The Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Rhode Island

Although it’s the smallest state in the US, Rhode Island is known for big fun in the conversations of traveling pet owners. It’s a pet-friendly destination in New England with everything from pet-friendly accommodations to dog parks. But the best part is taking advantage of the 400+ mile-long coastline with your pet.

Stay just a bone’s toss away from the Rhode Island shore, lined with pet-friendly beaches that will be excited to see your pet. Enjoy walks through natural preserved areas, offshore islands, and sandy coasts on the mainland where pets can play, relax, and have fun with their owners.

And remember, whenever your dog is participating in a water activity, be sure to keep them safe with a dog life jacket or other flotation device.

Compass Rose Beach

You never know what to expect when looking out to sea from Compass Rose Beach. From large freight ships passing through the bay to surfers looking to shred the timid waves rolling on shore. But the best part about the views is being able to tell your pet all about it while laying beside you!

All directions point to Compass Rose Beach when seeking a dog-friendly shore to relax on. The tan-colored sand emerges from the grassy area as it extends towards the coast. Keep your dog on a leash as they pounce around the sand and fling up particles or splash in the water to soak up your shirt. Your dog will likely bark at the Hobie cats cruising the surface as your dog walks as deep as the water touches its chin.

Located in North Kingston, Compass Rose Beach is a go-to destination for dog owners. Any time of the year is suitable since the beach welcomes pets during all seasons.

Address: 1347 Roger Williams Way, North Kingstown, RI 02852

Charlestown Beach

dog friendly charlestown beach

Grab a handful of sand on Charlestown Beach and watch it seep effortlessly through your fist. If your pet could do the same, it would understand that it’s getting one of Rhode Island’s premier beach experiences. It’s a slice of stunning state coastline with a pleasant beach town nearby.

All dogs must remain on their leashes at Charlestown Beach. But, that’s the least of your dog’s worries as it looks forward to a beautiful day on the beach. Dip beneath the cool waters of the Block Island Sound to dodge the warm rays of the New England sun. Waves caused by sailboats and fishing boats wash onto the golden sand shores, providing your pet with consistent obstacles to try and leap over.

Sunsets are one of the magical times to be at Charlestown Beach. Take in the sights of boats returning to dock in New Harbor and anglers hoping for any last bites while fishing on the jetty. It’s a setting that calms your pet instantly.

Pets are only permitted on the beach during the off-season from September 16th to May 14th.

Address: 557 Charlestown Beach Road, Charlestown, RI 02813

Easton’s Beach

dog friendly easton's beach

You and your pet have a lot to look forward to near the end of Newport’s Cliff Walk. The expansive sandy coast called Easton’s Beach is your piece of public luxury after gawking at the Gilded Age mansions lining the shore.

The rich coastline is decorated with white sand touching the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Surfers ride the fizzy wave lines rolling across the water surface as pets ready themselves for their own fun. It’s a frequent spot for local dog owners and visitors looking for a  place to stretch their legs or roll around. And don’t worry about dirtying their fur because they’ll be dripping clean in a few seconds in the ocean. Later, dry off from the water by people watching on the boardwalk.

Ask locals in Newport, RI, about the nearest dog-friendly beach, and you’ll hear ‘First Beach,’ the local nickname for Easton’s Beach.

Address: 175 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840

Fred Benson Town Beach

When driving down Corn Neck, look for the large cherry-roofed pavilion to let you know you’ve reached Fred Benson Town Beach. Nicknamed State Beach, its easily accessed location and pet-friendly policies make it attract lots of pet parents for a beach day with their furry babies.

Fred Benson Town Beach is located on Block Island. The broad beach feels like a giant sandbox for your pet as its paw prints provide evidence of everywhere they’ve already explored. The beach gradually slopes into the water, letting your pet approach with caution for the incoming waves or speed in nose-first to feel the cool temperature.

There will be plenty of parking once you arrive at the beach. The dunes are your shortcut to claiming a spot on the beach for the day. The leash policy at Fred Benson Town Beach is set to keep the beach organized. It makes it easier to keep them from disturbing nesting sea birds. Also, be sure to stay within the beach boundaries. Signs clearly mark the beach limits since neighboring beaches may have different pet policies.

Address: 7 Corn Neck Rd, New Shoreham, RI 02807

Mohegan Bluffs

dog friendly mohegan bluffs

Hiking the Block Island Heritage Trail with your pet will lead you directly to Mohegan Bluffs. These scenic grass-topped bluffs rise 200-feet above the shore and is a place that’s captivated photographers. Views span three miles of the clay cliffs reaching down to the light brown sand as it slides into the Ocean.

Hope you’re ready for some cardio because the stairs leading down to the shore will be all the exercise you need for the day. You’ll be well-deserving of a few hours laying around in the sun, kicking up sand when jogging on the beach with your pet, or barking and screaming during a playful water fight.

You and your pet can ride the ferry to the port, where you will hike to the beach only two miles from where you dock. Most people come to the beach for photos, but this dog hot spot is sure to have a few other canines hanging around and enjoying the beach.

Address: 121 Mohegan Trail, New Shoreham, RI 02807

Ballard’s Beach

“Arf, arf!” Dog barks from small and large species ring across Ballard’s Beach after a unique dining and resort experience. Ballard’s Beach is one of the first places you’ll reach nearby the main ferry port on Block Island in case you can’t hold off on the excitement any longer.

With its origins dating back to 1956, Ballard’s Beach has become a staple in dog-friendly fun on Block Island. It’s developed into a major resort complete with accommodations, a restaurant, and, of course, a dog-friendly beach. So, rent a few beach chairs and umbrellas to set up on the sandy shores for a few hours.

Spend the first hour taking photos while playing in the ocean. In the next hour, sunbathe on the pristine sand and await your beachside food service from the restaurant for seafood or turf delights. By now, it may be just in time for the beachfront concerts that frequently happen at Ballard’s Beach.

Dogs are permitted on the beach during the off-season from October 1st to March 31st. However, they must stay on a leash during their visit.

Address: 42 Water St, New Shoreham, RI 02807

Sachuest Beach

dog friendly sachuest beach

If you’re ready to get sandy, step immediately onto the coast of Sachuest Beach. Otherwise, take the wooden path towards the coast, where the sand is inevitable for pet parents and their four-legged beach companion. Sachuest Beach is known for being a place for dogs to enjoy a bit of Rhode Island’s scenic coastline.

Sachuest Beach, also called Second Beach, will be your first choice for beach options near Middletown. It gives dogs a mile long of pet-friendly shoreline to explore or play while on a leash. It’s not the best for sunsets and sunrises since it faces the south. However, it’s the perfect beach position for surfable waves to roll into shore.

Grab your beach passes and visit Sachuest Beach in the busy or off-season. May 1st to September 30th is the peak beach season when dogs are only permitted in the morning from 5 AM to 7:45 AM. However, the off-season is just as lovely at the beach, and pets can enjoy the sandy shores anytime.

Address: 315 Sachuest Point Road Middletown, RI 02842

Napatree Point Conservation Area

Decades ago, a hurricane hit the southern tip of Rhode Island and blew away several waterfront homes and other developments. However, it’s a tragedy-turned-triumph as it led to establishing Napatree Point Conservation Area and welcoming pets to its natural shores. The preserved beach landscape and other attractions in the nature reserve make it an outdoor haven for dogs and their owners.

It’s as if nature wanted to keep the stunning shoreline open to the public. The Napatree Point Conservation Area coast stretches 1.5-miles long. It consists of multiple beaches like Watch Hill Beach, Merry-Go-Round Beach, and East Beach.

The wide beach offers plenty of areas for your pet to sniff around. Arrive at the beach from one of the nature trails and rinse off in the mellow waters of Little Narragansett Bay. Take your dog on a beach walk where you’ll have views seeing New York’s Long Island in the distance and the historic Watch Hill Lighthouse.

Leashed dogs are permitted on the beach all year round. Keep an eye on the clock during the peak beach season, May 2nd to Labor Day, when pets are prohibited between 8 AM and 6 PM.

Address: Fort Rd, Westerly, RI 02891

Sandy Point Beach

dog friendly sandy point beach

When the Sakonnet River ends and Sandy Point Avenue changes from paved roads to natural shoreline, you’ve arrived at Sandy Point Beach. It’s a site whose name suits it with soft, beige sand lining the coast.

Sandy Point Island extends from the Napatree Conservation Area. The one-mile-long beach covers 35 acres and is known for its natural scenery and diverse wildlife. Set on Little Narragansett Bay, the transitions from tree-shaded coastline to broad sand areas.

Wildlife isn’t the only animals you’ll find on Sandy Point Island. Let your pet get a taste of the beach by spending a few hours on the pet-friendly shores. Walk the beach past people paddle boarding into the bay or have your own water fun by going for a dip in the bay. The expansive beach area gives your dog several options for having a fun beach day.

Address: 620 Sandy Point Ave, Portsmouth, RI 02871

East Matunuck State Beach

dog friendly east matunuck state beach

Your beach recreation destination for your visit to Rhode Island is best spent at East Matunuck State Beach. This state beach attracts many pet owners looking for a nice beach to enjoy with their pets. So, hop on a ferry to Block Island and settle in to the golden coast.

The mid-day sun reveals the golden tones of the sand as it slopes into the Block Island Sound. Since waves are stronger here than on other dog beaches, it’s best to keep an eye on them and leashed when playing in the water. And you never know if the waves might creep up the shore and wash beneath your feet while strolling the tide line.

Let your pet join in the recreational fun on the beach. Bring its dog toys to toss around and chew. Give them the day off from keeping their fur clean and let them roll around to feel the soft sand. Relax on the beach and enjoy views of ferries arriving on Block Island and boats navigating from Port Judith Harbor of Refuge.

Address: 950 Succotash Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879