What is the Best Wet Dog Food?

We Feed Raw Dog Food
  • Additional 25% off your first order with code VET25
  • Formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist
  • Naturally hydrating and packed full of nutrients
  • Great source of healthy proteins and fats
  • 6 types of dog-friendly muscle meats
  • No sugar or carbohydrates

Is Wet Dog Food Better than Dry Dog Food?

Yes, wet dog food can be better than dry dog food.

However, there are many factors to consider. Wet food typically has more moisture and fewer fillers but is almost always more expensive due to the higher quality.

What are the Benefits of Wet Dog Food?

The benefits of wet food for dogs include:

  • Higher Moisture Content. This is ideal for dogs that are not very keen drinkers as it supports water intake and healthy hydration.
  • Stronger Scent. This factor helps encourage senior dogs and picky eaters to eat. However, we should note that the same scent can be off-putting for owners.
  • Chewing & Digestion. Wet dog food is made with softer pieces or in pate-style and is easy to chew. Better chewing results in better nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • Diverse Use. Wet food has more uses than regular kibble. Namely, wet dog recipes can be used as complete and balanced meals or as dog food toppers.

The Best Wet Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

There are hundreds of different wet foods for dogs. Here we have the best recipes to make your search for the right wet dog food more accessible.

We Feed Raw Beef Patty

Summary: Every recipe at We Feed Raw is formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist. Raw dog food is naturally low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat to support a balanced diet. Each patty contains only high-quality, species-appropriate ingredients that mimic what they would eat in the wild. You can easily freeze and thaw patties so they’re ready whenever you need them. Save an additional 25% off your first order with code VETS25.

Type: Raw

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Venison, lamb, duck, turkey, beef, and chicken

Price: $37.99-$46.99 per 5lb unit

  • Additional 25% off your first order with code VETS25
  • A well-balanced diet for dogs
  • Packed with healthy vitamins and minerals 
  • 6 types of dog-friendly muscle meats
  • Helps nourish skin and coat 
  • Perfect for sensitive stomachs
  • Higher price tag

Ingredient Analysis: Choose from 6 different protein sources including venison, lamb, duck, turkey, beef, and chicken. Each meal is made of approximately 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, 10% finely ground bone, and added vitamins and minerals. We Feed Raw meals exceed AAFCO nutrient standards so your dog only gets the best ingredients.

Review: With an overage rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot, even the pickiest eaters will love We Feed Raw. Many pet parents state that they struggled to find a kibble their dogs liked but now they look forward to meal time. Whether using it as a complete meal or a food topper, dogs gobble it up every time.

Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Stew Wet Dog Food

Summary: Open Farm’s Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Stew Wet Dog Food is an irresistible recipe that makes for an easy-to-eat topper or complete meal, thanks to a single-protein combination of humanely-raised, 100% grass-fed beef, and non-GMO superfoods and veggies. This wet dog food also consists of purely human-grade ingredients and is free from grain, gluten, and any additives or preservatives. 

Type: Wet, Grain-free

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Grass-Fed Beef, Chicken & Salmon, Harvest Chicken, Herring & Mackerel, Homestead Turkey, Wild-Caught Salmon

Price: $0.32 per oz (case of 12)

  • Made with 100% human-grade ingredients and has a single protein option
  • High in protein and fresh beef
  • Meats from audited high welfare farms
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Has 100% traceable ingredients
  • The packaging is a little less desirable for pet owners

Ingredient Analysis: This recipe consists of grass-fed beef, a quality protein that is high in vitamin E. This contains pumpkin which is a good source of fiber and beta-carotene and carrots which contain high levels of vitamins that protect against free radicals which may damage cells. This also contains highly-nutritious veggies such as spinach, green beans, and turmeric. 

Review: Dog owners are very much pleased with this product. They reported that their dogs love this recipe since it smells reasonably good and is ethically sourced. A few customers, however, indicated that the brand can improve its packaging as they prefer cans instead of cartons for wet dog food.

The Honest Kitchen Slow Cooked Chicken One Pot Stew

Summary: The Honest Kitchen Slow Cooked Chicken One Pot Stew is the best wet dog food option on the market. Made with high-quality and human-grade ingredients, the formula is delicious and nutritious. Plus, it is slow-cooked to retain most of the nutrients and natural flavors. The food is free from fillers, artificial additives, and harmful ingredients. Plus, it comes in a BPA-free box that is easy to open, re-close, and store. Customers can also get 30% off on their first orders of $30+ using code VETERINARIANS30.

Type: Wet dog food 

Best for: Puppies and adult dogs 

Flavor Options: Chicken, Spinach & Apples; Beef, Lamb, Green Beans & Sweet Potatoes; Beef, Kale & Carrots; Salmon, Brown Rice & Broccoli; Turkey, Quinoa & Carrots

Price: $22.74 per 6 pots (10.5 oz)

  • 30% off on first orders of $30+ using code VETERINARIANS30
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Boosted with superfood fruits & veggies 
  • No gums, carrageenan, fillers, and by-products 
  • Comes in an easy-use and store BPA-free box 
  • Available in a variety of tasty flavors
  • No significant cons

Ingredient Analysis: 

Review: Pet owners are delighted with this food. They say “two paws up” for this food as it is both flavorful and packed with healthy nutrients. Plus, customers say it is convenient as it can be used as a complete meal and a dog food topper. 

Just Food for Dogs Pantry Fresh Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

Summary: JustFoodForDogs is the number 1 vet-recommended fresh food brand for dogs. It uses 100% human-grade ingredients and no preservatives. Plus, the recipes are cooked fresh and ready to serve. The Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe is ideal for active adult dogs and suits even picky eaters. 

Type: Fresh Cooked Dog Food 

Best for: Active Adult Dogs 

Flavor Options: Chicken & White Rice; Tukey & Whole Wheat Macaroni; Beef & Russet Potato

Price: $8.45/12.5oz

  • Premium quality
  • No preservatives 
  • Free-shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Expensive for some owners

Ingredient Analysis: The food is made with nutrient-dense lamb hearts with are rich in iron and B-complex vitamins. It also contains long-grain brown rice as an excellent source of fiber, B-complex vitamins, and magnesium. The third ingredient is cauliflower, a cruciferous veggie that provides antioxidants for dogs, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and manganese. Other ingredients include carrots, spinach, rice starch, safflower oil, blueberries, cod liver oil, and the brand’s proprietary blend. 

Review: Customers describe this JustFoodForDogs recipe as life-changing. They are pleased with how much their dogs enjoy eating this food. Plus, they can see a real difference in their health after using the formula. 

Ollie Dog Food

Summary: Ollie dog food is a subscription pet food company that uses human-grade ingredients to create custom pet food. It’s easy to change or update your monthly dog food options as you go, so your dog will never get bored. Starting with a thorough questionnaire, your dog’s unique needs are taken seriously. Every recipe caters to specific pet needs and is made to order before being frozen and shipped.

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Beef; Chicken; Turkey; Lamb

Price: Starting at less than $4 per day

  • Minimally processed to preserve the benefits of superfoods
  • Made in small batches for a custom nutrition
  • No wheat, corn, soy, or added hormones
  • Formulated with veterinarian science
  • Uses all-natural, human-grade ingredients
  • Must be kept frozen
  • More expensive than comparable dog food brands

Ingredient Analysis: Choose between four real meat options: beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb. Natural flavors come from sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, blueberries, cranberries, and other produce. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are mostly supplied by natural ingredients but are supplemented by dicalcium phosphate, vitamin E supplement, vitamin B6 & B2, and potassium iodide to ensure a natural balance.

Review: This dog food brand is the most expensive on our list, but that’s because of the extremely high quality of the food. This wet dog food is seriously a human-grade meal. The limited ingredients are combined in small batches based on individual questionnaires to ensure a natural balance that suits your specific dog, including large breeds and senior dogs. Pet owners and dogs love this frozen wet dog food for the great taste and premium health and wellness benefits.

Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food

Summary: Perfect for small breeds or as a kibble topper, this Beneful wet dog food is packed with nutrients. The natural ingredients offer plenty of health benefits for shiny coats and balanced wellness. Choose from a variety of tasty, chunky wet dog food. Each flavor is designed to support the high metabolism of small, active dogs.

Best for: Small breed adult dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken, Beef, or Salmon & Wild Rice; Chicken, Beef, or Salmon & Spinach Pate; Lamb, Brown Rice, & Spinach

Price: $0.69 – $0.88 per can

  • Available in a variety pack of three flavors
  • Made with real meat with 23 essential vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • Tender bites are ideal for small breeds
  • High protein content supports strong muscles
  • Some flavors contain wheat gluten

Ingredient Analysis: Real meat is always the first ingredient, and the available varieties include chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb. Brown rice provides a healthy grain to help fuel high-energy pets. The natural ingredients provide plenty of nutrition while added vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid and vitamin E, help balance the recipe.

Review: Dog owners rate this canned dog food at 4.7 out of 5 stars because of the high-quality ingredients that cater to picky eaters. The tiny bites are ideal for small breeds, helping with digestion and overall wellness. This food looks great thanks to the natural ingredients and is loved by dogs at any life stage as a mealtime food or a topper for dry kibble.


Summary: This pet food features a high water content to coat every savory piece in tasty gravy. Each recipe only uses quality ingredients. With a balance of nutrients and flavors, this food is perfect for small breed meal times. For medium and large breeds, mixing with kibble is best. No matter how your dog likes to eat, this wet food will satisfy their needs.

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Pot Roast & Vegetable Stew; Beef Stew; Turkey, Potato, & Green Bean; Hearty Chicken & Noodle

Price: $0.98 per can

  • Includes tender filets in tasty gravy
  • The first ingredient is USA beef, chicken, or turkey
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for adult dogs
  • Can be used as a kibble topper
  • Each serving comes in a convenient individual tray
  • More expensive than the comparable canned food
  • Contains corn starch

Ingredient Analysis: The high-quality, real meat options of beef, chicken, or turkey are the first ingredients. Supplemented with high water content, each flavor has beef or chicken broth added for flavor. Potatoes, carrots, eggs, and wheat noodles add necessary calories and nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are included to support lasting health and wellness.

Review: Pet owners agree that Cesar dog food is great, rating this option as 4.7 out of 5 stars. The small portions are perfect for toy breeds and other dogs that eat small portions. The gravy and broth-covered pieces mix well with kibble, including cat food. The convenient, single-serve tubs are easy to open and come in a variety of flavors so your pet won’t get bored at mealtime.

PEDIGREE Homestyle Meals Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

Summary: Pedigree’s canned food for adult dogs combines the taste of a home-cooked meal with quality ingredients. For pet owners that want to help their dogs live happy, healthy lives, this dog food is great. The classic flavors are a favorite among most dogs. After years on the market, Pedigree has created a flavorful dog food that supports dogs with a big appetite.

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Prime Rib; Chicken

Price: $1.17 per can

  • Made with real beef or chicken
  • A great topper for dry kibble
  • Includes vegetables in every recipe
  • Balanced for dogs at every life stage
  • Made in the USA
  • Meat is not the first ingredient
  • Contains wheat flour

Ingredient Analysis: Protein is provided by quality meats, like chicken or beef and supplemented with by-products. Wheat flour, whole rice, carrots, and green beans combine with the protein to provide a filling meal. Vitamins and minerals are added, ensuring that adult dogs get vitamin D3, vitamin A, and plenty of other essential nutrients.

Review: With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this pet food is well-loved by owners and dogs. Large dogs especially love the taste when mixed in with their regular kibble. The tender bits of real meat and soft veggies featured in this classic Pedigree canned food also make it a great choice for senior dogs with missing teeth.

Purina ONE Grain Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food

Summary: Made to cater to natural cravings, this wet dog food uses real meat and no grains or artificial fillers. The natural balance of ingredients nourishes the health and wellness of dogs, big and small. The sizeable cans offer great affordability for each meal of the day. With a smooth pate texture, it’s easy to use this formula as a kibble topper too.

Best for: Adult and senior dogs

Flavor Options: Turkey & Venison; Beef & Wild-Caught Salmon; Chicken & Duck

Price: $1.46 – $2.83 per can

  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Rich in antioxidants to support immune system health
  • Easy to chew and highly digestible recipe
  • Made without corn, soy, wheat, or meat by-products
  • High-protein recipe prioritizes nutrients for active dogs
  • Can cause weight issues with inactive dogs

Ingredient Analysis: Natural protein comes from high-quality chicken, chicken broth, pork, duck, beef, beef broth, salmon, pheasant, quail, and venison. The limited ingredients include added nutrients, including salt, calcium, vitamin E, B1, B3, B5, B6, and B12, and folic acid, among other vitamins and minerals.

Review: Rated as 4.6 out of 5 stars, pet parents find that their dogs love the strong flavors like venison and salmon. The affordable price is great, and the quality recipe leads to shinier coats, brighter eyes, and healthy energy management. The pate-style food is perfect as a full meal or as a topper to mix with dry kibble.


Summary: This nutritious dog food is designed to provide small breed dogs with a gourmet dish. This dog food is ideal for mealtimes as the main course or as a savory topper for picky eaters. The tender bites are easy to chew and digest, especially for small breeds or senior dogs. A classic trusted brand, every Cesar dog food flavor is made in the USA with real meat.

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Pot Roast with Spring Vegetables; Slow Cooked Chicken & Vegetables; Beef Stew; Porterhouse Steak; Grilled Chicken; Filet Mignon; Grilled Steak & Eggs; Meatloaf

Price: $1.68 – $3.13 per can

  • Available in a variety pack of tasty recipes
  • Meat is the first ingredient
  • Delicious and enticing for picky eaters
  • Mixes well with dry kibble
  • Soft bits and pate recipes are easily digestible
  • Some flavors are not grain-free
  • Not suited for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Ingredient Analysis: The first ingredient is real meat from beef or chicken, sourced from the USA. Natural vegetables, dried egg products, and wheat gluten combine to add great taste and vital nutrients. Other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D3 and calcium, are added to balance health and wellness.

Review: Dog owners rate this wet dog food as 4.7 stars out of 5. Dogs love the taste of each delicious recipe, and pet owners love the convenience of the pre-portioned tubs. This affordable option comes in a variety pack so dogs won’t get bored during mealtimes. The soft pieces are ideal for tiny mouths and senior dogs.

Purina Pro Plan High Protein, Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

Summary: This pet food prioritizes protein for active dogs. The recipe also focuses on ensuring healthy digestion and support for sensitive skin. Every recipe provides full nutrition for adult dogs. The increased protein is perfect for high-energy or working dogs.

Best for: Large breed adult dogs

Flavor Options: Rice & Chicken Recipe; Rice & Beef Recipe

Price: $2.45 per can

  • High protein helps maintain muscle mass
  • Formulated to support a strong immune system
  • Includes complete nutrition for adult dogs
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Real USA meat is the first ingredient
  • Contains meat by-products
  • Not grain-free recipe

Ingredient Analysis: Made with real meat from beef or chicken, both recipes are packed with protein. Rice adds calories and is balanced with vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition. Vitamins E, B12, A, D3, and others are included alongside minerals like folic acid and calcium.

Review: Customers rate this canned food as 4.6 out of 5 stars, thanks to the nutritious, grain-free formula. The easily digestible rice helps sensitive stomachs, and the vital nutrients offer relief for adult dogs with sensitive skin. Senior dog owners love the soft and chewy pate, as well as the fact that the high protein content keeps their dogs full of energy through the years.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Wet Dog Food

Summary: Using real meat as the first ingredient, this wet dog food is a quality meal. Blue Buffalo’s pate recipes are packed with high-quality protein and other nutrients to give dogs what they need to have a balanced diet. The tasty formulas can be used as a kibble topper or a special treat. The carefully crafted wet dog food is ready to support the happy, healthy lives of dogs at all life stages.

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Beef Recipe; Chicken Recipe; Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe; Lamb Recipe; Turkey Recipe

Price: $2.75 per can

  • Ideal as a treat, a kibble topper, or a full meal
  • Uses natural ingredients to deliver nutrients
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No artificial flavors or artificial preservatives
  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Higher fat content may not be suitable for small breed dogs

Ingredient Analysis: Real meat is the protein source for this dog food brand. Beef, chicken, fish, lamb, and turkey are the first ingredients in each recipe. Fiber comes from brown rice, barley, and oatmeal, supporting sensitive skin and shiny coats. Vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots add vitamins and minerals. Added ingredients include calcium, folic acid, iron amino acid, and other healthy nutrients.

Review: This canned dog food is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by dog owners. Senior dogs especially love to eat this soft and chewy pate. The strong aroma and flavorful ingredients make it easy for picky eaters to enjoy. It’s easy to serve as a full meal or mix in with dry kibble for large breeds. With no wheat and high-quality, real meat recipes, this canned food is ideal for the sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin of senior dogs.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Wet Dog Food

Summary: Rachel Ray’s Nutrish recipe combines tasty ingredients with selective nutrients. This wet dog food is perfect as puppy food, small breed dog food, or as a kibble topper for adult dogs. The single-serve tubs offer convenience during mealtimes. You can even offer this pet food on special occasions as a treat!

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Beef stew; Beef stroganoff; Chicken meatballs; Chicken pot pie; Duck Stew; Lamb Stew

Price: $2.19 – $2.48 per tub

  • Comes in individual tubs for convenient feeding
  • Made with real meat and veggies
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Balanced nutrients support puppies and adult dogs
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Ingredient Analysis: The protein source for this wet dog food is always real meat from beef, chicken, duck, or lamb. Real veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots are included to balance the recipe. Fiber comes from brown rice and tapioca. Vitamins and minerals like fish oil, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin A, folic acid, and more are added to enhance the health benefits of each recipe.

Review: Rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars, pet owners enjoy giving this food to their dogs. The natural ingredients look great to humans and dogs alike, making it easy to entice even picky eaters. The wholesome recipe is easily digestible, making it ideal as puppy food or for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs. The variety of flavors keeps pets interested, and the convenient tubs make it easy to use this dog food as a full meal, a kibble topper, or even as a special treat.

Royal Canin Small Adult Wet Dog Food

Summary: This tasty wet dog food from Royal Canin comes in convenient pouches perfect for pouring over dry kibble. The balanced recipe supports health and wellness in adult dogs. Pour over dry kibble or use it as a special treat to reward your dog. The soft pieces and thick gravy add important nutrients to your dog’s daily life.

Best for: Adult dogs

Flavor Options: Chicken chunks in gravy

Price: $2.99 per can

  • Bite-sized chunks are good for small breeds
  • Formulated to help with weight management
  • Includes precise levels of EPA and DHA for healthy skin
  • Ideal as a mealtime pet food or as a kibble topper
  • Comes in convenient single-serve pouches
  • Protein comes from pork and chicken by-products

Ingredient Analysis: Protein comes from pork by-products and chicken. Fiber is provided through brewers rice flour, while nutrients come from added vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, calcium, and folic acid.

Review: This wet dog food is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. Dogs love the tasty formula, especially when poured over kibble. Senior dogs also enjoy the chewy bits that are easy to digest. Pet parents love the enhanced flavors that this pet food recipe provides their dogs. The easy-to-open, single-serve pouches are very convenient and have a long shelf life.

Merrick Lil' Plates Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

Summary: This wet dog food comes in round, single-serve tubs for convenient mealtimes. The wide variety of flavors and natural balance of quality ingredients are packed into bite-sized pieces perfect for tiny mouths. Each recipe is formulated to taste great for dogs. Merrick Lil’ Plates focus on creating a healthy balance between flavor and essential nutrients.

Best for: Dogs of all life stages

Flavor Options: Duck Medley; Beef Stew; Lamb Chop Stew; Chicken Pot Pie; Chicken & Turkey; Puppy Medley; Steak Tips; Turkey Dinner; Beef & Salmon

Price: $2.06 – $2.28 per can

  • Grain-free recipes
  • Real meat is the first ingredient
  • Specific nutrient blend to support wellness
  • Conveniently packaged in single-serve tubs
  • Easily digestible for small breeds and puppies
  • Not suitable as a meal for large breeds

Ingredient Analysis: High-quality protein is provided by real meat, including beef, duck, chicken, lamb, turkey, and salmon. Additional natural flavors are included through sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and peas. A natural balance is maintained by added vitamins and minerals such as probiotic and prebiotic fiber, folic acid, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12.

Review: Rated by customers as 4.5 out of 5 stars, this wet dog food is a great option for small breeds and picky eaters. The natural flavors make dogs love every recipe, while the wide variety of flavors never leaves them bored with mealtime. The soft pieces are easily digestible, and with prebiotic fiber, this grain-free dog food is naturally balanced with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

What is the Healthiest Wet Food for a Dog?

The healthiest wet food for a dog is Purina Beyond Organic Wet Dog Food, which uses real meat as the first ingredient and uses high-quality products for most of the non-protein nutrients.

This recipe is non-GMO Project verified, uses free-range, organic chicken, and never uses artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

What Should I Look for in Wet Dog Food?

You should look for a few key things in wet dog food:

  • Named meat sources, rather than unidentified “meat product.”
  • Significant water content, as this provides hydration, flavor, and often nutritional value.
  • Fruits and vegetables naturally contain essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Fat and protein content are appropriate for your dog’s life stage. Your vet can help you determine the correct amount your dog needs.
  • Read the complete ingredient list to avoid any dog allergies.

How Much Wet Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

You should feed your dog 1oz of wet dog food per pound of their weight, on average.

Most brands like Purina dog food and Blue Buffalo dog food will have specific guidelines for their recipes, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommended feeding instructions when purchasing canned dog food.

Is it OK to Give Dogs Wet Food Every Day?

No, typically, it is not okay to give your dog wet canned food every day unless they have special dietary needs, such as senior dogs do.

The higher fat content is usually bad for house pets, although it can be helpful for active or working dogs. Wet dog food can also build up plaque on teeth, which is bad for dental health.

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dog Wet Food?

You should feed your dog twice daily for the best health and wellness results.

Feeding dogs once daily is generally accepted but can lead to periods of hunger or too much excitement during the scheduled meal time. Feeding should change with different life stages too.

For example, puppies are recommended for 3-5 feedings per day. Your vet can help you determine how many meals per day your dog should have as they get older.