Best Dog Toy Subscription Boxes Summary

  • Best Overall Dog Toy Subscription: BarkBox
    This toy subscription offers the best customizable box of themed toys and dog treats through a monthly subscription.
  • Most Durable Dog Toy Subscription Box: BarkBox Super Chewer
    Through this subscription, you can expect durable dog toys, treats, and chews that are specially designed for heavy chewers.
  • Best Curated Dog Toy Subscription Box: PupBox
    This subscription offers a specially curated box of treats, toys, and tips that are made according to every life stage.
  • Most Premium Dog Toy Subscription Box: BoxDog
    With several options to choose from, you can decide between treats, gear, or toys for your beloved dog in a monthly box.
  • Most Hygienic Dog Toy Subscription Box: Bark Bright
    This subscription box offers a hygienic option for the betterment of your dog’s oral health and teeth cleaning needs.

What are the Benefits of Dog Toy Subscriptions?

What are the Benefits of Dog Toy Subscriptions

Dog toy subscription boxes are great – they ensure your dog has new toys on a regular basis and are convenient for you as they save you the trouble of toy shopping every now and then.

Here is a closer look at the benefits of the dog toy subscription box:

  • More Entertainment. News dog toys every month are every dog’s dream. The toys will keep your dog entertained and more involved in playtime. Dog toys are excellent for both physical and mental entertainment.
  • Good for Exercise. Since your dog has more motivation to engage in active play, you can expect them to have their share of daily exercise. Regular physical activity keeps dogs in shape and helps with weight management.
  • Nurtures Instincts. As your dog engages with the toys, it caters to their natural hunting instincts. This has a positive impact on the dog’s emotional wellness – it acts as a mental challenge and boosts cognitive function.
  • Great Training Tool. Right from the first box of goodies, it can be easier to train your dog according to its requirements. Dog owners can personalize the subscription boxes based on their dog’s personal preferences and needs.
  • Limited Destructive Behavior. High-quality, durable toys and natural treats often count as pooch perks and can help reduce destructive behavior in dogs. As said, physical and mental stimulation keep dogs engaged and away from trouble.

The Best Dog Toy Subscription Boxes Reviewed

Dog toy subscription boxes are in demand, and there are many brands offering them. To make things easy for dog owners, we have reviewed the best dog toy boxes available.


Summary: This is our top pick as it offers more than $40 worth of toys and treats. You can expect two innovative toys, two bags of treats, and one chew toy. Additionally, this can also be customized according to your requirements.

Price: Starting from $21 per month

Life Stage: Puppy/Adult

What’s in the Box: 2 innovative toys, 2 bags of treats, and 1 chew toy

  • Great deal on monthly packages
  • Fast shipping
  • Themed collection every month
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • The frequency of the package cannot be changed

Review: This package offers a wide range of toys for your pet friends to play with. The treats are a hit with most pets.

BarkBox Super Chewer

Summary: This package offers toys that are specially made for pets that are heavy chewers. It comes with two toys, two bags of treats, and two meaty chews that are great for gnawing and chewing.

Price: Starting from $30 per month

Life Stage: Adult/Senior

What’s in the Box: 2 durable toys, 2 bags of treats (customizable), and 2 meaty chews

  • Toys are made with durable material
  • Treats can be customized based on your dog’s allergies
  • Affordable prices
  • Ships fast and is delivered within five days
  • Offers loads of discounts
  • Products available in the same price range

Review: According to reviews posted on Amazon and Chewy, this package provides toys that are super durable. The treats that come with this are of premium quality.


Summary: Each monthly box contains treats and toys along with training tips for dogs of all age groups. However, emphasis is laid on training puppies. Each box is customized according to your pup’s requirements.

Price: $40 per month

Life Stage: Puppies

What’s in the Box: Toys, treats and/or chews, training aids, accessories like grooming products.

  • Contains a variety of items in every box
  • Training guides added to each box
  • Subscription auto-renews every month
  • Designed to accommodate allergies
  • Sourced from the U.S.A. or Canada
  • On the heftier end of the price range

Review: All items that are included in the box are made of high-quality materials. They are also tested by other canines. So you can be sure that you are getting the best for your money.


Summary: This package offers dog toys, treats, gadgets, and other goodies for your dog. Similar to other brands such as Dapper Dog Box, you can expect high-quality items that are durable and easy to wash.

Price: Starting from $45 per month

Life Stage: Adult/Senior

What’s in the Box: Handmade treats, vegan skincare products, dog gear like a bandana, dog toys

  • Free shipping
  • Affordable options
  • Variety of items included per box
  • Flexible plans
  • Great customer service
  • Not universally suited for all dogs

Review: This is a popular choice for pet parents. It comes with great quality treats and toys and is usually a great hit with dogs.

Bark Bright

Summary: This package contains specially made dental chews along with special enzymatic dog toothpaste. These work together to clean your dog’s teeth without the requirement of brushing them. However, they need to be used together for it to work.

Price: $30 to $35 per dog each month

Life Stage: Adult/Senior

What’s in the Box: 1 month supply of Dog Dental Chews, 1 month supply of Triple-enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

  • Improves oral health
  • Affordable package
  • Eliminates the need for brushing
  • Monthly delivery
  • Fights off bad breath
  • Could lead to an allergic reaction in some dogs

Review: This specially designed toothpaste is the perfect oral cleaner, especially if your dog hates to get its teeth brushed.

What Comes in a Dog Toy Subscription Box?

What Comes in a Dog Toy Subscription Box

Most dog toy subscription boxes come with three main products. These include (but are not limited to) durable chew toys, a bag of treats, and some form of dog food.

Several pet subscription boxes also follow a monthly theme and even offer new products for your dog to try.

However, some monthly subscription boxes offer more than these, and the products can vary with the type of subscription chosen for your furry friends.

How Much Does a Dog Toy Subscription Cost?

On average, a dog toy subscription box costs around $30 per month in the USA. However, most brands offer coupons, an extra toy, handmade treats, or even wellness products as an added bonus.

You can look up the best dog subscription boxes online and try and figure out the best fit for your pet. Similar to dogs, you can also get a cat subscription box with cat toys making things convenient for pet parents with different pets.

Which Dog Subscription is Best?

BarkBox is our top pick when it comes to dog subscription boxes. In addition to providing themed boxes for large and small dogs, you can expect plush toys, tough chewer toys, gadgets, healthy treats, bully sticks, and power chewers with this box.

There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration before you choose the perfect box for your beloved pet.

  • Toy Quality. High-quality, tough toys are the best, especially for large dogs and strong chewers. The toys should also be in accordance with the dog’s size.
  • Affordability. Since this is a monthly service, it needs to be budget-friendly. For higher affordability, most brands offer customizable month plans (monthly or bi-monthly plans).
  • Variety of Products. The more, the better! Whether it is a super chewer box or just a box of toys, if the brand offers extra, it makes the deal a lot sweeter.
  • ‘Toys Only’ Option. Some brands offer a toys-only option. This means that the box will not include any treats or edible goodies. Instead, it may have an extra toy.
BarkBox Super Chewer
  • Made with strong rubber and nylon, these toys were made for chompin.
  • Comes packed with 2 tough dog toys that are always fluff free, 2 full sized bags of fresh healthy dog treats, and 2 meaty dog chews.
  • Has allergy-friendly options plus always-changing play styles and materials designed for YOUR dog and their preferences.

Are Monthly Dog Boxes Worth it?

Yes, monthly dog boxes are totally worth it. Many veterinarians confirm the benefits of these boxes. Whether it is Pet Treater, Kong Box, or Pupjoy, you can be sure that your dog will love having new toys to play with every month.