The Most Dog-Friendly Companies of 2023

Workplace stress is real. It’s a natural phenomenon garnering a lot of attention lately, thanks to the relief pets provided during the whole ‘work from home’ period. 

It’s no wonder forward-thinking companies have introduced a pet-friendly policy that allows employees to bring their fur babies to work with them. 

If you’re looking to make a career move to a firm where you and Fido can work in peace, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best dog-friendly companies of 2022, and all you have to do is stick with us to discover which suits you best!

The Top 25 Dog-Friendly Companies of 2023

Alrighty. Whether you’re a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick-maker, our list of dog-friendly companies has something for you. For navigational purposes, each company has its own heading and introductory details. You can choose to go through the whole list or flip to the ones that catch your fancy. Ready?

1. Amazon


Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all this time, you must have heard of the retail and tech giant that is Amazon Inc. Besides having their fingers in all sorts of pies (which means greater job choices for prospective employees), Amazon’s Seattle headquarters have been dog-friendly since day one. As a matter of fact, the employees over at the HQ share the workspace with a whopping 7000 canines!

If you’re worried about the kind of doggy pastimes they have to keep Fido happy, don’t be. Legend has it that the Doppler building’s 17th floor includes a doggy deck with fake fire hydrants where canines can play to their hearts’ content. Besides, all reception desks stock up on doggy treats in case your doggo gets a little hungry. 

2. Google


Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Yoshka was the very first canine to ever visit Google’s campus. The doggo belonged to Urs Hölzle (a software engineer), who had to bring his fur baby to work with him while his wife was out of town. Long story short, Yoshka helped Google transition into a dog-friendly workplace; as they say, the rest is history. 

Now, not only are canines allowed at Google’s offices the world over, but employees can also join the Doogler group to help keep in touch with fellow dog-parents for dog-related events. 

The Doogler group is pretty active, even when working from home. For example, in June 2020, the Doogler groups got together to organize a virtual pet parade to help promote the company’s dog-friendly atmosphere.

3. GoDaddy


Headquarters: Tempe, AZ

If you’re not aware, GoDaddy is a (publicly traded) Internet domain registrar and web hosting company with over 9000 employees and a whopping 20 million customers. It also has the honor of being included in several of the best dog-friendly workplaces lists. 

And it’s easy to see why. GoDaddy’s dog-friendly policy mainly promotes its employees’ care and mental health. The enterprise understands that canine companions can play a major role in reducing stress and anxiety levels. At GoDaddy, canines are treated as part of the company, and they even have their own badges. 

4. Airbnb


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Airbnb, INC. helps provide an online marketplace for lodgings related to vacation rentals, tourism activities, work trips, etc. The company was founded in 2008, and now it includes more than 5 million rental listings in more than 220 countries worldwide. 

Their dog-friendly status makes the enterprise even more attractive as a prospective workplace. Employees can bring their potty-trained canines to work without worrying about doggo snacks. Oh, and each pup also gets its own badge. 

5. Trupanion


Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Trupanion is a pet insurance provider located in Seattle, Washington. The firm offers feline and canine insurance to pet owners in Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The company’s dog-friendly game isn’t too weak either. They provide employees valuable perks like full coverage pet insurance, pet stipends, in-office amenities, and time off for pet adoption or bereavement. 

6. AthenaHealth


Headquarters: Watertown, MA

AthenaHealth Inc. offers hospitals, health systems, and medical groups electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management, and point-of-care mobile applications to help merge care and results for clients. The company has about 5,000 employees in six locations across the U.S and three locations in India. 

What should interest dog-owners about AthenaHealth is that the company provides pet health insurance and a pet stipend to help employees take better care of their fur babies. They also allow employees to bring in their canines to work. 

7. Chewy


Headquarters: Boston, MA

Chewy Inc. is likely one of America’s biggest online retailers of pet-related products. The company was founded in 2011, and in 2020 its employee strength clocked in at 12,000. Since Chewy is big on pets, it makes sense they’re big believers in the dog-friendly workspace policy. Other than that, the enterprise also offers pet parents time off under their paw-ternity policy and gives new dog owners time off to help bond with their new fur baby. 

8. Petco


Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc. is a pet retailer that’s been in business since the mid-1960s. As of November 2020, the company’s employee strength is 27,000. Seeing as how the enterprise revolves around pets, the company is dog-friendly and encourages its employees to bring their canines to the workplace. It also offers terrific product discounts for pet parents and paid time off for situations of pet bereavement. 

9. Petsmart


Headquarters: Pheonix, AZ

Here’s a fun fact about Petsmart. The enterprise includes approximately 56,000 employees, 62 percent of whom are females. The company is pet-friendly and offers its associates an enticing list of benefits. For instance, dog owners can receive up to 50 percent off on certain pet products and 15 percent off on services. There’s also pet insurance from Banfield and MetLife to help employees save on veterinary care. 

10. Purina

Purina Logo

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Did you know Nestle Purina Petcare was founded in 1894? The company is an American subsidiary of Nestle and produces and markets items like treats, pet food, and cat litter. But, here’s what sets Purina Petcare apart from some of its contemporaries. The company not only offers a pet stipend worth $200 for new adoptions, but it also includes a dog park on campus to ensure Fido doesn’t get bored. Their policy also includes paid time off for pet bereavement. 

11. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog

Headquarters: New York, NY

The Farmer’s Dog can make the perfect workplace for pet owners who want their professional life to reflect their personal beliefs. Farmer’s Dog is all about providing canines with healthy and fresh pet food options that meet AAFCO standards. Besides dog-friendly offices, The Farmer’s Dog also provides its associates discounted fresh food for their canines and in-office perks!


12. Kong


Headquarters: Golden, CO

The Kong Company designs and develops toys for cats and dogs. The company’s most famous little red toy (also named Kong) is a massive hit with canines the world over. Besides that, The Kong Company believes that play is the heart and soul of making a great workplace, which is one of the reasons why their offices are completely dog-friendly. We’re sure that also contributes to why Kong Toys are such big hits with canines. 

The enterprise offers a plethora of benefits to its employees, like medical and accident insurance. But, their doggy-specific benefits also stretch to at-work amenities to ensure all working dogs remain happy in their workspaces. 

13. Rover


Headquarters: Seattle, WA

If you’re looking for an online marketplace for buying and selling pet care services, you can do no better than Rover. The company was founded in 2011, and its employee strength in 2021 was 250. That may sound a little too small to some, but what the company lacks in size, they make up for with their perks. Top of the list of employee perks includes dog-friendly offices with access to pet clean-up supplies, dog treats, and walk breaks to help keep Fido from monotony. 

14. Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States

Headquarters: Washington, DC

The Humane Society of the United States is counted among the country’s most efficient animal protection organizations. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1954 and has been doing flawless work on opposing animal-related cruelties and promoting animal welfare. 

The best part is that the organization doesn’t ignore its motto of animal welfare closer to home and encourages its employees to bring their dogs to work with them. The nonprofit’s office also includes perks like a doggy play yard, pet sitting services, on-site dog training, low-cost pet insurance, and discounts on pet-related services. 

15. Tripadvisor


Headquarters: Needham, MA

Do you have the restless spirit of a vagabond? If yes, a job at the dog-friendly headquarters of Tripadvisor might suit you and Fido perfectly. Tripadvisor Inc. is an online travel company that came into being in the year 2000. Since then, the company has built a steady reputation with its customers and rates among one of the best online booking sites in the United States. 

Dog-owners looking to work at Tripadvisor will be happy to learn that they need not leave their canines at home alone during work hours because dogs are always welcome at the company’s Massachusetts headquarters. Employees are also offered pet stipends and in-office canine perks like treats. 

16. CarFax


Headquarters: Centreville, VA

CarFax is a web-based service that provides vehicle history reports of used cars to businesses and individuals. The company also provides its employees with pet stipends to help make pet care more affordable and at-work canine amenities like treats and clean-up items like poop bags.

17. Bissell


Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI

Bissell (also known as Bissell Homecare) is a floor care product manufacturing corporation. That kind of makes the fact that they’re dog-friendly perfect. The company has over 2,000 employees and attractive canine perks like a pet-friendly facility known as the Pet Spot. The facility includes a doggy bathing station, a play area, indoor kennels, workstations, conference areas, and much more!

18. Salesforce


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Dog parents looking for work opportunities involving cloud-based software should look into Salesforce Inc. The company is based in San Francisco, California, with an employee strength of little over 75,000. Besides offering a dog-friendly workspace, Salesforce also provides at-work doggy amenities so that employees needn’t concern themselves with carrying a doggy bag full of supplies to work every day. 

19. Etsy


Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Who hasn’t heard of Etsy in this day and age? Besides being Melissa McCarthy’s go-to place for online binge shopping, Etsy is an e-commerce company focusing on vintage and handmade items and craft supplies. In 2021, Etsy employed 2,401 associates, with 92 percent calling it a great place to work. The company’s dog-friendly office in New York encourages its workforce to bring their pups to work. 

20. HubSpot


Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

Are you looking for an opening in a reputed software company that just happens to be dog-friendly? Why not consider HubSpot? The enterprise develops and markets software products for sales, customer service, and marketing. Aside from the company’s dog-friendly Cambridge headquarters, dog owners can also look forward to having their pups featured on the PupSpot calendar, with proceeds going to local animal shelters. 

21. Kickstarter


Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Are you on the lookout for a job that combines creativity and canines? If yes, keep an eye out for openings at Kickstarter. The American public benefit corporation deals with a crowdfunding platform that helps promote creative projects. It might also interest you that Kickstarter’s New York headquarters is completely canine-friendly and includes a dog park. 

22. Build-a-Bear

Build a Bear

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

If you’re a fan of stuffed toys, working at Build-a-Bear Workshop might be a life goal. And what makes the whole thing even more brilliant is that the company has excellent canine perks. Apart from dog-friendly offices, Build-a-Bear offers employees free treats, canine birthday celebrations, and a doggy concierge service.

23. Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar Company

Headquarters: Emeryville, CA

Clif Bar & Company makes energy foods and drinks. The company has a total of 380+ employees and offers them benefits like a dog-friendly workspace, VPI pet insurance discount, an off-leash canine area, and paid time off to volunteer for animal causes. 

24. Uber


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Uber Technologies Inc. is a ride-hailing service with equally famous subsidiaries like Uber Eats, Cornershop, etc. The company provides its employees with paid time off for dog training, treats, and beds as at-work canine perks and, of course, a dog-friendly workspace. 

25. Life is Good


Headquarters: Boston, MA

Life is Good is an apparel (and accessories) wholesale and retail brand. The company was founded in 1994 and has made quite a name for itself since then. The brand offers its employees several benefits, of which dog-friendly offices rank pretty high.