1. Tucker Budzyn

Tucker is one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on the Internet right now, with more than 3 million followers between YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This gorgeous pup is famous thanks to his cheeky personality, and most recently, for the way he reacted when he saw a hair clip for the first time. With videos on Youtube’s “Trending Page,” articles on Allure Magazine, and even a shout-out from Oprah, it is safe to say that Tucker is the Internet’s favorite Golden Retriever at the moment.

The first video from Tucker to go viral got 5.5 million views, and it was posted only two weeks into his social media career. His channel features his amazing life in Michigan with his owner Courtney Budzyn and Tucker’s girlfriend Journee. You can see Tucker on any social media platform or just by a Google search—you’ll be glad you did. This Golden Retriever is going places—he may not know where that is, but places.

2. Golden Loutriever

This funny Golden Retriever is a classic Californian. He loves hiking, spending time outside and swimming, but when he isn’t doing any of that, you might find him on red carpets, PetCon or taking pictures with one of his fans.

Loui jumped to fame thanks to his clever parents who create a lot of original content for him and even created a website dedicated entirely to his precious pup. With more than 218k followers on Instagram, Loui is getting a lot of partnerships with amazing pet brands and even has plans to become a television star. It looks like this is only the beginning for this famous golden.

3. Pinkie

Pinkie was a Golden Retriever, but not just any Golden. She won Best in Breed at the Westminster Dog show. This famous and glamorous Golden Retriever was a beloved dog with a high-class lifestyle and beauty ritual that will rival the rich and famous!

What makes Pinkie even more impressive is that Pinkie served as a surrogate mother to three orphaned Tiger cubs who lost their mother. Pinkie was beloved and took to her role as mother easily, raising those Tiger cubs like they were her own.

This makes Pinkie not only a famous show dog, who competed and won numerous Westminster and other world-renowned competitions, but she was also a special Golden Retriever who took orphaned cubs under her wing and mothered them. That’s a winning canine in our book!

4. Buddy the Dog

A lot of you may not remember him, but Buddy was the lovable golden retriever actor between two major dog-based roles in his lifetime. The first role that the dog was known for was on the hit television series Full House. Comet was treated as a member of the family and even served as a type of sympathetic shoulder to some of the younger cast when they had issues in life.

However, his most famous role was Air Bud, where Buddy played a dog who excelled at sports and found himself on a basketball team. This film kicked off an entire series of sports films, with Buddy as the famous golden retriever that everyone recognized. He might be gone, but he left a mark in Hollywood.

5. Bailey

For a while, Bailey was one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on the internet. Sadly Bailey past away back in 2016, but we felt it was important to mention him since he was one of the firsts pets to get “Instagram famous”. His life and story paved the way for the new generations of Golden Retrievers and their owners who dream about being influencers. He had a huge platform back when there wasn’t a lot of partnerships or ad opportunities for personalities on social media.

Bailey was famous for acting like a human in funny photos—from reading at a desk with glasses perched on her nose, operating a Bobcat, watching TV in a robe and glasses eating popcorn, to working at the computer in the best formal wear, Bailey was the internet’s favorite Golden Retriever.

The latest photos of Bailey doing human things included car-washing in a bikini top and jean shorts, playing poker with the buds, chopping wood in her best plaid button-up, and laying down on the floor and couch for some much-needed rest and binge-watching on Netflix. You can still find Bailey on any social media platform or just by a Google search.

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Katelyn Son