orivet dog dna test Do you answer them confidently every time someone asks you, “What breed is your dog?” Well, if you have a mixed breed at home, then it is highly likely that whenever somebody asks you this question, you just make a guess regarding the dog breeds that make up your dog, and say the one that appears to be the most probable. Or if your dog is a rescue from the shelter, then you probably just quote what the people at the shelter told you regarding your dog’s breed. But what if we told you that there is a service that could help you identify the breed makeup of your dog? Yes, several companies out there perform DNA testing to help you identify breed makeup and the genetic markers of your dog. You might have heard of Wisdom Panel DNA tests, which is definitely one of the most popular DNA tests for dogs out there. While Wisdom Panel is an excellent company from which you can purchase your DNA test kit, there is also a company known as Orivet that helps you perform a dog DNA test for dog breed identification. With the DNA test results from Orivet, you will be able to assess the health risks associated with the breed of your dog and develop a personalized life plan for your canine pal that would enable him to live a happy and healthy life in the future. Here is an extensive review regarding the delivery, services as well as the accuracy of the test results of the Orivet dog DNA test so that you can decide whether you want to use this DNA test to identify the ancestry of your canine friend, foods he can eat, as well as the health risks and diseases that he is prone to, and the treatment you can provide.

About Orivet Dog DNA Test

The Orivet dog DNA test works pretty much like any other DNA test out there, including the popular Wisdom Panel DNA test. As such, the Orivet dog DNA test is a clean and simple cheek swab test that you perform to collect your dog’s DNA sample. Once you have sent the sample back to the lab, you will receive your dog’s DNA test results on the Orivet website. According to the Orivet dog DNA test, you get a customized life plan that helps determine personality traits, health risks, and diseases that your canine pile might be prone to.

How Orivet Dog DNA Tests Work

dog dna test orivet The Orivet animal DNA testing begins with the delivery of the DNA test kit to your house. This test kit contains a cheek swab that comes inside a sealed plastic wrapper. You need to roll the cheek swab around inside your dog’s mouth for a minimum of 15 seconds and place the cheek swab back inside the plastic wrapper after it has completely dried. Then, all you need to do is send the DNA sample of your pets to Orivet and activate the test kit online on the website. This is where Orivet will send the test results back to you. Getting the test results back takes anywhere between 3 weeks and 8 weeks. However, this company offers helpful email services to keep you up-to-date regarding your DNA test lab results. Once you have received the lab results, you can save the results and interpret them at your leisure. Customer reviews are favorable when it comes to the incredible ease of use of this DNA test. After all, all you need to do is collect the sample and send it across for testing.


The Orivet dog DNA testing has received four stars on Amazon and several favorable customer reviews. Pet parents who wish to embark on this journey with their pets will find that this DNA test is straightforward to use, much like the Wisdom Panel DNA test.


The major disadvantage is that the test kit is quite expensive compared to other test kits.

What’s in the Box

The Orivet dog DNA test kit contains a cheek swab that is wrapped inside a sealed plastic wrapper. It comes inside a cardboard box which you can use to send your dog’s DNA sample back to the company.

The Bottom Line

The DNA test by Orivet is a brilliant and easy-to-use test kit that enables you to find out the genetic makeup of your pets at home. The four stars on Amazon and positive customer reviews indicate that this is just as competent a test kit as any others out there.
Orivet Dog Breed Identification DNA Test


After you have sent your dog’s DNA sample, the DNA results delivered to you allow you to prepare a fully customized life plan for your dog. If you have a mixed breed, then you will be able to use the breed identification services to determine which breeds your dog is made up of. You will be able to assess your dog’s ancestry while also obtaining helpful information regarding the personality traits that are related to each breed. The report contains both genetic information as well as information related to health and nutrition for your pet. You can also save information such as the age, weight, and sex of your dog on the website to increase the accuracy of your DNA testing. The website will then provide you with a report tailored to the age, sex, and other information you have provided. With the help of the Orivet DNA test results, you will also be able to determine health risks and disease biases that are related to each of your dog’s breeds. This will allow you to prepare a plan for the prevention of these diseases in the future.


Unfortunately, the report provided by Orivet is difficult for laypeople to interpret. The report contains information regarding health risks and diseases, but this information is provided with medical terms that most people know. It is not offered in easy English and is therefore difficult to comprehend. Several customer reviews on Amazon make mention of this as well. The second major disadvantage with the Orivet dog DNA test is that the company website is not as intuitive as we would like it to have been. Nor has the website been optimized for the mobile, which also seems to be why it has received several negative customer reviews and lost one of the stars on the star rating of Amazon.

What’s in the Box

Your test results by Orivet contain a breed makeup genetic analysis certificate where you will get information regarding the mix of breeds that make up your dog. The report also provides you with health information that predicts how probable it is for your dog to develop certain diseases and conditions in his lifetime. This includes an impact rank and estimated prevalence of diseases (provided to you in the form of an image and statistics) in a specific breed.

The Bottom Line

While it is perhaps a little difficult to interpret the information that has been provided to you in the Orivet DNA test report, all of the data helps understand the ancestry and breed mix that make up your dog. The results are also helpful in developing a life plan for your pooch so that you can keep your four-legged companion happy and healthy throughout his life.

Orivet Dog DNA Test: Key Considerations

dog dna test by orivet

Number of Breeds Detected

You might have thought that your dog is a certain breed all your life. This is why you might be surprised if your test results came back with several different breeds that make up your canine friend. If you hover over each of these breeds on the website with your mouse, you will understand the different personality traits prevalent in these breeds. You might also get a section in The Breed Identification titled “mixed breed unknown” which is not really the company’s fault. The “mixed breed unknown” result usually comes back in most DNA testing. This contains information regarding your dog’s ancestry from centuries ago, which cannot be easily obtained right now.

Health Screening

Your Orivet dog DNA test report contains health information that takes into account your dog’s genetic makeup as well as his weight, sex, age, and other lifestyle factors. This report is jam-packed with medical terms that are slightly difficult for laypeople to understand. If you can get past the medical mumbo-jumbo, however, this information could actually prove important and helpful, providing you with information that is required to protect your pooch against certain health risks and disease proclivities.

Turnaround Time

The delivery of the DNA test results takes a few weeks. You could get it in as little as 3 weeks, but in some instances, it could also take more than eight weeks.


You might find customers complaining about the accuracy of the test. However, this might not be the fault of the company. Firstly, don’t be surprised if your test came back with a section called “mixed breed unknown.” It is impossible for any DNA test to determine the complete breed mix of your pooch, whether you have got a lab at home on a German Shepherd because the ancestry dates back to several centuries ago. In such a case, it would be difficult to obtain information regarding the genetic makeup of your dog. As we have already mentioned, this is not the company’s fault, which is why the Orivet DNA test is still worth the purchase.


This DNA test kit by Orivet is slightly overpriced. You might be able to find better options out there, such as the Wisdom Panel DNA test available for a reasonable price.


So, what do you think of the Orivet dog DNA test? Are you intrigued enough to try it yourself? Let us warn you that you might get a little frustrated with the turnaround time of the test results as well as the section on “mixed breed unknown.” However, this DNA test by Orivet is still helpful in determining your dog’s ancestry and genetic makeup. We would recommend you to purchase this test if you wish to understand your pet a little better and keep your canine friend disease-free and pain-free for the rest of his life.


Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?

Dog DNA tests are usually conducted in a lab by experts. The accuracy of the research is usually pretty good as test results help you identify the unknown genetic makeup, traits and personalities, as well as health risks and diseases that your mixed breed dog might be prone towards. In this regard, the two best dog DNA tests are the Orivet dog DNA test and the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test.

What Is The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test?

The most accurate dog DNA test for dog breed identification and development of a personalized life plan for your canine friend is the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test.

How Long Does The Orivet DNA Test Take?

The Orivet dog DNA test takes anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks for the delivery of test results.

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