The Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in Oregon

Experience one of the most spectacular coastlines with your pet when visiting Oregon. With 363 miles of coast along the Pacific, the state entices travelers with rugged vistas, smooth sand shores, and unique landmarks found when traveling it.

Pack up your pet and its beach gear and set your sights on checking out the pet-friendly beaches in Oregon. The Oregon Coast Trail is one of the most famous driving or hiking routes once used by pioneers but is now a tourist hotspot. Charming pet-friendly coastal towns nestled between beautiful stretches of beaches make this a trip that you both will wag your tails for.

And remember, whenever your dog is participating in a water activity, be sure to keep them safe with a dog life jacket or other flotation device.

Cannon Beach

dog friendly Cannon Beach

With accolades such as being named one of National Geographic’s ‘100 most beautiful places in the world,’ Cannon Beach is a place no one should miss out on—not even pets! Bring along your camera for one of the iconic shots on the Oregon Coast, and get ready to let your dog feel liberated in the pet-friendly atmosphere.

Whether driving on an Oregon Coast road trip or taking a day trip from Portland, Cannon Beach is easily accessible for the many pet-parent travelers visiting the coast.

The 235-foot Haystack Rock emerges from the ocean as a decorating centerpiece. It’s a popular photography spot, and your pet is the perfect model to pose in front of it. The pleasant shore at Cannon Beach extends for nine miles long, enough distance for sprinting oceanside or a leisure dog walk. The beach is relaxed on its pet policies, so trained dogs can play off-leash.

Cannon Beach is one of Oregon’s most dog-friendly communities. Pets are welcome to attend beach events such as the Annual Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest. There are plenty of pet-friendly accommodations in this beach resort town and even the Gearhart Indoor Dog Park.

Address: 2864 S Pacific St, Cannon Beach, OR

Sandy River Delta Park

Hike from the Sandy River Delta Park parking lot on dirt paths lined with shady trees and bushes blossoming with blackberries. Soon, this verdant scenery will turn into riverfront vistas and beachscapes for dogs and their owners to enjoy together.

Sandy River Delta Park sits in the Columbia River Gorge, where the Sandy River and Columbia River meet. Natural hazel brown sand lines the river bank, invitedly sloping into the river. If your dog’s fur got muddy during the hike to the beach (especially likely after it rains), let them wash off in the chilly waters while splashing around for fun. The gentle current makes the Sandy River excellent for your pet to swim or sniff their way around the shallow shores.

Nicknamed Thousand Acres, Sandy River Delta Park is an expansive park. It makes visiting with your pet an incredible time with features like off-leash trails and a Thousand Acres Dog Park.

Address: Crown Point Hwy. Troutdale, OR 97060


dog friendly Yachats

Large cliffs rise on the limits of the beach like a fence designed by nature for a boundary for your pet while enjoying the natural shores of Yachats Beach. The rugged charm of the central Oregon Coast becomes evident on this pristine beach with smooth sands, scenic views, and shimmering ocean water.

Hike the Oregon Coast Trail 804 with your pet to reach the beach. Early in the morning, set your eyes on the golden sand fresh from footprints as you and your pet make the first prints of the day. Sniff out tide pools hiding marine life while walking the coast or run across the wide beaches until the sand becomes ocean water. There’s ample room for a game of fetch, and running off leash means they can test their speed.

The artistic landscapes at Yachats give it an unmatched beauty. Lay out in the sun while taking in views of Cape Perpetua, the highest point on the Oregon Coast. Be sure to keep your eye on the horizon for a chance to spot migrating whales.

Address: Yachats State Park, Yachats, OR 97498

Oceanside Beach

dog friendly Oceanside Beach

The Pacific Ocean rests at your paws when standing on Oceanside Beach. Characterized by its many unique rock formations, quiet shores, and even a secret beach, your pet is in for an exciting beach day.

At three miles long, Oceanside Beach has plenty of shoreline to explore. Stunning rocks jut from beneath the ocean water to decorate waterfront views from the beach. The most famous is the nearby Three Arch Rocks. Puffins fly over the beach as your pet plays in the water. Just be sure to keep your pet on a leash shorter than six feet.

Continue your journey down the beach, where you’ll soon encounter a cliff tunnel that leads to the secret beach. This beach is a bonus for your pet, who gets rewarded for the discovery with secluded shores.

Oceanside Beach is home to the Oceanside Pier, one of the longest wooded piers on the West Coast at nearly 2,000 feet. Admire boats and seadogs on the pet-friendly Kelly’s Brighton Marina, or experience more of the local nature by hiking the Oceanside Beach Trail.

Address: Oceanside Beach State Recreation Site, Tillamook, OR 97141

Rockaway Beach

dog friendly Rockaway Beach

If you’re lucky, you’ll snag one of the pet-friendly beachfront vacation homes at Rockaway Beach. It’s one of the best ways to experience the beach, waking up with the waves nearly knocking at your front door to let your dog out for its morning walk.

Rockaway Beach is seven miles of sandy shoreline, and pets can explore all of it. Toss around their favorite beach toys or Let your dog run off leash and chase away the seabirds on the beach. Enjoy views while laying down on the soft sand—it’s a great place to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The laidback atmosphere at Rockaway beach makes it enjoyable for all. Go on a dog walk, greet other pets playing on the beach, or chat with anglers talking about their latest trout catches. The beach also hosts events throughout the year, such as the annual kite festival you can attend with your pet.

Address: 27550 Hwy. 101 N. Rockaway Beach, OR

Agate Beach State Recreation Site

Dogs are natural diggers, so they’ll fit right in with the other beachgoers at Agate Beach. Whether looking for buried treasure in the sand or gravel beds, there’s a lot to discover if you’re willing to get your paws (or hands) dirty.

A natural stretch of the central Oregon Coast is preserved as the Agate Beach State Recreation Site. It keeps the beaches clean for pet-owners yet to have discovered it and makes you feel remote and surrounded by nature.

Park and walk the tunnel beneath the highway to reach the beach. The broad beach has a lot of sand, and you never know what you’ll find. First, you and your pet can take turns digging in the sand to find clams. Next, let them paw their way through the beach pebbles to find the agate, from which the beach derives its name.

After fun in the sand, it’s time to rinse off those paws In the Pacific Ocean. Go swimming or tease yourself with the waves washing on the shore.

Address: Agate Beach State Wayside, Newport, OR 97365


dog friendly Manzanita

Manzanita is dog heaven—restaurants offer water bowls to waiting pets and community-wide annual events dedicated to dogs. But perhaps the most convincing part is the large dog-friendly beach for pets of all sizes.

Manzanita beach’s quiet, still setting let you focus on the fun with your pet. Quality time with your pet means swimming in the Pacific Ocean, running around the sand, or sun tanning their lush fur coats. Large dogs play fetch with their owners while small dogs sniff their way around the shores, searching for something to chew on. The truth is, the seven miles of shoreline along the coast exhibit all kinds of dogs and owners enjoying the beach.

Although Manzanita only has a population of a few hundred people, it gets its fair share of pet beachgoers throughout the year. To continue celebrating the local four-legged residents, you can attend pet-friendly events like the annual Muttzania event and fundraiser in September.

Address: 11 Manzanita Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130

Lincoln City Beach

dog friendly Lincoln City Beach

Lincoln City is a small town in Oregon with a big heart for pets. So much, that pets are permitted on one of the best coastline sections in the state. Your pet will enjoy the natural scenery filled with massive boulders, and a seemingly endless ocean stretched before them.

You’ll arrive at Lincoln City Beach within a two-hour drive from Portland. With the beach being a prized attraction for the town, there is plenty of parking and accessibility features to make the beach accessible to everyone—even pets.

Turquoise waves roll onto shore as this 7.5-mile stretch of golden sand provides land and water fun. Swimming is always fun, or wade near the shore while taking in views. When exploring the shore, you may come across glass pieces blown nearby in the Lincoln City Glass Center left behind during one of their annual festivals.

You can plan an entire pet beach holiday in Lincoln City. Stay at one of the many pet-friendly beachfront accommodations or venues like Beachcrest Brewing that gladly welcome pets.

Address: 1144 NW 15th St, Lincoln City, OR

Beverly Beach

dog friendly Beverly Beach

One day is never enough at Beverly Beach, and the pet-friendly campgrounds full of pets are proof. So, whether you’re looking to stay overnight or just some day fun on the beach with your furry friend, Beverly Beach will make their tails wag nonstop.

Peer down the coastline as miles of beach unfolds before you. Soft sand arches around the coast, boasting lots of natural beauty and scenery for your viewing pleasure. Unhook your dog’s leash and let them wander the beach at their leisure. It’s a year-round beach where you’ll find other dogs splashing around in the ocean or chasing after balls tossed around the beach by their owners.

Beverly Beach is part of the Beverly Beach State Park. This state park designation preserves the beach’s natural environment. Getting to the beach is simple—take the pedestrian walk path beneath Highway 101, and you’ll have a traffic-free stroll to the coast. In addition to the beach, the park has many woodland trails you can walk with your dog.

Address: 198 NE 123rd Street Newport, OR 97365

Bullards Beach State Park

dog friendly Bullards Beach State Park

With the ocean breeze blowing the light sand grass and rippling the water surface, Bullards Beach State Park is a serene place to play with your pet. The secluded shores give much-needed privacy and no disturbances about having your pet in the sand or water.

Drive down Bullards Beach Road until you reach the end. But when the road ends, the beach begins, unveiling its 4.5-mile stretch of sandy shore. Climb over the rolling dunes on the beach to find a remote part of the beach and get set up to play.

Unpack your dog’s favorite toys and keep water handy for them to stay hydrated at the beach. Dogs are permitted off-leash if they’re voice trained. And with the quiet setting, they’ll easily hear you calling for them over the ocean sounds. Let your pet sniff out the perfect beachfront pine tree for its doggy business, but be sure to clean up after them.

There are sites for a beach picnic with your pet at Bullards Beach and plan an overnight stay in the park campgrounds.

Address: Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR 97411