Best Dental Chews for Dogs Summary

  • Overall Best Dental Chews for Dogs: Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats
    Safe, efficient, pleasantly textured, and flavored, these dental chews for dogs are our top pick as the best chews.
  • Best Dental Chews for Dogs that are Large: Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats
    These x-shaped treats are perfect for keeping large dog’s teeth healthy and are worthy despite the cost.
  • Best Dental Chews for Dogs for Health: Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Dog Treats
    Healthy dental bones with a unique taste and a formula free from added preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Best Dental Chews for Dogs for Hard-to-Reach Teeth: Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care
    Chicken-flavored treats with ridges that help reach back teeth, thus ensuring though cleaning of the dog’s mouth.
  • Best Dental Chews for Dogs for Digestibility: OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews
    These soft, chewy, and deep-cleaning treats reduce plaque and are good for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages.
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Are Dental Dog Treats Effective?

Yes, dental dog treats are effective as they help keep the dog’s teeth strong and healthy. Dental chews for dogs are textured treats that help rub off plaque buildup and tartar. Plus, they are dog-friendly flavored.

By supporting strong and clean teeth, dental chews for dogs promote overall dental health and oral hygiene. This is important because, according to Web MD, dogs often suffer from oral issues such as:

  • Bad breath (medical term: halitosis)
  • Plaque build-up (deposits of saliva, bacteria, and food)
  • Tartar build-up (yellow or brown hardened plaque)
  • Gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Dental issues are painful and have a negative impact on the dog’s quality of life. Plus, dental infections and their bacteria can spread to other organs, such as the heart, kidneys, or liver.

Also, we should note that small dogs are more prone to dental issues than large dogs. This is because they have smaller jaws with more crowded teeth and are fussy eaters (eat wet food instead of munching on kibble).

Can Dental Chews Make Dogs Sick?

Yes, dental chews for dogs can make your pet sick if used irresponsibly – if given too many or too often. Dental chews can also make your dog sick if they contain ingredients your dog cannot digest.

For example, if the dental chews for dogs contain gluten, they will make gluten-sensitive dogs sick. Or, if your dog is allergic to chicken, chicken-based dental chews will upset its stomach.

Pet MD states that it is important to take precautions when choosing the right dental chews for dogs. That way, you can rest assured that the chews will not harm your doggie.

Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats
  • The unique texture of Greenies Dog Chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath
  • Greenies Dog Treats are made with natural, easy-to-digest ingredients and are nutritionally complete
  • Treat your dog fantastically with the great taste of Greenies Original Dental Treats

What are the Benefits of Dental Chews for Dogs?

What are the Benefits of Dental Chews for Dogs

There are many benefits of dental chews for dogs. Namely, the right dental chews for dogs may act as a substitute for dog toothbrush toothpaste. In simple words, they keep the dog’s mouth healthy and clean.

According to Pedigree, just a few of the benefits of dental chews include:

  • Reducing plaque and tartar
  • Preventing periodontal disease
  • Eliminating bad breath
  • Supporting proper gum health
  • Giving fussy chewers something to chew on.

Dental chews for dogs are beneficial. However, it is a good idea to use them in conjunction with other dental care methods. For example, the most thorough way of cleaning the dog’s teeth is professional veterinary tooth scaling.

The procedure is done by a licensed veterinarian and under general anesthesia. Depending on the dog’s individual needs, it can be done yearly, or sometimes even twice per year.

Between scaling treatments, pet owners must brush their dog’s teeth. The brushing must be done at least three times per week, using dog toothpaste and toothbrush made specifically for dogs.

Cleaning a dog’s teeth is important, yet it may be hard with some less cooperative dogs. This is where dental chews for dogs kick in as they can reduce the frequency of toothbrushing.

The Best Dental Chews for Dogs Reviewed

When shopping for dental chews for dogs, it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons of each product. Listed below are just a few dental dog treat products that vets recommend for optimal oral hygiene.

Greenies Petite Size Oral Health Dental Chews

Summary: These toothbrush-shaped dental chews are available on Amazon and come in four different sizes for any kind of dog. They come in different flavors and styles, including a grain-free option, and help keep dog’s breath fresh. They also come in various packages, as some bags contain only 20 treats and others up to 130.

  • Freshens breath
  • Easy to digest
  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • With added vitamins
  • Monitoring is necessary while chewing

Reviews: Overall, the Greenies product proves to be the best dog chews with the best results. They are healthy and tasty for pets, all while keeping their gums and teeth clean.

Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats

Summary: These large dog treats have an x-shape and help reduce tartar build-up. They come in many different flavors, including chicken, beef, and bacon. Pedigree treats come in different size packaging ranging from 7-count to 51-count. They recommend giving one treat per day for best results.

  • Provides fresh breath
  • Tartar control
  • Variety of flavors
  • Dogs love them
  • Hefty price tag
  • Not suited for small dogs

Reviews: Overall, these pedigree sticks are a great choice for larger dogs, but may not be the best option price-wise. The x-shape does make them good for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Dog Treats

Summary: These high-quality dental bones come in many different sizes ranging from teenie to large, and are good for gum health and bad breath. They are free from harmful products such as corn, wheat, soy, and artificial preservatives. Blue Buffalo treats come in multiple styles of packaging ranging from 8-count to 44-count. They are highly digestible and have an easily chewable texture.

  • Good for dogs of all sizes
  • Easily digestible
  • Healthy option
  • Ideal shape and texture
  • Some dogs dislike the taste

Reviews: Overall, this product is the healthiest option but contains no extra flavoring, so dogs may not enjoy the taste. They are great at relieving bad breath and will go down easy.

Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care

Summary: These chicken-flavored dental sticks are recommended for large dog breeds. They are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up and have ridges that reach hard-to-get teeth. These Purina treats come in various sizes of packaging ranging from 18-count to 60-count. They have a chewy, porous texture that is easy for dogs to digest.

  • Fights bad breath
  • Good for back teeth
  • Pleasant texture
  • Scientifically proven formula
  • Only for adult dogs

Reviews: Overall, these chews are the best for cleaning teeth and gums throughout the whole mouth, but are limited in variety. They are only made for large dogs but are good for cleaning hard-to-reach back teeth.

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

Summary: These dental hygiene chews clean down to the gumline and helps reduce plaque. They come in all different sizes and are a soft, chewy texture. OraVet chews come in packaging sizes of either 14-count or 30-count. They create a cleaner mouth overall and fresher breath.

  • Remove plaque efficiently
  • Cleans mouth and freshens breath
  • Dual-action formula
  • Available in different sizes
  • Dogs may not enjoy the flavor

Reviews: Overall, this product is the most digestible and is easy on a dog’s stomach, but has no distinguished flavor. The dual action is perfect for fighting both plaque and tartar buildup.

How Often Should You Give Your Dog Dental Chews?

In order to determine how often to give a dog dental chews, check the packaging. This is because the feeding guidelines are different for different brands.

For example, Greenies states that their dental chews should be taken once per day. At the same time, other brands may suggest giving a dog more than once per day if they are low in calories.

However, just as in the case of normal treats, giving a dog too many dental chews in a day might make them sick. Also, keep in mind that dental chews for dogs are not a substitute for dog food.

What Should I Look For in a Dental Chew for Dogs?

What Should I Look For in a Dental Chew for Dogs

The best dental chews for dogs must be made of high-quality ingredients and be safe. By safe, we mean to fit the dog’s size and shape accordingly.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best dental chews for dogs:

  1. Ingredients. It is important to check the ingredients of the dental treats. The best dental chews for dogs will have natural ingredients that are non-GMO and organic. Avoid chews with a lot of preservatives and harmful by-products. For example, dental chews for dogs with organic peanut butter are much healthier than rawhides or chews with gluten.
  2. Size and Shape. The best dental chews for dogs depend on the dog’s size and jaw shape. Basically, when choosing dental chews think like choosing a chew toy – it must be sturdy to withstand your dog’s chewing capacity and sized and shaped in accordance with your dog’s size and jaw shape. Things are easier for medium dogs as they can chew on both smaller and larger chews.
  3. Vet Recommendations. The best dental chews for dogs are not simple treats – they can have nutritional value. Dental chews for dogs are formulated to ensure ultimate dog dental care. Always look for dental dog treats that come with recommendations from vets or pet professionals for the best dental health.