Home to gators, bears, and rattlesnakes, dogs feel right at home in the urban animal kingdom known as Tallahassee. Of course, Florida’s capital is no stranger to animals lurking in the swampy lands surrounding it, but in the city streets, it’s pets that trump the top of the food chain. But while they’re content with dog treats and puppy eats, you’ll need something filling to keep up with their appetite.

Dog friendly restaurants in Tallahassee lets you and your pet enjoy the excellent weather beaming over the sunshine state and cuisine showcasing the city’s diversity. Here are a few local spots you’ll enjoy eating with your pet.

Jeri’s Midtown Café

Taste ‘love on a plate’ when dining at Jeri’s Midtown Cafe. It’s a popular breakfast and weekend brunch spot in Tallahassee for the pet owners stumbling across it while walking around Midtown. The owner Jeri successfully creates a space for good food and provides southern hospitality for pets that want to join.

Featured in the Tallahassee Democrat, Jeri’s Midtown Cafe is a go-to restaurant for local pet owners. The outdoor patio has yard-style tables that make you feel at home while enjoying homestyle cooking. And there’s plenty of shade from the morning sun rays already beaming down on the sunshine state.

Munch on pimento cheese and crackers served complimentary while browsing the menu. It has a range of morning and early lunch eats. Southern classics like shrimp and grits or creamy lobster bisque are an excellent way to start the day. Or the frittata platter to sample a bit of everything. During lunch, the patio tables will be filled with plates showcasing various sandwich options, such as the Granny Smith and Brie Sandwich, the Tab Sandwich, or spicy pimento press sandwiches.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Waiter Service

Address: 1123 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32303

The Crum Box Gastgarden

Breathe in the creative air in the Railroad Square Art District, with traces of paint still drying from the colorful murals decorating the WWII-era warehouse park. As you and your pet stroll past the district’s 50+ art galleries, there are dog-friendly restaurants like The Crum Box Gastgarden that give your feet a break and a moment to contemplate the creative arts you just witnessed.

The Crum Box Gastgarden brings its own creativity to the district with a unique building made from a vintage caboose and bright colors and a mural. It has a covered yard with lots of picnic-style tables to support diners and their pets who come out to eat or enjoy live entertainment—it hosts a Sausage Fest every year.

However, you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy delicious food at The Crum Box Gastgarden. The “grind-to-grill sausage specialties include the original sausage dog topped with diced onions and jalapeños, or add a creative touch with coleslaw toppings. If your pet doesn’t want more ‘dogs’ at the table, you can get a cucumber salad or veggie burger. If you did it right, you won’t have any crumbs left over when you finish eating.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 653 Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL 32310

Café de Martin

Latin culture intertwines Florida’s heritage, and Cafe de Martin is a stark reminder of it. Every bite you take transports you to the Peruvian coast, where you’ll experience fresh seafood and other famous dishes from across the country. This locally owned restaurant sets its own rules so that everyone—even pets—can feel the welcoming atmosphere.

Evening time is perfect for enjoying a meal with your pet on the patio garden. Cafe de Martin has a covered space with shaded tables and friendly servers hosting you with southern hospitality. Pets always get special treatment with a personal water bowl to keep them occupied while you eat.

The menu feels like Spanish class as you browse through Peruvian cuisine staples, including ceviche, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and other entrees. However, don’t stuff yourself too soon because you don’t want to miss out on fusion desserts like the Oreo Tres Leche, blending American and Latin culture in every bite.

Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Happy Hour Specials, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 2743 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Tally Arepas

Latin cuisine doesn’t just stop there. Tally Arepas showcases food from another South American country—that of the Venezuelan variety. Arepas, a traditional dish made with tortillas stuffed with various toppings, are the highlight of the menu at this local food truck.

Collegetown is always buzzing with teen spirit from the students at FSU. Maneuver your pet through the crowd of Seminoles to reach the counter of the Tally Arepas food truck, where your nostrils will be met with the mouth-watering scent of arepas cooking in the back. Samantha, the truck’s Venezuelan-born owner, and Cuban chef husband, bring the cooking traditions of their home countries for authentic flavor in their signature dishes.

The menu at Tally Arepas is lined with famous arepas—Pabellon, Reina Pepia, Domino, Rumbera, and more. From tastes of the tender pulled pork to savory sauces poured on top of them, you’ll leave as stuffed as the arepas themselves.

Be sure to stay updated on the current location of the Tally Arepas food truck via their social media pages.

Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Apple Pay

Address: 939 West Gaines St., Tallahassee, FL 32304

Maple Street Biscuit Company

Maple Street Biscuit Company

Merely mentioning the name Maple Street Biscuit Company to Tallahassee locals provokes thoughts of the fluffy biscuit sandwiches and juicy, crispy chicken inside them. This modern eatery treats breakfast as not only the most important meal but also the tastiest. Located near the FSU campus, the line is always filled with students, pet owners, and friendly locals ready to start their day with a bang!

The residential homes above the Maple Street Biscuit Company storefront have easy access to one of Tally’s favorite pet-friendly restaurants. But, the wide sidewalks provide plenty of space for the outdoor dining space attracting any dog walkers strolling by. Listen for your order to be called inside, and enjoy your morning meal outdoors.

Maple Street Biscuit Company is famous for its signature biscuit sandwiches. Some popular items are the squawking goat, five and dime, sticky maple, and iced cinnamon pecan biscuit.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Android Pay, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 1600 West Call St. Ste 114, Tallahassee, FL 32304

The Hawthorn Bistro & Bakery

From sweet and savory treats to artisan craft sandwiches, The Hawthorn Bistro & Bakery will soon become your favorite dog-friendly restaurant to stop by every week. What started as a restaurant for fine dining soon found itself more in love with the art of making bread and revamped its entire mission in 2019.

Now, Hawthorn Bistro & Bakery has become popular with many pet owners whose pets are well familiar with the scent of fresh bread baking as soon as you arrive. Wagging tails means a new batch just got pulled from the wood-fired oven and is ready to serve hungry customers.

Handcrafted sandwiches showcase the art of bread-making, premium cuts of juicy meat, and other ingredients. Everything is sourced locally from the restaurant’s own Liberty Farm, within walking distance from the storefront. Signature sandwiches like the California Club Sandwich, Southwest Turkey Sandwich, and Reuben are popular among its loyal customers. It also serves other meals like pizza, meatloaf,  and breakfast burritos for the early risers.

Amenities and More: Vegan Options, Accepts Credit Cards, Waiter Service, Happy Hour Specials, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 1307 N Monroe St #1, Tallahassee, FL 32303

The Iron Daisy

It seems like The Iron Daisy has an unlimited supply of tortillas the way the abundance of Mexican dishes flows out of the kitchen every day for the large crowds that eat there. It opens at 11 AM, just in time for the lunch rush, so it’s great for getting some fresh air and great food with your pet before your afternoon meetings.

The dining room in The Iron Daisy flows seamlessly with the outdoors. It features a covered porch with an order window and a backyard patio set in its vegetable garden—there’s even a mini scrap yard for sustainable compost. It lets you pick the most comfortable spot for your pet, regardless of whether they prefer the shade or warm their fur in the sun.

You’ll find all your favorite Mexican dishes at The Iron Daisy, including tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos. Get a protein flavor blast with fried chicken, or get a taste of the sea with the blackened Mahi toppings. You’ll crunch louder than your dog’s bark with the crispy tortilla chips and savory salsa as smooth as your dog’s nose.

Amenities and More: Happy Hour Specials

Address: 507 W Gaines St., Tallahassee, FL 32301

Flyby Philly’s

Cars whiz by on the Apalachee Parkway while you and your pet sit on the outdoor patio at Flyby Philly’s. But while everyone on the road seems to be in a rush, the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches here invite you to take it slow and enjoy every bite.

Even after moving locations, fans of Flyby Philly’s have easily sniffed out the new storefront. This new space has one of the best dog-friendly patios featuring repurposed pallets for seating, trendy lights in the evening, and Tallahassee’s signature moss trees drooping overhead for shade.

One bite of the Philly cheesesteak and you’ll forget you’re in Tallahassee. The massive sandwiches measure 8” or 12” and pile on toppings like seasoned ribeye shaved in-house, sautéed onions, green peppers, and melted cheese. It also created the Philly Bowl to enjoy the same great taste without the bread. Unwrap your sandwich from the hot foil and enjoy with a side of crispy onion rings.

Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Cryptocurrency, Waiter Service, Wheelchair Accessible

Address: 2205 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Mo-Betta Bar-B-Que

What’s better than Mo-Betta Bar-B-Que? Open your mouth wider than a dog yawn because this food truck is on a mission to ‘break yo mouth.’ So, if you see smoke rising from the giant black barrel smoker, trust that it will be the best barbecue you’ve ever had.

Chef Mo’ Betta has transformed the food truck dining experience. But with more than 20 years in the business, he’s got it down to a T (bone)—onsite picnic tables and a giant TV showing the FAMU Rattlers football game.

But no gimmicks are necessary because his barbecue has built a reputation of its own amongst the Tallahassee locals. The two-meat, two-side combo is one of the most popular. Taste the juicy, smoked ribs, brisket, or chopped pork covered with tangy barbecue sauce that has you licking your fingers before your pet gets a chance to. Pair the meat with sides like fried okra, Mac and cheese, baked beans, or loaded fries.

Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Apple Pay, Accepts Android Pay, TV

Address: 3105 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32311

Bagel Bagel

Bagels so nice, you have to say it twice! Bagel Bagel has been around since 1991, and the food gets better every year. Tasty breakfast food combined with an outdoor patio to enjoy it is the perfect recipe to be one of Tally’s best pet-friendly restaurants.

Over the years, Bagel Bagel has won awards like Best Bakery/Bagel in town. See what the hype is about by stopping by with your pet in the morning to judge for yourselves. It wants to kickstart your morning the right way and never disappoints.

Bagel Bagel is famous for its signature bagel sandwiches. Meals come with two open-faced bagel halves topped with various ingredients—bacon melt with egg, pizza bagel, or hot ham and tomato melt are popular choices. It has bagels of all sorts, from sourdough to asiago.

Since it closes at 2 PM, it’s just enough time to squeeze in lunch with sandwiches like Wayvair or Virginia Melt, served with a sliced pickle on the side.

Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Apple Pay, Wheelchair Accessible, Covered Outdoor Seating

Address: 2401 W Pensacola St. Ste J, Tallahassee, FL 32304

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