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Labrador retrievers are known for their loyal and friendly nature. If you have a strong bond with your dog, you might find that they try to sleep on your bed at night – but due to their large size, this might not be the most comfortable arrangement. Getting your lab their own dog bed can help you both get a better night’s sleep. 

Because of their large size, you can’t buy just any dog beds for labs. You’ll need a high quality dog bed that’s built to handle their larger size and support their body. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find a good bed for your lab, as well as our picks for the best dog beds for labs on the market. 

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best dog bed for labs is the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed. This bed uses extremely high quality foam to provide orthopedic support for dogs who need it. The suede cover feels very luxurious and cozy to the touch. They also come in very large sizes, so you can feel confident knowing that your dog has enough space to sprawl out. 

Why Do Labs Need Special Considerations?

If you have a lab at home, you won’t be able to buy just any dog bed for them. You’ll need to be a little more discerning to make sure you buy a bed that is both comfortable and supportive. Here’s why you need to be picky when looking for the best dog bed for your lab. 


Labs are prone to certain bone problems as they get older. In particular, they are prone to knee problems. Because of their larger size, they may also develop hip and elbow dysplasia.

Because of this, labs should use supportive mattresses that relieve pressure on their joints. Even if they are younger and don’t currently have any joint issues, a supportive dog bed could make the difference when it comes to preventing them in the future. 


Labs are a very large dog breed, so they more space to sprawl out and relax. A standard dog bed might not be big enough for them, so you’ll need to search for a larger model that will fit them. If you’re not sure what size bed to get for your lab, try measuring them to get an approximate idea of their height and length. 

What You Need In A Dog Bed For A Lab

dog beds for labs

There are several key features to consider when selecting a dog bed for your lab. Here’s what to look for when choosing beds for large dogs. 


Of course, the size is a big consideration for larger breeds like a lab. They should be able to fit entirely on the bed, without their legs falling off the side. This ensures they get the proper comfort and support while they are sleeping. Look for large or extra large sizes, and consider measuring your pet before buying to ensure that they will fit comfortably. 


It’s very important to find a durable, high quality bed for your lab. This is because labs love to chew, and if they don’t have toys or other distractions, they may end up chewing on the bed. Ideally, you’ll want a dog bed made out of tough, rip resistant material so your pup won’t be able to rip it apart too easily. 


Even if your lab’s chewing doesn’t completely rip apart their bed, it still could get dirty fairly quickly. That’s why it’s so important to have a washable bed for your dog. Many beds come with a removable cover that is machine washable, which makes it very easy to clean your dog’s bed quickly. It’s also helpful to opt for a bed with a water resistant or dirt resistant cover, which further prevents stains. 


Of course, you’ll want your pet to feel comfortable when they are sleeping. Look for beds with soft and supportive filling that will help them relax. If your dog struggles with anxiety, a bed with bolsters on the sides can also be a great choice. This creates a nest-like feeling that can help to soothe your dog. Finally, you’ll also want to ensure that the fabric is soft and won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur. 


The overall quality of the bed is very important, as your dog will be spending plenty of time sleeping on it. Consider the overall level of support that the mattress can provide. How will it support your dog’s joints?

Ideally, it should relieve your dog’s pressure points for a more comfortable, restful sleep. You may want to consider a human-grade mattress with orthopedic memory foam for dogs that struggle with joint problems. 

Types Of Dog Beds For Labs

dog beds made for labs

When it comes to choosing a quality dog bed for your lab, you have several different options. Here are the most common types of dog beds for Labradors and the pros and cons of using them. 


Orthopedic beds are one of the best choices for labs. They use memory foam to support your dog’s joints, relieving pressure on their bones and muscles. Not only are these beds incredibly comfortable, but they help your dog stay healthy and prevent pain as they get older. 

Fiber Filled

These beds often look similar to orthopedic beds, but they contain soft poly fill fibers instead of a supportive foam. While they are more affordable, they don’t provide as much support for your dog’s joints, and tend not to be as durable. However, this is a better option than having your dog sleep directly on the floor. 


Elevated dog beds are typically shaped like cots. These are also excellent for reducing pressure on your dog’s joints, because they aren’t directly on the floor. Additionally, they are made with very durable fabrics, so they are good for dogs who chew or dogs who like to sleep outdoors. 

Basic Cushion

These beds are similar to a pillow. While they feel soft and cozy, they aren’t the most supportive. However, they are very convenient if you want to add a bit of extra support to another bed or couch that your dog likes to sleep on. 


Dogs like the feeling of being in a nest. It is reminiscent of their puppyhood and can help them relax when they are feeling anxious. There are many dog beds that are designed to give them this feeling, with bolsters around the sides of the bed. The filling in these beds can vary – sometimes they provide orthopedic support, but there are also models that only use soft filling. 

Best Dog Beds For Labs

There are plenty of great dog beds that are designed with this lovable breed in mind. Here are our picks for the best dog beds for labs. 

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker makes beds specifically designed for larger dog breeds like labs. They come in large, XL, and XXL sizes. These extra large beds use a high quality memory foam mattress with a pillow top for incredible comfort and support.

They are made in America and are proven to provide excellent joint support for your dog. They come with a soft suede cover that is fully removable and machine washable. 

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch Bed

This cozy dog bed is a great option for labs. It’s large enough that they can curl up comfortably, but has bolsters around the back to create a comfortable nesting feeling. This is great for dogs that struggle with anxiety or get cold easily. It uses a Serta memory foam base, which reduces pressure on your dog’s joints. 

Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa

This luxurious sofa makes a great bed for your lab. It is made using a thick orthopedic foam base, with poly fill bolsters to provide extra support for your dog’s head and neck. There’s also the option to add a layer of cooling gel foam for dogs that get hot easily. A layer of faux fur over the top provides warmth and comfort. The entire cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This is another one of the best extra large beds for labs and other large breeds. It comes in sizes ranging from small to XXL to ensure that your pet is comfortable. It is made with a thick layer of solid memory foam for excellent support, as well as soft pillowy bolsters that wrap all the way around for dogs who love to nest.

The washable cover is very durable and is made with a soft cotton and polyester blend. It also comes with a waterproof liner, which protects the mattress in case of an accident. 

Kuranda Dog Bed

If your pet gets hot easily, this elevated dog bed is a great choice to help keep them cool. It also keeps them up off the floor to reduce pressure, and is easy for dogs to step up onto, even with mobility issues. The frame is made from a durable PVC, and the bed itself is made with a thick and tear-resistant cordura.

It’s very simple to clean, as you can just wash away any dirt or debris. It’s also durable enough for outdoor use, so it’s great for dogs who like to sleep in the sun. 

DogBed4Less Memory Foam Bed

This solid memory foam dog bed is very supportive and durable. The foam is infused with a cooling material to ensure that your dog doesn’t overheat. The denim cover is extremely durable, so it’s great for dogs who like to chew or scratch. An internal waterproof layer protects against stains and messes.

MFOX Calming Dog Bed

Dogs who struggle with anxiety can really benefit from using a donut shaped bed. These beds help them feel protected and safe. This bed is a great option for larger dogs who want that sense of security without feeling cramped. It is made with a soft polyfill and is covered with a very soft and comfy faux fur. The entire bed is washer and dryer safe, so you don’t even need to remove the cover to clean it. 

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

This bed combines the support of a thick orthopedic mattress with the snuggly feeling of a nest bed. Soft padded bolsters go all the way around the bed for extra support. A thick layer of orthopedic foam makes sleeping here extra comfy, and also minimize joint issues for older dogs. The polyester cover is washable and has a sophisticated quilted design. 

Best Friends By Sheri Calming Dog Bed

This is another excellent donut bed that will help your lab have a relaxing sleep. It comes in many different sizes and has a supportive donut design that helps to keep your dog warm. The faux fur cover feels extra soft and cuddly. The base is both water and dirt resistant, and the cover is removable for easy cleaning. 

Vehoo Elevated Dog Bed

This dog bed is another reliable elevated option for dogs who need something extra durable. The bed uses a durable textilene mesh that lets air flow through, but is still durable enough to resist scratching. The frame is a lightweight powder coated steel that is easy to assemble. It has anti-skid feet to ensure that your dog’s bed doesn’t move around. 

Final Thoughts

Labs are wonderful dogs, and as a dog owner, you’ll want to make sure your pet has a luxurious place to lounge. These are some of the best dog beds for labs on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dog bed for labs? 

While there are many excellent dog beds for labs out there, the Big Barker is our top pick. 

What size dog bed does a Labrador need? 

Labs tend to be on the larger side, so they will need a large bed to match. Typically, you’ll need a bed that’s at least two feet by two feet, but large adult labs may need something even larger.