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Rottweilers are smart dogs; they are superb guard dogs, incredibly loving and loyal. Even though they carry a serious look about them, don’t be deceived; they are playful when they want to.

They have boundless energies that make new pet owners wonder if they ever get tired. Well, they do; they will get tired eventually and spend ample time resting.

Your dog deserves all the good stuff to live a comfortable life, and a high-quality Rottweiler dog bed is on this list. Rottweilers are dog breeds with a gigantic body; they need a cozy bed to lay and recuperate after the day activities.

If you wondered what factors to consider before buying 

a dog bed, you are in the right place. We have also included some of the best Dog Beds for Rottweilers on the market today. Hopefully, you will find something that will fulfill your Rottweiler needs.

Our Top Pick 

best rottweiler dog beds

Before diving into the informative buying guide, let’s briefly discuss our top pick – the BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed. This high-quality bed provides deep cushioning and relieves pressure on pain points.

It also comes with cotton-padded walls that provide succor to the head and neck for unrivaled comfort. This dog bed is crafted to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. Your Rottweiler will thank you for this!

Why do Rottweilers Need Special Considerations?

rottweiler dog beds


Rottweilers are large dogs with a muscular frame. They need a dog bed that gives plenty of space for sprawling. A Rottweiler’s dog bed can range from 30 x 30 to 40 x 40 inches. The smaller size bed is perfect for a female Rott.

A regular dog bed might not provide the necessary comfort to support their musculature. Thus, you need to invest in a comfortable product.


Rottweilers are muscular dogs and are prone to joint and arthritis issues. These conditions are more common among older Rottwielers.

To relieve this painful condition in your dog, you need to invest in a quality orthopedic dog bed. This bed category is specially made to alleviate pain points, support skeletal structures, and support developing puppies’ joints.

Rottweiler need a nice spot to rest

A comfortable bed should be an oasis for your Rottweiler, away from the activities of your home. Rottweilers are den animals; they love to own a space where they can enjoy a “me time.” As a result, Rottweilers need an excellent bed appropriate for its weight and behavior. 

What You Need in a Dog Bed for a Rottweiler

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Rottweilers can live up to 10 years or more, which means a decade of trotting, walking, and maybe swimming. This breed of dog is athletic; it needs constant exercise to burn fat and prevent obesity.

This means your Rottweiler needs a dog bed that can stand the test of time. So, ensure your choice is a durable bed that won’t lose shape and wear/tear in a short time. Rotties, sometimes like to chew on their bed, another reason to go for a high-quality bed.

Easy to Maintain

Rottweilers have thin coats and only shed little most of the time. The shedding slightly increases in spring and fall. At this point, you will be glad your dog bed has a removable, machine washable cover. If you add in the possibility of tracking in dirt, a removable cover might just be a lifesaver.

Weight Support

Rottweilers are muscularly built dogs. It is not unusual for this dog breed to experience elbow dysplasia, malformation of the hip joint, and hip dysplasia. A dog bed with orthopedic support ensures a longer, healthier life for her. Go for a bed that is thick and doesn’t pancake easily to prevent the possibility of a future skeletal or muscular injury.

Sleeping Position

Your dog’s personality and behavior influence the way he sleeps. For instance, a gregarious, outgoing dog may be goofy in his sleeping position. A reserved dog might prefer to sleep curled in a ball.

Climate also plays a part in your dog’s sleeping position, whether hot or cold. Whichever he finds himself, your choice should help him sleep in his preferred position.

Types of Dog Beds for Rottweiler

beds for rottweiler dog

Pillow Bed

This is the most common type of bed in many departmental stores. They are simple in design, usually puffed square or rectangular in shape. Pillow beds can be filled with supportive memory foam or a run-of-the-mill polyester that will pancake after a short while.

Sofa Dog Bed

This type of bed is stylishly designed for a pet owner who wants a nice sleeping place for their pets to complement their home interior decoration. If you fall in this category, a sofa dog bed will be perfect for you. A sofa dog bed is a mini couch-like sofa, just like yours!

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic is a term used for mattresses, walking shoes, and office chairs. It is used to describe an item designed to provide support for vulnerable spots of the body. This holds true for Rottweiler dog beds too. Orthopedic beds are usually made up of good quality memory foam or latex.

Elevated/Cooling Bed

Rottweilers can’t sweat; they cool off by panting. If you can hear your dog pant at night, you need to get an elevated/cooling bed to help with body heat regulation. Cooling dog beds help release your dog’s body heat when it sleeps, while an elevated bed keeps its body off the ground, like a hammock. These beds will protect your dog from developing heat stroke.

Best Dog Beds for Rottweilers

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

Even though your Rottie might like playing outdoors, she also loves a place indoors with her family. The BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed has a soft interior and raised edges designed to allow your dog to cuddle and snuggle in its bed. This feature will help your dog feel commutable and safe.

It is perfect for Rottweilers of all ages. It is even more helpful for oldies who need help with pains coming from joint problems and arthritis. The grooved padding provides maximum stability and comfort, suitable for dogs with arthritis and other health issues.

It features a luxurious Polyester Cover and a quilted design in gray covers to complement any space. The cover is easy to clean; it can be tossed into a washing machine and air-dried. Wash using a delicate cycle!

JOYELF Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

Are you a pet parent looking to purchase a special kind of bed for your Rottweiler? Then the JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed deserves a look-in. This bed has a memory foam base that will help your dog sleep and remain asleep. It is especially perfect for a muscular breed like the Rottweiler dog; naps will be like sleeping in the clouds.

This Rottweiler dog bed has a slight dent in the front to facilitate easy entry and exit. The bottom is fitted with an anti-skid bottom to prevent sliding injuries when placed on tiles or wood. Apart from its orthopedic support and memory foam base, the material construct is water and flame resistant. It comes with a machine washable cover.

Furhaven Traditional Orthopedic Rectangular Mattress Dog Bed

The Furhaven Rectangular Dog Bed is created with Rottweiler’s comfort in mind. It is a jumbo-sized dog bed that features human grade memory foam. This is put in place to ensure your Rottweiler can have the most comfortable sleep possible. 

The entire unit is wrapped in a plush microsuede that will soothe your dog’s paw and nose.

It also comes with orthopedic support, which is good news for old Rottweilers. The cover is removable, machine washable, and dries quickly. This dog bed is not water-resistant; it won’t be an issue if your dog does not have urinary problems. 

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Dog Bed

Do you own a nervousness-prone Rottweiler? The Friends by Sheri Store Dog bed might just help. It is a self-soothing ball of foam that allows lots of cuddling, nesting, and burrowing to reassure him.

One standout feature is its self-warming property. For chilly weather, this dog bed will keep your Rottweiler warm. Most self-warming dog beds for Rottweilers come in small sizes; this unit is an exception. It has sizing that reaches XL and XXL.

For support, this dog bed comes with less-springy polyfill. As such, they are not a good choice for dogs needing orthopedic support. It is easy to maintain; just toss the whole unit into the washing machine and air dry.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed CertiPUR US Orthopedic Memory Foam

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is specially designed to comfort dogs suffering from a painful joint. It will help improve your pet’s health and mobility.

If you have an anxiety-prone dog, this is also a good option as the well-padded sides provide a sense of comfort and safety. This unit is made from recycled polyester and bolsters. It is sturdy and durable.

You will also find a machine washable cover as part of the package. The dog bed is suitable for small, medium, and large Rottweilers and has a carrying capacity of up to 100lbs.

KH Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Cot

If you need an elevated bed with a cooling feature for your Rottweiler, the K&H Elevated dog bed is perfect. It is an excellent pet cot hammock designed for the warm months of spring and summer.

While it is made from sturdy materials that can withstand rough use indoors and outdoors, it is also suitable for picnics, camping, and other travels. With the elevated design, it allows airflow to regulate your dog’s temperature.

The unit is super-easy to assemble and disassemble. This can be accomplished in minutes and requires no special tools or skill.

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Corner Sofa Dog Bed

This unit comes with a cover that is removable and machine washable. It is made with plush faux fur, and feels soft on the nose and paws. The cover is removable and can be tossed into a machine for quick cleaning. The dog bed is made up of two layers: a memory foam base and a medical-grade orthopedic foam for skeletal and muscular support.

The Furhaven Chaise Pet Bed has an L shape bolsters. It is a large-sized dog bed having plenty of surface area if you have a big Rottweiler. There are three color dog beds to choose from. You will find something that suits your home.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

The Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed is another good option for hot weather. The material construct is tear and scratch-resistant, water-resistant as well as pest resistant. If it gets wet by rain, simply tilt it sideways for water run-off, and wipe dry with a towel.

The dog bed comes fitted with a non-slip leg that ensures your dog will not slide and crash when it hurriedly jumps into it. Powder-coated steel and a Textilene mesh are additional features that indicate this is a dog bed for the long haul.

The bed is UV-resistant and will not fade or change color when exposed to sunlight. But it is good practice to keep your dog out of the sun.

The Dogs Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

There is a good chance this dog bed will become your Rottweiler’s favorite place in your home. This bed is a haven of comfort. It comes with a high-density, 2” premium grade orthopedic memory foam. Beneath it lies a 4” base of high-quality premium support foam. There is no way your Rottweiler will sleep and not remain asleep in this.

This unique combination is soothing on sore joints and great for developing puppies. If your Rottweiler is diagnosed with arthritis or hip dysplasia, this is your best bet. This unit also prevents the elbow calluses and pressure sore, aftermaths of a surgery.


Mid West Metal Ombre Swirl Bed

Finally, if you need a low-budget but quality dog bed, this is perfect! It comes with many features, don’t be deceived by the reasonable price tag. Your Rottweiler will love it. And it has a whopping 45k plus reviews, which should tell you something about this product.

This dog bed is the zenith of comfort and class. It is an overstuffed pet bed that features a beautiful swirl pattern in a neutral color. The plush cushion is soft to feel and will make your Rottweiler feel like a king.

It comes in a tufted, plush polyfiber cushion that will last for years. And an ultra-soft polyester that does not peel like fleece pet beds. It is easy to maintain, just pick the whole bed and throw it into a washing machine.

Our Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are loyal, affectionate, smart, and protective of their family. It needs a place to call his own.

A quality dog bed in the corner of your home signals to your Rottie that he is safe and a cherished member of the family.

The best dog beds for Rottweiler on this list are perfect for all stages of life. The soft ones will help the puppy’s development, while the orthopedic foam beds are beneficial to oldies with painful health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bed for a Rottweiler?

For a Rottweiler dog, a high supportive bed should be the priority. Once you have that in the bag, look out for cleanability, as your dog will track in dirt after shedding or walks. For a younger Rottweiler, consider a chew-resistant bed in case your dog gets bored with his toys.

Do Rottweilers need a bed?

A comfortable bed is probably the place your Rottweiler dog will spend the majority of its time. A dog typically spends about 12 to 14 hours every day sleeping. For muscular and athletic dogs like Rottweilers, they will sleep often. With a good quality dog bed, your Rottweiler will stay healthy away from hot/cold, damaging surfaces.

Is a memory dog bed suitable for Rottweilers?

When dogs sleep on memory foam, there are no negative consequences. The body is appropriately rested and not interfacing with anything harmful.

This is the reason why our beds also come with memory foam features. On the other hand, memory foam should not be ingested. It contains toxic chemicals like polyurethane. Discourage your Rottie from chewing on its bed; provide him with a lot of toys to play with instead.

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