Best Dog Ramps Summary 

USA Made Adjustable Pet Ramp for Dogs

USA Made Adjustable Pet Ramp for Dogs

Made with natural birch wood this ramp features a paw traction mat for added grip.

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PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp

With a high-traction surface, this ramp is the most durable and lightweight pet furniture supporting pets up to 150 lbs.

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Pet Gear Tri-Fold Portable Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Portable Pet Ramp

With a tri-fold anti-slip design, this is among the most unique dog ramps that can support pets up to 200 lbs.

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PetSafeTelescoping Pet Ramp

PetSafeTelescoping Pet Ramp

With a telescopic design, this is the most portable pet ramp that also comes with a carrying case.

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Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp

Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp

This Aesthetic and highly affordable ramp makes a great addition to your home and is easy to assemble.

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PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

The most stable ramp made with furniture-grade wood ensures durability.

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Why Do Dogs Need Ramps?

Yes, dogs need ramps. Dog ramps allow dogs to reach resting spots that are high up. While your dog can jump to reach a high bed, it can have a negative impact on their joints and increase the risk of injuries.

To prevent this, pet furniture such as dog ramps is used. Additionally, dog ramps can also be used to help your pet climb into a high car like an SUV which otherwise might be difficult to access.

Whether it is in your home or just to climb into a car for an outdoor adventure, dog ramps can go a long way in making life easier for your pet.

There are several benefits on why your dog might need a high-quality Amazon dog ramp.

  • Improved bond. To climb into their favorite spots that are at a height. This helps your dog feel like a part of the family and improves their bond with you. The stronger the bond between you the better the relationship.
  • Getting in cars. To easily climb in and out of cars. While some cars do not require the use of a ramp, others like an SUV might be too high for your dog to access easily. So dog ramps might be helpful here.
  • Good for seniors. To climb on a dog bed or sofa especially if they are young or older and develop dog arthritis. Depending on your dog’s age, a ramp might be required so that they can reach difficult spots without the danger of hurting themselves.

Are Dog Ramps Worth it?

Yes, a dog ramp is absolutely worth it! Dog ramps can elevate the quality of life of your dog. Whether it is to get into a car or simply climb onto their favorite piece of furniture, getting a dog ramp can go a long way.

Even for pets with mobility issues such as those caused by hip dysplasia in dogs, these ramps can come as a breath of fresh air.

A dog ramp or folding pet steps can bring your pet closer to you making them feel loved and secured. It also makes them feel like a part of the family.

The Best Dog Ramps Reviewed 

After detailed market research, we have compiled a list that features the top-selling dog ramps that are available on Amazon. These ramps are not only affordable but also easy to store when not in use.

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp

Summary: This is among the best folding ramps that are available on Amazon. Featuring a collapsible design, this car ramp is perfect for pets weighing up to 150 lbs. The ramp is easy to carry around and very portable. It also features a high-traction surface so your furry friend does not slip while boarding or deboarding the car. This folding dog ramp is the perfect addition to your car.

Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

Size: 62 inch L X 16 inch W X 4 inch H

  • Great for big dogs weighing up to 150 lbs
  • High-traction surface for reduced anxiety
  • A foldable design and heavy-duty construction
  • Can be easily stored as it occupies minimal space
  • Not stable enough for large dogs
  • The product might become deformed with time

Review: This foldable, skid-proof dog ramp is a best seller on Amazon. It allows easy access for your pet to your high car. It is good for pets with mobility issues. It features a non-slip surface so your Pooch can get a good grip while using the ramp. This portable dog ramp is also good for your senior dog thanks to its walking surface.

Pet Gear Tri Fold Portable Pet Ramp

Summary: This tri-fold pet ramp is perfect for older dogs and large dogs. It allows for easy storage and can be easily deployed for your pet’s comfort. It also has a reflective surface so it can be used safely at night. While it can support large pets, it is also ideal for small dogs and cats too. The ramp boasts of a pressure-sensitive grip where the more pressure your dog puts on it, the better will be the grip.

Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Size: 71 inch L x 19.5 inch W x 4 inch H

  • Pressure-sensitive grip e
  • Carpet surface pleasant on the pet’s paws
  • Can be folded thrice
  • Easy portability and storage
  • Does not feature side rails
  • Cannot be used as pet stairs

Review: When using this ramp you can be sure that your pet steps into a world of comfort. Whether it is a German Shepard or a Dachshund, this ramp comes in one size. While it does not have a solid wood construction, the material used to make this is of premium quality. With this ramp, you can be sure that your dog steps into a comfortable car ride towards countless adventures.

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

Summary: This particular pet ramp has a telescopic design making it easy to deploy when needed. It does not weigh too much making it easier to use. Additionally, it can support heavy dogs with ease. With its design, you can be sure of adjustable heights as and when required. Rubber feet also give support and grip when your dog is using the ramp.

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Size: 17.5 inch L x 4.75 inch W x 40.5 inch H

  • This ramp is perfect for dogs of all sizes, especially large ones
  • Telescopic design along with a carry case makes it ultra-portable
  • The ramp is lightweight but offers a good grip for even large dogs
  • Sandpaper texture that can be too rough
  • Might rust with time as the material is made of metal
  • The ramp might need frequent lubrication

Review: This is a very stable pet ramp for dogs of all sizes. It is easy to store away and can be deployed in an instant. It also comes with a carrying case making it portable. Rubber grips on the bottom offer added stability when your dog is using it. You can be sure of a happy ride every time. Great for nervous puppies and senior dogs who find it difficult to move around boosting their health.

What are the Benefits of Dog Ramps for Beds

Summary: Use this bed ramp to ensure your dog is able to reach you on the bed or sofa for additional cuddle time. It can help your pet feel like a part of the family thanks to the ease of access this ramp provides. In addition to being durable, this dog ramp for bed is also aesthetic owing to its cherry wood finish. A heavy-duty carpet cover on the ramp provides a good grip as your pet moves up and down.

Weight Capacity: 120 lbs

Size: 70 inch L x 16 inch W x 25 inch H

  • Great for adding to the bedroom thanks to its premium wooden finish
  • The ramp is very durable and made of sturdy material
  • A carpet finish gives a good grip for your dog as it moves up and down
  • Gives your pet access to its favorite cozy spot
  • The ramp being very stable is not very portable
  • It does not come with a carry case and cannot be used outdoors
  • The ramp might lose its stability with time and endure wear and tear

Review: A great piece of furniture for your bedroom, this ramp can give your favorite pet access to its favorite spots. Get ready for more cuddles as your pet feels like a part of the family. Sturdy wooden design and premium carpet floor ensure added stability while your pet boards or deboards.

Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp Combination

Summary: This pet stramp (stair and ramp) is just the piece of furniture you were looking for. Especially if you wanted a way for your pet to reach their favorite spots, this is the right fit for you. The mat on the stramp gives a good grip to your pet while rubber feet at the bottom provide added stability. Being light in weight, you can easily move it from one room to the other without much strain.

Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

Size: 28 inch L x 16 inch W x 16 inch H

  • A great addition to a bedroom as it blends with the other fluoxymesterone half life crunchy and protein online furniture of the house
  • Safety features like grip mat and rubber feet ensure your pet feels comfortable using the product
  • Easy to clean product ensures a hygienic environment
  • Cannot be used outdoors
  • The product might become unstable after prolonged use

Review: This stramp is great for your pets to gain access to their favorite spots. Be sure of extra cuddles. The product comes with safety features like a grip mat and rubber feet. This ensures your pet has a safe climb especially when it is excited during playtime.

USA Made Adjustable Pet Ramp for All Dogs

Summary: The biggest feature of this ramp is its adjustability. You can adjust the ramp height depending on your requirement. It is also collapsible making it easy to store away for future use.

Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

Size: 40 inch L x 18 inch W x 24 inch H

  • Great for all dogs weighing up to 200 lbs
  • Easy to store due to its collapsible feature
  • Made with birch wood making it stable
  • The wood might rot with extended use
  • The product might lose its stability with time

Review: This is the perfect adjustable dog ramp that weighs up to 200 lbs. Being perfect for indoor use, you can be sure that your dog feels safe while using it. With a traction mat, your pet gets the perfect grip they need to move up and down.

What is the Best Ramp for Dogs?

what is the best dog ramp for dogs

There are several factors that go into deciding which dog ramp is the best in the market. After much consideration, PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp is the top pick, especially on websites like Amazon.

Some factors that go into deciding which ramp is the best include:

  • Durability. When we purchase a ramp, we want to ensure that it lasts long. Considering your pet will be using the ramp frequently, it needs to be durable. Make sure that your ramp is made with strong materials such as wood or metal so that it stands the test of time. A happy dog can do wonders for your health too.
  • Stability. We don’t want your pet to fall off the ramp while accessing it. A rubber stand below the ramp might prevent any slipping by making it more stable. Additionally, a mat on the ramp can give a solid grip to your pet while they are using it.
  • Portability. It would be unreasonable to buy a ramp for every corner of your home. Therefore, the ramp that you buy needs to be portable so that it can be used around the house with ease. In addition to being lightweight and heavy-duty, the ramp needs to also be easy to carry around.
  • Ease of access. The ramp that you buy should be easy to access for your pet. Anything that makes it look dangerous will not fare well with your pet. Your dog should feel comfortable while using the ramp.
  • Easy to clean. Since the ramp will be used often, it needs to be easy to clean. This will ensure that hygiene is maintained and therefore prevent the spreading of any diseases keeping the home safe. Based on these factors we can decide which ramp takes the prize.
PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp
  • Use the folding ramp to help your best friend get in and out of your car, minivan or SUV all by themselves to improve road trips together.
  • High-traction surface and side rails keep your furry friend from slipping or falling when walking on the ramp.
  • Ramp easily folds in half and locks with the safety latch to let you conveniently store it in your vehicle.

Are Stairs or a Ramp Better for Dogs?

A dog ramp is a better choice over dog stairs, especially for prolonged use. As your dog gets older passing through life stages, it might develop problems with its bones. Additionally, it might face difficulty in accessing stairs. Therefore, choosing a ramp will go a long way as it is easier to access.

How do I Train My Dog to Use a Dog Ramp?

How do I Train My Dog to Use a Dog Ramp

There is no sure-shot way to teach your dog about using a ramp. Usually, they’ll figure it out on their own. However, if your dog is facing problems then you can use the following steps –

  • Lay the ramp flat on the ground and place a treat on one end
  • Have your dog leashed and get it to stand near the treat
  • Place the next treat in the middle of the ramp
  • When your dog moves towards this treat, offer words of encouragement
  • Finally, place the last treat on the other end
  • Praise goes a long way in helping your dog understand the use of a ramp
  • Gradually, keep increasing the elevation of the ramp till your dog figures it out

What Size Dog Ramp do I Need?

Most dog ramps are built following a generic size chart. They are built to cater to almost any breed of dog. However, some ramps might not be suitable for larger dogs or older dogs.

Before you decide on a ramp, do extensive research on the size of your dog and the ramp.

Additionally, the size of the ramp will also depend on what you intend to use it for. If it is for indoor use, you might need it as high as your bed or sofa. While if it is for helping your pet climb into a car, you might need it to be as high as your car.

What Slope Should a Dog Ramp be?

The slop of your ramp is completely dependent on how and where you are using it. If it is your home, then it should comfortably lead your dog to the furniture of their choice.

If the ramp is for your car, then it should be high enough for them to be able to climb into your car.

Additionally, you also need to keep in mind that the angle of the slop is not too much or your dog will slip. So make sure your dog gets a good grip while using the ramp. Also, keep in mind the size of your dog before choosing your ramp.