Veterinarians can help to treat many illnesses, diseases, and conditions in pets.
  2. Vaccinations: Prevention is the best cure, so ask your veterinarian about vaccinations and other preventative medicine to stop your pet from getting sick in the first place.
  3. Routine Operations: These may include spaying and neutering, tail docking, dew claw removal, and more.
  4. New Puppies and Kittens: All new pets, whether puppies and kittens or older animals from animal shelters, should have a full check-up with a veterinarian as soon as possible after you get them.
  5. Help and Advice: Your veterinarian has studied animals for a very long time, and they are a great place seek advice on keeping your pet healthy and happy.
  6. Emergency Treatment: Should the worst happen, and your pet break a leg, eat something they shouldn’t or get in an accident, you need to know where to turn for help, fast.

Got A Sick Pet? Talk to Your Vet at Planned Pethood! After All, Treating Pets is Part of the Veterinarian Job Description

Finding a good vet means peace of mind for pet owners and their pets. Planned Pethood puts animal welfare first and foremost, with a focus on affordable care for all. Even if you’re not based in Denver, you could still benefit from Planned Pethood’s work around the country, and even around the world at one of their specialist training centers or mobile surgical units.


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