What is the Best Big Barker Dog Bed?

Below is our best Big Barker dog beds summary with top picks and reviews.

Finding the right dog bed for your gentle giant can be challenging. Thankfully, the Big Barker brand offers specialized dog beds that provide scientifically-backed support for large dogs.

These dog beds all use comfortable foam filling and removable liners to give dogs the best napping experience possible. Learn more about how to select the best Big Barker dog bed for your furry best friend.

What Should I Look for in a Big Barker Dog Bed?

Although Big Barker offers a limited number of dog bed models, you still need to consider several factors to determine which foam bed is best for your pup.


Most owners turn to Big Barker dog beds because they need a comfortable sleeping space for an extra-large pup. However, this famous American made brand also offers medium-sized beds. 

To find the best size for your dog, measure him from nose to tail while he is lying in a stretched-out position. Simply add 8″ to 12″ to his final measurement to find his ideal dog bed diameter.


There are many different types of materials used to make dog beds, but Big Barker has a simple design that uses a suede material for optimal durability and washability.

Other materials like fleece and faux fur may give a cozier feel that helps calm anxious pups, but these materials are more challenging to keep clean. Microfiber and polyester are other common dog bed materials.


Different filling materials can also influence the comfort levels offered by dog bed models. Popular filling materials include polyfill, poly fiberfill, and foam.

All Big Barker beds use a proprietary triple-layered orthopedic foam filling. This type of filling is perfect for larger and older dogs who may have arthritic joints or hip dysplasia as the extra support from memory foam reduces pressure points.


Big dogs can make a big mess of their favorite pet beds. Drool, dirt, and hair quickly accumulate during naps. Fortunately, most Big Barker beds have removable covers for easy washing. You can remove the suede cover and throw it in your washing machine to remove messes.

The suede microfiber cover is also stain-repellent and rip-resistant to stand up to heavy use.


Giant dog breeds can also be more destructive toward their favorite beds. Sometimes your Big Barker bed may double as a new chew toy. Although the fabric is durable and rip-resistant, fabric dog beds with foam filling can be susceptible to destruction.

If your mischievous pup is incredibly destructive, you may want to consider an elevated dog bed instead. These beds have tough canvas fabric elevated on an almost indestructible steel frame.

Big Barker Beds for Dog

Price Point

The innovation of Big Barker dog beds does come at a higher cost. Although you can find pet beds at lower price points, many dog lovers find that the extra quality and thoughtful features are well worth the cost.

Most extra large dog beds are more expensive, but some normal dog beds may use lower-quality materials. When you buy a Big Barker bed, you’re making an investment that may pay off with the higher quality of life your dog experiences in the long run.

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Younger dogs can be more destructive and may prefer softer filling materials that allow for burrowing. These orthopedic dog bed models’ special materials are best suited for older dogs who need relief from joint pain while they sleep.

The Best Big Barker Dog Beds Reviewed

Here are our top picks for the best Big Barker dog beds uniquely engineered to keep your big dog comfortable.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed is one of Big Barker’s most popular models. It is available in three different sizes for different big dog breeds: large, extra-large, and giant XXL. The critical feature that distinguishes this dog bed is the unique bolster headrest, perfect for dogs who like extra support for snuggling. This headrest also allows your pup to sleep with his spine aligned.

Big Barker Sleek Edition

The original model known for its innovation and simplicity, the Big Barker sleek edition is perfect for big dogs who like to sleep stretched entirely out. This model is available in the same sizes as the headrest edition. It is also available in a variety of colors, including the color khaki and charcoal gray. These covers are easily removable for simple washing.

Barker Junior Headrest Edition

This dog bed offers the same benefits of Big Barker’s innovative, original foam bed in sizes suitable for smaller dogs and growing puppies. It also comes in the same color options and features a headrest bolster for optimal comfort. Dog owners also appreciate the optional waterproof liners that protect the mattress from accidents.

Big Barker Crate Pad

If your dog uses a crate, the hard plastic bottom may harm his joints. This Big Barker crate pad acts as a comfortable liner to provide the same cushioning of their dog beds in your pup’s favorite crate. This crate pad comes in nearly every size from small to XXL, and the 4″ foam pad offers orthopedic support without excess bulk.

Backseat Barker SUV Edition

This shock-absorbing dog bed features a unique design to fit in the back of your SUV to allow your dog to travel in comfort. The orthopedic foam helps limit the stress on your pup’s joints caused by bumps in the road, making long trips much more enjoyable. The winged design also provides extra support and creates a snug fit in any SUV trunk.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the market for an orthopedic dog bed that will keep your large pup comfortable, few brands can compete with Big Barker. Big Barker dog beds’ innovative design combines comfort, durability, and washability for products dogs and their owners love. Consider investing in these high-quality dog beds to help improve your pup’s quality of life.