What Is the Best Insulated Dog House?

Petmate All-Weather Protection Dog House

Petmate All-Weather Protection Dog House

This dog house can handle up to 1,500 lbs on the roof, plus it is made of 90% recycled material.

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BestPet Dog House Insulated & Water Resistant

BestPet Dog House Insulated & Water Resistant

This easy-to-assemble outdoor dog house features weather-resistant insulating plastic construction.

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Rockever Store Insulated Dog House

Rockever Store Insulated Dog House

This dog house is a great option for those looking for a well-ventilated and dry space for their large dogs.

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BestPet Insulated Puppy Shelter

BestPet Insulated Puppy Shelter

The insulating plastic of this dog house is great at keeping dogs up to medium size warm.

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Coziwow Insulated Pet Shelter

Coziwow Insulated Pet Shelter

This small dog house is priced at around $50.00, which makes this the most affordable dog house option.

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Should Dog Houses Be Insulated?

It depends. If you live in a cold climate and your dog is an outside dog, an insulated dog house is necessary. Materials like styrofoam lining help keep your furry friend warm and cozy in inclement weather. In such cases, proper insulation is a vital feature in a dog house.

Do Insulated Dog Houses Keep Dogs Warm?

Yes, an insulated dog house keeps dogs warm. The insulation in the dog house helps keep body heat. Plus, it usually has a door flap for an extra barrier against the cold.

Petmate All-Weather Protection Indigo Dog House for Large Dogs
  • Heavy-duty construction keeps pets cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Extended, offset doorway helps shield pets from wind and rain inside the dog house
  • Roof ventilation system circulates fresh air to keep the dog house comfortable for pets

What Are the Benefits of Insulated Dog Houses?

The following are some of the advantages of having an insulated dog house for your pet:

  • Protection. A well-built insulated dog house will provide protection from weather and animals.
  • Comfort. Dogs are den animals which means they like having a space of their own. Providing them with a dog house outdoors can give them a space outside they know they are safe.
  • Storage. If your insulated dog house is large enough, it can accommodate toys, dog beds, and food and water bowls, so the dog does not have to venture into the elements for these things.

The Best Insulated Dog Houses Reviewed

We have picked and reviewed several high-quality insulated dog houses you can easily find on Amazon and Chewy.

Petmate All Weather Protection Indigo Dog House for Large Dogs

Summary: This large dog house is capable of housing dogs up to 125 lbs. and is made of 90% recycled materials. The shape of the igloo dog house with foam insulation provides protection from hot and cold weather, and an offset doorway shields pets from rain.

It features side motes for water runoff and raised floors to keep pets dry and comfortable. It is made in the USA with premium blended plastic for the best security and weatherproofing possible to make it perfect for outdoor use.

Best For: Dogs of all sizes

Features: Raised floor, offset doorway, large size, side motes

Dimension: 43.8″ x 34″ x 25.8″

Material: Blended plastic

  • The igloo shape is very durable
  • Suitable for dogs up to 125 lbs
  • Made in the USA with 90% recycled materials
  • Weatherproof design
  • Capable of handling up to 1,500 pounds stacked on top of it
  • A bit pricey

Review: Over 80% of the total ratings are positive, with the most common compliment being the build and construction. Dog owners were happy to find a sturdy dog house for their large and extra large dogs, as well as being happy they can provide an insulated pet house for their dogs, who spend most of their time outdoors.

Critical reviews say the sizing is inaccurate, and the product was damaged when they received it in the mail.

BestPet Large Dog House Insulated Weather Water Resistant

Summary: The waterproof plastic this dog house is made of is also great at keeping the heat in. A removable roof makes cleaning a breeze, and the dual air vents ensure there is enough airflow.

It is held together with clasps and screws and includes two ground spikes to attach it to the ground. It is easy to assemble and is designed to take one adult only 30 minutes to put together.

Best For: Small dogs

Features: Heat insulating plastic, dual air vents, waterproof ground nails included

Dimension: 34.5”L x 30.5”W x 32”H

Material: Plastic

  • Dual air vents
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Elevated floor
  • Made of heat-insulating plastic
  • Includes ground spikes to firmly attach it to the ground
  • The removable roof can leak in the rain

Review: Happy dog owners said this outdoor dog kennel was very easy to assemble, and they liked the look. It kept their dogs dry and comfortable, especially after they added a dog bed, and they said the sizing was great for them.

Critical reviewers were disappointed when their dogs wouldn’t use the house and said the roof leaked when it rained.

Rockever Store Insulated and Weatherproof Large Wooden Dog House

Summary: The deluxe and solid wood construction of this log cabin dog house is sturdy, high-quality, and waterproof to protect small dogs and big dogs from the elements while outside. It features insulated walls and a vinyl door flap to keep the air inside at a comfortable temperature.

This wooden dog house is UV-resistant, rainproof, and anti-rot, so it is built to last. As a bonus, the roof is slanted away from the entrance to keep rainwater out.

Features: Insulated, vinyl door flap

Dimension: 45″Wx31”Dx31″H

Material: Wood

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Solid wood construction
  • Window for ventilation
  • Elevated floor
  • Vinyl door flap
  • More expensive

Review: Reviews on this cabin-style dog house were largely positive. Buyers were happy with the construction, saying it was sturdy and easy to assemble. They liked the predrilled screw holes, but some mentioned the corners may need to be sanded to avoid the possibility of splinters. The most common complaint was about the price.

Dissatisfied consumers mentioned prices in nearly every negative review and said it was not worth what they paid.

BestPet Insulated Puppy Shelter Crate with Air Vents and Elevated Floor

Summary: This insulated dog palace is made of high-quality, insulating plastic that is made to be UV-resistant and waterproof. The roof is removable, and the interior features a drainage system and a raised floor.

This helps to keep the inside of the kennel dry and warm for your dog. This design can be easily assembled and disassembled for easy cleaning and suits dog breeds up to 80 lbs.

Best For: Medium and large breed dogs

Features: Heat insulating plastic, dual air vents, waterproof ground nails included

Dimension: 34.5”L x 30.5”W x 20.5”H

Materials: Plastic

  • Dual air vents
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Elevated floor
  • Made of heat-insulating plastic
  • Includes ground spikes to firmly attach it to the ground
  • Customers complain the plastic is brittle and prone to cracking

Review: Most consumers liked this dog house. They said it seemed to keep their dogs warm by keeping their body heat in the insulated dog kennel, and they were happy their dogs enjoyed the house so much.

Other buyers weren’t happy with the quality of the plastic and complained it did not seem insulated because there were no insulating materials on the inside walls.

Coziwow Insulated Pet Shelter

Summary: This pet shelter features a removable asphalt roof to provide easy access when cleaning and allow more airflow on warmer days. The floor is significantly raised to keep pets off of the ground, and the door folds down to create a ramp for small pets to go in and out of the house.

Stainless steel supports and hardware offer a high-quality, rust-resistant build, while the solid fir wood sides protect from wind and rain. It is painted with waterproof paint to extend the life of the house and to provide a bit of aesthetic.

Best For: Small pets

Features: Asphalt roof, weatherproof, antiseptic wood, stainless steel hardware, removable roof

Dimension: 20.8″Lx15.94″Wx16.92″H

Materials: Wood

  • Elevated floor
  • Removable asphalt roof
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Waterproof paint
  • The door opens into a ramp
  • Assembly required
  • Quite small

Review: Most buyers of this product were satisfied with the build quality and the shipping. They said it served as a great and sturdy shelter for their small dogs, cats, rabbits, and ducks.

Other customers were not as pleased, though, and said the material felt flimsy, although even critical reviews said it was good quality for the money when compared to its competitors.

What Should I Look for in an Insulated Dog House?

Here are the factors that you should take into consideration when looking for an insulated dog house:

  • Design. An igloo dog house will have a higher payload, meaning it can withstand more weight on top. This can be handy if your dog’s house is placed under a tree. They also often have offset doorways that block wind and rain from getting into the house. A flat, slanted roof dog house is a great option to keep water away from the opening of the dog house, and most outside dog houses will have a raised floor to keep your pet off the cold, wet ground.
  • Building Material. Look for something that will last in the elements. Plastic dog houses are a great and more affordable option but are prone to cracking and becoming brittle due to exposure. Wood is a great option for a good-looking and practical build, while a wood composite like ECOFLEX provides benefits of both wood and plastic.
  • Flooring. There are different types of flooring in insulated dog houses. Some have removable floors, for instance, which are great for cleaning but can leak and break if the dog is large enough.
  • Door Flap. Most insulated dog houses have a door flap available for purchase. You can also make a door flap yourself for cheaper; just make sure it is self-closing to keep the heat inside the dog house.
  • Assembly. Choosing a dog house with an assembly within your scope of ability is essential. Some dog houses are more designed for easy assembly, while others are more intricate.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Insulate a Dog House?

There are several budget-friendly ways of insulating a dog house. Those include:

  • Styrofoam. Probably the most common way to insult a dog house is with insulation. Placing this inside a dog house can provide a great deal of warmth.
  • Spray Foam. Although a little more expensive than other options, it is widely considered to be one of the best forms of insulation.
  • Carpet. Carpet can be an excellent insulator, incredibly thick carpet. Carpet can also add some padding for comfort.
  • Heated Dog Bed. Placing a heating pad on the floor of the dog house can greatly increase the interior heat of the dog house in mild weather, effectively making it a heated dog house.

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