What are the Best Greenies Dog Dental Treats?

Greenies Natural Dog Dental Care Chews
  • The unique texture cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath
  • Veterinarian recommended and accepted by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council)
  • Made with natural, easy-to-digest ingredients and are nutritionally complete

What Are Greenies Dog Dental Treats?

Greenies Dog Dental Treats are dog treats with a chewy texture and design that help clean a dog’s teeth and freshen a dog’s breath without using a toothbrush. The treats rub the dog’s teeth, which reduces plaque and prevents dog teeth tartar.

Greenies is owned by Nutro, a subsidiary of Mars Inc. It was founded back in 1996 by Joe and Judy Roetheli, who realized the dental treats on the market at the time were subpar in their opinion.

Their dog, Ivan, had “world-class bad breath,” 2and no product on the market seemed to help. After some consideration, they decided to make their own treats, and the rest is history.

Where Are Greenies Dog Dental Treats Made?

Greenies Dog Dental Treats are made in Kansas City, MO.

How Are Greenies Dog Dental Treats Made?

Greenies Dog Dental Treats are made with a mixture of wheat flour, glycerin, gelatin, lecithin, and oat fiber. The ingredients are combined and cooked to allow them to cure into the chewy texture Greenies is known for.

Their ingredients are mostly sourced from the United States, with the exception of the vitamins and minerals that go into their products, which are sourced internationally. They make each product to the standards of the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

Therefore, each Greenies product features the VOHC Seal of Acceptance.

Are Greenies Dental Good for Dogs?

Yes, Greenies Dog Dental treats are good.

The chewy, firm texture stimulates blood flow to the gums and rubs against teeth to loosen and remove tartar and plaque.

They are effective in helping to freshen breath, prevent gum disease and periodontal disease, and whiten teeth. Each treat delivers vitamins and minerals to help supplement a dog’s diet, and they are made with natural ingredients.

Overall, Greenies are excellent dental products for dogs and help prevent dental disease in dogs.

Greenies Dog Dental Treats Reviewed

There are different Greenies Dog Dental Treats on the market. Here is a review of the brand’s most popular options to help you choose the right Greenies dental treats for your dog.

Greenies Natural Dog Dental Care Chews

Summary: The unique texture of these dental doggie treats clean deep down to the gum line. They offer enhanced dental health by achieving a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. They are a good source of things like biotin, vitamins, and minerals that help to promote strong teeth and healthy gums. They are sized appropriately for medium breed dogs and available in packages of up to 54 treats to provide dental health protection for weeks at a time.

Best for: Adult dogs

Price: $0.90/oz

  • Available in a wide variety of package sizes
  • Unique texture cleans down to the gumline
  • Delivers vitamins and minerals
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Can be used regularly on a daily basis
  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Ingredient Analysis: Wheat flour and wheat gluten give this treat its texture with the aid of glycerin for a sweeter taste. Natural poultry flavor is also used to flavor this product, but it is not specified from where this flavor comes. Natural fruit juice color is added as well, and this is often controversial among dog owners. These treats are rich in vitamin A, E, and D3, as well as potassium iodide and folic acid. This makes these treats a great and healthy option for dental care.

Review: Averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 26,000 reviews, it’s clear consumers are happy with these treats. These people are impressed with the cleaning action these treats offer, and their dog loves the flavor. Other buyers were unimpressed with these treats, however, with numerous consumers saying their dog had trouble digesting these even though they have been feeding them Greenies for years.

Greenies Original Teenie Size Natural Dog Dental Care Chews

Summary: These original dental treats offer tiny dogs a healthy treat that also cleans their teeth and strengthen their gums in a flavor they will love. Their texture is firm yet chewy to thoroughly break loose tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth. They are made extra small to be suitable for dogs up to 15 pounds. They are available in a package of 260 treats to provide your tiny dog dental protection for months to come.

Best for: Small breed adult dogs

Price: $0.71/oz

  • Available in a box that contains up to 260 treats
  • Specifically made extra small for tiny dogs
  • Breaks loose tartar as they chew
  • Delicious and easily digestible formula
  • Natural ingredients that deliver vitamins and minerals
  • The formula uses added color, an unnecessary ingredient

Ingredient Analysis: Texture is provided by wheat flour and wheat gluten, while glycerin, natural poultry flavor, and gelatin give the taste. Vitamins and minerals include d-calcium pantothenate, calcium carbonate, and dl-alpha tocopherol acetate (a natural source of vitamin E), as well as powdered cellulose to provide a modest amount of fiber.

Review: Happy dog owners say these treats do a “great job at keeping my dog’s teeth and gums healthy.” These consumers were happy their dogs loved these natural dental dog treats and said their dog’s breath had improved significantly immediately after eating these. Other consumers were concerned about their dogs becoming sick after eating these treats. They say the treats gave their dog diarrhea that, in some cases, lasted several days at a time.

Greenies Original Large Size Dog Dental Care Treats

Summary: Made large for large breed adult dogs, these Greenies dog treats are designed to be safe for big dogs to chew on. They provide loads of nutrients in a package that also cleans plaque from their teeth and gets down to the gum line. These treats are available with autoship at checkout, so you won’t have to worry about running out again. Available in packages of up to 34 treats, these can be given out daily as part of a great dental care routine.

Best for: Large breed adult dogs

Price: $1.00/oz

  • With natural sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains the VOHC seal of approval
  • Made for large breed dogs
  • With ingredients that are easy to digest
  • Freshen breath and prevent tartar buildup
  • The formula uses added color for the appearance

Ingredient Analysis: Wheat gluten and wheat flour provide the texture, while glycerin and natural poultry flavor add the flavor to these treats. The use of an unspecified natural flavor might not be ideal because the source is not named, and chicken is a common allergen.

Review: Most reviews of these treats were positive. They expressed happiness in finding a dog treat that cleaned their big dog’s mouth and said they wished they had an autoship option to receive these treats automatically. Other people said these treats gave their dogs diarrhea and said they would not be buying these again. Several even warned other potential buyers to “not feed these to any animal.”

Greenies Grain Free Regular Natural Dog Dental Care Chews

Summary: The grain-free formula of these regular size treats is made for medium-sized dogs and provides complete nutrition. It uses potatoes instead of grains for texture and taste. The firm texture scrapes against teeth to remove tartar and plaque to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. They come in a package of up to 36 treats and are made in the proven original flavor dogs love.

Best for: Adult dogs

Price: $1.92/oz

  • Grain-free and nutrient-dense formula
  • With easily digestible ingredients
  • Cleans teeth and gums as they chew
  • Freshen and improve the dog’s breath
  • Recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
  • Quite expensive

Ingredient Analysis: Texture is provided by pea flour and dried potato. Glycerin and natural poultry flavor are the sources of flavor, with the poultry flavor being higher on the ingredients list than with other formulas. This may help make them more appealing, as potatoes are the foundation of these treats. Although it is low on the list, fruit juice color is used to add aesthetic. This is probably not necessary as dogs don’t tend to care what their food looks like before they eat it.

Review: Most reviews on Amazon were left by dog owners who were happy to give these treats to their dogs on a daily basis. They say these treats were great at cleaning their dog’s teeth, and they have been buying them for years for their dog. Other consumers were concerned when their dog started having loose or bloody stools after eating these treats. Some said they had switched to the grain-free variety to avoid chicken fat in the ingredients, and it seemed to have made their dog’s digestive problems worse.

Greenies Petite Size Oral Health Dental Chews

Summary: One of Greenies’ only products that come in a flavor other than the original flavor, these dental treats are made in a delicious blueberry flavor. They are made small to be quickly eaten by adult dogs of small breeds. Containing the VOHC seal of approval, these treats are lovely at cleaning a dog’s mouth and freshening their breath. These treats are safe enough to be given out daily and provide tons of vitamins, and minerals dogs need.

Best for: Small breed adult dogs

Price: $1.19/oz

  • Delicious blueberry flavor
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Cleans teeth and strengthens gums
  • Recommended by the VOHC
  • High protein content
  • Only available in small packages

Ingredient Analysis: Wheat flour and wheat gluten provide the base of this recipe and offer the trademark texture Greenies is known for. Glycerin, gelatin, and natural flavors are used for taste. Although it is not specified what the natural flavor is, it can be assumed it is for the blueberry aspect of these treats because there is no blueberry in the ingredients. Vitamins and minerals are supplemented and help to make these treats an excellent source of nutrition in a dental care package.

Review: The most common theme among happy customers is the fun blueberry smell of these treats. Consumers are pleased with the smell of the treats out of the bag and say it makes their dog’s breath smell of blueberry. A small number of customers say they did not notice a big difference in the appearance of their dog’s teeth, but their breath was much nicer. Unhappy buyers said their dog would not eat them or these treats had made their dog vomit, but these reviews only made up 2% of the 3,000+ reviews on Amazon.

Greenie Teenie Size Weight Control Dog Dental Treats

Summary: These treats are made to contain fewer calories than traditional Greenies to promote weight loss. They include L-carnitine for aid in metabolizing fat and are available in Greenie’s original chicken flavor. The flavor and easy digestibility of these treats keeps dogs wanting more while being safe enough to be given daily. They are made in sizes suitable for any dog breed and provide balanced nutrition in each treat.

Best for: Adult dogs

Price: $1.05/oz

  • Fewer calories than original Greenies
  • Contain L-carnitine for fat metabolism
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Low-fat content
  • Available in sizes for every dog
  • Contain some unspecified ingredients

Ingredient Analysis: Wheat flour and wheat gluten are the two ingredients in this formula that give these treats their texture. Gelatin and glycerin provide a bit of taste, while a natural poultry flavor adds chicken flavor. Added color is used to make these treats more visually appealing, but this is more for the human than the dog, as dogs don’t tend to notice what their food looks like.

Review: Some of the many positive reviews said these treats had saved them “hundreds of dollars” in vet bills. They said these treats were the best thing for their dog’s mouth they could have hoped for, and many states have been giving their senior dogs these treats for years, and their teeth are healthy as ever. Critical reviews only made up 2% of total reviews. The most common complaint was that these treats didn’t help their dog’s teeth.

Have Greenies Dog Dental Treats Been Recalled?

No, Greenies Dog Dental Treats have not been recalled. However, Greenies was involved in two lawsuits – one in 2006 and the other in 2015.

In 2006 a dog passed away after a Greenies dog dental chew lodged in its throat. The 2015 lawsuit was due to the brand’s claim of being the “number 1 recommended oral health treat.” The lawsuits were settled out of court.

Are Greenies Dog Dental Treats Worth It?

Yes, Greenies Dog Dental Treats are worth it.

They are made with natural ingredients that are mostly sourced from the USA and offer a great and affordable form of oral health care. On top of that, they provide real nutrients that supplement the dog’s diet. Greenies Dog Dental Treats can be given daily and are safe to digest.

Greenies is one of the best dog dental treats on the market – they are readily available, affordable, and, most of all, effective at keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and giving them fresh breath.

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