Pupjoy is a pet wellness supplier that claims to have the best pet subscription boxes. They offer a variety of different treats, toys, and other pet supplies.

We liked Pupjoy’s subscription box options, as well as their large selection of different goodies to stuff your box with.

  • Pupjoy offers a few different options for your monthly subscription. You can choose from a pre-built box as well as a build-your-own box.
  • They cater products to any dog size, so you don’t need to worry about your dog breed being left out.
  • The dog goods they have in stock often change, so you will have new products to look forward to the next time you order.
Pupbox Themed Boxes
  • Pick your products. Select your schedule. Free Shipping. Update or cancel at any time
  • Purchase a single box or save with multi-month deliveries
  • Boxes made with your dog's age and size in mind
  • Pick from quality toys, treats, and all-natural chews

Pupjoy: What is It?

Pupjoy is a pet store that offers a variety of pet products for both small dogs and larger dogs. These offer one of the best dog subscription boxes for pet owners. In addition to the toys, treats, and supplies you can buy separately, you can sign up for a subscription service where you receive a Pupjoy box through flexible shipping options. 

Pupjoy is dedicated to its principles, which include banning artificial sweeteners and dangerous animal by-products. All of their treats are made with all-natural ingredients and are eco-friendly.

Who Owns Pupjoy?

Dustin McAdams is the founder and CEO of Pupjoy. The company was founded in 2015.

Where Are Pupjoy Products Made?

Pupjoy products are made from materials sourced globally. They do offer a collection of products that are made in the USA.

Pupjoy: What do they Sell? 

Pupjoy sells a variety of pet products. The categories of these products include:

  • Pet Toys: Several varieties of pet toys include chew toys and special power chewers.
  • Pet Treats: A fun selection of different flavors and treats varieties.
  • Pet Supplies: These fun pet supplies cover a wide variety of different needs.
  • BarkBoxes: Pupjoy allows dog parents to build their own Pupjoy box with different options for toys, treats, and other pet supplies.

Pupjoy: Dog Products

Pupjoy taco

Pupjoy mainly focuses on providing dog products to its customers. The dog products that you can expect to see include:

  • Dog Toys: Fun dog products that you can give to your dog to enjoy alone, or you can also join in on the fun.
  • Dog Beds: Dog mattresses that can be placed around the house to give your dog a place to rest in the middle of the day.
  • Dog Treats: A large selection of different chews and supplements.
  • Dog Apparel: Accessories that make your dog look more stylish.

Pupjoy: Dog Treats 

Nothing puts a wag on your dog’s tail quite like a tasty treat. Pupjoy has a large selection of treats which include:

  • Soft & Chewy: Softy and Chewy treats include the Givepet, Chippin, and Shameless pet brands. They have different benefits, like improving digestion or supporting your immune system. Digestive problems in pets can be tricky to fix once your dog starts experiencing symptoms.
  • Eco-Friendly Treats:  These treats are sustainably produced and come in many different flavors and varieties. You can get baked treats and chew treats with flavors like banana, duck, beet, and carrots.
  • Jerky Treats: Jerky treats are great for dog training and come in small jerky bites. They offer combinations like Duck-Tato and Moo-Lobsta, among others. The Chippin brand of these treats comes in Cricket Protein and Silver Carp.
  • Freeze-Dried Treats: These treats come from Mission Farms and contain real protein, as well as cranberries and probiotics. These ingredients help keep your dog healthy and high energy.
  • Dental Chews: Dental chews help your dog with teething and keeping your dog’s breath fresh. They also include fish oil that can help your dog’s skin and coat stay clean.
  • Natural Chews: Natural chews include things like bully sticks, beef collagen sticks, and dental chews. They come in flavors like banana, berry, and carrot.

Pupjoy: Dog Toys

Pupjoy offers a fun selection of dog toys to choose from. These toy options are listed below:

  • Made in the USA: These products are produced in the USA and feature things like dental towers, honey bones, and wishbones.
  • Eco-Friendly: Toys that come in rubber chew varieties and nylon chews.
  • Foodie Fun: These toys are all shaped like food items. You will find french fries, pizza, sushi rolls, and more.
  • Happy Hour: Fun toys that resemble famous alcoholic drinks like whisky, vodka, and tequila.
  • Plush: Soft toys for light chewers that include two round squeakers.
  • Power Chewers: These toys can handle a little more abuse and are perfect for aggressive chewers.
  • Fetch & Tug: You will want these toys if you want to play along with your dog. You will find a squeaky ring and various waggle balls that allow you to play fetch or fight with your dog for control of the toy.

Pupjoy: Dog Supplies

Dog supplies cover a wide range of products. The dog supplies you will find include:

  • Hemp Mattress Bed: A soft and squishy bed made from cotton and hemp. It is stuffed with recycled plastic and is hypoallergenic. All of the covers are machine washable.
  • Baxter Dog Backpack: This strap backpack attaches to your dog and gives them storage pockets and additional leash hooks so you can get better control when you walk your dog.
  • Bowls & Feeders: You will find eco-friendly bamboo bowls and insulated dog water bottles. They are transportable and come in a variety of colors.
  • Biodegradable Poop Bags: Strong bags for scooping poop. They cater to all sizes of poop and come in a bag dispenser that makes it easy to retrieve a bag while on a walk.

Does Pupjoy Sell Cat Products? 

No, Pupjoy does not sell cat products. Pupjoy products are designed for dogs, making many of them unusable for cats. Cats have different dietary needs, usually higher amounts of protein and less plant fiber.

Is Pupjoy a Good Brand?

Puppy playing with Pupjoy toys

Yes, Pupjoy is a good brand to buy from. When buying from Pupjoy, you will get a high-quality product with no artificial fillers. The brand hosts several charitable programs that help improve its social responsibility. Pupjoy uses ethical supply chains and environmentally friendly packaging to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. They also take great care to remove dangerous types of animal by-products from their food. Some by-products can be very unhealthy for your dog to consume.

Where can I Buy Products from Pupjoy?

You can buy Pupjoy products from their official website at pupjoy.com. You can receive a coupon to save money on your first box if you have a referral.

Do Vets Recommend Pupjoy Products?

Yes, vets recommend the types of products that Pupjoy sells. Pupjoy uses high-quality ingredients that do not have artificial ingredients. All natural ingredients are recommended by most veterinarians because they contain nutrients that your pet needs.

Pupjoy: Why Not Try Them Out? 

If you are tired of the usual food you have been buying for your dog and want to take steps to upgrade your dog’s health, why not try out Pupjoy? Their subscription boxes are a fun and convenient way to get your dog’s meals. The meals are artisanal and very aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you will be helping support charities for shelter animals and breast cancer patients by using Pupjoy for your dog’s food needs.