What Are the Safest Water Additives for Dog Teeth?

Petlab Co. Dog Dental Formula
  • Provides easy, effective, and affordable dental support, even for those hard-to-reach areas
  • Formulated to target tartar build-up, leaving your dog's teeth and gums clean, breath fresh, and kiss-friendly
  • Tasteless when diluted, which makes it perfect for fussy pups

What Is a Dental Water Additive for Dogs?

The dog dental water additive is a product meant to be added to a dog’s drinking water for better oral hygiene. It freshens bad breath, prevents tartar buildup & gum disease, and improves overall oral health in dogs.

The dog dental water additive is usually made into an odorless and flavorless variety. In simpler words, the water additive is a mouthwash that helps prevent dental disease in dogs.

Is It Safe to Give Dental Water Additives to Dogs?

Yes, the dog dental water additive is safe.

It is important to remember, however, that these additives are not the same as mouthwash or human dental products. Dogs require a dog-specific additive to their water bowl to improve their dental health.

Human products can be harmful to dogs because they often contain fluoride and xylitol, both are toxic to canines.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Water Additives for Dogs?

Using the best dog dental water additive comes with benefits. Here is a closer look at them:

  • Better Breath. A dental additive can help freshen a dog’s breath while keeping the dog’s mouth clean. Removing bacteria, dirt, and other substances from a dog’s mouth will help to give them better smelling breath and, as a bonus, fight plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Improved Dental Health. Dental additives can help improve overall dental hygiene by keeping the teeth, gums, and tongue clean. Killing the bacteria that cause things like cavities and bad breath is the best way to prevent unwanted dental issues in the future.
  • Disease Prevention. Using a dental additive in a dog’s water can help clean your pet’s teeth and prevent things like periodontal disease and gum disease. Things like dental chews are only effective on the surface of the teeth, but a dental additive can prevent dental issues by getting in between the teeth, where chews and brushing cannot reach.

The Best Dog Dental Water Additives Reviewed

There are many dog dental care products on the market, and finding the best dog dental water additive can be a challenging task. To make things easy, we have reviewed some of the best dog mouthwash formulas.

Petlab Co Dog Dental Formula Keep Dog Breath Fresh and Teeth Clean

Summary: Using stabilized chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient, this product will help clean your pet’s mouth and freshen their breath at the same time. This water additive is available with a subscription, so you won’t have to worry about running out when giving this to your pet daily. It is made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility to ensure the best quality product is being sent to store shelves. It is suited for dogs of all ages and is tasteless and odorless for the fussier pets out there.

  • For fresh breath & clean teeth
  • Safe for dogs over 12 weeks of age
  • Tasteless and odorless formula
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility
  • Discounts for subscription plans
  • Includes parabens

Ingredient Analysis: The active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide, and this is great at killing bad breath-causing bacteria. Sodium benzoate helps to make teeth whiter, but methyl parabens are included as a preservative. This is controversial because parabens have been linked to health problems in animals.

Review: Most buyers were satisfied with this dog dental water additive and said their pet’s mouth has never been cleaner. They were happy with the improvement in the health of their pet’s teeth and gums. Others were less than impressed with the use of parabens in the formula and raised concerns about the potential side effects of the ingredient.

Vets Preferred Water Additive Oral Care for Dogs

Summary: This dog dental water additive is one of the easiest dental treatments to use for dogs. Simply put this in their drinking water, and the solution works its magic with its mild mint flavor helping to freshen your dog’s breath. With just a capful per 8 ounces of water, this no-brush enzymatic formula is made to help remove plaque and is a great tartar remover. It is safe for all dogs and features a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

  • For easy teeth cleaning
  • Mild mint flavor helps freshen breath
  • No toothbrush needed
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Mint can be strong for some dogs

Ingredient Analysis: Chlorhexidine digluconate is the active ingredient and provides a powerful antiseptic to kill bacteria that cause bad breath. Peppermint oil is added for flavor, and sodium benzoate helps to whiten teeth. The addition of artificial colors is less than ideal as unnecessary ingredients are often added for the human’s benefit and not the dog’s.

Review: Most pet owners were surprised at how well this dog dental water additive worked at cleaning their dog’s mouth. They were happy with the results and were very pleased that all they had to do to improve their dog’s dental health was add a little bit to their dog’s water bowl. The most common complaint was from people whose dogs became sick after drinking this. They said it had upset their dog’s stomach and some said they had received a different product than what they ordered so they gave this product a 1-star review.

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care Solution Pet Water Additive

Summary: The fast-acting formula in this water additive powerfully fights back against tartar and plaque buildup. It uses stabilized chlorine dioxide for fresher breath and cleaner teeth. It is available in a variety of sizes for the needs of multiple dog homes or dog owners who do not want to continually buy water additives. It is safe for dogs of all ages to consume and is odorless and tasteless, so your dog won’t know it’s drinking anything but water.

  • Tasteless and odorless
  • No brushing required
  • Eliminates pet breath
  • Available in a 1-gallon container
  • Made in the USA
  • According to customer reviews, this product may cause allergic reactions in some pets

Ingredient Analysis: The active ingredient in this dog dental water additive is stabilized chlorine dioxide, which is great for maintaining a healthy mouth. It kills bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth issues. Sodium benzoate and sodium citrate help to make teeth whiter.

Review: Satisfied customers said this dog dental water additive worked very well on their pet’s mouth. Many were surprised when they went out on a limb and purchased this to freshen their breath, and it “actually worked.” Unhappy customers said their cats and small dogs did not react well to this additive. They said it had caused vomiting, and one dog owner suspected it had caused neurological problems but had not been to the vet to confirm this suspicion before leaving the review.

Dental Fresh Advanced Plaque and Tartar Water Additive for Dogs

Summary: Self-described as a “toothbrush in a bottle,” this is a water additive made to promote healthy teeth and strong gums. They use stabilized chlorine dioxide as a cleanser to provide protection and some of the best overall benefits for a pet’s mouth. This also helps to kill bad breath, causing bacteria between teeth and up into the gum line. It is available in two different sizes at a very affordable price, so almost any pet owner can provide this to their pet.

  • Strengthens teeth & restores enamel
  • No brushing required
  • Available in different varieties
  • Kills bacteria in between teeth
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Uses parabens in the formula

Ingredient Analysis: Methylparaben is used as a preservative, which is controversial among dog owners as parabens have been linked to things like cancer in pets.

Review: Many buyers were satisfied with the effects this dog dental water additive had on the overall health of their pet’s mouth. They said it effectively cleaned their teeth and freshened their breath in between regular dental cleanings at the vet. Critical reviewers brought up concerns about the use of parabens in the formula. Some didn’t buy the product but had left reviews stating parabens have been linked to negative side effects in pets and stated they weren’t going to purchase the water additive.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Original Dog Dental Water Additive

Summary: Coming in a large 33.8-ounce bottle, this is an affordable option for pet parents looking out for their friend’s dental health. It is made with sodium benzoate to kill bacteria and whiten teeth in an odorless formula. The formula is free from harsh chemicals and supports dog dental hygiene in a gentle manner. Plus, the large container makes it a convenient product.

  • Protects against plaque & tartar
  • Odorless and free from chemicals
  • Comes in a big 33.8 fl oz bottle
  • With a VOHC and an NASC seal
  • Made in the USA
  • Some dogs may be averse to drinking their water when this is added

Ingredient Analysis: Sodium benzoate is the active ingredient in this dog dental water additive and provides safe bacteria-killing effects that help whiten teeth. Cetylpyridinium chloride provides extra antibacterial effects for an even cleaner mouth, while green tea leaf extract helps to provide immune support to combat potential health problems caused by poor oral health.

Review: Most consumers raved about how quickly this dog dental water additive worked on their pet’s teeth. They were happy it helped them avoid expensive vet bills and said it worked in just a matter of days. Those who were more critical of this product were disappointed when their dog threw up afterward. Numerous reviews stated their dog had just thrown up and expressed frustration at the moment they were writing the review.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Water Additive for Dogs

Summary: This water additive fight tartar buildup and plaque with a Denta-C formula, a proprietary blend that has been proven to remove plaque that harbors bacteria. It is flavored with glycerin to give it a mildly sweet flavor without needing to use harmful taste-related chemicals. It is made in the USA and easy to use, requiring only 1 tablespoon per 32 ounces of water. It is sold in several sizes and flavors so that it can be enjoyed by almost any dog.

  • Prevents tartar buildup
  • Veterinarian-recommended formula
  • Extremely easy to use
  • No brushing required
  • Available in multiple sizes and flavors
  • Uses artificial colors

Ingredient Analysis: Vegetable glycerin is used as a sweetener in this dog dental water additive. Sodium benzoate and sodium borate are used to kill bacteria in the mouth, although using sodium borate may be off-putting to some pet owners. Artificial colors are added, and this seems unnecessary because it is a water additive and will turn the water a shade of blue when added.

Review: Most customers were “sure this helps” their dog’s teeth and overall dental health. They were satisfied with the results, and most said they would purchase again to avoid vet bills related to dental problems. The most common complaint, however, was echoed in most critical reviews and said this dog dental water additive made their pets sick. They were also skeptical of the dosage guidelines saying dogs are made in all sizes, so the dosages should be different for each dog.

Dental Fresh Advanced Whitening Formula Dog Water Additive

Summary: The advanced whitening formula in this dog dental water additive uses sodium benzoate (baking soda) as the primary whitening agent. It is an excellent oral antiseptic and requires only one teaspoon per 8 fl oz of water to be effective. It is safe for everyday use on dogs of all ages and sizes to maintain great oral health. It is available in two sizes and, as a bonus, works great for cats and other household pets as well as dogs.

  • Suitable for daily use
  • Powerful formula provides advanced whitening
  • Infused with baking soda to deodorize a dog’s breath
  • Free from alcohol, sugar, or detergents
  • Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Contains parabens

Ingredient Analysis: Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient in this formula. This provides a great antiseptic, while sodium benzoate helps to fight discoloration on a pet’s teeth. The use of parabens is a bit concerning given its reputation for causing things like cancer.

Review: Most ratings were high, and the reviews were positive. Buyers were pleased that their dog’s teeth were whiter than before, and their overall dental health had improved, which helped some of them avoid expensive vet visits for their aging dogs. Critical consumers were upset with using parabens as a preservative in this dog dental water additive. They raised concerns about the connections between parabens in pet products and adverse health effects caused by parabens in pets.

Vets Preferred Water Additive Oral Care for Dogs
  • Ensure fresh breath, clean dog teeth AND overall dog health! 
  • Help prevent tartar formation and protect your dog’s teeth and gums and from irreversible gum disease and countless vet visits.
  • Don't waste time wrestling with a dog toothbrush! Simply add a small amount of this dog breath freshener to your dog's water! 

What Should I Look for in Dog Dental Water Additives?

When looking for a dog dental water additive, you should consider several features, such as:

  • Natural Ingredients. Using a product with natural ingredients is the safest and most accessible to the stomach. Avoiding synthetic chemicals can save you time and money in the long run because it is less likely to cause problems for your dog.
  • Active Formula. You will also want to be sure the active ingredients are non-toxic. Search for things like yucca and cinnamon, as these ingredients help to stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Papain, an enzyme from the papaya plant, is another excellent example of an effective ingredient. It provides a host of benefits from oral and joint health to digestion and immune system support.
  • No Harmful Chemicals. Avoid artificial sweeteners and added sugars. This might go without saying, but a dental hygiene product with added sugars is counterproductive. More than that, though, it can be toxic to your dog. Artificial sweeteners, in particular, like xylitol, are harmful and dangerous to dogs and can best be avoided whenever possible.

Do Vets Recommend Water Additive for Dogs?

Yes, vets recommend using a dog dental water additive. The water additive can be used alone or in conjunction with other doggie oral care products like toothpaste, toothbrush, dental chews, wipes, and chew toys.

In fact, the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) has a list of recommended products that are safe and effective for a dog’s oral hygiene.

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