Taste of the Wild Cat Food Summary

What is Taste of the Wild Cat Food?

Taste of the Wild Cat Food is a premium quality cat food made by Taste of the Wild Pet food – a family-owned pet food brand.

The parent company of Taste of the Wild is Diamond Pet Food. They strive to make cat and dog food as nutritious as possible by looking at what their pets’ counterparts eat in the wild.

As one of the fastest-growing pet food brands, its goal is to provide every pet with the high-quality nutrition and natural flavor they deserve while offering every pet owner a fair deal.

Where is Taste of the Wild Cat Food Made?

Taste of the Wild has six plants across the USA – in Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Kansas, and two in California.

Their ingredients sometimes come from global suppliers, and the suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure the highest quality products go into each of their pet foods.

How is Taste of the Wild Cat Food Made?

They operate under the guidance of veterinarians and animal nutritionists to ensure the highest standards for each product in their lineup.

They perform periodic heavy metals testing to make sure they are within safe parameters. They also have a comprehensive food safety system to make sure their pet food is in accordance with their standards.

The company’s safety protocols include 1,340 mycotoxin tests per week, 1,600+ microbiological tests per week, and 56,000+ finished product nutritional tests per month.

To make sure their food is meeting a minimum level of quality, they maintain close relationships with their suppliers. Taste of the Wild chooses to form long-term partnerships with its vendors so they can more easily maintain quality and ensure a consistent product from batch to batch.

Their ingredients are sustainably sourced from pasture-raised meat and cage-free poultry, so you know when you buy their products, you are also supporting an eco-conscious, ethical company.

Is Taste of the Wild Cat Food Good for Cats?

Yes, Taste of the Wild Cat Food is good.

They strive to provide cats with the best possible nutrition in their food by using real meat as their first ingredient. The brand follows this up with complex carbs, like sweet potatoes, and plant and legume proteins, such as potato protein and pea protein.

It is all wrapped up with a blend of micronutrients – probiotics, prebiotics, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants from fruits and veggies (blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, etc).

The result is a cat food of complete protein, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals your cat needs to live a long, healthy, and active life.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Formulas Reviewed

There are different Taste of The Wild Cat Food formulas. To help owners decide on the right food for their pets, we have reviewed some of the brand’s best-selling recipes.  

Taste Of The Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipes Premium Dry Cat Food

Summary: This dry cat food provides your cat with all the nutrients it needs with its combination of roasted venison & smoked salmon. The Rocky Mountain Feline Formula is available in 5-pound and 14-pound bags and is useful for cats of all sizes. With protein levels of 42%, the formula is fit for cats of all life stages.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Adult cats

Price: $3.59/lb

  • Promotes a healthy and lean body
  • Includes probiotics and taurine
  • Superfoods for immune system support
  • Fiber for hairball control and digestive support
  • Tasty kibble for cats of all breeds
  • Uses meat meals (chicken meal and ocean fish meal)

Ingredient Analysis: This product starts out with animal protein as its primary ingredient, which is great. Added nutrients like taurine, dl-methionine, choline chloride, thiamine mononitrate, calcium, and vitamin E help round out the amino acid, vitamin, and mineral profile. Chicory root is a good source of dietary fiber, and dried fermentation products of Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus plantarum, and other good bacteria serve as probiotic sources.

Review: Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain grain-free recipe is the brand’s most reviewed product. More than 80% of customers were satisfied with the quality of this food and the value it offered, with one user even expressing, “local survey says: 100% of cats like this!” However, the critical reviewers seem to have noticed a change in the formula.

Taste of the Wild PREY High Protein Limited Ingredient Premium Dry Cat Food

Summary: This limited ingredient food consists of only three ingredients: Angus beef, lentils, and sunflower oil. It includes a probiotic blend for digestive support and added folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids for brain and eye health. All of this is intended to provide your cat with all of the nutrients it needs in a high-quality grain-free dry cat food.

Type: Dry cat food 

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $2.87/lb

  • Limited ingredient, grain-free formula
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in digestion
  • Lentils as a carbohydrate source
  • Free from GMOs and additives
  • Comes in two options (Angus beef and turkey)
  • Contain a relatively high amount of carbs

Ingredient Analysis: Like with all of their products, this food is made with animal proteins first but is then finished with lentils for carbs and sunflower oil for healthy fats.

Review: Many cat owners explain their cats enjoy the food. Plus, switching to the brand has made them healthy, and they rate it 5 stars. The biggest concern was regarding an inaccurate ingredients list. Another potential issue is the high content of carbohydrates, making the food a better fit for active cats.

Taste of the Wild High Protein Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Summary: Using trout or salmon for a distinct flavor your cat will enjoy, this grain-free wet cat food is made with animal proteins first, then topped off with fruits and superfoods for vitamins and minerals. The diet is excellent for reducing carb intake and increasing water intake. Because of the unique formula, it can be used for cats of all breeds and age categories.

Type: Wet cat food 

Best for: Adult cats

Price: $2.49 per can

  • Healthy meat, fish, and poultry formula
  • Grain-free wet cat food for overall health
  • Probiotics for digestible health
  • Supports healthy hydration
  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes
  • Some cats may not enjoy the flavor

Ingredient Analysis: The ingredients are made to mirror what nature provides cats in the wild, using animal protein as the primary ingredient. From there, it goes into a mix of fruits, berries, yucca schidigera extract, and vitamin B12 supplements for antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Review: Reviews about the Wild Canyon River food were mostly positive, with around 75% of them being 4 stars or above. The most common complaint from those who were critical of the food was that their cat simply would not eat it.

What Cat Food Formulas does Taste of the Wild Make?

Taste of the Wild Cat Food includes several different formulas. Here is a list of the dry cat foods:

The line of wet cat foods includes two formulas:

There are no Taste of the Wild cat treats available.

Taste Of The Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipes Premium Dry Cat Food
  • High protein content (42%) helps support bones, joints and a lean, healthy body condition
  • Nutrient-rich and provides the energy to thrive; vitamins and minerals from FRUITS and SUPERFOODS
  • With antioxidants and prebiotics — to help support healthy digestion, IMMUNE system and overall health and wellness

Has Taste of the Wild Cat Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Taste of the Wild Cat Food has a recall history. It was one recall in May of 2012 and was due to a salmonella outbreak from their food.

Also, although it did not lead to a recall, in June 2019, the Food and Drug Administration identified Taste of the Wild as one of 16 pet food companies that may be linked to heart disease. However, most of the formulas were dry dog foods.

Is Taste of the Wild Cat Food Worth it?

Yes, Taste of the Wild Cat Food is worth it. Their products are sourced responsibly, and they put high-quality, wholesome, natural ingredients in their foods with no additives. They offer a lineup for every stage of life your cat will experience and flavors they will enjoy.

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