Dog Friendly Restaurants in Baltimore

With more than a half-million residents, Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. With features like off-leash dog parks, dog beaches you can drive to, and pet-friendly hotels—not to mention pet-friendly restaurants–see why it’s one of the best cities to bring your pet. So, trade in your walk around the corner with pet-friendly walking tours of historic Mount Vernon. And be sure to pick your designated dog walker before setting off on the dog-friendly bar crawls.

Find restaurants in Fell’s Point just a few paw steps away from scenic Baltimore Harbor views. Explore Baltimore’s heritage in historic neighborhoods like Federal Hill, where you’ll stumble upon pet-friendly restaurants offering a taste of local heritage. And cultural hubs like Little Italy and French cuisine that lets your pet experience European dining etiquette.

Angeli’s Pizzeria

You’ll never be short on pizza options in Baltimore’s Little Italy. However, Angeli’s Pizzeria barks a tune of its own with its pet-friendly dining venue. You and your pet will instantly feel like part of the family the moment you arrive in preparation for a delightful meal.

Angeli’s Pizzeria is an unassuming pizza shop that packs major Italian flavor. Grab a seat in the glass-domed patio area to let your pet spy on people at the intersection of S High and Eastern Avenue while you stuff your face with some of Baltimore’s finest Italian cuisine. The bright dining setting gives ample light for appreciating the presentation of food topping your table before digging in.

Bon Appetit! Large 16-inch pizzas topped with Portabella Mushrooms are menu favorites to satisfy the hunger pains of your entire table. Taste the saucy marinara sauces drenching the Stolen Meatballs, the sweet and fluffy Tiramisu, and even Vegan-friendly options to cater to all palates.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Happy Hour Specials, Women-owned

Address:413 S High St., Baltimore, MD 21202

Cocina Luchadoras

Experience all the fierce Latinx attitude cooking in the kitchen of Cocina Luchadoras—serving up plates masking flavors that fight back. Inspired by Mexico’s Luchadoras, a celebrated group of female wrestlers, the women restaurateurs behind the establishment craft an authentic taste below the border.

The pink sign posted above the entrance welcomes you to the intimate diner where you’ll place your order at the counterside before taking your seat outside with your pet by your feet. Traditional Mexican street food recipes are executed to perfection in its menu full of iconic dishes exhibiting Mexican heritage.

Order a plate of palm-sized tacos—Al Pastor and Carne Asada are popular choices—decorated with diced onions, leafy cilantro, and juices hand-squeezed from fresh limes. La Chingona or Pulled Pork Tortas are served cut in half to reveal the parade of flavors like tomatoes, warm queso, and spicy jalapenos ready to march into your mouth. And don’t forget to try the Diablo sauce if you’re feeling daring.

Amenities and More:Women-owned, Latinx-owned, Outdoor Seating, Good for Kids, Vegan Options, Offers Takeout

Address:253 S Broadway St., Baltimore, MD 21231


The glowing ‘Beer Yourself’ inside the RegionAle restaurant is an ode to enjoying one of Baltimore’s best brew restaurants accompanied by your furry best friend. This unique sandwich shop takes your taste buds on a trip around the country without even leaving Baltimore.

Tasting menu items spotlight different regions of the US with their local specialties. Grab a few extra napkins before grabbing the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, which already arrives dripping sauce. Take your taste buds on a trip to the Deep South with the Shrimp Po Boy. Slide into the Midwest with the rich dairy used to craft the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese. Get a taste of New England with seaside favorites like the crab cake sandwich and lobster rolls.

The famous beer wall is a true highlight of RegionAle. Leave your tab open and pay by the ounce as you enjoy selections like Old Line Lager, Baby shark, IPAs, and more. There is even a full bar for mixed cocktails if you’re looking for something a bit stronger.

Amenities and More:Full Bar, Heated outdoor seating, Women-owned, Good for Groups, Offers Military Discount

Address:2400 Boston St. Ste 120, Baltimore, MD, 21224

Bodhi Federal Hill

One-way traffic leads you and your pet to the black storefront that introduces Bodhi Federal Hill with a classy aura. However, your pet will feel like a specially-invited guest dining with their owners in one of Baltimore’s contemporary Thai restaurants.

Since opening its doors in the Federal Hill district in 2019, Bodhi Federal Hill has been a trendy spot to catch local pet owners tasting the flavors of the Far East. You and your pet will feel the magic of dining beneath a Bodhi tree, a symbol of Asian heritage.

The sturdy wooden tables are much needed to support the multi-plate meals listed on the menu, from the appetizer to the main course. In true Thai fashion, colorful food gets exhibited on white plates. In case it’s hard to choose between the Pad thai or Kao Soi, fresh papaya salad or tom yum, green or red curry, there’s always space for both dishes to set on your table.

Amenities and More:Takes Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Many Vegetarian Options, Good for Groups, Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery

Address:1444 Light St. Baltimore, MD 21230

La Barrita Restobar

Once home to many of Baltimore’s butchers, Butcher Hill’s legacy is preserved thanks to pet-friendly restaurants like La Barrita Restobar. So, let the scent of fine Argentinian beef guide you and your pet through the district’s historical buildings to reach the restaurant.

La Barrita Restobar is a Latin American steakhouse that uses only certified Angus beef. You’ll see everybody from date night couples sitting in the intimate indoor-seating area to pet owners occupying the outdoor seating area enjoying a dinner date with their furry partners. However, regardless of the occasion, you can expect excellent food every time.

Beef or spinach empanadas are the perfect way to tease your stomach before your main meal. Order the Ojo De Bife with your rib-eye cooked to order and brought out with a side of fresh spinach. The juicy Bife de Chorizo gives a slight kick at the end of each bite. Or creamy Risotto con Tuco to warm your belly with each spoonful. Finish off with a traditional Leche Flan or Panna Cotta for dessert.

Amenities and More:Vegan Options, Offers delivery, Latinx-owned, Full Bar, Good for Groups, Happy Hour Specials

Address:32 N Chester St., Baltimore, MD 21231

Sally O’s

Your pet’s furry face will fit in perfectly with the bearded patrons occupying the tables at Sally O’s. Whether you’re coming for an evening meal to take advantage of happy hour specials or looking for something hearty to fill up an empty tank, Sally O’s has just the meal you want.

The Spanish-style menu is curated and prepared by a celebrated local chef, Jesse Sandlin, who represented Baltimore in the “Top Chef” TV competition. And food worthy of all the accolades can be found across the entire menu—from the small plate tapas to meals that take nearly a month to make.

Pets sit beside pet parents as they get ready to indulge in the tasty European-inspired dishes. Taste the Carnitas Tacos topped with cilantro, carbonara for pasta-lovers, and the signature 28 Day Dry Aged Ribeye that’s well worth the wait—don’t worry, it’s prepared well in advance to be ready when you order it.

Take turns making trips to the full bar to order your draft beer favorites or turn things up with handcrafted cocktails.

Amenities and More:Offers takeout, Vegan Options, Women-Owned, Full Bar, Covered Outdoor Seating

Address:3531 Gough St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Café Fili

Imagine yourself fine dining on the French Riviera with your pet. This dream dining experience is closer than you think, thanks to the culinary expertise at Cafe Fiji that imports the taste of the Mediterranean to Baltimore’s Mount Vernon.

The bright dining atmosphere feels like dining seaside with your pet. Mediterranean blue seating, wooden accent, and sandy white walls all contribute to the trendy vibe of the restaurant. Friendly servers make your dine-in experience pleasant as you’re sure to hear a compliment (or many) about your pet.

It’s hard to resist trying the different flavored hummus for your appetizer. Falafel Grain Bowl will hit all the mandatory food categories in one meal. The wrapper can barely contain all the ingredients stuffed on the chicken Pomodoro Panini from bursting out the sides of every bite you take. Stick a fork into the North African ingredients that make up the Tunisian Salad.

From breakfast to brunch to dinner, any time of day is great for stopping by Café Fili. It also has sustainability practices by using compostable containers and plastic-free packaging.

Amenities and More: Happy Hour Specials, Many Vegetarian Options, Full Bar, Heated Outdoor Seating, Good for Groups

Address:816 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Duck Duck Goose

No one does duck better than Duck Duck Goose, with meat cooked perfectly to the point it slides off the bone when you pick it up. But it’s all fun and games until the tasty menu items push your stomach to its capacity. Then, when it’s time to leave, your pet might be the one walking you.

Duck Duck Goose is a traditional French brasserie that keeps things casual with a chic dining setting. Start with a few cocktails prepared on the restaurant cocktail bar to clear your palate for the rich food flavors that are sure to follow up.

Come early for breakfast specialties like the Duck Confit served with golden waffles ready to be soaked in syrup. Or eat dinner favorites like the seared Foie Gras, whose almond-bit topping adds a crunchy sensation to each bite. The crispy Rohan Duck Breast is always a top-seller with its ideal tenderness, so it’s not too chewy. And if you’re ever stuck on which side to order, you’ll never go wrong with the black truffle Mac and cheese.

Amenities and More:Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Full Bar, Good for Groups, Vegan Options, Outdoor Seating

Address:814 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Crepe Crazy

If you didn’t think pancakes could get any flatter, Crepe Crazy makes you think twice! Now, Baltimore locals and their pets can enjoy one of the favorite European delicacies. While you’re out for a dog walk around Federal Hill, stop by Cross Street Market to reward yourself with a dinner or dessert crepe.

Crepe Crazy was founded by immigrants who overcame their deaf disability to create one of Baltimore’s top pet-friendly restaurants. Peer through the glass barrier to see the making of your crepe. It’s a culinary masterpiece with unique creations drizzled with chocolate syrup zig-zagging its way across the crepe, powder, and ice cream toppings.

There’s a crepe for every occasion, even for the most imaginative eaters. Choose from the Lemon Zest Dust Crepe topped with sweet sauce and powder, the sweet-tasting Caramelized Apple and Vanilla Cream Crepe, or the Chicken Basil Pesto Crepe if you’re craving something healthier.

Amenities and More: Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Outdoor Seating, Women-Owned

Address:1065 S Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21230


Beer glasses clink with celebratory cheers, forks ring as they’re set on empty plates, and the occasional cheerful dog bark confirms the pet-friendly atmosphere. This is the typical setting you’ll find at the CookHouse in Bolton Hill, one of Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods.

CookHouse is famous for traditional American favorites. The rustic decorative setting gives a nostalgic feel of the Gilded Age as it creates the perfect atmosphere for a gastropub. It’s even open till 1 AM on Saturday night (Sunday morning) to make the late-night bathroom runs for your pet not so dreaded after all.

The crab croquette balls are an excellent appetizer. The signature Proper Smash Burger layered with aged cheddar will take both hands to manage, so secure your dog leashes! And the juicy cooked-to-order rib eye with red wine sauce is plenty hearty when you’re starving.

The full bar features skilled bartenders crafting the signature Dragon Eggs cocktail with its edible surprise and other tasty cocktails.

Amenities and More:Full Bar, Offers Delivery, Vegan Options, Offers Military Discounts, Covered Outdoor Seating, Happy Hour Specials

Address:1501 Bolton St., Baltimore, MD 21217