Dog Friendly Restaurants in Milwaukee

Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is one of the Midwest’s most pet-friendly cities. It hosts the annual pet parade on Brady Street, filled with activities for all dog breeds. Also, pet-friendly accommodations in the most popular areas like the Historic Third Ward District and Downtown Milwaukee.

You’ll have tons of fun exploring Milwaukee with your pet. Even its distinct cream-colored brick buildings look tasty enough for your pet to eat. But save your appetite for some real food because Milwaukee has several pet-friendly restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

Tavo’s Signature Cuisine

Milwaukee feels lightyears away from Mexico, but dining at Tavo’s Signature Cuisine will make you feel much closer. So, take a culinary trip south of the border. The pet-friendly restaurant takes traditional Mexican cuisine and serves it in a fine dining setting. And don’t worry, your street food favorites also appear on the menu.

The sidewalk dining tables put you and your pet curbside to watch traffic flowing down W. Bluemound Rd while enjoying your food. Tavo’s has a staff of friendly waiters that will gladly take your order while you sit back and relax with your pet.

Contemporary dishes give your Mexican food favorites a 21st-century update for a new way to experience its rich taste. Pre-game for your meal with margaritas and plantain chips dipped in guac. Street tacos have made their way into fine dining. Tavo’s makes them authentic with palm-sized tortillas and fresh ingredients. The Chile En Nogada comes served covered in a blanket of savory cream sauce.

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Address: 5814 W. Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53213

Rice N Roll Bistro

No, it’s not the latest Tik-Tok viral dance craze, but Rice N Roll Bistro knows how to get you grooving in your seat. Honored with a ‘Best New Restaurant’ after opening in 2014, this local sushi bar continues to raise the bar for Asian cuisine. Led by a seasoned chef from Thailand, Chef Tony Koraneekit, its authentic dishes have danced their way into the hearts of Milwaukee’s pet parents.

Rice N Roll Bistro is located in the Lower East Side—it also opened Kin by Rice N Roll if you find yourself on the other side of town. The corner side location gives it ample space for hosting you and your pet for a meal any day of the week except Monday.

The house specialty, sushi, gets prepared fresh on the sushi bar. Mix up the favors with a spicy tuna roll, the flavor-packed Awesome Roll, and seductive sexy summer rolls. If raw fish doesn’t float your boat, cook things up with a large bowl of Pad Thai and a side of the signature Rice and Roll Dumplings.

Amenities and More: Asian-owned, Offers Military Discount, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, Waiter Service, Happy Hour Specials

Address: 1952 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Public Tables

Take your pet out for an evening on the town. Public Table is a dog-friendly gastropub that quenches your thirst and hunger. Milwaukee is famous for its brewers, and this restaurant pairs the best local flavors with pub eats.

Public Tables has the best dishes when hanging with a group. The chorizo goat cheese flatbread is large enough to cut several slices from. Place a few orders of the portobello, bison, and beef sliders to grab a couple of burgers each. And the meat and cheese plate comes with plenty of finger foods to share. The famous beer flight is a must-try! The decorative flight is a beer tree for glasses filled with your choice combination of local brew favorites. It’s the only thing that you won’t share!

The pet-friendly outdoor patio has a fun atmosphere and features live music some nights of the week. Its large picnic tables aren’t just for eating but also for playing table games like Connect Four and Jenga. Be careful not to let your pet shake the table.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Apple Pay, Full Bar, Covered Outdoor Seating, Live Music, Waiter Service

Address: 5835 W. National Ave., West Allis, WI 53214

Riley’s Sandwich & Social House

Great weather and a patio full of pet owners mean that Riley’s Sandwich & Social House is in full effect. It’s one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Milwaukee, as noted by the dog in the logo and a sign clearly marked ‘Dogs Welcome’ near the entrance.

Good news! Riley’s Sandwich & Social House allows pets inside and outside, so you can even enjoy dining with your pet during the cold winters. Check out the dog photo wall of Riley’s Pack inside. The gated patio has a grassy area for dogs to run around.

Pets eat good at Riley’s with bite-sized cupcakes they’ll love sticking their snout into. Of course, pets aren’t the only ones who will enjoy their food. Their pet parents have a menu just for them. Riley’s has several gourmet sandwiches, including jerk chicken and buffalo cauliflower sandwiches. You’ll be stuffed after eating both sandwich halves.

Amenities and More:Many Vegetarian Options, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials

Address: 411 E. Menomonee St., Milwaukee Third Ward


Pet-friendly restaurants like Amilinda teach us to appreciate quality over quantity. Immerse yourself into the restaurant’s European ambiance with Spanish and Portuguese dishes prepared by their accomplished in-house chef.

The modest restaurant only lets a few diners experience its culinary creations at a time. Inside are a few tables lining the walls with candles for an intimate dinner. However, you’ll enjoy dining en plein air in the pet-friendly outdoor dining area. Ready your palette with a glass of wine while awaiting your food.

The curated menu is prepared by Chef Greg, who was nominated for the James Beard award, one of the highest honors for culinary arts. Only the finest of meats and ingredients go into making the noteworthy dishes. The skirt steak cooked-to-order comes decorated with peppers and cauliflower. Taste the skin of the adobo roasted chicken coated with spicy coconut sauce. Fill your belly with the hearty braised lamb shank served in a bowl or white bean stew.

Amenities and More:Latinx-Owned, Takes Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address: 315 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Sabrosa Café & Gallery

You can nearly hear the sound of the Lake Michigan waves from Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery. This Bayview restaurant doubles as an art gallery for culturally savvy pets. Add a bit of culture to your morning during brunch with your pet.

The white walls of Sabrosa Cafe are decorated by colorful works of art made by local artists from Milwaukee. It frequently rotates exhibitions, so there’s always something new to look at. And artwork is just the start! Sabrosa Cafe sets the ambiance with live music performances and an outdoor dining patio to bask in the ambiance with your pet.

Brunch time means nothing too light nor heavy but just right. Timely plates give you the happy balance with brunch favorites like fruit-topped French toast, hues rancheros, and savory fresh berry crepes. People who need more fuel to start the day can sink their canines into a carne asada breakfast burrito or carnivore scrambled eggs.

Ask about the weekend specials to special meals made for a limited time only.

Amenities and More:Latinx-Owned, Heated Outdoor Seating, Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address: 3216 S Howell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207

Matty’s Bar & Grille

We like to think that pets played a role in Matty’s Bar & Grille becoming the number one sports bar in a fan-crazed sports town like Milwaukee. So, whether you’re a loyal member of the Brew Crew or want to cheer on the Cheeseheads, your pet will be by your side through the wins and losses.

Matty’s Bar and Grille gets packed on game days. There are 17 flat-screen TVs mounted strategically so you won’t miss a single play. One might argue that it’s hard to see the screen inside while sitting outdoors, but it solves the issue with a massive outdoor TV set right next to the picnic tables. It will feel like a tailgate with your pet.

Grab a table early so your food will be ready by the first pitch. Ask about the burger of the day for an off-menu specialty that won’t be around forever. Try the pizza burger for an Americanized version of your favorite Italian food. Get the house smoked brisket served on a fluffy pretzel roll.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Covered Outdoor Seating, Pool Table, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible, TV, Accepts Apple Pay

Address: 14460 W College Ave., New Berlin, WI 53151


Milwaukee locals know that Tavolino isn’t the first Italian restaurant at its location. After replacing its successors in 2020, it’s ascended the ranks to become a trending pet-friendly restaurant. Traditional Italian cooking techniques help maintain genuine dishes on this side of the Atlantic.

There’s always a table for you and your pet on the spacious patio. As the sun sets, bulb lights flicker on from above to give just the right amount of light to eat. It rolls up the garage-style wall when the weather is nice for a seamless blend with the indoor atmosphere.

Servers deliver your food promptly when still steaming from the kitchen. A plate of the burrata appetizer teases you before popular pasta entrees like Cacio E Pepe and ragu alla maiale. Craving juicy meat? Try the short rib cooked-to-order or dive into the maritime flavors of grilled octopus.

Tavolino is open daily for dinner only from 5 PM to 9 PM (10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays).

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Waiter Service, Full Bar, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 2315 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211

The Explorium Brewpub

Take a dog walk through the Third Ward District to reach the historical building housing The Explorium Brewpubs. It stands out in a city known for breweries, and even pets get to see why. From great food, excellent beer, and plenty of restaurant excitement, it’s time to discover why it’s one of Milwaukee’s most buzzing food spots.

Explore some of the great local beer flavors at Explorium. The city of Milwaukee inspires popular beers like Third Ward IPA and Cream City Crusher. Don’t forget to dress warmly when dining in the pet-friendly outdoor dining space. A burning fire pit warms the patio to keep your pet cozy during the evening.

The Explorium serves classic pub eats. Tame the blazing buffalo sauce with ranch, or opt for the vegan-friendly alternative, buffalo cauliflower. Seasoned blackened chicken pairs great with the Alfredo pasta. Or crunch your way through the crispy shells of the blackened shrimp taco.

Amenities and More: Takes Reservations, Vegan Options, Accepts Android Pay, Accepts Apple Pay, Heated Outdoor Seating, Offers Military Discount, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address: 143 W Saint Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

Tupelo Honey

Make reservations for Tupelo Honey because it’s typical to see a line out the door on its busiest days. You and your pet will fast-track your way to the front of the line and have a prime spot on the outdoor patio.

Tupelo Honey is a casual restaurant open for any meal of the day. Experience the lively downtown setting with the sidewalk-side seating. Its staff treats patrons—even those with four legs—with southern hospitality. You’ll have waiter service taking care of you on the patio. When you’re finished eating, take time to enjoy the atmosphere because you’re never rushed out.

Tupelo Honey adds a unique touch to classic southern dishes. It has brunch favorites like the Sriracha Honey Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese waffles, which has a spicy kick. Confuse your taste buds with the sweet and spicy chicken sandwich. You’ll suck your fingers after each bite of the original honey dusted fried chicken.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Many Vegetarian Options, Offers Military Discount, Full Bar, Waiter Service

Address:511 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202