Petsmont is a company that is known for its purely organic, high-quality pet products. They focus strongly on nutrition and make a huge effort to avoid any toxic chemicals from ending up in their products. 

We, at, liked how they pride themselves on knowing where each ingredient in their products comes from, how it was grown, the sustainability of the farm where it was grown… and any other detail that matters.

  • Petsmont is a company known for supplying high-quality and purely organic pet products for dogs and cats
  • Their products are available on 
  • They sell all-natural products specially formulated for dogs & cats
  • On their product list, you’ll find health supplements, natural balms, and natural oil formulas for pets
  • At Petsmont, they are mindful of the ingredients that go into their organic products
Petsmont Touch & Heal Organic Paw Balm for Dogs 2oz
  • The most effective way to give the cracked paws and dry noses of your furry friend, a soft and moisturized texture. 
  • Made with selected organic ingredients that will make your dog's paws, elbow, nose, and skin color healthy again.
  • Organic, USDA Certified, Made in USA and you will feel the difference right away after its application. 

What is Petsmont?

Petsmont is a company known for its high-quality and purely organic pet products. They are committed to producing animal products with a strong focus on nutrition with no toxic chemicals. Petsmont products are a result of extensive research led by farmers and experts in organic food and wild-caught products. The company develops products containing raw and unprocessed ingredients. Petsmont is dedicated to giving your pet “health, vitality, longevity, and happiness.”

Who Owns Petsmont?

Petsmont was founded by Stephen Munive, who grew up around lovable pets. He strongly advocates a healthy lifestyle to promote longevity with proper nutrients by consuming superfoods. Growing up with animals around him, he learned to appreciate different kinds of pets. He also wanted to provide them with a healthy lifestyle through nutrition to enable them to live a healthy and long life. To do so, he had to go through an extensive period of studying and research to create the best premium quality foods using natural ingredients. Thus, Petsmont was founded to “raise awareness about nutrition and good health and embrace non-toxic and organic elements in our everyday living.”

Leo Roux, the company’s CEO, also grew up surrounded by farm animals. He also shares the same ideals regarding health and providing only the best to pets.

Where is Petsmont Made?

Petsmont is located in Florida, USA, with its headquarters at 757 SE 17th St Ste 149, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33316, United States.

What does Petsmont Sell?

Petsmont sells all-natural products specially formulated for cats and dogs. These products are:

What Dog Products does Petsmont Sell?

Petsmont sells a wide range of products for dogs including paw balm, supplements, and oils. All products are created using USDA-certified organically sourced ingredients brought from US organic farms. Petsmont products do not contain toxins and are designed to give your pet the best nutrients to protect, promote healing, and support immunity growth.  

What Dog Supplements does Petsmont Sell?

Petsmont sells three dog supplements in two different varieties. The company produces a powdered supplement and two kinds of oils. These products are mentioned below:

  • Petsmont Immune & Allergy Support: With seasonal changes, your dog may get allergies due to a weakened immune system. Allergies usually cause flaky skin, hot spots, bald patches, and other health problems. This makes your dog’s skin itchy and results in constant scratching and biting. This causes discomfort and pain. The Petsmont Immune & Allergy Support contains extracts from different mushrooms that are guaranteed to provide immune support and fight against allergies. This dog food promotes a vibrant coat, healthy skin, good digestion, healthy joints, and heart functioning. It also provides essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.    
  • Petsmont Organic Coconut Oil: This oil can be used for two purposes. It can either be used as a supplement or as a topical moisturizer. Coconut oil is a superfood with many health benefits for dogs. It contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids that promote coat health. As a topical soother, it has anti-itch properties and has alleviating benefits for a dry dog paw.
  • Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula: Salmon oil is delicious and rich in nutrients essential for a dog’s overall health. It provides hydration for the skin and boosts the immune system as it contains omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and EPA & DHA. It also maintains mobility and improves gut health. It also protects from seasonal allergies and helps improve a dog’s appetite.

Dogs’ paws get cracked, and their noses become dry due to environmental changes and physical surroundings. This organic cracked paw balm helps to restore the health of damaged paws and flaky noses as it is enriched with collagen. The organic oils and vitamins in the ingredients provide moisture and heal the skin.

What Cat Products does Petsmont Sell?

Cat products from Petsmont consist of supplements and oils with essential vitamins and fatty acids to support the cat’s immune system and bodily functions. Some of these products are listed below:

  • Petsmont Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Formula: This delicious product is salmon flavored, which is perfect for cats. Adding salmon oil to a cat’s food helps with mobility, heart health, digestion, gut microbial diversity, inflammation, and brain function. Its ingredients include omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, wild Alaskan pollock oil, and mixed tocopherols, which are natural preservatives. The supplement provides the cat with a shinier and healthier coat.
  • Petsmont Healing Organic Paw Balm: This paw balm is perfect for maintaining well-hydrated and healthy paws and noses. It alleviates rough, scarred paws and flaky noses caused by seasonal allergies and rough terrain. This balm contains organic plant-based collagen for good skin care. Organic shea butter and coconut oil provides for better hydration. Other ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, and jojoba oil help heal and protect the cat’s skin. The balm is non-toxic and safe for cats to lick.  

What Cat Supplements does Petsmont Sell?

Petsmont sells a powdered supplement and a coconut oil supplement for cats. Although coconut oil is labeled “for dogs,” it has properties that are safe for cats and beneficial for them. These supplements are discussed below:

  • Petsmont Immune & Allergy support: This supplement is as tasty as it is nutritious when added to your cat’s food. The ingredients consist of various organically sourced mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber that help with immunity growth. The supplement also promotes skin hydration. It also makes way for a healthy brain, heart, and joints. The supplement boosts athletic endurance and flexibility as well.
  • Petsmont Organic Coconut Oil: Petsmont’s 100% USDA organic and unrefined coconut oil is a supplement and topical oil. Coconut oil has many benefits as a topical as it helps to moisturize dry skin, reduce itchiness, and improve the coat.

Is Petsmont a Good Brand?

Yes, Petsmont is a good brand. They rely on expert knowledge to develop the best quality products. The company uses USDA-certified ingredients sourced directly from organic farmers. These ingredients are boasted as containing no toxins or chemical preservatives.

At Petsmont, they have an interesting range of products for pet owners to choose from. Having many choices is great as some pets can be picky with food.

As the company prioritizes value for money most products come at affordable prices with sizable quantities. Another plus for Petsmont is that the official website has 24/7 customer service that provides quick and efficient responses.

The organic ingredients used in their products have been thoroughly researched to provide pets with the best high-quality products they deserve. Each ingredient targets a specific purpose and promotes longevity. Additionally, there are many recipes available on the company’s website that your pets will love.

Where Can I Buy Petsmont Products?

Petsmont products are available on Petsmont’s official website. The company also offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also buy Pestmont products from Amazon and Chewy.

Do Vets Recommend Petsmont Products?

No, there is no evidence that the company’s products are endorsed by veterinarians.

Why Not Try Them Out? 

Petsmont cares about furry friends and their health. Their dedication and commitment to developing organic products and the amount of research into each superfood show that they are mindful of the ingredients. Petsmont products are well formulated to provide internal and external protection and well-being. Why don’t you give them a try and “Discover the Petsmont difference?”

“The safety and benefits of topical coconut oil for dogs and cats are better understood than the oral supplementation of it. The high amounts of fat in the oil can potentially cause gastrointestinal upset and should not be given on a regular basis. However, small and infrequent amounts may be beneficial.”Alysper M. Cormanes, DVM

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