The Internet has made it possible to find answers and information whenever, wherever. In a few clicks and fewer seconds, users can access fan fiction, phone numbers, and bird’s-eye views of entire countries. But sometimes all that information can actually be too much, and a second opinion (Or a third. Or a fourth. Or a fiftieth.) can be useful.

Enter Yelp, a hub for crowdsourced reviews and recommendations that are authentic and trusted by many. Americans regularly turn to Yelp reviews when vetting local businesses–and when vetting…vets. Because when it comes to our pets’ healthcare, only the most widely trusted veterinarians will do. So, we wanted to know where in the U.S. the most vetted of veterinarians can be found. To find out, the One Vet team fired up the ol’ Internet to browse Yelp ourselves—and the results left us starry-eyed! 


To determine the cities with the highest rated vets, we averaged the ratings for every veterinary clinic and independent practitioner in the 50 most populous U.S. cities and the District of Columbia. We also determined the percentage of veterinary reviews that were 5-star reviews.

Read on to see how many stars your city earns!

The Cities with the Highest Rated Vets

Austin, TX ranks highest with an average star rating of 4.34; with such a stellar performance from its capital city, Texas can hardly be considered the Lonestar state! Atlanta pet parents can rest easy, too—vets in A-Town take home an average star rating of 4.33. Vets in the Mile High City will have grins a mile wide, as Denver, CO boasts an average rating of 4.32. New Yorkers and Los Angelenos may be used to seeing stars, but city scores of 4.28 and 4.26, respectively, are sure to make even the most jaded of pet parents a little bit starstruck! 

YOU get a star, and YOU get a star, and YOU get a star! Chicago, IL is all tied up with Indianapolis, IN and Raleigh, NC for eighth place, with a score of 4.23. Good news for cats and canines in California—the state filled four slots among the top 10, with San Diego (4.32), San Francisco (4.29), and Sacramento, CA (4.22) joining LA. Dallas, TX and Nashville, TN outshine the competition and round out the ranking in tenth place, each earning an average rating of 4.21. 

The Cities with the Highest Percentage of 5-Star Rated Vets

Map showing the U.S. cities with the highest percentage of 5-star rated vets

While some city ratings may have off-the-charts averages, others may take home a more elusive prize: the 5-star review. Only the most dogged veterinarians, ready and willing to go the extra mile to make pets and their parents feel safe and cared for, earn a top tier review. So, where can pet lovers and their fur-babies find that 5-star service?

Oklahoma City is more than OK—almost a third of the city’s veterinary reviews are 5-star reviews! Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, Denver, CO, and Atlanta, GA have earned bragging rights AND spots in both rankings—all four cities have top 10 average star ratings and high percentages of 5-star rated vets. Cincinnati, OH lives up to its nickname of the Queen City, taking third place with 32.71% of vet reviews earning five stars. Pet parents in Memphis, TN aren’t singing the blues with a ninth place slot at 27.51%, and Tampa, FL pet lovers traded sunshine for starlight, coming in at number 10 with 27.08% of vet reviews earning five stars. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a new or longtime pet parent, you know that a healthy pet is a happy pet. You’ll always  find 5-star veterinary service with One Vet, a subscription-based, virtual vet clinic, where licensed veterinarians are available 24/7 to meet all of your pet’s needs. Get started today!