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Do you have an older dog or a puppy that wets its bed often? Dogs wet their beds for a number of reasons; puppies who are not yet potty-trained can wet their beds, while older dogs can suffer from incontinence. This could be caused by dog anxiety, UTI in dogs, old age, or spaying.

Dealing with an incontinent dog can be tough. However, a simple way to deal with it is by providing your dog with a waterproof dog bed. And at least check out one of your worries.

There are so many dog beds out there; where do you begin? Don’t worry; we have done some lifting for you. Here we review the best waterproof dog beds for incontinent dogs and a guide to help you determine what product will best suit your dog.

Our Top Pick

Dogs do not like soiling their personal space; they do not enjoy a foul-smelling bed. This is why it is essential to provide them a bed that suits their needs. Before we discuss the factors you need to watch out for when making a buying decision, let’s briefly introduce our top pick, the Dogbed4less Premium Dog Bed.

This dog bed provides the best material for durability, support, and comfort. Plus, it is easy to wash. It comes in a removable cover that will fit your home décor. The dog bed is made from high-quality fabric and memory foam; your dog will enjoy ultimate comfort and orthopedic support not common in many of its types.

Why do Dogs Suffer From Incontinence?

dog beds for dogs with incontinence

Incontinence in dogs is often regarded as a medical issue, just as it is in humans. And the causes at times are similar. For instance, age, dogs can exhibit age-related incontinence at the onset of middle age. This varies among breeds. Age-related incontinence can affect any dog.

Incontinent in young dogs can be caused by anatomical irregularities like ectopic ureters, vaginal strictures, or an abnormality with the urethral sphincter. These problems require veterinary diagnosis; fortunately, they can be treated. Treatment can be medication and, in severe cases, surgery.

Incontinence in both old and young dogs can also be caused by infections. Dogs with long bodies and acutely short legs are prone to spinal irregularities that can lead to incontinence. A dog suffering from an infection of the urinary tract or the bladder can become incontinent. These conditions are treatable; talk to your vet.

Signs of Incontinence in Dogs

The most visible sign that you have an incontinent dog is dripping urine. You may also observe irritation and redness on the skin from the dripping. If you also notice that your dog is licking its vulva or penis more than usual, consider taking her to the vet. Share all your observations in detail to aid the correct diagnosis.

Maintaining Your Incontinent Dog’s Bed

A waterproof bed will go a long way to make cleaning your dog space easy and eliminate offensive odor, but it does not entirely eliminate the need for cleaning. The following tips will help you keep your dog bed clean.

Regular Cleaning of Your Dog

Bath your pet regularly to keep him clean as possible. After a urine accident, do a quick wipe down so it doesn’t return to its bed with urine hidden in its furs.

Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

This will help to eliminate odors that may develop due to incontinence. In some cases, a bath might eliminate odors and make your dog fresh but with lingering urine odors. If you observe this, consider using an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate all odors.

Time of Cleaning 

When it comes to managing an incontinent bed, time is of the essence. Cleaning your dog as soon as an accident occurs prevents the chance of him soiling his bed or tracking the urine across your house. While you might not be there during all accidents, clean as soon as you see one.

Other Supplies that will Help with Incontinent Dogs

Here are some important supplies that will help you with an incontinent dog.

Floor Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, an enzymatic cleaner will go a long way in keeping your dog odor-free. It is also good to invest in a pet-safe floor cleaner to clean urine spills outside the dog bed.

Dog Diaper

This is similar to human diapers but socially designed for your four-foot canines. Dog diapers come in two variants, reusable and disposable options.

Belly Bands

These are similar to doggie diapers but are specially designed for male dogs. They do not hold poop but do a fantastic job of holding urine.

What to Look For in a Dog Bed for Incontinent Dogs

best beds for dogs with incontinency

Bed Size

Before buying a waterproof bed, ensure you know what size will suit your dog. It is good practice to buy a slightly bigger-sized bed to provide space for your dog to sprawl and shift during bedtime.

Budget and Quality

You can only buy a dog bed that you can afford. A bed that comes with a memory foam layer and orthopedic support foam will be more expensive than a regular dog bed. Note, do not compromise quality because of price; find a balance.


Consider how the bed’s cover opens and closes. Some come with heavy-duty zippers, and others use snaps or Velcro. Whatever the dog bed comes with, ensure it is a closure that will last long and can withstand rough use. A heavy-duty zipper will keep the dog cover secure and last for a long time.


The best waterproof dog beds will come with a form of waterproof cover. Ensure that the cover on your dog bed of choice will not be noisy when your dog moves on it. Also, it should be easy to clean and doesn’t trap excess dog hair.

Best Dog Bed for Incontinent Dogs

Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed Waterproof Case

This is our top pick because it strikes a good balance between quality and cost. This dog bed comes with two zipper covers, an internal cover to protect the memory foam and an external one to ensure long-lasting use of the entire product.

The outer cover is washable, made from waterproof suede fabric, keeping your dog fresh and clean all day. Other impressive qualities of this dog bed are the softness and super-cozy material it comes with. They are sure to make your pet safe and happy. This bed has therapeutic properties, do not be surprised if this bed becomes your dog’s favorite spot in your house.

Milliard Premium Dog Bed with Removable Waterproof Washable Non slip Cover

The Milliard premium orthopedic bed comes with four inches of thick memory foam that will cradle your dog as it lounges on it. It is made with excellent quality material that ensures it can withstand normal wear and tear. The bed is easy to clean, zip off the removable cover, and toss into a washing machine after a dog accident.

It comes in four compact sizes, from small to XXL. You will find a size that suits your dog. The bed cover features non-slip rubber grips fitted to the base that prevent your bed from sliding on the floor when your dog moves around. This bed has been certified safe and does not contain any chemicals. Dog owners love it because of the ease of cleaning.

Majestic Pet Poly Cotton Washable Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

This is one of the best waterproof dog beds that combines good quality with even better pricing. It is also waterproof, so it is perfectly suited for an incontinent dog. This bed is better suited to medium-sized dogs.

As part of its package, you will get a waterproof cover crafted with 600 Denier material that is not only exceptionally good at repelling water but also soft to your dog’s paw and nose.

The Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Dog Bed is for cuddlers but comes with plenty of space for your dog to stretch and sprawl. However, this bed does not come with a non-slip cover that can be cleaned in a washing machine. You have to wash the entire unit!

Sport PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Dog Bed

With this dog bed, you will never have to worry about your dog coming to lunge on your bed, as this product will provide all the optimum warmth and comfort they will ever need. This is a uniquely malleable bed that shifts according to your dog’s body conformation and pressure point. Dogs with aching joints are going to experience succor when they lie on them.

The Sport PET Luxury Waterproof Dog Bed comes filled with lots of high-density shredded memory foam with a waterproof lining for protection against dog accidents. You will also find a removable and machine washable cover as part of the product package.

PetFusion BetterLounge Waterproof Foam Liner Dog Bed

This is a beautifully designed dog bed that absorbs accidental spills very slowly. It is very easy to damp dry any liquid found on this dog bed. The bed comes with a memory foam stuffing that is well protected by a cover. This cover can easily be washed in a washing machine when it gets dirty.

This dog bed with waterproof features is engineered to carry up to 80lbs of weight without flattening down. Apart from its waterproofing quality, this bed is soft and durable and will help your dog experience a blissful rest.

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed

This product is perfect for sprawlers. It comes with enough space for your dog to sleep and relax. The bed is waterproof and contains 4 inches of foam. The first two foam is with memory foam, while the other two are filled with support foam. This bed is perfect for allergy-prone dogs, as it features a hypoallergenic top layer that resists dust mites.

It is a strong bed that will withstand the scratching, pulling, and tugging of your dog. While it is sturdy and solid, it is also cushioning and soft. The expertly combined supportive and memory foam will alleviate any hip or joint pressure on your dog due to aging life.

The Dogs Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed with Waterproof Washable Cover

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed is an excellent choice if you have oldies who need a waterproof, comfortable, safe, and cozy pet bed to sleep.

It is a beautifully designed bed that comes with neck support that prevents your dogs from falling off the bed. The front side features a low entrance perfect for dogs who do not have the agility to jump or climb into the bed.

This dog bed comes with a machine washable and removable cover. It dries quickly and features a waterproof mattress protector that catches accidents when it occurs. The bed is available in four compact sizes and different color options.

Zobire Pet Heating Pad Dog Waterproof Bed

Does your dog need extra heat for warmth and comfort? Or is the temperature dropping, and your dog could use some comforting heat, then the Zobire Pet Heating Pad is what you need.

This bed features a built-in dual thermostat that provides a constant comforting temperature that will warm your furry friend in no time. Worried that this bed could overheat your dog? Don’t be! This product has been rigorously tested by the MET Labs. It exceeds the requirements of the USA electrical safety standards.

The inner pad layer is urine-proof and waterproof and can be damp clean, and dry with a rag. While the pet bed cover is not waterproof, it is removable and can be tossed into a washing machine for quick cleaning.

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Are you a pet owner of an XXL-sized dog who needs a supportive, comfortable, and waterproof bed? If yes, your search is over!

The Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam has a carrying capacity of up to 200lbs of weight. The biggest of the big dogs will rest easy on this monstrous-sized bed. It comes with a generously filled base and two bolsters that provide excellent support.

The bed is suitable for dogs with arthritis or those having a painful condition. You can as well buy this pooch bed before any health problems arise. When it comes to the best waterproof dog beds for incontinent dogs, this is one of the best because of its solid waterproof lining. It comes with a washable cover and an inner liner that protect the memory foam core.

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

This product is a high-quality waterproof dog bed. It features a comfortable memory foam that provides soothing and therapeutic support, which help senior dogs relieve pains and aches they may be experiencing.

To combat dog accidents, they come with a waterproof lining in the outer cover. And a zipper cover slide that comes off easily for a wash when dirty. The manufacturer included a BarkBox squeaky toy for your furry friend so it can have fun while it naps.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have read this far, it is because you are tired of your dog wetting its bed due to training or medical reasons. Why not pick a dog bed on this list that is easy to clean and maintain and save yourself the stress?

When it’s time to buy a dog bed, take the buying guide into consideration. If your pooch exhibits any of the signs of incontinence discussed above, see a vet immediately. Wishing good health and happiness to your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

The difference between the two is simple. A water-resistant dog bed comes covered with a layer of material that repels water and makes noise when moved. In comparison, a water proof dog bed usually comes with special threaded fabric that creates a barrier between the pooch and the bed.

How do I maintain a waterproof bed?

A waterproof dog bed is one of the easiest types of bed to maintain. The majority of the dog beds in this category come with a machine washable cover. Some beds can be thrown into the washing machine as a whole and cleaned, while you can spot-clean others instead of washing the covers all the time.

How much is a waterproof dog bed?

A waterproof dog bed can cost between 40 USD to over 100 USD. The price generally increases depending on the brand, type, material, and size of the product you want to buy. Choose wisely and safely for your dog.