The Top Remote Work Opportunities For Pet Lovers

You will find that many pet owners are always on the lookout for avenues that provide them with the chance to work yet be close to their furry family members. Moreover, the trend to work from remote jobs has increased in recent years due to the Coronavirus. Every few months there is news of a new variant of Coronavirus and people are reluctant to leave the safety of their homes.

And, yes, earning a living is a necessity but caring for your pet’s well-being as well as that of yourself and your family is equally essential. Like humans, pets need attention, warmth, and love. And, when you need to work a nine-five job, staying away from home, your pet is left all alone at home.

A pet alone for long hours can suffer from several psychological, emotional, and physical issues such as separation anxiety, stress, or inertia. The pets left alone for long hours at home also exhibit destructive tendencies, erratic behaviors, and health concerns such as obesity, eating disorders, or even diabetes.

According to many research studies, pet owners who work from home can make a living yet provide constant supervision for their doggos. So, it is that you will come across many pet parents constantly in search of remote jobs. In such cases, pet parents can keep a close eye on their pets at all times, maintaining a proper and nourishing diet, ensuring appropriate amounts of physical and mental exercise, and saving their pets from the side effects of separation anxiety, depression, and adverse behavioral problems.

Fortunately for pet parents, many organizations share similar views with pet lovers and encourage and provide their employees with the opportunity to earn a living from remote jobs. So, let’s look into some of these pet-friendly and pro-remote job companies:

The Top 20 Remote Work Opportunities For Pet Lovers


Here’s a company that offers multiple brands aimed at animal care, mainly using CBD to solve animal health concerns organically. If you’re looking to calm your furry friends’ nerves (Honest Paws Calm – hemp oil) or soothe aching paws (Vets Preferred Paw Balm), or just want to get in touch with a qualified and considerate veterinarian (One Vet), OnePet is your go-to place.

And the best thing about OnePet is that they know that pet parents are responsible for the well-being and happiness of their fluffballs, so they give their customers multiple organic options for animal wellness and health. And the one thing you will find most noticeable about products of OnePet is that they work to give you solutions without side effects. They know all about the love between a pet parent and their pets; hence they aim to make life easier for pets and humans.

Best Friends Animal Society

As the name implies, Best Friends Animal Society is a company that values life. So, the motto is to help you find jobs in any field where you might earn some moolah, help yourself and help save precious animal life. 

It’s a recruiting company that provides job opportunities to those who understand the importance of love – self-love and love for all beings – furry, feathered, scaly, or otherwise. And, if you can’t step out of your house as you work full-time as a pet parent, then Best Friends Animal Society can help you find remote work too.

The Human League

The Humane League, isn’t so much a company as it is a lifestyle choice. If you aim to create a better world for yourself, your family, your friends, and your furry friends, you need to become the change you want. And no one can help you more than the Humane League. 

On their website, you won’t just find merchandise that leaves a minimal environmental footprint; you’ll find vegan recipes, information about how to effect positive change towards industrial animal abuse, and a platform for remote-based jobs.


For pet parents who love to go to work as much as they love caring for their pets, Rover offers a simple solution. You can hire a trusted and caring animal sitter for animal sitting or house visits. Rover even provides lodging for your pets when you need to travel, doggy daycare, and dog walking.

Rover understands that as much as pet parents love their pets, they can’t always be physically present to care for them. Hence, Rover is ready to share that responsibility with you and provide your fur babies with the nurturing they need when you can’t be around. And Rover works relentlessly towards forming lasting relationships with their customers, so you can be sure that your beloved pet is in safe hands.



If you love dogs, you’ll love Wag. It’s a company that offers pet parents the convenience of working while their fur babies are cared for by loving and trustworthy dog sitters. Wag will ensure that your pet gets the attention and care it requires when you aren’t around. 

So, if you want someone to pay your pet house visits when you are out of town, Wag will be there. And, if you want someone to take your dog out for walks, Wag will be there. And, if you need to keep your pet while you go on a business trip abroad, Wag will be there. But Wag goes one step further and offers work opportunities to dog lovers to find jobs that’ll give them the chance to make money and do what they love most – caring for doggos.


Everyone’s heard of Chewy, even if you aren’t the proud parent of a furry baby. Chewy is a recognized name in its field, supplying high-quality animal food to animal care products from litter to shampoo or tick powder. And they love animals, so they are happy to offer pet parents a forum where they can work from home and care for their pets.



It’s a place for Man and Man’s Best Friend. So, if you’re looking for customized nutritional meals for your fur baby, treats or wellness support, look no further than BarkBox.


Looking to make your doggo eat healthy but don’t know where to start, get Ollie to help. At Ollie, you’ll get first-class, nutritional, gourmet dog meals that bring a smile to your face and doggos.

The Farmer's Dog

There’s no better way to help your dog get healthier than feeding it freshly-made, highly nutritional, gourmet dog food. At The Farmer’s Dog, you will find delicious meals for your pet. But, you’ll find that these guys love their fur babies, so you can get remote-work opportunities, dog-friendly offices, 12-week paid parental leave, and much more.

Zesty Paws

No one means business quite as much as Zesty Paws regarding animal wellness and health support. Not only will you get unique products to improve your pet’s well-being and longevity, but you’ll also even find that this company doesn’t care where you work from so long as you work towards improving the standard of living of animals.


Sometimes, providing the best medical care for pets can become impossible when the cost of care is too high. But, at Pumpkin, you’ll find the best insurance plans for pets that will ensure that you never have to settle for anything less than the very best for the well-being and wellness of your pet. Yet, you will also find that Pumpkin offers career opportunities for pet parents, those who can work from a place of work, and those who can’t.


No one can offer you better advice for animal care than a vet, and some of the best vets in their field have come together to provide you with the optimal insurance plans for your pets at Trupanion, so you don’t have to see your fur baby in pain due to lack of resources. Trupanion goes as far as to give pet parents a chance to find work. And, they’re about community and animal welfare. So, you can be sure to get the best advice relating to pet insurance plans.


Anytime you need advice from a qualified and licensed vet, animal wellness supplements, or meds for your sick fluff balls, you can just call 1-800-PetMeds. And, you can go one step further and find a remote-based job for yourself too at 1-800-PetMeds.



Sometimes getting the proper medication at the right time can mean the difference between life and death, and no one understands this better than Mixlab. Hence, you will find this fast, reliable online pharmacy offers a simple solution to all of your health concerns for your pet.

Mixlab customizes your order needs according to the prescriptions and makes prompt deliveries, so your valued furry family members get immediate medical treatment. And, they go as far as to offer great discounts so that your pets receive the best in medical treatment without causing your monthly budget to spiral out of control.


Pet parents can use all the help they can get, but vets are no different. And, if you want your vet to care for your pet better, you need to take better care of your vet. And this is where you will find Vetcove stepping in like a champion. Vetcove is an ideal place for vets who work long hours caring for animals and have to spend even longer hours stocking up on the right meds. But Vetcove is a one-stop-shop for veterinary purchasers. 

Wellness Pet Company

Life as a Wellie means providing the best care and diet for your pets. But, being a part of the Wellness team also means being part of an organization that cares for pets is a full-time job and that you have to sometimes work from wherever you are to not compromise on the health and well-being of your pet.


With some of the biggest names in the pet food and care industry, Mars is being the change it wants to create in the animal welfare world. You can be sure that your fur baby will receive the best in terms of quality when it comes to products from Mars, and you will also realize that Mars doesn’t stop at words. It creates an environment for animal lovers where they can care for their pets and all animals not just by marching in protest for animal protection but by working from their homes too.

Nestle Purina

You want your kitty cat or doggos to have yummy but healthy meals, you can trust Nestle Purina to deliver on quality. But, Nestle is a giant that works to make the world a better place for people, their pets, and all of Nature’s creations. Seeing as how Nestle Purina is quite literally to be found all across the globe, you will find extraordinary remote-based career openings that will set up your future and make your furry friend’s life far more pleasant than before.


You want to get your pet a toy, a treat, or a tiny treadmill, you can get to PetSmart and order it. And the best thing about PetSmart is that it is an organization looking to impact a positive change in the world. 

You’ll find PetSmart a part of animal care charities or fundraisers, you’ll discover PetSmart a part of finding safe and secure homes for stray or sick animals, and you’ll discover PetSmart a part of welfare groups educating pet parents about providing better care and safety for their pets. And you will also find that PetSmart applies the same ideology when it comes to offering career opportunities.


The first to receive the coveted American HumaneCertified seal of approval makes Petco stand out as a pioneer in providing optimal welfare at all of its pet care centers and animal supplier facilities. If you want to buy or order a bunch of pet food, treats, toys, or pet essentials, you can try out Petco. And, if you’re looking for a remote job that gives you flexible hours and superb career growth chances, you will find it at Petco.