What Is the Best Indoor Dog House?

NUKied Portable Indoor Dog Teepee

NUKied Portable Indoor Dog Teepee

Affordable, attractive, and useful, this dog house provides small pets with a safe place to relax and seek comfort.

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Jiupety Cozy Pet Bed House

Jiupety Cozy Pet Bed House

The reversible bed and soft interior walls provide a great deal of comfort for furry friends up to 60 pounds.

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Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House

Putting this dog house together only requires the use of a zipper to hold the walls together.

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KUDES Basket Cave Sofa Dog House

KUDES Basket Cave Sofa Dog House

There is no assembly required for this house, just open the box and insert the cushion.

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DREAMSOULE Wooden Pet House

DREAMSOULE Wooden Pet House

The wooden construction of this dog house provides a sturdy and aesthetic space for pets to relax.

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Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent-Soft Bed for Dog

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent-Soft Bed for Dog

The dome shape of this dog house features an anti-collapse design that keeps the shape of the house.

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IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen with Door

IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen with Door

With over 32,000 reviews on Amazon alone, we have a great idea of what customers have experienced.

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Do Dogs Like Indoor Dog House?

Yes, dogs like the idea of an indoor dog house.

Dogs are den animals and prefer to have a space they can retreat to for comfort, especially in times of stress or anxiety. The indoor dog house provides exactly that. Plus, the design of the dog house can add to the overall home decor.

What Is the Difference Between an Indoor Dog House and an Outdoor Dog House?

Here are the differences between an indoor and outdoor dog house:

  • Construction. The basic difference in construction is in the material. An outdoor dog house will more than likely be made out of solid wood, or it will be a plastic dog house. Outdoor houses often feature sturdy stainless steel support and are made of waterproof materials, while indoor houses are less sturdy and made of softer materials.
    However, some materials can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, the wood dog house fits everywhere.
  • Insulation. Most outdoor models are insulated dog houses. This is because when a dog lives outside, it needs constant protection from the elements.
  • Permanence. Outdoor dog houses tend to have a greater permanence than indoor ones. An indoor dog house will most likely be able to be picked up and moved or cleaned. Small dog houses might also be foldable.
  • Practicality. As far as practicality is concerned, it will depend on where your furry friend sleeps. Indoor dog houses are convenient for pets that prefer being indoors.
    Outdoor dog houses tend to be more durable and spacious than indoor ones. They are often also better insulated and weatherproof in some cases, like igloos, for instance.
  • Size. Indoor dog houses are not commonly built for big dogs and are often used as cat houses as well because of their smaller size. A large dog house, like outdoor dog houses, might be too large and unhandy to keep inside your home.
NUKied Portable Indoor Dog Teepee Bed with Thick Cushion
  • Offers a safe and comfortable resting place with strong pine poles, a cute navy star pattern, and a thick cushion.
  • Made of 100% high-quality cotton canvas with durable pine pole support that's breathable, easy to clean, and machine washable for convenience.
  • It's non-slip and doubles as a cozy standalone dog bed for your pet's restful sleep.

What Are the Benefits of an Indoor Dog House?

The benefits of an indoor dog house include the following:

  • Gives Dogs Their Own Space. Dogs are den animals and are happiest when they have their own space. If an indoor dog house or dog crate is used, the dog will have access to a comfortable place when feeling stressed.
  • Home Decor. Most indoor dog houses are pleasing, and some are even made to double as furniture. Some dog houses, for instance, are made to double as an end table in a living room.

The Best Indoor Dog Houses Reviewed

There are different types of indoor dog houses. To help owners find the right model, we reviewed several best-selling indoor houses for dogs.

NUKied Portable Indoor Dog Teepee Bed with Thick Cushion

Summary: The pet teepee design of this pet dog house is made to be both stylish and comfortable. Available in various colors and patterns, it will serve any room nicely. It offers a den-like structure where your furry friend can retreat for security when they are feeling anxious or stressed or if they just want to relax.

It is big enough for pets of up to around 20 pounds. A thick cushion is provided for comfort and warmth that is made of 100% cotton and covered in canvas that is held up by pine wood rods.

Best For: Small dogs and indoor cats

Features: Canvas cover; Pine rods; Cushioned bottom

Dimension: 24 inches; 47 inches

Material: Canvas and pine

  • Made of only cotton and pine
  • Easily assembled and disassembled
  • Thick cushioned bottom for comfort
  • Provides a den for pets
  • Available in various patterns and colors
  • Not made for large dogs

Review: Most customer reviews on Amazon give this product high ratings for its quality and appearance. These customers are happy with the build and look of the house, and their dogs seem to enjoy having the space all to themselves.

The most common complaint among negative reviews was that the material was cheaply made, and unfortunately, there were numerous people who stated the house was smaller than they had thought it would be.

Jiupety Cozy Pet Bed House for Small and Medium Dogs

Summary: This indoor dog house offers dogs a comfortable dog bed that can be reversed to provide more or less warmth depending on the season. It features an anti-collapse design made of oxford fabric that is stiff, sturdy, and easy to clean.

The interior walls are lined with soft flannel for even more comfort and a bit of outside noise reduction for relaxation. It is available in multiple sizes to suit the needs of pets of up to 60 pounds but also for puppies and kittens, as it can also serve as a cat bed.

Best For: Dogs up to 60 lbs

Features: Advanced oxford construction; Thick, double-sided cushion bottom; Sizes for animals up to 60 lbs; Soft flannel interior

Dimension: 20”L x 16.5”W x 18”H

Material: Advanced oxford

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Soft flannel interior for comfort
  • Anti-collapse design
  • Double-sided cushion for comfort in all seasons
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Some assembly required

Review: Reviews were sparse for this item but the majority of those who left reviews gave this dog house a 4 or 5-star rating. They were happy with the build, and so were their dogs.

Other customers were less impressed and left reviews about the “poor quality” of the sides and the bed.

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House for Small Dogs

Summary: The design of this small indoor pet house is easy to assemble, requiring only the use of a zipper to establish. It offers a bit of home decor and is machine washable for easy care.

The thick padded sides and bottom provide a great deal of comfort, darkness, and a bit of noise cancelation for superior comfort. It is made of soft fleece and nylon to provide a soft, warm, and cozy place for your pet.

Best For: Small dogs

Features: Thick padded walls and floor; Machine washable; Easy-to-assemble design

Dimension: 16”L x 16”W x 14”H

Material: Soft coral fleece and nylon

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavily padded
  • Makes for attractive home decor
  • Available in several styles and colors
  • The interior pole can break and pose a choking hazard

Review: Most pet owners were happy with this indoor dog house. They said their medium-sized dogs loved it as much as their average-sized indoor cats, and they were pleased their animals had a pet home all to themselves.

The most common complaint, however, was regarding the quality. Numerous reviews mentioned that the seems came apart or the fabric tore soon after buying.

KUDES Basket Cave Sofa with Removable Cushion Small Dog House

Summary: Considering that some pet owners have medium-sized dogs that would appreciate a house, this indoor dog house is made in three different sizes for pets up to 30 pounds. It features a velvet interior and a sponge cotton cushion for excellent comfort.

The plush pet kennel is great for keeping pets warm and comfortable. The removable cushion provides for easy cleaning, and the entire house is machine washable.

Best For: Dogs up to 30 pounds

Features: Sponge cotton; Diamond velvet; Removal cushion; Non-skid bottom

Dimension: 13.8″L x 15.8″W x 12.9″H

Material: Velvet, Faux Fur, Plush, Plastic, Pp cotton

  • Sizes available for medium-sized dogs
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Machine washable
  • Extremely plush
  • Removable cushion
  • The removable cushion does not come with anything to secure it inside the house

Review: Ratings of this product were sparse, but those who rated it highly said that the walls were sturdy and the interior was plush and cozy.

Critical reviews were disappointed that the cushion would come out when their pet would burrow inside the house.

DREAMSOULE Wooden Pet House with Roof for Dogs Indoor Use

Summary: This wooden dog house is made with MDF board material to provide a strong and durable build. The raised floor helps to keep pets dry, and all painted surfaces are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The deluxe construction of this house provides a comfortable activity space for pets and doubles as a pet crate with a locking gate. The easy-to-assemble snap-in design requires no screws or installation tools so that any pet owner can put it together.

Best For: Medium-sized dogs

Features: Non-toxic; MDF board material; Locking gate; Elevated floor

Dimension: 17”L x 22”W x 22”H

Material: MDF board material

  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Locking gate
  • Raised floor
  • Windows for sight and airflow
  • Water-resistant board material is easy to clean
  • The door may be a bit weak for some pets

Review: Customers loved the natural wood look of this house and mentioned they enjoy seeing it in the house as a piece of decor. Their animals love it too, and people say this house was easy to put together “as the ad claimed.”

Other consumers did not have such a great time with it. They complained that the door would jam and said the pieces didn’t fit together properly.

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog

Summary: Designed specifically for small dogs, this poly-foam-lined dog house is plush and comfortable. It is machine washable for easy care and requires no assembly.

The faux fur suede provides a tremendous indoor look that comes with a removable cushion for even easier maintenance. The anti-skid bottom provides a secure setting on the floor, while the dome shape is made to never collapse, even after repeated washes.

Best For: Small dogs

Features: Faux fur; Machine washable; Poly-foam lining; Anti-skid bottom

Dimension: 19”L x 19”W x 19”H

Material: Faux fur

  • Many colors available
  • Machine washable
  • Removable cushion
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Anti-collapse design
  • Only suitable for small animals

Review: The top positive comment is titled “perfect in every way,” and most reviews follow this sentiment. Pets of these reviewers loved the house and made it their own personal getaway where they weren’t bothered by the world.

Negative reviews only made up 5% of total reviews, but the complaints varied wildly. Some complained of a chemical odor, others mentioned the material was torn when they received it, while one woman said the house had given her apartment bugs.

IRIS USA 4 Panel Exercise Pet Playpen with Door

Summary: The panels for this playpen can be made into any shape to fit almost anywhere in the house or yard. This model, with its molded plastic construction, provides plenty of durability for small dogs and puppies.

The space starts at 8 square feet, but additional panels can be bought to increase that footprint to accommodate more animals. It is made in the USA to ensure high degrees of quality control and safety.

Best For: Small dogs and puppies

Features: Locking door; Module design; Sturdy plastic construction

Dimension: 35”L x 23.75”H per panel

Material: Plastic

  • Available in 4, 6, or 8-panel pins
  • Made in the USA
  • Additional panels can be purchased to increase the size of the pin
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Locking gate
  • Only suitable for dogs who cannot or will not jump over the gate
  • Does not include anti-skid feet

Review: With over 32,000 reviews and 86% of them being 4 and 5 stars, it is clear this high-selling pet product is a hit among pet owners. People were happy it was easy to put together and worked well for their small dogs and puppies.

Critical voices accounted for nearly 10% of all ratings. Complaints varied but mainly mentioned the gate was not sturdy enough for their dogs and complained about the lack of anti-skid feet on the fence.

What Should I Look for in an Indoor Dog House?

When shopping for an indoor dog house, there are several things you need to remember. Those include:

  • Durability. Depending on how aggressive your dog is and how big they are, durability should be a concern you may want to consider. More durable houses will cost more but will also provide your dog with a solid house that will last longer. If your dog is not so aggressive and only requires a soft place to sleep, then a stuffed dog house might fulfill your needs just fine.
  • Practicality. When considering practicality, think about the difficulty of assembling a DIY kit and whether you’d be interested. If not, you could consider hiring someone to assemble it or purchasing a dog house that requires no assembly. Also, think about space, storage, insulation, and cushioning.
  • Locking Gate. Not every indoor dog house has a locking gate. If you actually require a dog kennel but want a more appealing-looking dog house instead, there are options to fit those needs.
  • Design. Depending on the reason you are purchasing an indoor dog house, you may choose a different design based on your needs. If you need an end table but also a dog crate, you may choose a design that suits both of those purposes. If you only need a place for your dog to sleep, something like a traditional indoor pet house will work fine.

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