What is the Best Weruva Cat Food?

  • Best Overall Weruva Cat Food: Weruva Classic Cat Wet Food
    This classic wet food is grain and filler-free, available in a variety of flavors, and supportive of the cat’s urinary health.
  • Best Pate-Type Weruva Cat Food: Weruva Cat Patés Wet Food
    Delicious pate with gently pureed, wholesome ingredients that offer a complete and balanced meal for cats of all breed sizes.
  • Best Stew-Type Weruva Cat Food: Weruva Classic Cat Stews
    Grain-free wet cat food made with meat chinks in gravy to support healthy hydration in picky eaters and fussy drinkers.
  • Best Flavor Selection Weruva Cat Food: Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Wet Food
    This food line has the widest variety of flavors, and they are all free from hazardous ingredients and support overall health.
  • Best Rated Weruva Cat Food: Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Paté Pouches
    Packed with proteins and free from grains, this wet cat food has the most reviews on Amazon and Chewy.
  • Best Weruva Cat Food for Kittens: Weruva Kitten Formula in a Hydrating Purée
    Chicken breast formula in a hydrating pate made without grains, gluten, and carrageenan that is fit for growing kittens.

What is Weruva Cat Food?

Weruva Cat Food is a natural and holistic pet food company. The brand offers high-quality cat and dog food made with natural, human-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients. The company got its name from the three founders – Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa.

Weruva is the first B-Corp certified pet food company in North America, meaning they “voluntarily meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability,” according to their website.

Where is Weruva Cat Food Made?

Weruva Cat Food is made in Thailand in facilities that also make Weruva dog food.

How is Weruva Cat Food Made?

Weruva Cat Food is made with human-grade and identifiable ingredients so you can see what is in the food instead of making the food into generic-shaped kibble. They do so in a plant powered by wind and meeting the strict international standards of The British Retail Consortium (BRC).

All of the chickens the company uses are raised in a cage-free, climate-controlled environment, and the beef and lamb are sourced from Australia and New Zealand from grass-fed farms.

Is Weruva Cat Food Good for Cats?

Yes, Weruva Cat Food is good. Its recipes are generally low in phosphorus and high in protein and vitamins, making it healthy and safe for cats with kidney issues as well as healthy cats.

The human-grade ingredients and strict guidelines Weruva Cat Food voluntarily meets are there to ensure your cat is receiving high-quality foods and all of the nutrition it needs to be active and healthy.

Weruva Cat Food Formulas Reviewed

There are different Weruva Cat Food lines and products. To help cat owners find the best formula for their pets, we have reviewed several of the Weruva Cat Food options. 

Weruva Classic Cat Wet Food

Summary: This is Weruva’s most popular wet cat food featuring shredded chicken in gravy. Made with carefully selected ingredients and no grains and fillers, the formula is delicious and supports a healthy urinary tract. The original lineup comes in over 10 flavors, like Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Mideast Feast, and Nine Liver.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats at any life stage

Price: $1.42/can

  • Wide selection of flavors
  • Hydrates your cat while it eats
  • Supports urinary health
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • No carrageenan
  • The variety pack is often sold out

Ingredient Analysis: The protein sources in this food are great as it comes almost strictly from animal sources like turkey, chicken breast, and mackerel. We like the addition of vitamin supplements as well as biotin for healthy fur and claws.

Review: With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon and 300 on Chewy, consumers mostly had only one thing to say: “My cat loves this food.” Some reviewers were less than satisfied after an apparent change in the recipe left the food with a different texture and smell their cat would no longer eat.

Weruva Cat Patés Wet Food

Summary: This food comes in a wide variety of flavors made with boneless chicken, beef, and fish. It offers hydration with its 82% moisture formula and is made with no grains, gluten, fillers, soy, or carrageenan. The formulas are complete and balanced, meaning they are suitable for cats of all life stages and breed sizes.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: All cats

Price: $1.75/can

  • 100% complete and balanced
  • Made with wholesome ingredients
  • Hydrating and delicious pate
  • Grain, filler, and carrageenan-free
  • A ton of flavors to choose from
  • Reports about formula changes

Ingredient Analysis: Overall, the ingredients are fantastic in this wet food. Cats, being obligate carnivores, get some of their hydration from food, and this food offers a high moisture content to satisfy that need. It also has a great protein palate that comes from whole foods and animal sources and is partnered with non-GMO foods to give a dense nutrient profile.

Review: Over 1,200 five-star reviews praise this food for being good enough for their finicky cat and, in some cases, even helping senior cats eat again. Some even said they tried it themselves, and it was “as good as some human food.” Critical reviews express dissatisfaction with a change in the formula that altered the appearance to a “gelatinous” texture and claimed their pet refused to eat it after.

Weruva Classic Cat Stews

Summary: This cat food is made with cage-free chicken, wild-caught salmon, and turkey. The meat sources are minced together in grain-free diets with names based on pop-culture puns. It is made to be low in carbs and high in water. These stews are delicious, and even picky eaters like them. The formula is complete and fit for all cats.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats of all ages

Price: $2.34/can

  • Hydration focused formula
  • Made without preservatives and gluten
  • Hydration focused
  • Low-carbohydrate formula
  • No carrageenan additives
  • More expensive than similar products

Ingredient Analysis: The first four ingredients are protein. A good start, although the fifth ingredient is “natural flavors” and does not offer transparency to what those flavors are made of. Crude ingredients are included in small amounts, which is a plus, especially alongside the 84% moisture with which this food is made. There are no apparent or glaring holes in the ingredients of this wet food.

Review: Reviews on this are mixed, with only 53% rating it 5 stars. While they say it is worth trying and their cat enjoys the food, a large number of critical voices portray poor quality food with little to no meat product in the stew.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Wet Food

Summary: Made free of grains, gluten, colors, or preservatives, this is a high-protein wet canned food. It is made to support urinary tract health and keep your cat’s taste buds engaged. It is made for cats of all life stages and does an excellent job at maintaining adult cats. Low in phosphorus, the food promotes a healthy urinary tract.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Cats at all life stages

Price: $1.54/can

  • Chicken as the first ingredient
  • Supports urinary tract health
  • Grain-free and glute-free manufacturing
  • Hydration focused formula
  • 100% complete & balanced diet
  • Relatively high carbohydrate content

Ingredient Analysis: Chicken, chicken broth, and sunflower seed oil are the first three ingredients. Starting with animal proteins is always a good way to formulate cat food. The fact that the formula is low in phosphorus, magnesium, and ash supports urinary health, and the high moisture content assists with proper hydration. However, the carbohydrate content is unnecessarily high.

Review: Five-star reviews of this food were pretty standard with consumers regarding the food highly. They liked the way their cat was excited to eat it and that it didn’t make them sick. Some vocal critics of the food, however, pointed out big manufacturing errors like fish bones still in the food and an inconsistent texture from one can to the next.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Paté Pouches

Summary: Using the same recipes as Cats in the Kitchen listed above but offered in a convenient pouch, this food is made to hydrate and nourish your cat with the proteins and minerals it needs. They use whole animal ingredients and fruits to round out the nutrient profile of this wet cat food.

Type: Wet cat food pouch

Best for: Cats of all life stages

Price: $1.75/can

  • All-natural blend of proteins
  • Meats in delicious gravy
  • Comes in a variety pack
  • Easy accessibility and carrying of food
  • Many reviews on Amazon and Chewy
  • Pouches can be hard to scrape empty

Ingredient Analysis: At first glance, the ingredients of this food are completely balanced. We are happy to see the ingredients list start with animal broth and animal protein with minimum crude ingredients. A healthy blend of vitamin supplements completes this and makes it into a balanced source of nutrition and hydration.

Review: Most buyers rate this four or five stars. They are happy with the product in general and don’t seem to rave about it like some of the other product reviews. Those who are dissatisfied, however, are vocal in their complaints of the inability to scrape out the food from the pouch. They were also displeased with the texture of the food.

Weruva Kitten Formula in a Hydrating Purée

Summary: This hydrating kitten pate is fortified with vitamins and minerals for your growing best feline friend. It is made with the appropriate protein levels to support healthy development. With hand-butchered meat cuts in delicious gravy, the formula is enticing even for picky eaters. Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for: Kittens

Price: $1.75/can

  • High-quality, hand-butchered meat cuts
  • With 78% moisture for hydration
  • Formulated specifically for growing kittens
  • Gluten, carrageenan, and grain-free, and non-GMO
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • Contains relatively high levels of phosphorus

Ingredient Analysis: We like the source of protein being animal-based, but the vague “natural flavor” comes up again within the fir five ingredients. Without knowing what those flavors are made of, it is difficult to feel too confident in some parts of the ingredients list. However, the rest of the ingredients are good sources of nutrients and are put in there for obvious reasons.

Review: While this doesn’t have the most reviews, it seems the majority of customers are happy their kitten has eaten it and become a healthy adult cat. A small number of consumers have noted higher than normal levels of phosphorus, though, which can be damaging to a cat’s kidneys.

What Cat Food Formulas does Weruva Make?

Weruva Cat Food has several lines offering a variety of products. Here is a list of the Weruva Cat Food formulas:

  • Weruva Cat
    • Weruva Kitten: Chicken Formula Au Jus, Chicken & Pumpkin Formula in Gravy, Chicken & Tuna Formula in Gravy, Tuna & Salmon Formula in a Hydrating Purée, and Chicken Breast Formula in a Hydrating Purée
    • Weruva Classic Cat: Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Grandma’s Chicken Soup, Funky Chunky, Mideast Feast, Meow Luau, Marbella Paella, Green Eggs & Chicken, Polynesian BBQ, Outback Grill, Nine Liver, Mack and Jack, and Asian Fusion
    • Weruva Cat Patés: Meows n’ Holler PurrAmid, Meal or No Deal!, Press Your Dinner!, Who wants to be a Meowionaire?, The Slice is Right, The Newly Feds, Let’s Make a Meal, etc.
    • Weruva Cat Stew!: Goody Stew Shoes, Stewbacca, Stew’s Clues, Stewlander, Too Hot to Handle, Stewy Lewis, What a Crock, Simmer Down, Stick a Spork in It, Kettle Call, Stir the Pot, and Taco Stewsday
  • Weruva Cats in the Kitchen
    • Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Originals: Chicken Frick’ A Zee, Fowl Ball, The Double Dip, Funk in the Trunk, Splash Dance, Lamb Burger-ini, Kitty Gone Wild, La Isla Bonita, Two Tu Tango, Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken, Love me Tender, Chick Magnet, Pumpkin Jack Splash, etc.
    • Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Paté Pouches: Cat to The Future Chicken & Salmon Dinner, Meowiss Bueller Chicken & Lamb Dinner, The Breakfast Cat Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner, Cattyshack Chicken & Shrimp Dinner, The Karate Kitty Beef & Salmon Dinner, Cat Times at Fridgemont Duck & Tuna Dinner
  • Weruva Best Friend Foods
    • Weruva B.F.F. Originals: Tuna Too Cool, Tuna & Chicken 4Eva, Tuna & Salmon Soulmates, Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine, Tuna & Tilapia Twosome, Tuna & Chicken Chuckles, Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts, and Tuna & Bonito Be Mine
    • Weruva B.F.F. OMG! (Oh My Gravy!): Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks, Date Nite!, Chicken Cloud 9, Beef & Salmon Best Day Eva!, Chicken Charge Me Up, Tuna & Turkey Tickles, Tuna & Duck Devour Me, Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes, Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya, Seeya Sooner!, Rainbow Á Gogo, Purr-Fect Plannin’!, Ciao Baby!, Shazaam!, etc.
    • Weruva B.F.F. PLAY (Paté Lovers, Aw Yeah!): Chicken, Duck & Turkey Take a Chance, Tuna & Beef Blast Off!, Tuna & Duck Double Dare, Lamb & Tuna Told Ya’, Chicken Cherish, Beef and Tuna Tic Toc, Chicken & Duck Destiny, Tuna & Turkey TTYL, etc.

The brand also has a line of cat supplements by the name Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up with three products:

  • Weruva Puréed Pumpkin
  • Weruva Pumpkin with Coconut Oil & Flaxseeds
  • Weruva Pumpkin with Ginger & Turmeric

Finally, Weruva offers a low-dust, clay-free, and odorless cat litter named It’s A Tea Potty! made from Japanese Hinoki wood and green tea.

Weruva Classic Cat Wet Food
  • Grain-free, Gluten-free, & Carrageenan-free. Free from any artificial colors & preservatives
  • Low in phosphorus, magnesium, & ash with proper hydration levels
  • Produced in Human Food Facilities under the Strictest B. R. C. Global Standards for Foods

Has Weruva Cat Food Been Recalled?

Yes, Weruva Cat Food has never been recalled. Its Weruva BFF line had a recall in 2017 due to low thiamine levels that were linked to cases of illness and deaths.

Is Weruva Cat Food Worth it?

Yes, Weruva Cat Food is worth it. Read through the ingredients and know what to expect, as the natural ingredients in this food can cause inconsistencies in the final product.

They aren’t the cheapest cat food brand on the market, but the quality of ingredients that goes into their food and the environmental stance they have taken are worth supporting.

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