The New Year is the perfect opportunity to set new goals and make strides toward a better and healthier lifestyle, hence why creating New Year’s resolutions are so popular during this time of year. And research shows that having an accountability partner can increase your chances of succeeding at your goals by up to 95%. 

So why not include your dog in your New Year plans as a faithful and loving accountability partner? Not only will you benefit from their companionship, but they’ll also benefit from the healthy lifestyle changes you implement in the New Year.

After all, we all want our dogs to live as long as possible, and making certain life improvements can potentially add more years to their life, ensuring that they’re able to celebrate many more New Year’s with you for many years to come. 

Below are our top picks for New Year’s resolutions for your canine companion. As always, be sure to speak with your dog’s veterinarian before making any major changes to their usual regimen. 

New Year’s Resolution #1: Healthier Diet 

new years resolution for dogs

Did you know that the CDC once reported that salmonella and listeria could be found in 25% of commercial dog foods? In fact, since the 1970s, the presence of salmonella in dog foods has been the biggest reason for dog food recalls.

Why not make this the year you switch your dog to a high-quality, top-rated food that will provide them with the rich nutrients they need for more energy, more strength, and a healthier body?

When it comes to the best dog food on the market today, our top picks include The Honest Kitchen, Nom Nom Dog Food, and The Farmer’s Dog.

The Honest Kitchen Dry Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen offers a wide variety of dog products that suit different life stages, nutritional needs, and particular protein types.

Plus, new customers can get 30% off on their first order of $30+ using code VETERINARIANS30.

They offer a range of healthy foods, treats, supplements, broths, and food toppers for dogs.

Each product is human-grade and boasts the best ingredients for ultimate nutritional value. Recipes are prepared, cooked, and packed in the US, and there are many formulations and flavors to choose from.

Nom Nom Dog Food is another great pick for your dog. The company prides itself on using premium, sustainably sourced USA ingredients that result in cleaner, healthier food for dogs. They create meals based on your dog’s size, breed, and activity level.

The Farmer’s Dog is another great selection for your dog. The Farmer’s Dog uses human-grade meat and vegetables in all of their recipes, resulting in freshly made pet food that contains no preservatives. Meals are formulated by nutritionists and delivered right to your doorstep within days of cooking.

homecooked meals for dogs

Of course, If you’re particularly ambitious and want to try your hand at preparing your own homemade dog food, a slow cooker is a must.

Slow cookers come in various sizes, including 6-quart, 7-quart, and 8-quart models. With the help of countless recipes which can be found online, you can be well on your way to becoming a world-class chef for your canine friend. 

If you don’t have the time for home-cooked meals, however, you can always rely on a food dehydrator to simply create healthy treats for your dogs like sweet potato chews. Not only will such treats pack a powerful boost of nutrients, but your dog will love the taste 

For a powerful immune boost that can help lengthen your dog’s lifespan, consider introducing natural supplements such as probiotics and/or CBD into your dog’s daily regimen.

Honest Paws Pre+ Probiotics for Dogs
  • Specially formulated with both dog probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Avoid diarrhea, loss of appetite, constipation, and many other problems.
  • Helps promote the production of natural antibodies, fight free radicals, and support a healthy immune system in your dog.

Honest Paws Probiotics contain a health-boosting blend of probiotics and prebiotics that support overall health with a dog-friendly flavor. The product includes five different strains of live cultures to help prevent bacterial imbalances in the gut, improve skin health, reduce inflammation, and eliminate bad breath. 

By stimulating the growth of gut flora, dogs can benefit from healthier-looking fur and skin and enjoy relief from digestive issues and a reduction in allergies. The pre-measured sachets are easy to administer and can be sprinkled over your dog’s food.

As for CBD, Honest Paws is the leader of the pack when it comes to CBD for dogs. Pet parents everywhere are turning to CBD to support their dog’s health and happiness. CBD works with your dog’s endocannabinoid system in order to promote wellness in a variety of areas including a stronger immune response, antioxidant support, healthier bones and joints, and pain relief.

Honest Paws Well CBD Oil

CBD is especially a great option for dogs with arthritis or other mobility challenges, as it can ease joint stiffness, provide connective tissue support, and maintain bone health. The Honest Paws website is filled with thousands of reviews from happy pet parents who have seen significant improvements in their dogs after using CBD.

Honest Paws uses organic, all-natural full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from hemp farms right here in the USA. Further, Honest Paws CBD is NASC-Certified, tested by a third party for purity, and and non-GMO.

Their CBD products come in a variety of formulations, including oils, chews, bites, and even peanut butter.

New Year’s Resolution #2: More Physical Activity 

Dog owner walking his dog

These days, there are so many options when it comes to exercising with your dog. 

Dog yoga, for instance, is all the rage. If you love the idea of practicing yoga with your loving pup by your side, this is a great option for a dog yoga mat, given the ease with which pet parents can clean it. 

Have you always wanted to explore the walking trails by your home? Why not make hiking with your dog a priority in the New Year? 

In this article, we review all the important gear your dog will need before they hit the trails, but some of our top picks include a doggy backpack, paw balm, and a first aid kit

Want to stay closer to home for your exercise routines? Why not set up a dog agility course in your backyard? Dog agility is a fun activity for both people and their pets and will allow you and your pup to bond while you learn new feats. 

New Year’s Resolution #3: Better Mental Wellness

brain games for dogs

Dogs need mental stimulation just like we do. Without it, dogs can grow bored, which can lead to destructive behavior around the house. 

In other cases, a dog can become depressed without proper mental stimulation and regular activity.

Mental stimulation is especially important in older dogs or in dogs whose mobility has been impaired to keep their minds sharp and agile. 

Some of the best toys to help with mental stimulation include snuffle mats, puzzle toys, and interactive chew toys. 

New Year’s Resolution #4: More Quality Time

Pet owner spending quality time with her dog

There’s a reason dogs are referred to as Man’s best friend. 

They bring so much unconditional love to the table and ask for nothing in return. 

Like humans, dogs have emotions as well and thrive from loving bonds with the people in their lives. Why not make it a priority to bond more with your dog in order to deepen your relationship with them?

This can be as simple as spending time grooming your dog (a luxurious bath with a high-quality shampoo is also an option), massaging your dog with special massage mittens, or taking enjoyable walks together in the mornings or evenings. 

Did you know that just 30-60 seconds of eye contact with a person or dog can trigger the release of oxytocin in our bodies, the chemical associated with long-term bonding?

Set aside time to gaze lovingly into your dog’s eyes as you pet them and praise them. Your dog will feel incredibly loved by these actions, and your bond with each other will deepen significantly. 

New Year’s Resolution #5: Happier, Cleaner Environment

Dog sitting in a clean living room

A happy home makes for a happy life. 

Like us, dogs are products of their environment, and a healthy, clean environment can help them thrive and live longer. 

An air purifier is a great way to boost indoor air quality. Air purifiers can remove harmful chemicals from the air, including indoor allergens that can trigger allergies, while also neutralizing unpleasant odors and reducing the chances of airborne disease.

Indoor air pollution can negatively impact your dog’s health in a number of ways. If your dog spends the majority of their time indoors, an air purifier is a must and can help increase their lifespan. 

Dogs can sometimes unintentionally bring in bacteria from their outside environment, such as feces. A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Such bacteria can cause intestinal illness and kidney disorders in humans, among other things.

It’s important to keep your home clean with the use of cleaners such as pet vacuum and pet carpet cleaner. Using pet wipes on your dog’s paws before they enter your home can also keep your living space clean. And using a flea and tick preventative for your dog can ensure they aren’t exposing your family to harmful parasites which can be brought in from outdoors.  

Be sure to regularly wash your dog’s bed as well. A dog’s sleeping area can be a breeding ground for pollen, dead skin cells, feces, and other bacteria. If you’re not already doing so, opt for a dog bed with a washable cover, to make cleaning easier. 

Dog owner shaking his dog's paw

The New Year is a great opportunity to embark on a new lifestyle with your dog. Using the ideas above, you can create a healthier lifestyle for your pup and enjoy some new activities together that are sure to bring a great deal of love and laughter into your life.