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Looking for the best vets in Chicago? We analyzed data from Google’s business listings to determine the best veterinary clinics in Chicago, based on client reviews and star ratings. Every veterinary clinic on our list has at least 100 reviews on Google and a star rating of 4.8 or higher.

Companion Animal Hospital Oak Park

Best Vets in Chicago Companion Animal Hospital Oak Park

This veterinary practice is a two doctor small animal hospital offering services to cats and dogs including annual and wellness visits, dentistry, surgery, in house diagnostics, dermatology, pet boarding, grooming, and more. As a Fear Free Certified practice, they implement a number of low-stress handling techniques including the use of pheromone sprays, high quality training treats, and anxiolytic medications to ensure pets and their parents are at ease during visits. As part of their commitment to high quality patient care, this practice offers extended Saturday hours from 8am-4pm for pet parents on a tight schedule.

6530 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL 60707

Contact info:
Call 708-248-8888
Text 815-605-5149

Oz Animal Hospital Lincoln Park

Best Vets in Chicago Oz Animal Hospital Lincoln Park

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, Oz Animal Hospital Lincoln Park is a leader in modern small animal medicine, offering clients and their pets the most up to date diagnostics and treatment available. In addition to providing a full range of small animal services, this practice also offers proactive pain management services including canine and feline chiropractic services and regenerative therapies like laser treatments, Stem Cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma infusions. Although this practice serves both cats and dogs, they are a certified Cat Friendly Practice offering cat only boarding services and low stress veterinary visits for their feline patients.

620 W. Webster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

Contact info:
Call/text 773-327-5024

Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park

Best Vets in Chicago Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park

This Fear Free Certified veterinary practice has a strong focus on patient comfort by implementing low-stress handling techniques paired with a variety of proven stress reducing features for companion animals. Available services at Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Parkinclude annual wellness visits, dental care, surgical services, in house diagnostics, allergy treatment, and feline dedicated short and long term boarding services. Clients can stay on top of their pet’s medical care with convenient features like online pet records, a downloadable mobile application, and online shop and pharmacy.

2134 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622

Contact info:
Call 312-283-7333
Text 312-828-9414

Pets First Veterinary Clinic

Best Vets in Chicago Pets First Veterinary Clinic

Founded by Dr. Chitra Natarajan in 2012,Pets First Veterinary Clinicoffers an integrative approach to small animal medicine through both traditional veterinary medical services as well as a variety of holistic and alternative approaches to medicine. Available holistic services include holistic consultations, acupuncture, homeopathy and homotoxicology, and both Chinese and Western herbology. This practice strives to offer clients an individualized approach to their pet’s wellness and use technology from the best veterinary equipment suppliers, incorporates client friendly services like extended Saturday hours, a convenient online pharmacy, and online bill pay.

3413 N. Broadway Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

Contact info:
Call 773-904-8724

All Creatures Great & Small Veterinary Practice

Best Vets in Chicago All Creatures Great Small Veterinary Practice

Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in the Western Suburbs for 9 years in a row, this modern veterinary hospital in Downers Grove, IL provides services to cats and dogs as well as avian an exotic animals. Available services atAll Creature Great & Small Veterinary Practiceinclude annual wellness visits, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, dentistry, in house diagnostics including digital radiology and ultrasound, pain management, and more. Pets experiencing a medical emergency will always be triaged during normal operating hours, but this practice works with a large referral network of specialists for pets needing advanced care in the area of critical care medicine, cardiology, oncology, and more.

1225 Warren Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Contact info:
Call 630-852-0910

Animal Medical Center of Chicago

Best Vets in Chicago Animal Medical Center of Chicago

Founded by Dr. Donna Soloman, this five doctor small animal practice has been providing dog and cat owners with a full range of veterinary services for more than 30 years. As a Fear Free certified practice, all staff members atAnimal Medical Center of Chicagoare trained in low-stress patient handling, providing patients with a stress-free visit each time. In addition to traditional veterinary services, this practice also offers internal medicine consultations with ultrasound capabilities, behavior management, and pain management therapies including pet massage and laser treatment.

1618 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60614

Contact info:
Call 773-525-3353

Bramer Animal Hospital Ltd.

Best Vets in Chicago Bramer Animal Hospital Ltd

For over 80 years, this AAHA-accredited animal hospital has been providing high quality veterinary care to both canine and feline patients.Bramer Animal Hospital Ltd.offers routine wellness services, dental care, nutritional consultations, spay and neuter surgeries, preventive wellness, and more.Clients can have peace of mind knowing this veterinary practice provides transparents pricing by presenting estimates for care prior to initiating any medical therapies and offering flexible payment options like ScratchPay and pet insurance.

1021 Davis Street
Evanston, IL 60201

Contact info:
Call 847-864-1700

Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois

Best Vets in Chicago Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois

As part of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, this AAHA-accredited clinic offers comprehensive veterinary coverage for both cats and dogs. Since 2009,Medical District Veterinary Clinichas been a leader in general veterinary care services including preventive medicine, surgery, dentistry, and senior pet care. As a Fear Free Certified hospital and Cat Friendly Practice, feline patients have access to a dog-free wing of the hospital and the team implements low-stress handling techniques for all patients.

2242 W. Harrison Street
Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60612

Contact info:
Call 312-226-2588

GoodVets Uptown

Best Vets in Chicago GoodVets Uptown

GoodVets Uptownis a progressive, modern veterinary clinic that makes receiving veterinary care for pets easier than ever with their convenient wellness package options. With locations all across the eastern United States, this veterinary corporation strives to provide pet parents with convenient access to veterinary care with extended Saturday hours, televet appointments, an online pharmacy, and online appointment scheduling. Available services for cats and dogs include preventive and wellness exams, diagnostics, emergency services, cardiology, surgery, dentistry, and more.

4407 N. Clarendon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

Contact info:
Call 312-219-8686

Fox Animal Hospital

Best Vets in Chicago Fox Animal Hospital

Since 1998, this AAHA-accredited small animal hospital has been offering exceptional customer service and comprehensive medical coverage for cats and dogs in the Evanston area. Their comprehensive list of services include standard wellness and preventive medicine, dental care, surgery, pain management, senior pet wellness, and advanced services including allergy treatment, laser therapy, and cryoprobe anesthesia-free mass removals. The online pharmacy and appointment scheduling system atFox Animal Hospitalmake it easier than ever for pet parents to stay on top of their animal’s medical care.

2107 Crawford Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201

Contact info:
Call 847-869-4900

Ravenswood Animal Hospital LLC

Best Vets in Chicago Ravenswood Animal Hospital

For pet parents considering a holistic approach to veterinary medicine, Ravenswood Animal Hospital LLCoffers holistic treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic services extending to canine, feline, and equine patients. This five doctor veterinary practice offers a variety of community outreach services including free initial exams for new pet parents, professional discounts, and service animal assistance services. As a commitment to supporting responsible pet ownership, this clinic does not offer feline declawing, ear cropping, or tail docking procedures.

2752 W. Montrose Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Contact info:
Call 773-539-PETS

GoodVets West Loop

Best Vets in Chicago GoodVets West Loop

As part of a network of veterinary hospitals across the country, GoodVets West Loopstrives to provide the highest level of standardized care to small animals. Their modern, state of the art facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to support their team of knowledgeable staff when it comes to pet wellness, surgery, dental visits, and specialty services. Their all inclusive pet wellness packages and convenient telemedicine consultations allow even the busiest pet parents access to veterinary care at the drop of a dime.

901 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607

Contact info:
Call 312-548-9588

Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic

Best Vets in Chicago Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic

This five doctor practice in Chicago strives to make client education and patient comfort a top priority by ensuring clients receive a thorough understanding of their pet’s medical history at each appointment. This small animal practice offers traditional veterinary services for cats and dogs such as wellness exams, dentistry, surgery, in house diagnostics, and digital radiology services for cats and dogs during every stage of life. Additional specialty services offered atWicker Park Veterinary Clinicinclude allergy testing and dermatology, weight management counseling, and urgent care services.

1166 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

Contact info:
Call 773-227-9700

PetVets Animal Hospital.

Best Vets in Chicago PetVets Animal Hospital

This six doctor practice owned by Dr. Yael Cidon strives to nurture the human-animal bond by providing dental, vaccination, and rehabilitation services to small animals. PetVets Animal Hospital panicking is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for their excellence in animal care. This practice focuses on pain management and rehabilitative therapies like hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, electrical stimulation techniques, and therapeutic exercises for both canine and feline patients.

342 Harrison Street
Oak Park, IL 60304

Contact info:
Call/Text 708-445-9988

Abell Animal Hospital

Best Vets in Chicago Abell Animal Hospital

For more than 40 years, this veterinary clinic has been providing full service care to small animals in the Chicago area. As a Fear Free Certified practice, Abell Animal Hospitalhas a focus on generating a positive experience for patients by utilizing low-stress handling techniques and a variety of calming aids. Their online client education library provides pet parents with comprehensive, up to date medical information regarding a variety of diseases that keeps owners informed when it comes to their pet’s medical history.

6032 N. Northwest Highway
Chicago, IL 60631

Contact info:
Call 773-631-6727

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