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Huskies have a playful temperament and mischievous behavior. This does not in any way defeat the beauty of owning them as pets. Husky has a wolf-like appearance; they are speedy and strong.

They are beautiful and grow large; having them means you own an adorable pet. One thing you can do as a pet owner is to make your pet super-comfy by providing the best dog bed for him.

Your Husky will be spending a lot of me-time in bed; it is, therefore, important to choose a comfortable and cozy husky dog bed. One that will provide a perfect resting place to relax and recharge after the activities of the day.

A good dog bed will ensure your beloved pet has all the comfort and luxury it deserves. There are many dog beds out there; it is important to choose the right quality for your pet. So, explore the dog beds below, and hopefully, you will find one that suits your dog.

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Our Top Pick 

In our opinion, the Furhaven Cradle Dog Bed is our top pick. FurHaven is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pet products, and they did a fantastic job on this. The bed comes with a contoured form factor that will cushion your dog in ergonomic comfort.

Also, its open design ensures your dog can sleep in a variety of positions. Be it a cuddler or sprawler, it will be able to sleep in its preferred position. Not forgetting a smooth sleeping surface that is luxuriously soft to the skin. Your dog can never resist snuggling into this soft comfort. With this bed, you can never go wrong. Just check the reviews!

Why do Huskies Need Special Considerations?

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Therapeutic Support

As Huskies age, they may develop skeletal and muscular issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. To ease the pain, a supportive bed will cushion your dog’s body. It will provide relief, and your dog will be able to enjoy its adult life. A comfortable dog bed is also beneficial to puppies. It supports their growing, aching joints and ensures they have a restful night’s sleep.


Like humans, dogs need a night of good sleep to stay healthy. Also, a good night’s rest will improve your dog’s memory and makes it smarter. This is according to a scientific report published in 2017.

It stated that when dogs learn new commands, they will do better in repeating those commands when they have a good night’s rest. After all, after a quality night’s rest, a Husky will be energized and more inclined to devote time to learning new tricks.

Good night’s rest is vital in older dogs to stay healthy. Larger and older breeds need a bit longer sleeping times than their smaller, younger counterparts. A comfortable bed will help your husky go to sleep and remain asleep throughout the night.


Husky is a dog breed with a thick double coat suited for life in the Arctic. If you do not live in this weather, your dog is likely to overheat. As a result, go for cooling beds that can help with temperature regulation. A cooling mat, a cooling dog bed, or any bed with features to aid cooling is fine.


Huskies can track in plenty of dirt and fleas. So, you must have a bed that is easy to clean. Look for an excellent Husky bed with a removable cover that you can throw into the washing machine weekly. This will help to keep germs, dander, and dog hairs to the barest minimum.

What You Need in a Dog Bed for a Husky

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As you know, huskies can be notoriously mischievous and destructive. Unlike other family dogs like the English golden retriever, short-haired German shepherd, or the long-haired Dalmatian, Husky can weigh about 45 – 60 pounds. As a result, you need to go for a durable bed that is wide enough to comfortably carry a Husky.

If you have a chewer, who doubles as a biter, you need a husky bed that is solid and heavy-duty. In addition, it should be chew-proof or the chew-resistant variants.


As stated above, Huskies have the tendency to overheat. A way to address this issue is to go for a cooling bed or an elevated cooling bed. This is a must if you live in a warm climate.


The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Huskies spend a lot of time outdoors; they play in the mud and bring dirt and flea home. In simple terms, your choice bed must be easy to clean.


While you will see many husky dog beds on the market, most are actually suited to small and medium-sized dogs. Hardly will you see a bed made for a fierce and heavily built large-bodied husky. As a result, ensure to check a bed size before purchase. Extra-large and jumbo-sized dog beds are standard sizes that will comfortably accommodate your husky.

Types of Dog Beds for Huskies

Pillow bed

These are large pillows that are loosely filled. They are suitable for old dogs who like to lie in a stretched or sprawled out sleeping position.


These are similar to human hammocks. They are constructed and elevated using durable material that is attached to a frame. These dog beds are preferable for their ease of cleaning. They can make your dog uncomfortable because of the height of elevation.


These types of beds have elevated edges that will allow your dog to rest its head. You can call these beds the mini-sofa of the dog bed world. They also come with a raise back for additional security, but they take up a lot of space.

Nesting Bed

These are dog beds with high sides that help to conserve heat. They are suitable for pets that need warmth to stay comfortable at night


This is perfect for all dogs who love burrowing. The bed features a cave-like arch and is usually half covered. They are also called tent beds. A cave-styled bed will keep your dog warm and cozy at night.

Best Dog Beds for Huskies

Furhaven Pet Cradle Dog Bed

Furhaven is another name for luxury when it comes to the pet-product world. And this unit is no different, a comfortable and cozy dog bed for Huskies.

This bed features an ergonomically contoured design that helps dogs sleep and remain asleep. It is raised on both sides to provide head and neck support for your lounging pet. The unit also comes fitted with a Microvelvet surface, soft on the paws and nose for unrivaled comfort.

Another outstanding feature of this dog bed is its dense medical-grade foam that provides soft yet firm support for a blissful night rest. This unit is not suitable for excessive chewers.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

A Powder-Coated Steel, Textilene Mesh, and a wide surface area make this unit one of the best dog beds for Huskies.

This bed was made with Huskies in mind. The bed has a huge carrying capacity of 150 pounds. And comes with mesh fabric in the center that allows airflow, keeping your Husky cool when it’s time to sleep. The Textilene Mesh is heat-resistant and durable; this is going to last for a very long time.

Also, it is easy to assemble. You do not need wrenches or screws. With the provided plug-ins, the whole unit will be ready in minutes. It is perfect for use in camping, picnic, training, anywhere!

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is designed to provide orthopedic support for large dog breeds. It features a minimalistic design housing a 7-inch-thick foam that provides comfort for arthritic dogs.

According to a university of Pennsylvania study data, this dog bed can reduce pain and increase dogs’ ability after 28 days of use. It is made of high-quality material and does not pancake over time. The mattress contained in these beds is handcrafted by experts with over 30 years of experience. This bed is perfect! It comes with a machine washable cover. 

Hero Dog Bed Mat

The Hero Dog Bed Mat is a Dog crate mat with a soft textured machine washable cover. It comes with an anti-slip, non-skid bottom that prevents shifting and moving motion. This will protect your dog from sliding injuries during entry and exit.

It is an orthopedic bed, which means old bones will experience succor when sleeping. This crate bed also comes with a plush fleece interior for extra cushion and comfort. It also offers pain relief for dogs suffering from arthritis.

The Hero Dog Bed Mat is easy to maintain as the whole unit is machine washable. It can be rewashed multiple times and will never lose its shape.

Milliard Orthopedic Memory foam Dog Bed

The Milliard Orthopedic Memory foam Dog Bed offers your Husky contour support similar to what obtains in human memory foam mattresses. It is made with a custom foam that comes in two layers: a high-quality, sturdy base foam and a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort.

This dog bed comes with a unique removable cover. The cover is water-resistant and prevents the foam from water damage. It is zippered, hence removable and machine washable. It comes in very large sizes suitable for the Husky breed of dog.

Kuranda Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed

If you have an excessive chewer, this dog bed is a breath of fresh air. Your Husky might destroy regular beds; thus, the Kuranda Aluminum Chew proof Dog Bed is a great option.

This Chewproof dog bed is one of the few of its types in the market. Crafted from a patented aircraft-grade aluminum, it can support up to 250lbs. Yet, it is lightweight and can withstand the excessive chews and gnaws of the greatest chewing dog you can imagine.

It is heavy-duty and features a 40oz solid vinyl, a very tough fabric. This dog bed will withstand determined diggers, chewers, hefty dogs. The material of this bed hides in the frame, making it damage-proof, and perfect for outdoor use. It is elevated; hence, your Husky will stay cool all day.

Furhaven Pet Plush Sofa Style Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Furhaven Sofa-Style Dog Bed is constructed from high-quality materials, with a polyester fiberfill mattress to provide comfort and class.

This dog bed mimics the design of a regular pouch with bolsters on three sides, making it accessible for dogs of all ages.

The sleeping surface is covered with luxurious faux fur fabric, soft and cozy to the touch. It beautifully complements the wear-resistant microsuede lining on either side of the bolsters. For easy maintenance, the bed comes with a removable cover that is machine washable as well.

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Pet Bed

Tired of your Husky lounging on your sofa? The answer is to get him a pet bed – a high-quality bed like the Keet Deluxe Pet Bed.

This is a beautiful chocolate-themed bed that your dog will definitely fall in love with. It comes with a strong wood frame, an upholstered Leatherette fabric that is sure to complement your interior decoration.

If your Husky tracks in dirt, the cover is removable and easy to clean. This unit comes in five sizes and perfect for Huskies of all ages.

Bedsure Large Dog Bed Orthopedic Egg Crate Foam

If you desire a dog bed with a minimalistic design and pocket-friendly price, this unit is for you. For products fitted with orthopedic egg-crate and designed for large breeds like Husky, you have to pay a significant sum. This dog bed is an exception.

In terms of quality, it’s among the best dog beds on the market presently. It comes with an eggshell foam insert that is thick and nice to feel. This high density egg-crate foam allows for super comfortable sleep by combining a supportive comfort and a mattress quality feeling.

It also comes with an outer cover, a super-soft fleece side to keep your dog warm. One downside, though; it does not come with a non-slip bottom.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed CertiPUR US Orthopedic Memory Foam

Reclaim your couch and give your dog the comfort it deserves with the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. It comes with the same memory foam found in human beds that makes it super-comfy. The comfort and class available to you can now be experienced by your Husky.

The solid 4-inch memory foam base provides superior comfort, improved mobility, and energy. Your dog is going to love this one. It is water-resistant, making it a smart choice for oldies having a urinary problem. The dog bed comes with a non-skid bottom, making it super-safe for use on tiles and wood.

Our Final Thoughts

The best dog beds for your pet will be determined by your Husky characteristics. Pay attention to its activities and behavior to select the suitable one. Whether you have a heavy sleeper, chewer, or scratcher, you will find a product that will fill your Husky’s night rest with bliss.

The products are carefully selected, from high-end to low-end, with unique characteristics to suit dogs and owners’ varied demands. From this list, hopefully, you will find one unit most suitable for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Huskies Need A Bed?

Although your Husky may happily nap on the ground, there are many health benefits to getting your Husky its own bed. Good quality sleep is one.

If you have an older dog, a supportive bed will protect its joints. Orthopedic or memory foam are fantastic options because they support your dog all over its body.

Where should my Husky sleep?

From time memorial, dogs sleep outside in a kennel. However, dogs are more social these days. Huskies, in particular, have a low tolerance level for being alone. It wants to belong in a pack, which is you and your family.

Your Husky doesn’t necessarily need to sleep next to your bed, but you should create a space for it inside your home. Your dog can sleep in the kitchen or living room.

Do Huskies need orthopedic support?

Not all Huskies need orthopedic support; a regular bed will do just fine. Nowadays, many dog beds offer orthopedic features for a reason; many dogs now experience joint issues at different life stages. A bed with orthopedic support will ensure your husky can live a pain-free life.

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